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Mike Stone Challenges You to Join the GOP

February 9, 2019

It's Up to YOU, Not Trump, to Turn This Country Around

"If the best you can offer is a moanful wail about the "Rothschilds" 
and how useless the struggle is, then your life is completely meaningless. 
You're expecting others to do all the work, creating the society 
that you want, while you do nothing but complain."

by Mike Stone

Are you disappointed in President Trump's performance the last two years? Are you dissatisfied with the soaring economy, the conservative judges he's appointed, or the way he diffused tensions with North Korea? Well, so am I. I want to see that wall.

Yet even if the wall isn't built in his first term or his second, President Trump has achieved at least two monumental victories. First, he has exposed, for all the world to see, both the massive number of traitors within the Republican Party, as well as the liars within the fake news mainstream media.

We all knew there were traitors among the Republican Party, but we never imagined how many people were involved or who some of them were. Now we know. Trump's candidacy threw light on the cockroaches.

We also knew that the mainstream media was chock full of liars, but we never imagined just how deep and malicious their lies went. Now we know. Trump exposed them all.

That's an accomplishment we never could have imagined before Trump ran for office. A huge, monumental accomplishment. And he did it while being surrounded on all sides by these very same traitors and fake news liars. Yet this accomplishment pales in comparison to Trump's second great victory:

He has kicked open the door for you - yes, you - to run for office within the Republican Party.

Don't tell me you can't do it and don't tell me it's impossible when you've never even tried. What kind of coward gives up a fight without even trying?

If the best you can offer is a moanful wail about the "Rothschilds" and how useless the struggle is, then your life is completely meaningless. You're expecting others to do all the work, creating the society that you want, while you do nothing but complain.

This is about winning. It's not about your lack of warm and fuzzy feelings. It's not about your choice not to vote or not to run for office, because you don't agree with everything every candidate stands for. The only candidate you're going to be in 100% agreement with all the time is you.

If you lack the courage to fight; if you lack the backbone to even consider running for office, or to at least back someone respectable who is, then stop reading this right now. Go back to watching bad television and eating bad food. Your life is serving no useful purpose. You can watch with bewilderment from your couch while others with more courage change the world around you.

On the other hand, if you're a person with moral integrity and courage, if you're willing to get your hands dirty and to do whatever it takes to help save your country, then the time has never been better for you to run for office as a Republican.


I'm not talking about doing anything rash. I'm not talking about plunging headlong into a fight you can't win. What I'm talking about is you doing something - anything - to begin turning this country around. Take baby steps, if necessary. Begin to lay the groundwork. Attend meetings of the Republican Party in your area. Read some books on politics and how to win an election. 

Take a Dale Carnegie course in public speaking. When you've laid the preparation and groundwork, when you've assured yourself of victory, then you run. You have to know you're going to win before you enter the race, and the way to do that is by planning.

Did you know that Ronald Reagan spent years writing out his vision for America before he ever ran for office? He sat in his room, alone, and he wrote. He mapped out his entire vision, and then, when he was certain of victory, he ran for governor of California. In the late 1970s, he spent another four years writing out his plans for the presidency, and then he won again. What's stopping you from doing the same?

If you're a young person, so much the better. What you lack in experience is made up by youthful exuberance. You have an opportunity to shape the world; to turn back the tides of socialism and communism seeping into our society. You have an opportunity to achieve greatness. Will you become a leader of men, or just another complainer on the sideline of life?

There are other ways to contribute besides running for office. Are you a teacher? Teach your students the truth about history and life.

(Naive Jew actually believed Communism is about improving the lot of the average man.)

Are you an artist? Create art that both entertains and educates. John Howard Lawson, left, an old Commie screenwriter from the 1930s and 40s came up with the formula for doing just that. He said: "As a writer, do not try to write an entire Communist picture. Try to get 5 minutes of the Communist doctrine, 5 minutes of the party line in every script that you write."

You do the same. Put 5 minutes of pro-American, pro-family, anti-Communist propaganda into every piece of art you create, whatever the medium. 95% entertainment, 5% propaganda. That's your formula. How do you think Hollywood became so influential?

Are you good with memes? Then meme like you've never memed before. Meme as if your country depends on it, because it does.

Are you in contact with like-minded patriots? Schedule monthly meetings to discuss strategy. The left has countless think tanks, all working around the clock and conspiring to destroy America. Start your own think tank. Come up with strategies to counter theirs.

You have a skill set unique to only you. Something you can do better than anyone else in the world. Whatever that skill set is, use it to help save your country. Don't depend on Trump to do it. Depend on yourself.

Mike Stone is the author of It's Okay To Be White  and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles -  - Available exclusively on Amazon.

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Comments for "Mike Stone Challenges You to Join the GOP"

MM said (February 10, 2019):

I have a real problem with an article like this because 'party' voters actually believe there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats when they're not! They are all bought and paid for by special interests and foreign governments! The Democrats want illegals to overrun our country to weaken us and have come out openly as Socialists and Republicans are war mongers which also weakens us!

The Iraq war was based on lies and was a war for Zionist Israel that cost over 4,000 American soldiers their lives! Do people actually believe that American troops are in Syria illegally for American interests?? Just whose interests are they in Syria for? Zionist Israel! How many people are aware that members of both parties have to take a pledge to protect Israel if they want to keep their positions of power and their fat paychecks? These are just facts, Henry, and easily verified. As most who do any research know, there is a lot more to this.

JJ said (February 9, 2019):

This is a very good article because it challenges us to live as best we can in an imperfect world. If joining a conservative movement is the best we can do at this time 'at least we can do it and get some benefit out of it. If for nothing else we can network with like-minded people. It's better than nothing at all and can stave off depression. Very good advice.


First of all, Al's comments are uncalled for. I meet too many guys like him who are won't face the battle and discourage anyone else from also facing the battle. One wonders if guys like him are paid opposition.

This article is one of the best that you have on your website. It's an article about hope. Life is not perfect and politicians are not perfect. Many of them have been compromised in some way. Are they happy compromised people? Probably not. Maybe they are desperate to get out of their circumstances. Maybe they need us.

We can't give up hope. What Stone is saying here is very important. We need to get involved. We need to join conservative groups and connect and give life another shot. Maybe we will end up in some riding association where everyone is sincere and where something real can start. At any rate the opposite action of isolation is deadly in more ways than one.

The process of giving sacrificially is in itself very therapeutic and can stave off depression. It's very important for all of us to act sacrificially. Many don't have families yet but becoming involved politically can help to fill that need with a larger family.

This is a very important article.

William D said (February 9, 2019):

what are they saying about the GOP fixing America? I guess the Bush family was not involved with the NWO

Al Thompson said (February 9, 2019):

All of the political systems of the world that I know about are those which are on the Satanic level. I do not think that the Republican Party is nothing more than controlled opposition to make it look as if we had a choice. I ran for Congress back in 2002 on the Republican ticket and it was a horrifying experience. The other candidates were extremely stupid and didn’t have an original thought. The Republicans are communist. It was the Republicans who introduced the internal revenue laws back in 1861. Abraham Lincoln and the “Congress” unlawfully established an income tax to help fund the civil war on July 25th, 1861 H.R. 54 They destroyed the republic if there ever was one, and all of the planks of The Communist Manifesto are operative in all countries. Donald Trump, a Republican, said something to the effect that America will never be a socialist country. America or the “United States” has been communist-socialist-fascist nation for at least 148 years.

The reason why good people can’t be effective is that the system itself is flawed and evil to the core. Any organization that is oath-based is programmed to fail. Good people get frustrated because everything they try seems to turn to shit. There is a good reason for this. The underlying foundation is stupid, evil, and it is a proven failure. The very foundation of any government is evil and in principle, violates every commandment of God. Any organization is going to produce more misery for mankind if it is based on an evil foundation.

Studying the various political systems has the power to damage the brain because there isn’t really any truth that is is founded on. Truth is a necessary ingredient in order for anything to work properly. Otherwise, there will be just misery and chaos.

The GOP is just another communist organization as they help to pass communist legislation such as income tax and central banking. The president is essentially Caesar and the court system is of the Devil. The natural rights of mankind is ignored by political institutions and the bill of rights is a big lie; just try using them if you get into trouble.

The government operates on war powers which is controlled by “the Deep State.” They are a slave-trading, sex-trafficking, group of evil people who are so rotten the decent mind cannot even imagine all of the bad things that they do. If the people had a higher moral standard, then there would be little use for government. Government is the instrument that immoral people use to exercise their authority when none exists.

Here is an easy way to tell if any government is communist:

Thomas A said (February 9, 2019):

Trump has done some great things; he certainly has slowed the destruction of the country. However, I must give him an F for failing to do two things that are completely under his control and over which Congress has little say. First, he has failed to withdraw US troops for all these useless conflicts across the global that endanger the security and interest of the US instead of protecting them. Also, he promised to drain the swamp, yet he continues to appoint swamp creatures to important posts – for example, most of his cabinet and advisors.

JG said (February 9, 2019):

You would have to go back to John F. Kennedy to find an American president who has the courage of President Donald Trump. The more the MSM and the NWO judiciary attacks this man the more you know he's doing his job.
The American public knows this, they have heard all the lies and atheist liberal mandates of the MSM for far too long to believe or respect them any longer.

It's true that President Trump can't reclaim America by himself. It's gut check time for the Republican Party and the US government.

It's sad how the Democratic Party was hijacked by foreign aliens with an alien agenda contrary to the US Constitution. The Democratic Party today answers to these NGOs and not it's voters. The Democratic Party lost it's legitimacy with the departure of Jimmy Carter.
The Republican Party needs the support of the American Jewish community to be successful today which President Trump has on some of the conservative fronts, he always has been a strong supporter of the state of Israel also.

I worry for President Trump. There are just far too many double-crossers and opportunists in Washington who would turn on a dime against him if their political careers are on the line. He can't do it alone.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at