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The Face of Communism Close to Home

March 7, 2019



Early morning banter earns Sikh taxi driver suspension and fine
after a complaint from irate Winnipeg Jewish activist, Ron East, left.  

by Henry Makow PhD

Weeks ago, Ron East (Mizraim in Hebrew) expressed his support for an "urban reservation"
being built on the site of a former army barracks they were passing. This is a residential and cultural complex for First Nations people being built as a result of a court battle and land claims.

The unidentified driver, a Sikh (as are all the drivers for Unicity Taxi) remarked that rich Jews in nearby suburbs won't be happy about 
the effect drunken Indians will have on their land values.  "And you know how much Jewish people like their property and their money." 

East wasn't prepared for this form of prejudice and tried to correct the driver who stuck to his guns. East then approached the B'nai Brith for advice and demanded that the taxi company agree to the following demands: 

1.  Admit that a racist and antisemitic incident had occurred and take full responsibility for it.
2. The driver be suspended until he received "sensitivity training." 
3.  The driver be fined $500 and the company $1000 to be donated to a drunk tank that caters to local First Nations peoples, the "Bear Clan" patrol and the Freeman Family Holocaust Education Foundation.

Unicity Taxi immediately recognized their jeopardy and acceded. Interviewed on Communist Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), East said he was satisfied with the company response. The driver also made a personal apology to East. 

Admittedly the taxi driver's remarks were prejudiced but prejudice is another word for experience. Even a Sikh immigrant knows what he knows about Canada. He has a right to express his opinion, whether or not he is correct. 

If ignorance were a crime, we'd all be in jail. A man who cannot speak his mind is not a man. 
That is the Illuminati agenda.

His real crime is generalizing and being heartless. Some Indians are drunks; some are productive and hardworking citizens. I have a handyman who is the sale of the earth. Who knows what turned drunks into drunks? Similarly, some Jews do love money. I'm a Jew and I don't love money. The greedy ones give the rest a bad name. 

If they had passed a church and the driver made a disparaging remark about priest-paedophiles, do you think he would have been reported? Do you think Ron East supports Israeli shooting of killing of unarmed Palestinians demonstrators? Do you think Ron East is a racist? 

"Tolerance" and "bigotry" are totally selective, weapons of political coercion. 

The banker-controlled government and the CBC are imposing First Nations interests and identity on the country as a way of undermining national identity. This is a globalist agenda and has nothing to do with tolerance and love. 

We believe in free speech and free inquiry. We do not believe in thought crimes. 

Communism is an ideology fostered by the Rothschild central banking cartel to extend their credit racket into a monopoly over every aspect of our lives: money, power, thought. They control information and discourse. They purvey porn and Satanism. They mess with the love between men and women. They mess with a woman's desire to have children. They mess with our children's gender identity and sexuality. In a word, they degrade, corrupt and enslave humanity. 

Since Jews and Freemasons are prominent in advancing this agenda, resistance to enslavement will be expressed as "antisemitism." Freemasons apparently will get a free pass. 

Organized Jewry can try to ban resistance but this will only fuel antisemitism. 

This is their actual agenda, a way to harness Jewish support and stigmatize their intended victims as bigots. 

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Comments for "The Face of Communism Close to Home "

Michael L said (March 8, 2019):

Hello saw your article Communism close to home, Disturbing First Nations are becoming useful tools, seeing it all the time, I don’t think Jody Wilson Raybould knew what she was getting into First Nations are ignorant about the true evils of Satanic Socialism, Also You do know drunk Indians is a myth right, I saw an article in the Vancouver Province newspaper back in the 90s was called the Myth of the Drunken Indian, debunking that racist myth, I don’t know any drunk Indians, The term Indian I hate using,

Anyways I come from 4 different First Nations groups in BC and the Yukon, They are coast Salish Vancouver island lower mainland, Tahltan Tlingit Kaska dene latter 3 are native peoples that reside in the interior of BC and the Yukon, we are not just Indians we are separate nations Me being a Believer in God

I’m seeing the Satanist communist agenda being pushed on Canada Sadly First Nations are mostly Antichrist no thanks to the satanic false Christian Catholic Church and there Vatican controlled residential schools,

Know all about that evil system since my mom and dad attended those schools as did my grandmother, My grandmothers younger brother was beaten to death by a pedo priest, My great grandfather wanted to travel down to get the body. It was just after they built the Alaska Highway, RCMP told him if you do we will arrest you or shoot you when he tried to leave the Rez, First Nations already lived under a Totalitarian system, First Nations Only started to climb out of the gutter in the mid 1950s even then First Nations were still segregated,

Limited to living on RCMP controlled reserves First Nations were not allowed to own a house off reserve till the late 1950s, My friend in BC his parents went into retirement, They left him and his sister the house My friend sold it for a few million dollars, that’s right down the road from a First Nations reservation, Most First Nations still live on Reservations, sadly, Me personally haven’t lived on one for over 20 years., What the Residential schools did was create a bunch of Narcissistic First Nations people, There was an abusive Narcissistic epidemic on reserves especially during my mom and dads generations, First Nations are blind even the bible says The God of this World (Lucifer)hath blinded those who believe not Saw few of your articles from like 10 years ago all that is actually happening Canada is coming under a satanic communist system

They are whittling away at our freedoms, Psychos want control basically to do whatever that want to whoever they want, It’s sad First Nations live in Darkness siding with the darkness in the world, even APTN a First Nations channel has an all-seeing eye as it’s logo. Most First Nations are totally Antichrist would not be hard for the leftist powers that be to exploit that

David said (March 8, 2019):

In 1989 I was talking to a friend, from out of town (who was more outspoken than I was) in a restaurant in Canada (I won't say where). A couple of days later I was called by the RCMP (someone had over heard and snitched about the non PC 'save the males' comments my friend had made) and I was asked to come in to the detachment. I was asked about what I was discussing. I asked who was making a complaint. I was told that was confidential. I strongly brought up about my right to free speech in a conversation with my friend. Nothing further came of it.

Anonymous said (March 7, 2019):

Higher level Freemasons and Talmudic Jews hide their evil attitudes (and plans) from the public. Fukushima whistleblower Jim Stone (1) found out when he was in a synagogue and after a while of normal procedures the host said: "are there any strangers among us". Jim was accepted by them then (they were good to him he said) and then the fangs came out. Talmudic diatribe.... we will conquer the world, eliminate the goyim scum, etc etc. Given that he proved that Israel ('jews' if you like) sabotaged the Fukushima plant and endangered the world in this endless catastrophe, he decided enough was enough and fled to Mexico in fear of his life.

If the world at large only knew, then 'the Jews' would realise why they were so paranoid and emblematic of a pre-stress syndrome raw nerve. They scream in pain as they hit you.

(1) - and

LM said (March 7, 2019):

Mizraim's actions are more disturbing to me than any words spoken short of words promoting physical harm. Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me-brings me back to a childhood when times were not near as stifling as they are today. Bn;ai Brith is like the new dictionary on steroids. They not only define the words they take it upon themselves to be thought\word police; prosecutor, jury, judge and penitence suppliers.

The world could be far more at peace if they got out of the business of rearranging the language of the nations that share a common cattle language called free speech for all-no exceptions-perhaps too democratic but freedom includes hurt feelings and biased opinions- white phosphorus is not an anti dote. Shalom Mizraim and BB

Al Thompson said (March 7, 2019):

When you have a government that is so evil, I think it is really a waste of time expecting them to fix the problem. The governments of the world are all based on the principles of Satan. Satanism spawns communism which is just a warmed over version of feudalism. Nothing changes but the calendar. Not all Jews are Zionist. If I was Jewish, I'd be extremely embarrassed like I am when I see the operations of the government of the United States.

Having to apologize for expressing a belief or an opinion is ridiculous. That's how we form our beliefs and adjust them when needed according to the truth. Zionist Jews, just like the communists, can't stand the pain of the truth and they cannot effectively argue their position. Instead of acting like adults, they whine, bitch, and persecute the people who oppose their views. These kinds of Jews are very immature and they are worthless as a group of people. They destroy the morality of society and ruin the natural joys of life that the real God created. They need to grow up and stop sucking on the tit of phoney racism.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at