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I have been shut out by Twitter for a week

April 4, 2019

for referring to former NZ PM Helen Clark (left) as a "freak" 
I have started the newsfeed on this site (where the twitter feed was.) Best to follow me on GAB    @hmakow 

This happens when you insult Illuminati toadies. If someone called me a freak, I doubt they would be suspended. Look at what they call Trump.

To castigate Evil and Evil Do'ers is a human right. We claim it. 

This happens in dictatorships. The sooner we adjust the better. 
We need to be able to communicate freely.

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Comments for "I have been shut out by Twitter for a week"

Mike K said (April 9, 2019):

Schittter is even more sensitive about the trannies then they are even of the Joos.


Thanks Mike

Funny thing, I wasn't even referring to that!

EB said (April 6, 2019):

Not surprised Dr. Makow. They are shutting down many alternative news sites now on the mainstream sites. Might be necessary to go to the Deep Web at some point(Tor browser). Trump needs to do what Lincoln did and seize the mainstream news outlets citing sedition laws.

LT said (April 6, 2019):

So ridiculous that you are suspended from Twitter for calling a spade a spade. You were too kind.
The present PM of NZ Jacinda Ardern is a freak too. If you look at photos, she has a penis. For real. Looks like she/he/it is going to change extradition policy so that all our NWO freaks can escape to New Zealand when more people wake up and grab pitchforks. Don’t ever change.

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