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Sen Joseph McCarthy - Martyr to Patriotism

March 13, 2019

This 1954 video is a measure of how the West has been totally subverted by
Communists. Joseph McCarthy was a genuine patriot who like Paul Revere sounded the alarm. But he is still vilified by the Freemason traitors who run the country on behalf of the central banking cartel. 

Communism is monopoly capitalism. The bankers extend their monopoly over government credit (currency) to a monopoly over everything, an ever-expanding tyranny. The concern for equality and social justice is just a ruse to cover up a process of satanic possession.

Tucker Carlson confirms that free speech and discourse are now under demonic assault but he has not connected this to the occult. Communism/Satanism are all about turning the world upside down. They call it revolution. But really it is about destroying Western society so they can rebuild it in their own sick image. They call this "healing the world."

The vilification of Joseph McCarthy is second only to Hitler. What do these two men have in common?  Resistance to Communism, (i.e. Cabalism.)  History has proven McCarthy right. However, the Communist cancer has spread so far that this courageous patriotic stand against Satanism is called a "witchhunt".  Most of those who denounce(d) him are(were) dupes or fellow travellers. 

"Virtually every one of the people accused of being a Soviet agent by Elizabeth Bentley and Whittaker Chambers -- both reviled and denounced for making false charges not only by political partisans in the 1940s but by historians ever since -- turns out to have been a Soviet spy."

"From its inception in 1919, the CPUSA had been generously funded by the Soviet Union, with subsidies that reached $3,000,000 a year by the mid-1980s... the Party leadership had worked closely with Soviet intelligence to ferret out American secrets."

"We have already ...possessed the minds of the goy communities...[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting astride their noses."
Protocols of Zion, 12 

Makow Comment- Historians like Klehr cannot see the BIG PICTURE. Even McCarthy lacked this. Communism is a branch of Freemasonry (Cabalist Judaism). Illuminati insider Chaim Rakovsky revealed in 1938, "the aim of Freemasonry is the triumph of Communism." All the players are Freemasons or their tools, including FDR, Truman, Churchill, and Stalin. Soviet agents like Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White defined the postwar world. 

from Feb 17, 2018
Setting the Record on Sen. Joseph McCarthy Straight 
by Harvey Klehr
(Excerpts by 

McCarthyism is [regarded as] the most frightening and detestable era in modern American history. For much of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990, there was a steady outpouring of books and articles arguing that the Communist Party of the United States was a small, inoffensive group of idealists committed to democracy, civil rights and labor organizing that was demonized and persecuted by an American Inquisition, headed not only by McCarthy, but also by J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI, and Richard Nixon, persecutor of Alger Hiss... 


(Churchill, Truman and Stalin doing their Masonic shake. Cold War was a charade. All wars are ruses to kill patriots increase power and make money.)

Among historians, there was widespread support for the idea that that American government had vastly overestimated the threat of Soviet espionage. The convictions of Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs were widely regarded as miscarriages of justice. The charges by Elizabeth Bentley that dozens of government employees had given her secret data to turn over to the Russians were derided as the unsupported ravings of a deluded alcoholic. President Truman's imposition of a federal loyalty-security program was attacked as an unjustified intrusion on civil liberties... 

Beginning in the mid-1990s, this simplistic version of an American history in which national security fears were merely the pretext for an attack on civil rights and liberties began to lose ground. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, previously closed Russian archives began to open to scholars.

 I was the first American to gain access to the previously closed files of the Communist International and the CPUSA itself, located in Moscow, in the summer of 1992. Although I was originally far more interested in issues of the CP's political activities in America, I unexpectedly began to come across documents marked top secret being sent by a man named Pavel Fitin that contained the names of employees of the United States government who had been accused of being Soviet spies by Elizabeth Bentley, a defector from Soviet intelligence back in the late 1940s. It was interesting enough that these documents were labelled top secret; what was even more fascinating was that Fitin was head of the KGB's foreign intelligence branch and that his memos were dated from 1943 and 1944 -- long before Bentley went to the FBI. 

That meant they were not reports on her testimony. Because the archivists had not realized that this material was in the files or its significance, I was able to take the microfilm copies out of the country. In The Secret World of American Communism, John Haynes and I reprinted nearly one hundred Russian KGB documents establishing that Soviet intelligence had recruited American communists to spy on its behalf. 

We also showed that from its inception in 1919, the CPUSA had been generously funded by the Soviet Union, with subsidies that reached $3,000,000 a year by the mid-1980s, and that the Party leadership had worked closely with Soviet intelligence to ferret out American secrets. And we found snippets of information about a very hush-hush American project, code-named Venona, that had worked to decipher coded Soviet messages.

After our book appeared in 1995 we were asked to testify before a commission chaired by former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan on government secrecy. We pointed out the oddity of finding information about Venona in an open Russian archive while all information about it in America remained closed. Moynihan then pressed the director of the CIA, John Deutsch, a committee member, to consider declassifying the Venona material. 

Later that year it was released -- some 2900 messages between KGB and GRU (Soviet military intelligence) headquarters and their stations in New York, Washington, San Francisco and points outside the United States...


As a result of the material that has emerged from Russian archives and the release of the Venona files, we now know a great deal about the extent of Soviet espionage from the 1930s through the 1940s. There is no longer any question about the fact that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were Soviet spies (although Ethel played a very minor role). Julius is identifiable in Venona under the code-name Liberal. By the way, the use of code names shows that the KGB had a macabre sense of humor. The code name for their bitter enemies, the Trotskyists, was Polecats, Zionists were Rats, San Francisco was Babylon and Washington DC was Carthage.


There is no doubt that Alger Hiss, left, was a Soviet spy and continued to provide information through the Yalta Conference which he attended as an advisor to FDR. The Soviets thoroughly infiltrated the Manhattan Project and were able to build an atomic bomb several years before they otherwise would have because of such spies as Klaus Fuchs, a German-born British scientist, convicted of espionage in the late 1940s and Theodore Hall, a young American physicist who died in Britain in 1999, who had never been publicly named as a spy until the Venona material was released...

All told, some 350 Americans turn out to have worked for Soviet intelligence during World War II -- a time when we were allies. American counter-intelligence eventually identified more than 125 of these agents -- but were never able to nail down who the other 200 plus were. Virtually every one of the people accused of being a Soviet agent by Elizabeth Bentley and Whittaker Chambers -- both reviled and denounced for making false charges not only by political partisans in the 1940s but by historians ever since -- turns out to have been a Soviet spy.

No Federal agency was immune to Soviet penetration. There were at least 16 Soviet agents in the OSS, predecessor to the CIA, including Duncan Lee, chief counsel to General William Donovan. The Office of War Information, the Board of Economic Warfare, United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, War Production Board, War Department, Signal Corps, Censorship office, the Justice Department were all penetrated. In the State Department Alger Hiss was not the only Soviet spy. Larry Duggan, in charge of Latin American affairs, was an agent. Lauchlin Currie, one of six presidential assistants, provided information. The most highly placed spy was Harry Dexter White, the number two man the Treasury Department and one of the architects of the post-war international financial order -- he designed the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Bretton Woods agreement. The KGB so valued White's information -- including meetings at the founding UN conference where he revealed the American negotiating strategy -- that when he hinted at leaving government service because of financial pressures, the KGB offered to pay his daughter's college tuition...


There are several things about which Senator McCarthy was right -- although he was by no means the first or only person to note them. There was a very significant issue of national security presented by communist spying and subversion. No government can turn a blind eye to spying as extensive as that directed against the United States by the Soviet Union. Secondly, the American Communist Party was serving as an agent of a foreign power. ..

Thirdly, McCarthy was partially correct that the Roosevelt and Truman administrations had been slow to respond to the issue of Soviet espionage. Whittaker Chambers had first gone to Adolph Berle with information about Alger Hiss, Harry White, Lauchlin Currie and others right after the Nazi-Soviet Pact and nothing had been done. It was not just that many liberals refused to believe that people like Hiss could not be spies.


Even J. Edgar Hoover's FBI did not make Soviet espionage a major priority until 1943 and their early investigations, while filled with promising leads, did not go very far...

But if McCarthy was right about some of the large issues, he was wildly wrong on virtually all of the details. ...The new information from Russian and American archives does not vindicate McCarthy. He remains a demagogue, whose wild charges actually made the fight against Communist subversion more difficult. [

But if McCarthy was wrong on the details -- and what is history but details -- many historians today are both wrong on the details about McCarthyism and morally obtuse about the nature of communism. Far too many American historians believe that anti-communism or the search for Soviet spies was baseless paranoia. They recoil so strongly from McCarthy that they are unable to recognize that just because an objectionable politician cynically employed anti-communism does not mean that anti-communism was objectionable. The CPUSA was a haven for spies and Soviet subversion presented a genuine security threat to the United States. 

But, for Ellen Schrecker, former editor of Academe, Journal of the American Association of University Professors, all varieties of anti-communism are species of McCarthyism. Opposition to communism, she has written," tapped into something dark and nasty ion the human soul." Blanche Wiesen Cook of CUNY lamented that "everything fine and creative in American thought has been splattered and smeared" by hostility to communism.


One of the oddest phenomena in the academic world is the nostalgia so many professor display for communism. The human costs of that ideology, we now know, run upwards of 100 million dead in the former Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, Eastern Europe and North Korea. In light of archival evidence that during the Great Purges of the 1930s, the USSR was executing almost 1000 political prisoners a day...

Most disturbing has been the willingness of many historians to blind themselves to historical evidence. As the new material has emerged from Russian archives and the declassified Venona documents, far too many historians have allowed their political and ideological biases to distort their historical judgment...

And then there are those historians who have, sometimes reluctantly, looked this new material in the face, admitted its validity, and provided retroactive support for one of McCarthy's charges -- that one segment of American opinion supported communism and the Soviet Union against their own country. These historians have concluded that the weight of the evidence of Soviet espionage is so overwhelming that it can no longer be denied...


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Comments for " Sen Joseph McCarthy - Martyr to Patriotism"

Peter D said (February 18, 2018):

I thank you for your wonderful website, bringing light into our darkness.

The McCarthy style vilification by the MSM is going on right now in the U.K.

Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the UK labour party - I know that he is pro-Palestine and anti-establishment -

and for these reasons I believe that he is most probably 'The good Guy' in a country where 80% of the politicians

from both political parties belong to 'The friends of Israel' organisation.

Corbyn's vilification by the UK press is relentless - but I think that I see a little light appearing in the darkness

as the mainstream media has lost credibility with a growing percentage of our population, fuelled by the 'alternative

media' on the internet - including such sites as your own.

Peter C said (February 18, 2018):

Back when I was a lot younger, I remember most of the brashy, crappy noise around Sen. McCarthy. The one thing I never learned about Eisenhower (until about 100 days ago) was the huge murder of 1 million Germans after WW2 was over. The MSM was taken over before 1913 and has been a major PITA (A$$$) ever since.

Things then ain't no diffrent now. The BS is flying different colors and that is supposed to fool us dumbed-down idiots. My middle finger is tired of flip-wagging. Political Correction plus mood changes have destroyed the access to the truth. We are slaves with no rights.

Al Thompson said (February 18, 2018):

Outside of The Devil himself, the Communist, socialist, and fascists doctrines come from the Jews. The Jews own the communism. In addition, the Jews have been involved in slave-trading and that is what these governments all over the world seem to be conduction. The Jews love slavery and they love to trick the goyim into believing in democracy when that system is simply "two wolves and a sheep deciding who is going to be for dinner."

These governments exist for the infliction misery on mankind. The government exists to insult God and to destroy all that he created. All of them are starting to collapse under the weight of their own shit.

David said (February 18, 2018):

Most of what is peddled as American history is sheer propaganda, including what we're told about McCarthy. As Hollywood ramps up a new McCarthyism in the form of p.c. leftist agitprop disguised as entertainment and retaliation against conservative dissidents, it's instructive to remember that when McCarthy's supposed "reign of terror" was at its peak, only about 200 people in the movie industry were negatively affected by his campaign (David Horowitz in his memoir Radical Son).

Most of them just went underground, continuing to write under pen names or going into self-imposed exile in Europe (among them Joseph Losey, who produced some of his best films as a UK-based expat). The studios persist to this day with their one-trick pony of a nation paralyzed by fear under "Tailgunner Joe" in the Fifties. Witness "A Beautiful Mind", where Russell Crowe as John Nash is portrayed as under constant surveillance and harassment by McCarthy's secret agents, when in fact Nash's story took place years after the Army-McCarthy hearings and McCarthy had already passed into disgrace and ignominy

JG said (February 18, 2018):

Communism is alive and well today in America. It lies within the Soros controlled Democratic Party. The only thing left in the American Congress that's standing in his way is the Anglo /Israeli wing of the Republican Party. This is why there is no bipartisanship on foreign and domestic policy anymore. This is also why President Trump is experiencing the biggest media bashing since Richard Nixon who was also an Anti Communist.

Joseph Mc Carthy had one thing that's missing today in the American Congress and that's COURAGE. James Traficant was the last congressman to have this kind of courage. Like Nixon, he was railroaded out of office as his party members disowned him to save their own political backsides. Better a live fat coward than a politically dead righteous man with a conscience is the mantra today.

Tony B said (February 18, 2018):

Not only was McCarthy proven 100% correct when the dying Soviet opened their KGB files but McCarthy was not an "objectionable politician" nor was he "cynical" about his crusade against communist infiltration into the American system.

I was an active anti-communist with an acquired knowledge of the wide-ranging conspiracy known at the time (which did not stop at communism) by the final days of the McCarthy era. The man was considered by most Americans, (but not the MSM) as the only real national hero of the time as his heart was right and he did what he could. The disparaging media term "McCarthyism" was not popularized until the next generation learned it in college.

Most of what this article reflects is the lying media which was already exactly that at the time. For instance, it played games with the public mind with inside jokes such as referring to the House Committee on Un American Activities, the committee's proper and official name, as the House Un American Activities Committee, with the lying innuendo that it was involved in un American activities by exposing communist infiltration of American systems. Today the true name of that committee has disappeared, the media lie is pretty much the only title you can find for it until there was a later name change and redirection.

Harry Dexter White's true name was Weiss, not sure of the spelling. I've seen more than one spelling.
Most of the communist spies in the State Department, including Alger Hiss, had been first placed into the government in the Department of Agriculture by Henry Wallace as Vice President. They moved over to State en mass later.

It seemed obvious to many of us that McCarthy was murdered at Bethesda Naval Hospital, as have been a number of true patriots who were thorns in the side of the real rulers of the U.S. Although Sen. Robert Taft is not one of them, he was nevertheless murdered using radioactive material implanted in his senate chair. Otherwise, the U.S. would likely have had a real president instead of a second term for vicious mass murderer Eisenhower.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at