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Reader Plans Escape from Cultural Decay & War

March 7, 2019

I love to hear how informed readers are dealing with
the challenges we face. Jon is a retired Jewish doctor
who takes seriously the prospect of another banker-inspired
world war. He is looking for refuges in Latin America.
I regard my readers as a community and like to get inside their world.
In this email, Jon generously has shared his reality
which I present as a welcome change of pace. 
"Even though I could put myself in the Jewish camp and 
e.g. escape to Israel by getting an Israeli passport, I side 
with the whites/ Christians. If necessary, I'll die with them too."

by Jon 

Henry I have been a long time reader of your website and I wanted to tell you that your insight about how the world really works is unparalleled. I'm an unmarried, childless, white 48-year-old former Montreal physician. I'm Ashkenazi on my mother's side and Irish Catholic on my Dad's side. Even though I'm ethnically half-Jewish, I have abandoned being a part of the Jewish community over the last 5 years after becoming red-pilled on 4chan and through sites such as yours. I date Asian girls mostly. Like you, I have embraced the universalism of Christianity and am disgusted with the tribalism and hypocrisy of Jews, especially those involved in media and political organizations. If you ask me what kind of a world I would like to live in, it would be a Christian one. But if you ask me, what kind of group survival strategy is the most effective, I'd have to say that the satanic cabalistic Jewish cult is.

Even though I could put myself in the Jewish camp and e.g. escape to Israel by getting an Israeli passport, I side with the whites/ Christians. If necessary, I'll die with them too. For some reason, I envision a 'World War Z' scenario where all the world's Jews are repatriated back to Israel and its expanding settlement areas, where Jews will find relative protection from whatever the world's elites are going to unleash. 

I fully believe in this white genocide plot. The signs are unmistakable. However, because of the creeping incrementalism and the tendency for most people to be in denial and have inertia when it comes to taking real action, I think most white Canadians will die, be trapped inside the country, be imprisoned or some other similar negative fate.

Having been aware of the plan for several years, I took steps of my own because I'd rather be "5 years too early than 5 minutes too late." I have been travelling in Latin America for 3 months per year for the last 5 years, learning Spanish, scouting out different cities by trying to live like a local in them rather than doing the usual touristy things. This winter I've been in Mexico. The anti-white program is not apparent here, although I do see anti-discrimination, anti-sexual assault and pro-feminist signs in the subways, so there are some signs that things are in full swing here too.

The reason I chose Latin America is a) the weather b) the culture, the girls; finding a more traditional woman is easier here. c) cost of living is low (my nest egg would be worth 2.5x its current value in Canada, if I were to move to Mexico, and 3x by moving to Bogota - using data) d) I have this idea that finding an expat colony with Europeans, in a country that isn't considered white like Mexico, might buy me some time. It seems that the countries founded by white people are on an accelerated path to replace the white populations.

I could have chosen Southeast Asia. I travelled there 2 years ago. It is extremely hot. One would have to move to cities with altitudes of 1 mile up like Baguio in the Philippines in order to keep cool. Still, learning an Asian language would be a huge hurdle. Spanish is much easier. I already speak French, another romance language.


 A former physician. I made a great income. I also scored with bitcoin. I am very pessimistic about the future. In my opinion, the satanic elites could finish us off at any moment. I don't know exactly why they are drawing it out so long, although I am grateful that they are. I have decided to live a bit of a hedonistic lifestyle from this point on. Might as well. I don't have a wife or any kids. I'm not sure I'd want to bring kids into this world but I haven't completely ruled it out. Marriage for a guy with income in the West could be devastating if it ended in divorce. I devoted my 20s and 30s to work in the hospital like a slave. I talk to colleagues about my plans and many are either stuck in their married lives with all their expenses (their wives would never let them leave), or else they are mentally stuck, unable to abandon what they worked so hard to build. Or else medicine is all they have ever known and they wouldn't know what to do with all the new free time that they would have.

A man needs to keep busy and have a project or purpose otherwise he will get bored and languish. There are lots of opportunities to make money online. Renting apartments in foreign cities and then re-renting them as Airbnb's can generate cash flow since tourists will pay more than locals. I follow, and Chris Pirnak. They have great information. Life can still be exciting but not in Canada I'm afraid. That place seems to have been selected as an urban laboratory for radical leftist indoctrination.

Life is looking up in many ways though since I discovered the truth about what to eat. It is clear that there is a conspiracy to get people to eat way too many carbs and also to avoid saturated fats and meat, and then sell them medications when they get diabetes. Now that I know how to control my weight through a low carb diet, life is so much better. Shopping for clothes and going out meeting girls is actually fun. So many Canadians are overweight or obese. Combined with Canadian weather that makes it difficult to get exercise outdoors, so many Canadians are subclinically depressed. Here in Mexico, I see people smiling, men and women kissing and laughing everywhere (even if they are fat from all the corn tortillas they eat!). I see large mixed groups thoroughly enjoying themselves all the time.

Anyway just wanted to share some thoughts that were generated by your most recent articles. Any reply or advice you have would be most welcome.

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Comments for "Reader Plans Escape from Cultural Decay & War"

Chris G said (March 7, 2019):

I hope to see more articles like this one. From Henry's site, we know what the problem is and the people causing it, now we need solutions to cope. Getting out of Dodge is one:

Prepping is another.

If we don't get out of Babylon we will suffer. The Babylonian money system is centered in New York city with links to London. We need to get away from fake Fiat currency and back to real basics like farming,
foraging, hunting, fishing, survival, self-defence, prayer and living off the land the way The Almighty intended.
Rev 18:4 "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."

Insider George Green lives in Ecuador:

That wall Trump is building will be used to keep Americans in during Martial Law when Freemasons & FEMA whip out the guillotines, death
barges, Wal-Mart concentration camps, Red Cross killing squad vans, mobile vapor crematoriums, etc...

The Holy Spirit has been warning people to get out of Dodge yet most are doing nothing about it:

Many people are being warned through dreams and visions but I notice alot of "supposed" Christians have a sick Kamakazee mentality and hope
to be executed. I blame Paul the fake apostle's influence on Christianity why so many "supposed" Christians have no brains. Most churches focus on Paul's words and skip over Christ's; Paul suggests we submit to Satan's will: Rom 13:1-3, while Christ suggests we resist the devil and serve only the Most High: Matt
4:8-10. Fake preachers will be harping on Rom 13:1-3 to help get Christians executed.

Texas First Responders -

looks like things are getting pretty bad MURDERING PEOPLE !!! WITNESS !!!

David C said (March 7, 2019):

My parents are the same as his: my mother Ashkenazim~Russian Jewish, farther Scottish~German Protestant (neither religious). Unlike him, however, I'm staying in this country, and NOT relying on money for security. My goal is to get out of the city, moving to a remote mountain area, and live off-grid without money, with likeminded neighbours within shouting distance.

Going to Israel would be suicide because I expect the Zionist state to be overrun, although I sincerely hope not. Even though I despise the Zionist government, I know most Israeli citizens also despise their government, so we shouldn't blame them. I believe we are living in the end times of Revelation, and avoiding the "mark of the beast" is vital because I've become Christian during the last year. Not in the "religious" sense (most churches are corrupted), but I believe in the Bible, and the gospel truth of Jesus Christ. I'm hoping to find a Christian woman I'm compatible with during the next year, so we can relocate to a remote location next year before it's too late.

There are many wonderful channels on youtube that have proven to me the Bible is literally true, decoding it for us. I won't post any links, but have to mention that "EntertheStars" has changed my life, and helped save me. He is the most amazing decoder of the Bible and matrix I've ever found, and incredibly prolific. That's my short story, which will be harder to achieve than it sounds, so I need to get busy. Thanks for your always interesting website Henry, although we don't always agree, you provide information not usually seen elsewhere, so thanks for your work!

Rudy said (March 7, 2019):

Jon it is good to be proactive for sure. Please invest more time studying the Bible as the promise is salvation for eternity with the Supreme Supernatural entity and his Messiah is for eternity. That makes the 60-80 years here on earth nothing more than a comma in your future.

Sardar said (March 7, 2019):

Longtime Follower, but first-time commentator here:
In times of trials and tribulations, one must escape spiritually than physically.

As a revert Muslim living in the United States (ND), I have discovered (praise be to the Lord of the Universe) that unless one changes from within there is no way out of this man-made mess and chaos.

Your reader, Jon, his story reminds me of myself about 7 years ago when I finally woke up to everything you’ve very keenly been trying to tell us. My first few years as an awake person wasn’t easy—I was pretty much paranoid all the time.

But then With the mercy of God, the Almighty, I was able to find the cure I was badly in need of. So I advise Jon, to highly reconsider some aspects of his lifestyle: hedonistic lifestyle—48 but unmarried, childless, women relationships, etc. Frankly, I can’t help it but keep picturing Jon as a prisoner finally able to ‘escape’. But instead of fully figuring out how to free himself, he rather ‘frees’ himself by simply opening the cell’s door and run away while still his shackles and chains (hedonistic lifestyle) still attached!!!

I am sorry Jon, but it’s the hard truth!

So you need to figure out how to migrate/escape spiritually first, then geographically/physically.
I hope This makes sense and it whets the appetite for the change from within, for spiritually to know our very purpose on this planet. Once we figure all that out, then we have successfully figured out God, the Creator!

JJ said (March 7, 2019):

The subject talked about here is definitely something we need to all pray and think about. I work at a job that involves a certain amount of crowd control and know well some of the issues directly facing our society. Tonight, though, when I was talking with a spiritual adviser about the issues we, as a society are facing, and seeking answers, the response was, "Christ is coming back." Is this really what I'm supposed to tell a huge line-up of people when certain demographics repeatedly cause trouble?

I don't know what the answer is. I do know we need an answer. This writer has found an answer and I'm happy for him. Not everyone though can afford to do what he's doing. I and my friends who are on the same economic level talk about these things all the time. We're trying to come up with something.

JG said (March 7, 2019):

Jon, being a doctor would be welcome in almost any country.
It's not just Canada that has changed, it's the world. Very often places that are nice to visit are not nice places to live. I know this from personal experience. The people can be nice and the climate can be great but you still feel alienated, it's not home.
I admit it's very disheartening to watch your own country and it's culture fade away.
I'm not a big fan of involuntary multiculturalism and probably never will. People are generally happier around their own kind and nations that become mingled nations will eventuality lose their national and cultural sovereignty.
But, then again, this is the NWO game plan.

Al Thompson said (March 7, 2019):

I agree with Dr. Jon in that we have been too accustomed to eating a bad diet and we’re gaining too much weight. One of the best parts of a low carb diet is that it doesn’t put on much weight and one can lose weight. I believe the presence of the high carb foods is a form of genocide. The medical profession treats the symptoms and not too many doctors have any cures.

Think of all the money they make in the food, pharmacy, and medical industries. I believe the poor diet of western culture is intentional and very stupid. The promotion of veganism is a disaster for anyone who participates in it.

I went one step further than low carb and went on a carnivore diet to where I eat only beef, bacon, and a little cheese. My health improved tremendously along with having remarkable mental clarity. I don’t know if I’ll continue on it, but after 6 months I feel better than I have in a long time. It turns out to be less expensive because I don’t buy any of the junk food anymore.

But moving to another country? Ehh, I’d rather stick around and be a pain-in-the-ass to the Satanist. But I can understand why some men want to leave. The current culture is awful. Women have been destroyed in this country and I see it getting worse before it gets better. The men have been beaten down into the state of being soy-boys.

What I did find odd is that I get along better with people of other races. I think the white man is too wrapped up in his Satanic culture i.e. Freemasonry and his behavior is immoral. I don’t think I’ve met very many black, Mexican, or Asian Freemasons. But I’ve met plenty of crazy white Freemasons.

Mark H said (March 7, 2019):

Thanks for recent article written by Jon.
Yes, indeed I got same thought path as Jon. Will be excellent to get organized and get to the level where is ready to leave to australian/western society behind. Ideal environment may be somewhere underdeveloped small community which will grow own food and is self-sufficient... place where old-fashion society looks after each other and share knowledge and build future together. Would it be futuristic these days?

Pedro said (March 6, 2019):

Jon , your Scottish heritage might be Jewish too...Jewish authors.

That might account for the fake weird Kilt culture of skirted men with a hide it out in the open fake masculinity.

Hopefully, Trump's wall will get built to stop all those Americans invading Mexico come the Crash.

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