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Green Movements are all Illuminati Psyops

May 23, 2019


(Left) "Extinction event protestors" stop traffic in City of London

School Strikes - Children Crusade against Climate Change  

25,000 SPECIES IN DANGER OF DISAPPEARING (due to weather change)

Climate change hysteria, the Green Party, environmentalism and conservation are all Illuminati sponsored. They are different aspects of the one per cent wanting to preserve the planet for their enjoyment and exploitation from useless eaters like you and me. 

This 1995 article exposes the elaborate efforts the Illuminati devote to

making sure deplorables don't survive or prosper at the expense of the people who own the planet.  

"Conservation was born when sport hunters initially wanted to stop other hunters killing "their" game. These other hunters were largely tribal people or poor colonists after meat or skins to eat, use or sell. In contrast, rich hunters weren't shooting for the pot, even when they ate their prey. Their prize was the "fair chase," backed up with a souvenir head, horns, or stuffed animal." 

Prince Philip's Green Order of Battle

 by Jeffrey Steinberg 


At the Gland, Switzerland headquarters shared by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Prince Philip's transnational "green" insurgents reportedly maintain a war room to track the deployments of their international legions. 

In some parts of the world, like Africa, these operations are predominantly covert military operations, staged out of the vast infrastructure of game preserves, national parks, and nature reserves that they administer. 

But in the United States, western Europe and other "First World" areas, where the conditions have not yet been set for such blatant and genocidal "military" actions, the WWF runs a broad front of ostensibly independent operations aimed at "softening" the targeted nation-states for eventual slaughter. 

Figure 1 (see pdf) is not an official WWF-IUCN document. It is a reconstruction of their actual irregular warfare order of battle, drawn from thousands of pages of documentation, eyewitness accounts, and other investigative efforts. 


Ultimately, all the decision-making power in the green insurgency rests with the Club of the Isles, the London-centred apparatus of oligarchic power over which the House of Windsor presides as the delegated primus inter pares. 

However, the operational deployments are set through a vast, highly coordinated structure of private agencies, most of which were established during the post-World War II period. At this level, Prince Philip and his longtime ally Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands maintain a working overview of the apparatus' deployment. 

Well over $15 billion a year is budgeted for this green insurgency against western civilization, with the principal financing administered by the 1001 Nature Trust, by an infrastructure of over 1,000 tax-exempt charitable trusts in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere, and through covert corporate financing. 

The leading corporations sponsoring Prince Philip's army are all owned or controlled by the Club of the Isles. The role of the Royal Dutch Shell Corp. in bankrolling Greenpeace, the "New Age" Global Business Network, etc., is perhaps the most glaring case of Club 38 Feature corporate largesse fueling outright green terrorism. 


Along with the WWF-IUCN-ln Club command centre and its funding conduits, the upper levels include an extensive legal apparatus, a number of well-heeled think tanks, and key agencies of the United Nations. Unesco, the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), and the United Nations Development Program (UlNDP) are all private fiefdoms of the WWF-IUCN, created and staffed by leading figures from Prince Philip's inner circle. 'Citizens above suspicion' As a buffer between Prince Phillip, the Club of the Isles, and the terrorist underground, the World Wide Fund for Nature and IUCN maintain a large number of "respectable organizations" manned by "citizens above suspicion." 

Some of these conservation groups predate the founding of the WWF (1961) and IUCN (1947). The Audubon Society was created in 1905; the Wilderness Society in 1935; the Sierra Club in 1892. Yet, it was top officials of the Wilderness Society and the Sierra Club who overtly hired and bankrolled Earth First! founder David! Foreman to launch that terrorist gang. Others "respectables" were created as direct projects of WWF-IUCN-Club of the Isles apparatus, like the Environmental Defense Fund, the Conservation International, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

One step below these "respectable organizations" is an even larger apparatus of radical groups, which serve as the recruiting ground and support apparatus for the terrorists. The cases of Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth have been documented elsewhere in this Feature. At this "radical" level, there is often open coordination with the hard-core terrorists. The recent demonstration against the logging industry shown on the cover of this issue in a typical instance where "radical" groups launch actions that are then endorsed by the hard-core terrorist network. 

The targeting by the radicals often results in acts of terrorism and sabotage by the underground gangs; however, the "radicals" are able to "plausibly deny" any direct role in the violence. At the level of the proto-terrorist and terrorist groups, differences are often less clear cut. Among the animal liberation networks, it is widely believed that groups like the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) maintain secret cells that carry out terrorist actions and claim credit for them on behalf of otherwise non-existent groups like the Animal Liberation Front or the Animal Avengers. 

Recently. a new hard-core terrorist group, Earth Liberation Front, modelled on the ALF, has become active in Europe. The success of this vast terrorist infrastructure can be at least partially attributed to the fact that no one has previously "cracked" the command structure/support apparatus. The most efficient way to eliminate this growing terrorist menace is by dismantling it from the top down!

EIR Volume 22, Number 3, January 13, 1995 © 1995 EIR News Service Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

Thanks to Paul for sending this 

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Note - Before becoming Justine Castro's principal advisor, Gerald Butts was head of the WWF Canada. 

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Comments for "Green Movements are all Illuminati Psyops "

George said (May 27, 2019):

Thanks Henry. This puts B.C.'s opposition to Alberta oil pipelines into perspective. Albertans are the deplorables. Green British Columbians are the chosen elite, deserving to live in paradise, anointed to defend it from the ravenous plague—Albertans. 😱 For purely selfish reasons of course.

Doug P said (May 24, 2019):

The very notion of solar and wind farms is contrary to any kind of agenda that involves fixing the environment. Burn 50-kilowatt hours of energy today to build the things and get 10-kilowatt hours back over ten years. We would be better off burning dirty petroleum engines, of which plenty exist in junk piles somewhere. These people are not at all interested in the environment, they are interested in reducing the energy available to the masses because energy is a "power multiplier" and they don't want power multipliers in the hands of the masses. The Left not only contradicts itself consistently but does so in a mind-warping obvious way. Its a war on the Logos and nothing more and their incredibly virulent racism is another extreme example.

Elaine W said (May 24, 2019):

Certainly the big environmental orgs have been infiltrated and subverted by the One World would-be controllers. But that does not obliterate the
fact that humanity is inseparable from Nature, and the fact that the organism that destroys its environment, ultimately destroys itself. The increasing human overpopulation is on a course to, if not destroy,
degrade nature. Multiple non-human species are going extinct and ecosystems are definitely being degraded.

The awe and beauty we feel in nature, Plato believed, shows that it is divine.

Don said (May 23, 2019):


This is in response to your article about the green new deal.

If you are not familiar with Julius Simon he was an Economics professor who wrote “The Ultimate Resource “. He makes a good argument that things are getting better not worse. People are living longer and better than ever. Things like copper are more available and cheaper than ever in history. He made the case about Global Warming being a farce when in the 70s they were predicting an ice age.
200 years ago London had smog caused by burning coal. Now they have the money and know how to heat their homes with cleaner alternatives.
I tried to find the original video I watched years ago, but couldn’t. I’m sure it is still around.
The bad players out there trying to get everyone scared by concentrating on the negatives. Simon takes the opposite stance and points out the positive things.

Robert K said (May 23, 2019):

Note the preponderance of women in the photo: the mutation of their normal maternal (emotional, caring) instincts into involvement in manipulated "righteous" causes is apparent. While men tend to require bribes in order to betray their fellows, the women often come more cheaply, governed by their emotions and their susceptibility to group-mindedness to be turned into Leninist "useful idiots".

Thomas A said (May 23, 2019):

The quotation before the article starts reminds me of the kings of old. All the game belonged to the king and no one could hunt without the king’s permission. Thus, his noblemen and favorites could hunt, but the serfs and everyone else could not. Hence, today a license is required to hunt. We have not advanced very far have with.

JG said (May 23, 2019):

Washington has to shut off all these erroneous anarchy rooted organizations that operate under the guise of fictitious names like these. They shouldn't be allowed within 100 square miles of the halls of Congress or the Office of the Presidency. They have no constitutional right to plot the future or change laws that take away the power and sovereignty of the American public.
The American Constitution was never designed to become a special interest democracy to override the will of the majority of its citizens.
This is all part of the war on the constitutional nation states. It's subversion from and by alien entities that are hostile to the desires and will of the ruling and residing majority.
Another trivial bill was passed by Congress last Friday which the MSM silently and intentionally gave no attention to. It basically protects all different forms of self contrived sexual identity under the umbrella of existing civil rights laws. This was and is not the will of the American people. This is the will of the .001 per cent of the population if that. No one really cares what these "ITS" do or think behind closed doors. And, this is why they want to make it an " in your face" law. They hope it will give honour and dignity to the undignified. It won't pass the Senate but to even consider it is beyond the realm of all conventional and non-conventional wisdom. It's insanity on steroids at best.

Until we have some "profiles in courage" by our elected officials in Washington America's identity will be lost under their watch.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at