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How the Illuminati Kickstarted the Cold War

February 3, 2019


(Igor Gouzenko with wife Svetlana in hiding in Canada. They had eight children.) 

When Igor Gouzenko defected in 1945, 
he exposed massive Soviet spying
on their allies taking place 
with the complicity of 
the traitorous Masonic elite. 
Luckily, the Illuminati were able to 
put Gouzenko's revelation to good use. 


"Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason? 
For if it prosper, none dare call it treason."

Treason is the secret policy of the governing Illuminati elite in the West. Wittingly or unwittingly, they serve the Masonic plan for "world government," a satanist police state.  The aim of Freemasonry is the establishment of Communism, which is a monopoly over everything by the Cabalist (satanist) central banking cartel. With these bankers controlling all corporations, we have de facto Communism. Justine Trudeau-Castro, a Liberal PM who calls Canada a "post-national" state is another example of this elite treason.

(Revised from Dec 2005)
by Henry Makow PhD

In September 1945, a month after Hiroshima, a Soviet Embassy cypher clerk Igor Gouzenko defected in Ottawa with material documenting massive Soviet espionage in the West including infiltration of the Manhatten Project. His first stop was the night shift of the Ottawa Journal (where I later worked as a reporter and covered the birth of Justine Castro with a front-page story Dec 25, 1971.) This was one of the biggest stories of the century, apparently too big for the now defunct Ottawa Journal who referred Gouzenko to the Ministry of Justice the next day.


(Gouzenko's boss, spymaster Nikolai Zabotin) 

George Jonas takes up the story: "For two harrowing days, with a pregnant wife and two-year-old son in tow, Gouzenko tried to convince incredulous Canadian journalists and Ministry of Justice officials to give him a hearing. Having failed, the family sought refuge with a neighbour. By then, Soviet agents were breaking down their apartment door -- which prompted the neighbour to call the police."

Initially, Prime Minister MacKenzie King ordered his officials to stall Gouzenko whose life, and that of his family, were in grave danger. They referred the heroic little family from office to office, crossing town with their incriminating documents. The Gouzenkos were actually told to return to the Russian embassy or commit suicide!

Why? Ostensibly King didn't want to offend the USSR, a valued wartime ally. 

In reality, King, famous for being "inscrutable," was afraid that Gouzenko would reveal that the governing elite in the West was infested with Soviet (i.e. Illuminati) agents like himself and his protege Lester Pearson.


It appears that Gouzenko was saved because the Illuminati quickly devised a use for him. A top operative, "the Man Called IntrepidCanadian William Stephenson, left, Head of British Special Operations Executive suddenly appeared and took the Gouzenkos under his wing.

He used Gouzenko's revelations to kick start the phoney "Cold War." The news that the USSR had spies everywhere and was stealing atomic secrets caused a general panic that transformed public opinion of the USSR from benign to hostile overnight. (See William Stevenson, Intrepid's Last Case, p.214.)

The trick was to create enough fear to justify the Cold War without exposing the top figures in the elite conspiracy, both in Canada and abroad. They sacrificed minor figures like atomic scientist Allan Nunn May, who was arrested for espionage and served six years. Meanwhile, MacKenzie King, Lester Pearson and his high-ranking gang of Illuminati traitors were unscathed.


(Rockefeller go-fer and traitor, Prime Minister MacKenzie King from 1921 until 1948, except for 1930-1935.  King worked for J.D. Rockefeller from 1914-1918. The mogul described King as "my best friend.")

Meanwhile, Gouzenko was kept in limbo; records of his interrogations disappeared, and the volume of Mackenzie King's Diary pertaining to the case vanished from the National Archives. Gouzenko was subjected to the usual slander from liberal and left circles.

By the way, according to Peter Wright's Spycatcher, Stephenson's deputy, Von Petrov was a Soviet agent, but then who wasn't working for the Illuminati? (Spycatcher p, 327) Treason loses its meaning when the whole government has been subverted at the top.


The same thing happened in the US when Soviet agent Whittaker Chambers defected in 1938. In 1939, he saw Adolph Berle, FDR's Assistant in Charge of Internal Security and fingered dozens of Soviet spies in key positions, including Harry Dexter White, who later became Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. Nothing was done.


In 1948, to fan the flames of the Cold War, they let Chamber's charges against Alger Hiss come to the forefront. Hiss was a Soviet agent and a senior State Department official who advised FDR at the Yalta Conference. He also drafted the UN Charter and served as its first acting Secretary General in 1945. When rumors about him began to circulate, he resigned to become President of Rockefeller's "Carnegie Endowment for World Peace."

Following Communist discipline, Hiss feigned outraged innocence and accused Chambers and his supporters of conducting a "witch hunt." He sued Chambers for libel and a 'who's who' of the Eastern Establishment came in his defense, including Felix Frankfurter and Adlai Stevenson.

Unfortunately for him, Chambers produced documents in Hiss's own handwriting and Hiss went to prison for three years-eight months for the relatively minor charge of perjury.


Lester Pearson (Canadian Prime Minister 1963-1968) provided confidential information to Russian Military Intelligence (GRU) while serving in Washington DC from 1942-1946, in his capacity ultimately as Canadian Ambassador.

BentleyIn August 1951, Elizabeth Bentley, a former GRU (Russian Military Intelligence) spymaster, testified that Lester "Mike" Pearson was a primary source. He fed confidential information to Hazen Sise, a Soviet agent under her control, who worked for the National Film Board of Canada.

Bentley told the US Senate McCarran Commission: "I understand from Hazen that Pearson knew Hazen was a Communist and was willing to help. Pearson by virtue of his position used to sit in on American functions, particularly British ones re. British polices, all of which was super hush-hush."


Pearson was Canada's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in 1951 so this testimony was kept quiet. It is included in Appendix A (p.186) of "No Sense of Evil/ Espionage: The Case of Herbert Norman" (1986) by James Barros, a political science professor at the University of Toronto.

Herbert Norman, the Canadian ambassador to Egypt, was an NKVD agent and Pearson colleague who came under investigation in 1957 and "committed suicide." Pearson protected and covered for him.

Pearson met with Bentley's control officer, Anatoly Gorski ("Gromov") in Washington in Oct. 1944. Gorski was one of the KGB's top operatives, having run Anthony Blunt, Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean and Kim Philby in England. Barros speculates "the unthinkable" that "Pearson was Moscow's ultimate mole." (Barros, 169)

In 1957, the US State Dept. held a meeting on whether to press this issue. It concluded: "Pearson is a hero. Right now he is cooperating to the fullest extent with our government in defense contracts." (Barros 206)

Lester Pearson may have been recruited while a student at Oxford University in 1923. From 1935-1941, he served at the Canadian High Commission in London and rubbed shoulders with the leaders of the world government plot. He helped to establish the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and was the UN's point man during the Suez Crisis of 1956.

Canadian Navy Commander Guy Carr mixed with this clique of top civil servants in Ottawa in the 1930's and 1940's. They recognized each other by Masonic signals and indulged in "progressive" pursuits like wife-swapping. One told him: "Stop trying to save the human race. The vast majority aren't worth the time or trouble. Most will be better off under a totalitarian dictatorship; they will get what the government decides is good for them." (Satan: Prince of this World, p. 101. See also his Pawns in their Game and Red Fog Over America)

Elizabeth Bentley's charges were corroborated by decoded "Venona" messages between the Soviet Embassy and the KGB in Moscow and "assured American authorities of her veracity." (Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America Yale 1999, p. 12)


The British bewail the five high ranking Soviet "moles" in their Diplomatic and Security services. But the USSR (and Israel) were the creation of British Freemasonry. In other words, the British elite is at the heart of this world government conspiracy, which in reality is just British Imperialism repackaged. For heaven's sake, the fifth "mole," Anthony Blunt, was the Queen's personal art curator when he was "exposed" in 1979.

In 1945, there was another crisis when Konstantin Volkov the NKVD Chief in Istanbul, operating under the cover of Vice Counsel, inquired about defecting. He had worked at Moscow Center and had information on 300 agents including two spies in the British Foreign Office and another "directing a counter-espionage organization in London." (William Stevenson, Intrepid's Last Case, p.187-8)

I don't know how many counter espionage directors they have in London but MI5 Chief Sir Stewart Menzies instructed his counter-espionage director Kim Philby to "look after" the matter. He did. Volkov and his wife were heavily sedated and flown to Moscow for torture and execution. Philby later retired in Moscow on the pension of a KGB General. Similarly Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean and the other more obvious "moles" in the heart of the British Foreign Service eventually retired to dachas in Russia. The BBC continues to portray them as idealists and rogue heroes.

British atomic scientist Klaus Fuchs who betrayed the secrets of the Hydrogen Bomb to Moscow got all of 14 years in prison. He was released after just nine years and allowed to fly to East Germany where he became Deputy Director of Nuclear Physics Research.


"Success" in the West depends in part on a person's willingness to betray his nation, race, religion, culture and neighbors. 

The real battle is not between "left" and "right" but the age-old conflict between the super-rich who want to monopolize all wealth, and the rest of humanity who seek a modicum to sustain a comfortable life.

The enemy is not capitalism but monopoly capitalism, not corporations but cartels that strive for the ultimate monopoly, world government. Communism, or state capitalism, is a ruse by which the bankers co-opted the collective instincts of mankind and harnessed our idealism to their diabolical agenda.

The true enemy is not Islam but an ancient Satanic cult gnawing at the heart of Western society, intent on hijacking humanity from its healthy natural path, and enslaving it using sophisticated methods of social control.


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First Comment from Marcos 

I find amazing that, in spite of massive evidence of Russian communist sabotage in America for 100 years, naive Americans still trust a KGB agent like Putin. Putin is a master of propaganda. He was able to promote Russia, an atheist, corrupt, autocratic and ruthless country, as a pinnacle of conservatism and moral values. 

The bad guys are the American liberals,  but Moscow forgets to tell us that liberalism in America is a fruit of Russian indoctrination. So, Russia created the monster and now pretends to oppose it. Also, they simply forget to mention the immense traditional, moral, conservative religious majority in the US, that is indeed the soul of the country. It doesn't matter that there is solid evidence that Putin runs mills of internet trolls in the suburbs of Saint Petersburg, or that he invests billions on websites like Sputnik, Russia Today, not to mention a myriad of associated bloggers and journalists like Glenn Greenwald and his Intercept Marxist front. The worst dupes for this strategy are young people from conspiracy circles. America is bad, Russia is good. The CIA is behind all evil in the world. Russia is the last bastion of freedom in the globe, they are altruistic and have no ulterior motives.  It doesn't matter that Putin is in bed with his Chabad Lubavitch partners, Moscow is our last hope against Zionism. 

Nowhere else this strategy has been clearer than regarding the situation in Venezuela. Americans and Europeans have no clue about the Marxist/Cuban plan to dominate Latin America through the Forum of Sao Paulo and the Bolivarian Revolution, a strategy that destroyed the continent while the US looked to the other side for 20 years, completely abandoning the region to Castro's plans. 

Now that the population can't take it anymore and want to end Marxism, it is all the CIA's fault. It is sad to see that, just like socialists, the so-called conspiracy researchers are so sanctimonious that they prefer to display their "superior knowledge" instead of showing a drop of compassion for people literally starving in Latin America. I would love to see how long would their vanity last if they would have to raise their kids under a Marxist tyranny supported by Moscow.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "How the Illuminati Kickstarted the Cold War "

JJ said (February 4, 2019):

Just as freedom-loving politicians have encountered spies in their midst so I have personally met in our free lands here in the west freemasons espousing communist ideology. And I've wondered why they would support the very ideas that will destroy the very freedoms that allow them to prosper. I can come up with three motivations:

1) they've committed crimes or acts the freemasons have found out about and are holding against them
2) they do what they do in return for favours such as high well-salaried positions or business contracts or an endless supply of sexual liaisons
3) they are shown supernatural things such as Satanic manifestations or alien beings and therefore live with a different reality

Whatever the reason, their hypocrisies sure rub me the wrong way.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at