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March 16, 2019


Predictive Programming - The Example of Dark Angel 

by Troy

Wanted to address the long line of predictive programming in tv, movies, etc. We are told years and decades ahead of time what the plan is for us and I've just seen more proof. 

I just rewatched the Dark Angel series from 2000. A few ideologies that are in the forefront now were "predicted" or "imagined" or "anticipated" for now. The show's timeline was set in the year 2019. 

1. GRRL POWER/FEMINISM-The hero is a bad-girl to whom all men are subservient. (women kick ass and are better than men) 

2. MASSIVE GOVERNMENT SURVEILLANCE-Drones fly around watching everything. (literally eye in the sky government). 

3. TRANSHUMANISM-The premise of the show is that a group of super soldiers/genetic experiments were created in a lab where a few escaped and later in the series all are released. (Mad scientist genetic experiments to make a better human than God made) 

4. TRANSGENDERISM-Subtle, but several times the general public is angry, see them as abominations and calls them Trannies. (Normal people hate for no reason and trannies are born this way).

 5. RACISM-In the final scenes the bad guy is Mr WHITE while the good cop is a BLACK man who sympathizes with the transgenics in the end (i.e. white and conservative is bad, black, different and tolerant is good).

These are just a few examples I noticed. I'm sure there are many more subtle ones sprinkled in that I just can't think of right now. I remember watching this show because I thought Jessica Alba was the hottest chick I'd ever seen in my life at the time and rewatched to see how it held up. 

Not good. It was a terrible show and, oh yeah it happened to be directed by James Cameron who is the poster child for getting people to think about all these things. He's an over the top liberal nutbag who lives to spit in the eye of anything traditional or Christian (Terminator was awesome though). 

Not sure if you've ever looked into the subject of predictive-programming but once you do it is glaringly obvious how real and prevalent it is in mass media. We know from testimonies and documents found that our "leaders" plan the future years, decades and sometimes centuries in advance. 

For some reason, under their satanic agenda, they operate under the dictate that they have to tell us in advance what they plan to do to us so that we are aware and complicit in it. In that way, they cannot be held culpable for the bad things they do. I'd love to see an article on the many examples of tv shows, movies and novels that do this same thing where only in hindsight can we see that what is happening/has happened to us was orchestrated well in advance.

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