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Is "Racism" a Bad Thing?

February 7, 2019

(Beach scene in Tel Aviv) 

"We will destroy every collective force but our own," 
say the Protocols of Zion. 16.4  

"Collective force" = Nation, Religion (God), Family (gender) & Race
They deny other races altogether. This is why only Jews are allowed to have a racist ethnostate.

I support the right of ethnic majorities, including Israel and Palestine, to have their own countries. The problem is that Masonic Jews control most other countries as well, through the central banking system and Freemasonry. Their agenda is to turn the world into their fiefdom, which they have almost done.

Race and culture are inseparable. An attack on one is an attack on the other.  

Below is a discussion of race from Voat Wednesday. 

Perhaps because I am an assimilated Jew, I believe people should be judged according to their individual behavior. We are NOT predetermined by an accident of birth. I agree with the Voat commenter who wrote:  

"Racism doesn't exist. It's behaviour. A black thug is very different than a black guy with glasses and his cell phone on his hip. 
It's the choices the person makes that you base judgements on. But of course, prejudice for efficient predictions is real."

I take my hat off to black jazz musicians, athletes and intellectuals like Thomas Sowell. Every race has its strong and weak qualities. Each race is part of the family of man.

 As a "racist," I don't want to see other races disappear. They are all beautiful and capable of great things. Racism is only negative when one race deems persecutes another as inferior, as in the case of Israeli Jews persecuting Palestinian Arabs. 

Disclaimer - I am not endorsing all opinions expressed below.

Racism Is Natural and Doesn't Need To Be Taught. Ethnicities That Aren't Racist Are Predictably Genocided By Ethnicities That Are. Racism Is A Good Thing.

Anyone trying to tell you that your ethnicity shouldn't protect its own interests is either an idiot or trying to sabotage your ethnic group.

NATURE DIDN'T MAKE A MISTAKE BY MAKING PEOPLE RACIST. If you're not racist, you let other groups of people take your land and resources. Without a means to exist, your ethnic group dies out.

Name a group of people that wasn't racist, that allowed other ethnic groups to come into their lands and take their resources, and wasn't erased from history or is in the process of doing so.

Indian Hindus are probably the least racist group in the world today, but look at how they're being erased. Walking through a random major city in India, you see endless Pakistanis that prey on Hindu's naivety. India doesn't have an overpopulation problem per se, they have a Pakistani problem. Immediately after modern India was established by the British and de-colonialized after hundreds of years under Arab, British, French, etc. colonialization the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, which are the same ethnic group, immediately disregarded Hindu borders and wreaked havoc on India with overpopulation. Despite efforts by some Hindus to boost their own birth rates to counter the Pakistani invasion, Hindus are less than 70% of the population. If Hindu birth rates ever drop, India will become an Arab country overnight. [Actually, they are just under 80%-hm]

Mixed ethnicity groups rarely survive long. The world has already seen globalization and hafu [mixed race] populations many times. The Silk Road, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, these all caused globalization and mixing of ethnic groups on a wide scale, but the moment the incentive for globalization vanished the mixed ethnic group people were genocided and the ethnostates reformed. 

Mixed ethnicity nations are inherently unstable. Mixing ethnicities itself poses a risk since significantly different ethnic groups aren't genetically compatible. Mixed race couples experience much higher rates of sudden infant death and their children are far more likely to suffer from diseases like schizophrenia, and malformations like tooth crowding (crooked and embedded teeth) which in the absence of modern medicine is often lethal.

To level with you, I used to be an idiot. I thought racism was evil. Comparing that to true evil, ie fucking Jews, it's nothing. I still regret being an idiot.


I actually trust you more because you went through that transition. Getting red-pilled is a unique experience. There's no changing after that.

Plenty of blue pilled conservatives and even white nationalist (they were these things by coincidence, not discovery) abandon these causes and become SJWs. Like a lot of boomers I know.


Apparently, there is a joke in South Africa.

"What is the difference between a racist and a tourist? About 3 months"
Whites are too easy to brainwash.

Too easy to control: too trusting and too conformist (and we accuse the Chinese of being conformist - heh).

If you banished all blacks from Chicago, murder would be practically non-existent, in Chicago. And if you argue against this fact, you'd be supporting murder. You'd be in favor of black on black crime. You'd be a White Supremacist supporting racist. : )

And to any lurking liberals out there: No. This doesn't work with guns. You know how we know this? Because Chicago has very strict gun control laws yet blacks still get guns. Black people are the problem. Not guns.  [Makow- How much of this is economic opportunity & culture, and how much is race?]

I'd bet that the word "racism" didn't even exist until a hundred years ago. The whole idea doesn't even make sense.

Racist was popularized by Trotsky, in the 1930s (although I suppose he used the Russian and/or Yiddish translations of the word). Racist/racism, invented vs popularized.

But that is, nonetheless, when and by whom, the word racist was popularized.

Use of racism in books exploded in the communist subversion 60s. Before that people talked about "racialism."


What happened to us all being the race of homo sapiens.. it's the breeds that are different.

Can we take a step back and start with why should I care about my ethnic group being genocided?

I think of hating your race and your nation and your people is just like an individual who hates himself and has low self-worth and all that. It's poisonous and self-destructive.
Ironically, too many niggers think of themselves and niggers and general as being the greatest in the world while they're obviously the fucking worst at everything except sports competitions.

Everyone who goes around screaming racist is the enemy and it wants you dead.
They are either scam artists trying to weasel their way into your wallet, attention whores, or enemy weasels engaging in psychological operations against us.
If someone calls you racist the correct response is full tilt hostility. Everyone who says it hates Europeans. They want you and everyone you love dead and replaced. The time for taking that particular line of bullshit seriously is over.


"Racism" as a concept - valuing your group over other groups - is biological in origin. The question then becomes managing it. Like any other facet of human psychology, it can be applied to the detriment of others, or for the benefit of those around you. It can be a positive force (making sure you and yours are cared for) in the right context.
I would say you shouldn't try to completely reverse the definition into something good, that's bad rhetoric and won't convince people. I get what you're trying to do but I'd suggest something different you can read about here:

He can just say that racial-in-group preference and racial differences are facts, which they are. No need to be ashamed of facts.

How can different ethnicities know their distinct values and interests are being represented in a democracy?

You can't drive a car with multiple drivers. Simply by having a non-homogenous population in a democracy, you're violating every ethnic group's human right to self-determination and autonomy.
------You're right. Being racist is natural and normal. It is a part of natural law and it exists whether you like it or not. Nature doesn't give a fuck about your feelings. Being racist can save your life. Anyone that's not racially aware by now is a damned fool. It doesn't mean you have to hate the other races but I guarantee most of them hate you. Hate is an understatement, they'd love to see you tortured and enslaved. The jews propaganda against us over the years has made other races hate us more than ever.
Hindus are 80% of the population and Muslims are 14%. The rest are Christian, Buddhists, etc.

Use a search engine ffs.
Which ethnicities aren't racist? Racism probably predates Homo Sapiens.

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Another forum addresses the question, Is "racism" valid? 

First Comment by Stephen C:

This has to be one of the silliest articles I've read in some time. Pakistan and Bangladesh were once part of India. India still has huge problems with the caste system and heaven forbid you are a widow, persecution is so nasty that widows have formed their own towns where they can live in peace and safety. Just watch a widow open a business in Delhi, she will be vandalized out of business within a month. Widows flee India to gain asylum in the US or elsewhere. 

Let's look at Latin America, it's a thorough mix of European and Native American Ancestry and there may also be a mix of black African. Early Catholic Priests encouraged racial mixture so the natives could not be enslaved by unscrupulous Spanish and Portuguese traders. That racial mixture is not going away as the majority in Latin America are mestizos. 

I appear caucasian to all but the most discriminating, I can prove Native American, Jewish and Black West African ancestry. How many of you are of mixed race touting "racial purity" and have no idea if you are a mixed mutt?  

Blaming crime or low intelligence on race or racial mixture is about as backwards Jim Crow and could lead to something as evil as King Leopold II of Belgium. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Is "Racism" a Bad Thing? "

Al Thompson said (February 7, 2019):

When I was on my federally-funded paid vacation in a gated community, I found that I got along better with the black men than it did with the crackers. They were a lot more fun to be with and I could make them laugh easily.

Crackers are too serious about stuff, and the racist angle is a "non-starter." If we were all the same, life would be really boring especially if all of us men were white. As a group of people, blacks seems to be more outgoing and they have a great sense of humor.

With that in mind, I'm thinking about becoming a transracial. I might want to go from being a white guy to being black man. I could become a Trans Nigga by doing the black face thing. Which by the way, was originally done by Al Jolson who was a Jewish entertainer. If a Jew can do that then why can't this goy do it? What's good for the Jew is good for the goyim.

In general, blacks are more gregarious, even-tempered, very intelligent, have stronger bodies, and their gadgets are longer than the white guys'. This may be the reason some white men don't like blacks. They are jealous because most blacks have longer gadgets. They may have to sit down to pee so as to not lift anything heavy.

Gary said (February 7, 2019):

Great article. Where did you pick up that idiot Stephen C. I'd lay off the Antifa if I was you. Why don't you tell him to read "The Bell Curve"?

"blaming crime or low intelligence on race or racial mixture is about as backwards Jim Crow and could lead to something as evil as King Leopold II of Belgium. "

Thomas A said (February 7, 2019):

Which of the 255 definition of “racist” is being used: Are You a Racist?

Great Britain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and most other European countries are a mixture of ethnic groups, although they are of the same biological race, which may explain the popularity of secession movements.

Those who pride themselves on being a biological racial mutt need to read Deuteronomy 23:2: “No half-bred may be admitted to the assembly of the Yahweh; not even his descendants to the tenth generation may be admitted to the Assembly of Yahweh.” (New Jerusalem Bible)

Anyone who isn’t confused really doesn’t understand the situation. – Edward R. Murrow

Paul said (February 7, 2019):

I personally think that we are getting terms mixed up. We should talk about racialism. When people are racial or act racially they concentrate on their own race and supporting it (just like they would put their own family first). They are concerned about the education of their race, food and security for their race, their race's history and customs and traditions.

Racism has to do with issues of morality and love and hate and it's those issues that are contentious. What does it mean to love another race. Is adopting another race's baby hatred (you're so helpless you can't even take care of yourselves) or love (I no longer see skin color)? When God separated the races in the Bible and gave them boundaries was that hatred or love? Are raising the grades of another race hatred or love?

Mohammed said (February 7, 2019):

I just read JG's comment..[below]

He is highly delusional. His first two lines were ok and then he went and lost it.

I'm quite sure that he's one of those who firmly believe that fairytale: MAGA.
How can anyone make it great again if it never was great, to begin with?
It may have been good ..but then many other countries can make the same claim...and I'm sure he's also the type that has been or still is in the military.
The type that Kissinger says are dumb, stupid animals.

As far as work ethic, intelligence, good looks and good morals etc are concerned, there are still many other nations that come to mind before the US.

If u look around the US, u will see millions of migrants doing back-breaking work for peanuts and u will also see millions of born Americans who are lazy bums and drug addicts who are of no benefit to anyone ..

I think this person needs to remove those rose-tinted glasses they're walking around with and face reality.

I wish good for everyone but living in a fantasy land won't help to improve the US. It's dumb to be so delusional that u can't/won't acknowledge what's before your eyes.

JG said (February 7, 2019):

Ethnic diversity is a beauty within itself as long as it remains independent and not forcefully incorporated within other cultures that are in sharp contrast.

Race mixing by marriage threatens the loss of both cultures involved by producing a biracial offspring that is in conflict with itself not knowing who to identify with.
America was the exception to this rule for many years because the majority of mixed marriages were of Northern European heritage that produced some of the most intelligent, attractive, and civil people the world has ever known. They were culturally and racially compatible with each other.

Unfortunately America today is a country without a civilized culture. Forced integration of contrasting third world races and cultures has actually weakened the competitiveness and identity of their offspring. One race cannot dissolve the other. Your smartest students in America today are Asian and Indian immigrants who are not an offspring of biracial heritage. This is just one example.

The only adopted culture America had that worked successfully for a while was the Old West culture. Country music, Levi jeans, and the Marlboro man was once America's proud identity. Along with this was a strong Western pioneering work ethic. Today, America's identity and culture is a disaster.

JJ said (February 7, 2019):

Once race-mixing starts taking place there is chaos for several generations. A classic example is Jamaica. By the time of the end of WWII, the majority of Jamaicans were considered one race.

Older Jamaicans will tell you that at that time one could accidentally leave a bag on a street and it would be there in the morning. Everyone was now looking the same (after many generations of Indian, White and Black mixing) and everyone had the same chance of marriage.

Around that time though Chinese and Arabs started migrating to Jamaica. Now the skin tones started changing and today Jamaicans will tell you that their society is divided by skin tone etc - and that bags can no longer be left on streets. It's very unsafe there.

In a society that has racial unity its members can get past the physical and start prizing mental and spiritual qualities in its people. One's chances of marriage can start to be based on other things rather than physical.

And people are no longer have angst from two or more heritages. The most anxious people around are those who are half one race and half another. They hate themselves.

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