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March 20, 2019


The Goyim Know! German Jews Demand Crackdown on Internet

The Central Council of Jews has called for a tightening of the Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG). "The NetzDG was an important and correct step, but it does not seem to me to be taking effect in all respects," said the President of the Central Council, Josef Schuster, to the Heilbronner Stimme. It, therefore, had to be "optimised" quickly.

In Germany, the limit of what can be said would be deliberately shifted to the right. As an example, he cited statements by Alexander Gauland, Chairman of the AfD, and Björn Höcke, Head of the State of Thuringia. "And at the Stammtisch, it could be said: If they are allowed to say that, then the average citizen will not have to remain silent either. And in social networks, such linguistic changes can be spread to millions of people at lightning speed." This is a dangerous development for the community.

It is not to be understood that hate messages still are not immediately extinguished, criticized shoemakers. In social media one can still express insults without having to worry about being prosecuted. "What is particularly bad is that the anti-Jewish clichés of the Nazi era and conspiracy theories also play an important role.

"Increasingly dangerous mixture of nationalism and extremism."

In addition, with a view to the EU parliamentary elections in May, Schuster warned against a strengthening of populist parties. "In my opinion, there is an increasingly dangerous mixture of nationalism and extremism in many countries. All citizens in the EU are called upon to stand up for democracy."

The debate should not, however, be left to politicians alone, but should also be conducted in associations and churches. "A broad discussion about the advantages of a free and united Europe is necessary. The issue concerns us all". He hopes for a "clear commitment to Europe and to the European Union".

The President of the Central Council praised the proposal of the CSU politician and leading candidate of the European People's Parties, Manfred Weber, to conclude a pact against anti-Semitism in Europe. "The anti-Semitic resentments were never gone, but smoldered long under the surface in numerous states. Now, unfortunately, we find that anti-Semitic arguments and actions are once again being used. (Is)


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