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Time to Believe in Hell Again?

March 3, 2019


Mike Stone makes the case for believing in
everlasting punishment for our sins. 

I'm not interested in whether religious beliefs are true,
I judge them solely on the basis of their
effect on our behaviour and happiness.
Does hell exist? 
We'll find out soon enough.
In the meantime, if believing that it exists
saves us from hell on earth, I'm all for it. 

Scared Straight to Heaven

by Mike Stone

Have you ever seen the documentary "Scared Straight!"? In it, a group of juvenile delinquents are taken to Rahway State Prison for a three-hour session with actual convicts in which the convicts proceed to "scare the kids straight" with terrifying tales of life behind prison walls. The kids are screamed at, cussed at, and threatened with violence, all in an attempt to get them to change their ways. And apparently, the approach works as only one of them ended up in prison later. Fear can be a great motivator.

The book "Preparation for Death" by St. Alphonsus Liguori will have the same effect on you concerning hell as the convicts did on the delinquent kids in "Scared Straight!". This book, which I can't recommend more highly, paints a terrifying picture of the afterlife for those who disobey God and reject Him.

One of the main points of the book is that hell is eternal. Think about that for a moment. Eternal. Burning alive in fire, inhaling the putrid smell of dead carcasses, and hearing the howls and wails of tortured souls forever and ever.

"He will be in fire like a fish in water. This fire will not only surround the damned, but it will enter into his bowels to torment him. His body will become all fire; so that the bowels within him will burn, his heart will burn in his bosom, his brains in his head, his blood in his veins, even the marrow in his bones: each reprobate will in himself become a furnace of fire." 

If that didn't send a shudder up your spine, nothing will.

The book stresses the point that in death all men are equal. Are you disappointed with the way your life turned out? Are you sad that you never achieved the fame, the money, the prestige that you dreamed of? Forget about it. Fame, money, power ... none of it will matter when it's your time to cross over the veil and stand in front of the judge. "Consider that thou art dust, and to dust thou shalt return. The day will come when thou shalt die and rot in a grave, where the 'worms shall be thy covering.' (Isaias 14:11). The same fate awaits all, high and low, the prince and the peasant."

Earthly power means nothing. The world's mightiest ruler could end up in hell, while the world's lowliest peasant goes to Heaven. In today's world, who is more powerful than the President of the United States? And yet, where are our presidents now? "Give 'Em Hell, Harry" Truman, a 33rd degree Freemason, certainly lived up to his billing. He atom-bombed the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Where do you think he is now?

Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Papa Bush ... Just about every president that this country has ever had is more than likely burning in hell for all eternity. They were the most powerful men in the world in their time. What good did it do them? (There's a rumor that George Washington, our country's first president, converted to the true Catholic faith on his deathbed. He might be a rare president that didn't end up in hell.)

The same is true of the rich and famous. Who achieved more fame in the world than Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson or John Lennon? Where are they all now? Recently, a movie came out celebrating the life of Freddie Mercury. He had the world by the tail, too. Fame, money, adoring fans, everything. Where do you think he is now?

If you're the nervous type, then you're probably telling yourself that this hell stuff is all hogwash. But is it really? Or is it merely your own mind denying a reality you'd rather not face? My suggestion is to read the book and then decide for yourself. As Padre Pio famously said to a hell-doubter: "You'll believe it when you get there."

If you're a logical thinker or a probability type of person, consider this: If you believe that hell is real and act accordingly by embracing the true Catholic faith (pre-Vatican II) and obeying the 10 Commandments, and it turns out you're right, you win. You go to Heaven. If it turns out that hell is not real, you still win, because you'll live a more balanced and peaceful life. The only thing you'll lose is your sins.

On the other hand, if you believe that hell isn't real and it turns out you're wrong, then you lose - BIG TIME. And the result will be catastrophic: an eternity spent in hell. The only way you win in this scenario is if hell isn't real. And the odds of that, despite all evidence to the contrary, are slim to none.

In essence, if you act as if hell is real, then you win, no matter what. If you act as if hell isn't real, then you're taking a huge, possibly catastrophic gamble. Only a fool would play those odds. In fact, you could rate those odds as a "snowball's chance in hell."

"Preparation for Death" cautions us to always be ready, to always have our "debts cleared", because we never know when the end is coming. That's good advice.

If you think religion is a bunch of nonsense, read this book. If you're a non-believer in hell, read this book. In fact, if you're a non-believer, especially read this book. If you read no other book this year, read this one. It's that important.
Mike Stone is the author of A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles -  - Available exclusively on Amazon.

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First Comment by Gordon W

It's irritating to see you lend precious space on your website to the simpleton, Mike Stone, and his juvenile apologetics.

Anyone who reads the Bible for himself - and ALL of it - can figure out that it preaches: 1. It is given unto men once to die, then the crisis = judgment.  2.  There is none righteous, no, not one.  3. there is a Judgment day for each and every human being who ever lived.  4.  At that Day, those who are justified by their faith in Jesus - alone (NOT by any works of their own nor anyone else's ritual)  -  will be resurrected and  live to fellowship with God in His Kingdom which Jesus Christ establishes ON THE EARTH. 5.  The wicked will be annihilated; confer with the parable of the wheat and the tares. 6. a cohort of those who worship God's Adversary, the Beast, will indeed continue on in the torment of the smoke which goes up forever.

Mr Stone's theology is Roman-ism at its worst,  postulating that   A - God Almighty created all human beings ( after Adam + Eve ) already guilty of sin and on their way to the grave.  Pronounced guilty and bearing the punishment for something they did not do. Humans then live anywhere from mere minutes, to 990 years ... but usually around 70 years. For which they - nearly all people who ever lived on the planet, who'd never heard of Jesus Christ, mind you!,  -   then die, only to suffer forevermore in utter torment.  And worst of all, sez Roman Catholic tradition ... while they're awaiting judgement, they're undergoing the torments of Hell, in Purgatory. Of course, you won't find such non-sense in Scripture.

And the Big Guy in charge of all this,  is 'a God of love', eh?

no, those who actually read the Bible ... versus being told 'about it' by some religious racketeer ... find out that the God of Israel speaks of Himself as The Great Shepherd and people as "sheep".  As Charles Fort put it : "I think we're being farmed"

in the scenario presented in the Bible; God, the Original Landowner, is running his ranch ( planet Earth ) so as to breed for type. That most desirable trait, being,  obedience. Which is why he chose Abraham and his descendants as civil servants, to run the place, come the Millenium. Confer with the Book of the Revelation to see who qualifies for those positions.    All the rejects get judged then thrown away.... as if they'd never been

I strongly advise you not to let your otherwise excellent website, degenerate in the push and shove of juvenile cut + thrust of dogma. In person = it is "iron sharpening iron", but on the internet, it never ends and does nothing to further understanding

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Comments for "Time to Believe in Hell Again? "

Pedro said (March 4, 2019):

I must confess, I have not read the book(s) #. Please forgive me.

Sure, the world will be (and was) a better place if people believed that there was some kind of accounting for all of it (the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful) in the afterlife, however, the devil is lost in the details. Good to know that even if I go to hell I will have a body to feel actual pain ( from a Jordan Maxwell anecdote). A kind of mortality I guess. And if not in good company (if not a satanist) then in like-minded company.

As for people who lie all their lives and then repent on their deathbed (rather than exercise a conscience every moment of their lives ) like Constantine or Washington* , may they go to hell in a handbasket. No, skip the handbasket, they can walk there. (Though Freddy Mercury would like to "Ride My Bi-Cycle" up your innuendo (get it?)).

They also need a "Scared Straight" for masonic magistrates.


Elaine said (March 4, 2019):

Physical bodies burn. When we die we are no longer in a
physical body.

Brabantian said (March 3, 2019):

For some us, 'eternal hell' is a regrettable piece of terrorising of the Abrahamic religions, considered barbaric amidst the Asian faiths that many of us prefer.

Dr Ashraf Ezzat of Alexandria, Egypt has said that the world suffers from the cultural traits of the desert tribes, amongst whom the Abrahamic religions were all founded, within a few hundred kilometres of each other.

Ezzat says the traits of these people - extremist, belligerent, and of low culture - have led to ugly concepts such as 'eternal hell', an infinite extension of the life-or-death struggle over who owns a watering hole.

For me, I think no child should ever be told such a tale as that of 'eternal hell'.

There is always hope and a chance for redemption.

Tony B said (March 3, 2019):

Obviously, some of your comments have never bothered to read any of St. Alphonsus Liguori's several books but consider themselves valid debunkers of his writings. Such ignorance is NOT bliss, as they will learn in due time.

This is always the protestant approach as those who actually seek truth soon leave Protestantism because they see it is based on lies and more lies, mostly promoted by the same old Talmudic source. This I know from personal experience.

It is very sad because all who read such books will benefit in ways they cannot conceive of beforehand.

Gary F said (March 3, 2019):

"One of the main points of the book is that hell is eternal. Think about that for a moment."

Yep the loving God created humankind to live for a mere speck of time on earth and then depending on their behaviour when they die, they will either go to heaven or spend eternity in the flames of hell. That Stone dude is a religious nut case. He has lots to learn and will probably never learn it.

Greg B said (March 3, 2019):

If your latest, "Time to Believe in Hell Again?" is true, then there also must be a Heaven. If so, and if I remember my Bible teachings, once you get to Heaven, you spend eternity singing hosannas to God and praising Him/Her/It.

Eternity is a long time. After a couple hundred thousands of year singing praises to that God, wouldn't that get boring?

And what kind of God demands you spend eternity singing his/her/its praises?
Psychology has a term for that kind of person/ being/God....and it's not god-like.
I'll pass on the Heaven thing. Just leave me rotting in the ground, feeding the flesh-eating worms.

Andrew M said (March 3, 2019):

Mr. Gordon W.

Sir you are the only one who is terribly confused and off track. You are of your father the devil with your foolish faith alone Luther contrived non-sense. Luther was unable to commit himself to celibacy and looked to have it both ways. No pun intended. The bible clearly states “ You are not saved by faith alone.”

Luther thus wrote the bible in Germanic so that he could have the luxury to corrupt the scri ptures. And the English KJV which is also a Germanic Language is also implicated. The official language of the Church is Latin.

You sound like a very angry person. Well, that’s your spare baggage and it’s your problem to deal with. Remember, you can’t have “faith alone” without Luther’s dialetic of “ Sin and sin boldly.”

So you’ve bared witness against yourself. You believe your faith alone will spare you from the fires of hell but how can that be when you instead seek to do the devil’s work!

So repeat that over and over and see if the light turns on? And for your sake I hope indeed that it does.

Anon said (March 3, 2019):

he 10 commandments were given to the jews but i know none that heed them The old testament should not be on the front of the Christian bible the new testament, as they worship a different god.
The God who said you must sacrifice your eldest son has nothing to do with Christianity.
One often hears it said no one can talk about heaven or hell as no one has been there.
But they have. I was taught meditation techniques where my heart stops and i can go to these spheres
hell is real there are several stages as spoken off by Edgar Cayce baba vanga Swedenborg and the book by Dante Allegri tells us of them. hell is a temporary place to burn off sin, it is not eternal
i have spoken with spirits there who tell me this and i know its truth, as we all have to be reborn. i have seen many people there and BTW the lead singer of the pop group queen was named as an abuser at elm guest house and Barnabus house where teenage boys were held

M Berg (ex-Chabad) said (March 3, 2019):


The universe is built upon the law of cause and effect - i.e. karma - if one hurts one in a given lifetime one will have to face the same pain that it caused to another human being as a learning mechanism. The system is self-made and it is educational.

The only hell is the hell that we create here on earth.

Most of the things that Christianity considers as "sinful" are not sinful at all.

Eternal hell with fire is a concept born in the sick and twisted minds of Christian leaders.

Data regarding the afterlife is not a secret anymore and it can be experienced first hand. Maybe Mr. Stone should try out LBL and his views may be normalized as a result.

Anonymous said (March 3, 2019):


The universe is built upon the law of cause and effect - i.e. karma - if one hurts one in a given lifetime one will have to face the same pain that it caused to another human being as a learning mechanism. The system is self-made and it is educational.

The only hell is the hell that we create here on earth.

Most of the things that Christianity considers as "sinful" are not sinful at all.

Eternal hell with fire is a concept born in the sick and twisted minds of Christian leaders.

Data regarding the afterlife is not a secret anymore and it can be experienced first hand. Maybe Mr. Stone should try out LBL and his views may be normalized as a result.

Ken Adachi said (March 3, 2019):

Interesting reading all around. The first comment, however, seems unnecessarily mean spirited and dunning. You can't really condemn people for what they believe concerning the Afterlife. All the comments strike me as the sincere beliefs of those who penned them.

Personally, I feel that Susan B is closer to the mark of how things pan out after we leave the human form. I too believe that we are immortal Spirit Beings who reside within a human frame for a time to take a journey and learn spiritual lessons while on earth.

We go back to the Spirit World for a time and live among those who are on the same general wavelength of spiritual development as ourselves. Good people live among their kind and Bad people live among their kind.

You determine who your neighbours will be on The Other Side based on your cumulative conduct during earthly life. Sometimes we go Up and sometimes we go Down. It depends on where your overall understanding and soul development have advanced to (or regressed from). Generally, the more you understand, the higher up the soul development ladder you go until you reach a point where the karma training Romper Room is no longer necessary and you get to live in a nicer neighbourhood - where you continue to advance, moving towards a lighter body (literally) and becoming One with God again. There's nothing to be fearful of.

RL said (March 3, 2019):

Mr Stones description of gaining heaven pre Vatican II is wrong his reasoning is not traditional Catholic teaching, the church teaches thru its Saints and one famous one St Leonard of Port Maurice very few are saved because very few believe right and act right in all things , there’s also big Saints and little Saints who say the same thing good luck Mr Stone but you have not studied your faith .


Mr Stone read very slow and carefully

David S said (March 3, 2019):

A discussion of hell is always interesting especially since modern society has made the subject taboo in polite company. I believe hell exists simply because Jesus authenticated it and spoke of it often. Jesus healed the sick, made the blind see, the lame walk, the deaf to hear, raised the dead and then raised himself from the dead. So that's enough authority for me. I yield my desire to believe hell does not exist.

Stone's logical argument ( a variation of Pascal's Wager), however, is flawed. There is no certainty that believing in the true (pre-Vatican II) faith and obeying the 10 commandments is a ticket to heaven just as Pascal's believing there is a God results in going to heaven.

Susan B said (March 3, 2019):

Hi, Henry:

Ayurveda is the study of health based on the ancient Vedas. It gives an interesting description of the qualities of someone suffering from an imbalance of fire. Too much fire in one’s system can make one judgmental, impatient, angry, jealous, controlling, hateful and violent. These qualities are themselves sins, and likely to lead to further sin. At heart, this is a matter of an imbalanced ego. There is no sense of “other” and thus no ability to grasp a power higher than oneself.

During a lifetime, one can choose to transform and direct this fire for inner illumination. A strong, burning mental fire can lead to wisdom and knowledge of God. One can learn to come to terms with burning physical desires and thoughts. Mental fire can drive one to invent and discover techniques or write books that improve the lives of others. But if one is blinded by the fiery ego and indulges in these evil pursuits for a lifetime, one can be said to be consumed by it.

Upon death, this consumption by fire does not end. Just because you have lost your physical body does not mean you are home free. We are, in the final analysis, spirit beings. Having harshly judged and mistreated others in life, one’s spirit then must bear this weight in death. This fire that was given free rein to reject God and create an ugly world, all based on a huge opinion of oneself, has nowhere to go but to consume this great self. This, in my opinion, is what hell is.

ML said (March 3, 2019):

I heartily recommend the book The Fire That Consumes by E. W. Fudge to you and all your readers for another take on hell from the one Mike Stone presents. Mr. Fudge did a huge service for all believers in Christ by exploring the subject of hell extensively and exclusively. He points out that it is stated in God's Word that God takes NO PLEASURE in the death of the wicked. He would therefore not be One to delight in the torture or torment of His creatures, as such is not His nature.

We are told that hell was made for the devil and his angels, who may indeed have been created as IMMORTAL beings, and not for mankind which was created in Adam as mere LIVING SOULS, but unbelieving, unrepentant, unredeemed man will find his end in the lake of fire WITH the devil and his angels after The Judgment if he has not made his peace with God through Christ, Who provided The One and Only Efficacious Atonement or Payment for Sin on His Cross as the Promised Lamb of God Who Takes Away the Sin of the World.

In the Book of Hebrews we read, "By one offering He has perfected forever them that are sanctified" or set apart for salvation. This is THE GOOD NEWS, or the Gospel of Christ, the Anointed One. Christ paid the penalty for all man's sin, but only those who receive Him as Savior can expect to receive this great grace and mercy. Only the redeemed in Christ are assured of heaven and eternal life. Good works will never cut it, as the Scripture so clearly instructs. We are heaven bound only by God's incredible love, grace and mercy usward in sending Christ, the Propitiation for Our Sin, to save us from our otherwise impossibly lost and helpless estate, due to the errant and tragic fall of man, near the very beginning of his creation.

"Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration and a renewal of the Holy Ghost." Salvation is all a matter of God's great grace and mercy usward and is not anything any of us can cook up or create for ourselves. Eternal life is a free and unmerited GIFT to be received with the understanding that Salvation is all a Work of God, not man, start to finish. We are told that God will complete the good work He has begun in those who've turned to Him for mercy. We are told in the Book of Romans that God has consigned ALL to sin that He might HAVE MERCY ON ALL!

Fudge points out in his studies that the notion of hell as espoused by Mr. Stone did not enter into Christian theology until Tertullian introduced it several centuries after Christ. This man and some early Greek scholars maintained that man was and possessed an IMMORTAL soul. Fudge disagrees with that understanding and maintains that man was created a LIVING soul, not an immortal one. We are told about the first and second deaths in Scripture, death first entering God's natural creation as a direct and predetermined result of man's sin. Death is as universal a human experience as is birth, death being the penalty for sin, just as God warned. The second death is when one is cast into hell, which is a fire that CONSUMES the mortal man. When one dies, one simply ceases to live. The Old Testament maintained that we would look for the wicked and he would not be found. This indicates that those unfortunate human lives, the wicked, will come to an end and be consumed, burned up, in the lake of fire. Only those who go on to live with Christ in Eternity are granted ETERNAL LIFE, for death is simply THE END of a LIVING being's existence.

JJ said (March 3, 2019):

I was having a conversation today with some addicts about the legalization of marijuana and whether it was necessary. They said criminalizing it doesn't work and that we should legalize drugs and prostitution (because legal prostitution works in Portugal???!!!). I'm fairly certain that these guys could see the fires of hell and still not be affected.

JG said (March 3, 2019):

I remember years ago you would call a righteous man a "God-fearing" man. Good people are God-fearing people who believe in his Word.

There is no way to the Kingdom of Heaven other than through Jesus Christ. The authority of Heaven and Earth have been given to him. (Mathew 28:18)
I've had the blessing to have known some saints in my lifetime. They weren't rich, they weren't fornicators, and they weren't famous. They were mature and obedient believers in Christ Jesus.

They were firm in their faith and did not let the present state of the world sway them from their beliefs.
The Kingdom of Heaven is earned. Money can't buy it. The ways of the world are not the ways of God.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at