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"Culture War" is Occult Subversion, Not a Civil War

May 14, 2019


(If we needed any more proof that society has gone over to the dark side, this 2017 government poster in a Toronto subway promoting gay sexual debauchery is it. In a society controlled by a satanic cult, sick becomes healthy.) 

The European Christian founding peoples of the West are under relentless psychological, and physical attack by the Illuminati, a Masonic Jewish satanic cult that covertly assumed control of all important social institutions thanks to their control of banking. 

"We are being dehumanized and inducted into their pyramid scheme at the lowest level."

Updated from Oct. 17, 2017
by Henry Makow PhD.

The culture war is not a "civil war;" it is an invasion, carried out by subversion, not armies.

Let me put this baldly. Cabalist Judaism is Satanism. Satanism seeks to replace God, invert all values and enslave humanity. First, they enslaved Jews, then Freemasons, who are Cabalists, and through Freemasonry most social institutions. Our "leaders" --political, cultural etc. -- are 
colonial administrators for Satan-loving bankers. 

Humanity is to worship and obey the bankers, directly or indirectly. The triumph of globalism and Communism will lead to one nation, one "religion," one race, and one gender. 

(The culture of a satanic cult. Obscene Miley Cyrus is mainstreamed.) 

This invasion is satanic possession. We are being dehumanized and inducted into their cult at the lowest level. 

They do not want us to achieve our divine potential: to be Angels. On the contrary, they want to make us evil and sick: Demons. The NWO is dedicated to serving Satan by inverting good and evil, truth and lie, beauty and ugliness. 

 A satanic cult controls and exploits its members by making them sick, and managing their symptoms for profit. This is basically the model of Western society which you may have noticed is obsessed with sickness, sexual abuse, war and woes of every variety. 


To the extent we devote ourselves to God, we are freed from the world. Satanists would enslave us. That's why they expunge the word "God" from common usage.

Illuminati member Harold Rosenthal spelled it out:  "We have converted the people to our philosophy of getting and acquiring so that they will never be satisfied. A dissatisfied people are pawns in our game of world conquest. They are always seeking and never able to find satisfaction. The very moment they seek happiness outside themselves, they become our willing servants."  Harold Rosenthal The Hidden Tyranny 

Thus they teach us to seek our identity from the world, to pursue money, sex and fame. They attack the four legs of human identity: religion (God), race, nation, marriage and family (gender) in order to corrupt and re-engineer us.

The bizarre attack on masculinity and femininity continues every day. Gender is a "social construct" and "fluid" except when someone wishes to change to the opposite gender, in which case it is a natural imperative.

Last year, the Boy Scouts announced they will accept girls  and change their name to be more "inclusive." There must be no place where males can acquire skills and behavior characterized as "male." 

They allowed gay scout leaders in 2015 in spite of the fact that over the years, 12,000 boys have been subject to gay sexual assault. As with the Roman Catholic church, homosexuals are used to destroy another great institution. 

This is because masculinity is "toxic", a hate-term that is permissible only when applied to people the Illuminati wish to subjugate.

At the same time, Girls are brainwashed not to seek fulfilment as wives and mothers but from careers. They are mutating so they can no longer relate to males and vice versa. 

Look at the girl guides' website

" Girl Guides of Canada. A place where girls:
  • lead the way
  • seek new challenges
  • find their voice
  • discover how they can make a difference in their world
  • make friends - and have a ton of fun"
  • All in a safe, supportive, inclusive space." 

  • IDG_Inforgraphic_Oct 2.jpg  Their survey (left)   is all about how heterosexual expectations are oppressive and hurtful. For example, "59% of girls feel pressure from society to conform to unrealistic standards about what it means to be a girl." Like the desire to be a wife and mother, for instance? Better to import people from the third world to make up the population deficit.

Of course, the ultimate insanity is allowing children to get state-funded sex changes without parental consent. Parents who resist sex changes may have their children taken away. 
The absurdity continues with trans men taking over women's sports.
We have an elite sponsored attack on the gender identity of 97% of the population and everyone is oblivious because the media causes cognitive dissonance. 

The attack is not just psychological. Some people do die in false flag terror attacks which are designed to justify mass surveillance and a police state. Why do you think this is necessary? Because in the future they will do things which might prompt violent rebellion. 

In conclusion, the world is controlled by bankers who subscribe to a Jewish supremacist ideology requiring the subjugation and exploitation of the goyim.  Of course, there are plenty of Freemason goyim who want a seat at this table. It's time we adopted a wartime mentality. We are at war, with a powerful subversive element that has taken over Western society. 

We don't have a choice. We and our families are under constant attack. 
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First Comment from Lucia-

As a mother of three teenage girls, I feel as you described, attacked constantly on my moral
values, on my beliefs, on my way of thinking. I believe like you say, that we are at war and I think we are losing it at a fast speed. When I try to watch some T.V. program I end up feeling really worried; it is unbelievable the constant parade of men disguised as women on every program, it is sick beyond belief and even when I point this to my family members, I don't know if I can convince them enough.

My daughters tell me about how many students are gender- confused and I believe it is the expected result of the brainwashing on T.V, and the lack of a family structure who nowadays seem nonexistent (in the US).

I pray to God for this to end soon and I hope parents turn off their T.V because it seems to be our # 1 enemy.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for ""Culture War" is Occult Subversion, Not a Civil War"

Christine said (May 18, 2019):

Good article as always. Hopefully, it helps wake even more people up to the fact that we are now living in Babylon.

However, one point must be made here: God has allowed this to happen.

His people were living in safety, and none made them afraid. So what did we do? Rebel, of course.

Israel was sent back into Babylonian captivity for its own good. And this final 70-year phase of history was necessary in order to build up the satanic United Nations (8th head of the beast). Why? To enable it to destroy the evil figs (the antichrist whore of Babylon - Israel).

I think that the destruction of Israel is imminent.

Jesus Christ is coming. Praise the Lord.

Norman W said (May 14, 2019):

That is true. But they seek to promote civil war. That is the whole point of the liberals importing Muslims en masse. And Antifa. And the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan.

JJ said (May 14, 2019):

Satan is out to destroy mankind and sometimes it's a slow death but a death nevertheless.

Well-meaning, fairly-functioning people often say that everyone should be able to make their own decisions and be able to 'authenticate' themselves. This sounds great on paper.

I live with a person with a 'learning disability' who was told for years he's smart. Day after day I am exposed to a welfare bum who truly believes his gray matter is God's gift to the community of

The husband of a feminist nutcase who keeps saying that women can do anything that men can do and who can't respond with even a grunt gets very exhausted.

The teacher who has to change all of the 'F' mark's to something that doesn't cause a reaction feels done in.

Police and medical personnel and social services employees and transit drivers all want permanent stress leaves after a couple of years of dealing with welfare dependents who insist their taxes are paying for all the services.

And then there's the fake news media that tells us on every monitor in every gym and subway station and airport lobby that Russia got Trump elected or that planes brought down Trade Centre towers - sooner or later we run outta gas and start stalling. say nothing of global warming, incessant calls to prayer, remembering which pronoun goes with which unique individual...

It's a cultural war; it's a war. Those who started it know all about our frail humanity and work with it.

S said (October 19, 2017):

The evil thing is how the government is pushing this perverted agenda on its people. For the other people who just have a feeling that things are not right in our society but don't know why this will be an eye-opening article so hopefully they can connect the dots more and more to get the full picture.

Although a poster like the one in the Toronoto metro would still cause outrage among the majority of people in Germany, gender mainstreaming pushers have been indoctrinating and confusing kids in school, paving the way for debauchery like that depicted. It's a step-by-step program that originates from the UN years ago and is being implemented by the bureaucrats in Brussels.

Nobody voted for gender mainstreaming but everybody is affected by it. First, it was sold as an equality program in pay and opportunities for women so that it would be accepted. There were only 2 genders back then: woman and man. Then came the second wave of implementing this craziness: diversity. This gender mainstreaming has come a long way and today we have the absurd reality that you can choose among 71 genders (sexual orientations) on Facebook for example.

Marco said (October 16, 2017):

I have nothing to add, you summed it all up. I love the part where you talk about money-loving Canadians, sacrificing their children to debauchery, but will fight for Mammon's sake. And yes, the fires may very well just be an Agenda 21 ploy; or simply a way to burn people off of select land.

"... it's time we adopted a wartime mentality." That's right. Docility at this point in the face of this monster is absurd. We need indignation. We won't win, but at least we'll go down as rebels with free minds against an unjust all-encompassing tyranny, and at this point, that's practically a victory.

To hell with these petty tyrants. It's easy having low character and selling your soul to rule the masses. We are ten times stronger than these fools over us because we haven't sold out, and have prevailed against all the psychological attacks put against us until now. With all due respect, we should both be mad by now.
But we aren't. That's a sign if you ask me; doors are about to open, and we'll give them hell.
Or not. But at least we're both free.

G said (October 15, 2017):

Not too much to add except that most of what I know of this has come from you over the years. I trust my instincts, so when it all resonates as true, it just does, not to mention that its always backed up with your deep research.

Miley is gone, into Satan's clutches, while her handlers laugh at their victory over her and us. Well, not all of us, but most of us, and that's enough to sink the ship of healthy humanness. To your list of subversives, I'd add Black Lives Matter, and By Any Means Necessary. These two organizations, along with Antifa, have been front and center much of the year.

They are the grand dupes, well paid, inciting violence and division, and looking ugly. Ugly is a sure sign of Godlessness. The most profound thing you wrote here is: "They do not want us to achieve our divine potential." I hope readers got that. It's where Creation set the bar and where real evolution is.

I don't know if I'll ever make it to "angel," but I do know that not reaching for that bar is a life not worth living. Thanks, Henry, and yes, war-zone here and now. We may have forgotten, but we are warriors!! This is the time of the great suiting up.

GG said (October 15, 2017):

You asked for more feedback on this article, so here are my thoughts for what it is worth.

I believe your points are correct. We are under attack in every way. Children, women, men, every race, every nation and especially Christians are under attack by Satan and his ghouls. The attack us designed to manipulate mankind into rebellion against God and the order in which He created us and the world. This is what they mean by a new world order: subvert every God ordained role.

The biggest problem we have is that far too few of us recognize the fact that we are under such attack. Likewise, we are at a serious disadvantage in that it is hard, nearly impossible, for normal people to understand the depth of the wickedness against them.

It is quite difficult for most to think and believe that others could be as evil as these men are.

Glen said (October 15, 2017):

Of course you are right, and I don't say that because I am some brain washed what-ever. I say that because I can't even turn on my T.V. and find any fairly new to new show that I can stomach. The LGBT(and I'm sure that term is outdated by now)is in your face and pushed with the full force of the sickos running the show. The NFL has become nothing more than a stage from which to push their "social justice" agenda. Bob Costas makes me want to puke at the very sight of him. Schools are telling our children(in my case grandchildren)it is ok to be having anal sex with whoever and whenever. "Feel Good" Christianity is nothing more than a way to make Americans feel good about themselves and their country when both should be on their knees begging forgiveness from God Almighty.

America has gone from a Republic to a Corporatocracy, with the citizens becoming nothing more than members of the Idiocracy. Satan is the ruler of this world and it could not be more obvious. God help us all.

Tony B said (October 13, 2017):

Of course, Henry, this is a spiritual war which can only be won - even fought - on a spiritual basis. Fighting it on a material, earthly, basis is a supreme waste of time, energy and spirit.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at