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Iran War - Public Apathy Could Prove Fatal

May 9, 2019

(left, Bjerkness is interviewed by Adam Green) 

Christopher Jon Bjerknes says Jewish leaders 
are working to fulfil Jewish prophecy 
which calls for a nuclear holocaust that 
will kill millions including many Jews. 
He says Israel will join China and Russia 
against the US in this war. 
Trump is following this blueprint.

Zionist-controlled media and politicians provide the reason. 

"So will the alt-right abandon its Trump worship and actually put America first by protesting this drive to war? Who will take to the streets and demonstrate to oppose this bellicose posturing, which is already costing us massive amounts of money? ... Trump is putting Israel and Russia first and setting America up for destruction." --CJB

We Need Anti-War Protests and We Need Them Now!

by Christopher Jon Bjerknes


I had a premonition that they were going to escalate hostilities with Iran in the near future. A decade ago, I revealed the prophetic ambitions of Judaism to wage war on Iran:

The Jewish Cabalistic Zohar prophesied that Ishmael, today associated with Islam, would provoke wars. The Zohar also prophesied a war between Iran and the West.

Moses de Leon wrote the Zohar in the 1290's AD, and the Jewish plan to pit Iran against the West dates back at least that far. What we are witnessing today on the World stage is merely theater following the script of the Cabalah, acted out by our crypto-Jewish and Jewish manufactured "World leaders". Years ago, I predicted what is happening today based on my knowledge of Jewish messianic prophecy and the Cabalah.

The Jews Have Been Planning to Attack Iran for at Least 700 Years in Order to End the World in Fulfilment of Jewish Messianic Prophecy

In writing my books on Hitler ... several things struck me as relates to WW III and how it will likely unfold if it is staged to mirror Jewish messianic prophecy. I contacted Adam Green and informed him that I would like to discuss this. A few days later, he granted me the opportunity and a few hours after our live interview, the press began to report that Trump is sending a large naval and air force to intimidate Iran. That opens the door to false flag attacks and escalating tensions which might lead to war.

chabad-grre (1) (3).jpeg

In my interview with Adam, I explained the Jewish messianic prophecies calling for war with Iran, and the fact that these wars are meant to destroy the West and Christendom, as well as Islam. Another war, especially one in the oil-rich region of Iran, will have devastating consequences for America, which is already under the yoke of crushing debts, and which has lost its status as the moral leader of the world. We need to protest this drive to war with Iran.

So will the alt-right abandon its Trump worship and actually put America first by protesting this drive to war? Who will take to the streets and demonstrate to oppose this bellicose posturing, which is already costing us massive amounts of money?

Trump is sending forces to a region where they are not needed. They would be better positioned near North Korea and Red China, or South America.

Trump is using our military to serve Israel and guard its strategic interests in the event of war. He is not protecting America or Japan from the active and very real threats from Communist China and North Korea. Trump is putting Israel and Russia first and setting America up for destruction.

We can stop this drive towards war with Iran, as we have already done many times by protesting it in the past. We need to let the government know that we will not support another war for Israel. The alt-right needs to end its Trump hero worship and stand for the best interests of America and humanity. If the alt-right comes out strongly against this warmongering manoeuvre, it may well shift the balance and end this drive to war.


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First Comment from Marcos (from Brazil)

The article is spot-on. This probably is the war which will pave the way for the arrival of the Jewish false Messiah, aka the Antichrist. The author is also right when he says that America never defends its own interests and instead is only a tool for the globalists. China grew into a superpower while America was wasting time in Afghanistan and Iraq, for nothing.

 The US abandoned Latin America to Cuba, Russia and China for 20 years, and it's a miracle that grassroots conservative reaction was able to prevent the whole continent from becoming a unified Marxist nation (the Pátria Grande) threatening the US from the south and promoting globalism. 

Naive gringos like (Commenter) Tony B are so brainwashed by Russian propaganda that they end up hating their own country and praising a murderous Masonic dictator and Cuban agent like Maduro, who stole the election, killed the opposition and is starving the people, while selling oil for Americans all this time without a problem. 

After flooding into the state of Roraima (Brazil) and destroying the local economy, Venezuelan refugees are now invading Manaus and causing a disaster in the public health and educational system. Brazil can't take care of its own and now has to feed hundreds of thousands from abroad. 

You won't read about this is Russia Today. If there was ever a single occasion when American intervention would be justified, both for humanitarian and American self-interest reasons, it would be in Venezuela, but you can bet Trump will mess with Iran instead because it fits the New World Order agenda.

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Comments for "Iran War - Public Apathy Could Prove Fatal "

Eric B said (May 10, 2019):

At this point, I think it is largely out of the public's hands, Dr. Makow. I think the military holds the cards. Trump now appears to be turning on Bolton who supports an invasion of Venezuela and General Kelly apparently does not think too highly of the Kushners. We may be facing some limited martial law in some cities fairly shortly

R (visiting Moscow) said (May 9, 2019):

Just saw the Russian military drive-off from Red Square and back to some assembly point. Pavements packed with hundreds of thousands of cheering Russians, so many that I couldn’t get to take any photos, there were too many people in the way, waving flags; an almost palpable sense of national pride.

After watching the Adam Green talk with C.J.Berknes I can’t help wondering: was it like this in Germany in the years before WWII?

Germany had been humiliated after WWI but under Hitler national pride was restored. Likewise, Russia had been humiliated under Yeltsin but is now resurgent under Putin. Is history repeating itself? Are we being set up for WWIII?

Tony B said (May 9, 2019):

Henry, what exactly are the "active and very real threats from Communist China and North Korea?" What I constantly see is the U.S. neocon occupied government unwarrantably pushing its military power halfway around the world in a manner designed to intimidate other nations, including China and North Korea.

The fact that China now has weapons that can put our "mighty" aircraft carrier armadas under the sea in a matter of minutes (as does Russia) should be taken as an excellent reason to keep our military out of their territory, they do not send theirs to harass us. Just who is the "active and very real threat" here?

That's the same kind of rhetoric as the constant drone that Venezuela is a threat to the western world because it won't roll over and play dead so the U.S./Rothschild/Israeli bully can steal its oil as well as it's gold and cash they have already stolen. The same kind of rhetoric coming out of Washington saying that the Venezuela government is harming its people while at the same time doing all in its favor to starve the people into rebellion against their own elected president, even to the point of sabotaging the nation's electric grid from Florida and other U.S. points.

It is true that China is one up on the U.S. economically but those of us who are not blinded by greed predicted exactly what is now happening the first day U.S. factories were taken apart and shipped to China, the first day the giant corporations gave away the store to China in exchange for using its then cheap labour pool. The whole concept of "free trade" is not free at all. It just runs EVERY LAST EXCHANGE OF ANYTHING, NATION TO NATION, THROUGH ONE MORE WOLF PACK OF GREED DRIVEN MIDDLEMEN. So China has us in an economic hard spot, so take the middle men's hands out of our pockets and let Americans build what America needs.

JG said (May 9, 2019):

Neocon William Kristol has for a long time been pushing for an American invasion of Iran and NOT an Israeli invasion of Iran. Better if you can find someone else to fight your battles than yourself if you can find one and America is the prime sucker for the task.

The U.S. Navy and our sailors are now "sitting ducks" for a false flag attack to drag them into an unnecessary conflict. Israel has America right where they want her now.

Ever since the neocons infiltrated America's defense and military industrial complex we have been involved in military conflicts in the Middle East by way of bogus intelligence and false flag terror.

I wouldn't want to be anywhere near Israel in the near future. Iran isn't stupid, they know who's directing the traffic in America and who isn't.
This move was a big mistake.

Robert P said (May 9, 2019):

While Christopher is dead on target, he is as far from the Truth of the Orchestrator, the Creator and the Written Word, as can be. Zohar is the oral Mishnah and not the Written Word, Textus Receptus, KJV Daniel 8, Daniel 9, 10, 11, 12

Which Prophesy’s with 100%

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