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May 1, 2019

The Nipsey Hussle hussle

by GL

Nipsey Hussle was a gangsta rapper (active Crip gang member) whose girlfriend is a hollywood starlet (Lauren London)

Nipsey used his respected status as a gangster to do positive things for Black people, such as invest in his ghetto community & rap positive lyrics to a crowd used to preferring negative messages. 

Nipsey talked like a motivational speaker so everyone who listened to him in interviews was uplifted by him, hence he became beloved & admired.

Nipsey's being a gangster made him cool & dangerous in young minds, so a cool guy rapping positively will be listened to/respected/honored by the bad/cool kids...who need to be uplifted by a voice they don't consider a sissy. 

So Nipsey dying is seen as the government killing off a positive black man!

This traumatizes black people to fear doing positive stuff bcuz Nipsey did positive & was murdered --- which, Chris Darden representing Nipsey's killer makes everyone suspect the govt. assassinated Nipsey ~ bcuz he was a potential "black messiah" that j. edgar hoover warned mustn't be allowed to arise.

but there is MAJOR MASONIC SYMBOLISM SURROUNDING THE LIFE & DEATH OF Nipsey Hussle, which has led some to believe he was his hollywood girlfriend's blood sacrifice (which in order to climb the ladder in Hollywood you're supposedly required to let masons kill someone close to you)

while others believe Nipsey faked his death.. BECAUSE the death camera footage is very shaky and unbelievable. and his own mom seems like a crisis actor!

Nipsey SEEMS to have faked his death, which means he's a fraud who let himself be used by masons to steer his black community in the direction masons want blacks going in, i.e. race-based paranoia & furthering racial division.

Nipsey was only popular in the hip hop community. he was not a big star. so his "death" is primarily a psyop against black people.

My theory is his death will be utilized to unite America's black gangs - who'll be led by illuminati agents to stir up chaos and race wars. Thereafter illuminati will "save America" from these dangerous black gangsters by putting America under martial law and rewriting laws to further take away our freedoms. All the while dividing race against race, which allows illuminati to indefinitely use the various races as pawn-weapons against each other, divide-n-rule for the preservation of illuminati domination over all the worlds peoples.

Ultimately Nipsey let himself be portrayed as a murdered messiah, thus participating in hoodwinking his own people who honored him.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at