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Women are Not Like Men

May 15, 2019

Reflections on gender difference

Me: "Mankind is satanically possessed." 

My wife's reaction: "Your fly is open." 

Satanists deny gender differences; 
but clearly, men and women
are a different species. 

Vive la difference!?!

by Henry Makow PhD

After almost 40 years of intimate association with women, I begin to realize they are very not like men. 

Women are defined by LOVE: getting it and giving it. A creature designed to attract male attention in order to procreate will be more passive and receptive by nature. 


Left, New Yorker cartoon. "...and those are my deepest, most intimate feelings about our friendship."   (Men acting like women)

Men, on the other hand, are defined by POWER, protecting and providing. Heterosexual union (marriage) is based on the exchange of female worldly power for male power expressed as love. Exclusive sex is the symbol of this contract.

Henry Kissinger said, "power is the ultimate aphrodisiac."  He was right.

Women are not risk takers. Most want security --material and emotional -- and favor strong men who can provide it. Women are generally more grounded. (mundane?) 

Sometimes, women are blamed for the decline of Western civilization because they let the Illuminati corrupt them. Many women don't have a strong moral compass. They tend to be more subjective: What's good for me rather than what's objectively right.

Of course, this varies with the individual woman. Past wives have cheated me. My current and final wife (since 2001) has a strong, if weird, moral compass. Our worst fight was when I took a parking spot reserved for "families" (i.e. children; we have none.) She was so mad she walked home. She gets upset if I don't use tongs to get bagels or put litter in the wrong recycling bin. 

However, Israeli snipers killing unarmed Palestinian demonstrators etc. does not cross her radar. (She does not read my Twitter or my web site.) After almost 20 years of marriage, I must admit she is still a puzzle to me.


Women of my generation (baby boomers) were taught that their success (emotional, social and material) lay through pleasing men. This is called "femininity."  It actually came naturally for most of them. 

Loving -- husband and children -- was their stock in trade. They went to university to get their "Mrs."  They took "Home Economics." This was consistent with their biological and emotional needs. Women want power, but in a man.

This division of labor also served society's needs. The nuclear family is the basic building block of society. People do not learn anything they are not taught. Children must be raised to become healthy and responsible adults.

Feminism has taught young women that they don't need men. "Success" doesn't depend on being attractive to men. They are given preferential treatment to supplant men. 

However, sex appeal is another story. It is based on fertility. After women pass their prime, men lose interest in them sexually.   


My wife is good to me and I reciprocate.  She is a cookie-cutter liberal Jew.  I don't need someone who is depressed about the conspiracy. She loves me but she doesn't like me. I say "I am the man she hates to love" because of my website. I'm happy, but as a grizzled veteran of the sex wars, remember, I am a double amputee. 

I do all the shopping and cooking. Early on I told her, "you can have power or love, but you can't have both." Not being particularly driven, she chose love. I consider her wishes and bring her breakfast in bed every day. Surrendering power is the way a woman achieves power.

Women these days have little to offer men. My wife is the "Swiss Army Knife" of women. 

She watches reality shows like "My 600-pound life" and "Dr Pimple Popper" (about a dermatologist.) But she is really smart. She programmed my game Scruples so it can be played online. Being only half-Jewish, she can also fix and assemble things. 
 She is Chaimish, a Yiddish word for homey, domestic.  


Male obsession with sex is the biggest obstacle to actually getting it. We put the cart before the horse. Women are pretty mundane creatures. First, establish a broader human relationship. Get to know her as a person and the rest will follow. 

The best way to impress a woman is not to try. If she's not interested, move on. There is plenty of fish in the sea and they are biting.  

The key to choosing a woman is how she feels about you. It doesn't matter if there is sexual chemistry. That wears off. Most women are gorgeous in the act of love. 

Men don't appreciate the extent to which they are victims of their sex drive. We are under the delusion that this is the pursuit of satisfaction. 

No. We are the mindless victims of a powerful biological instinct to spread our DNA. Sexual attraction is totally based on a woman's fitness as a mother. Supple breasts are an indication of this. Seed planted, most men have little interest in the outcome. 

Similarly, deed done, some women couldn't care less about the inseminator except as ATM and sitter. Many regard divorce, not marriage as the focal point of their lives. 

A man must be very clear about wanting a family. If he does, he needs to find a woman who genuinely feels the same. Children are lifetime labor of love. It's paying it forward. It's a lot easier if you love them.

If a man doesn't want kids, he should steer clear of women who do. Don't be roadkill for your sex drive.

Illuminati social engineers are waging a psychological war on family values. Women no longer have a material incentive to please men. They don't need to cultivate the traits of good wives and mothers. 

A young man should establish a bond with a sensible woman still in touch with her natural instincts. He may need to re-educate her but most women instinctively want to belong to a man, and a man instinctively wants to possess a woman. 

Women have been set up to fail and take society down with them. When the tribulation comes, there won't be any men left to save them.
Deprived of their natural biological role, women are pretty lost.

But, in case you think I don't respect their minds, let me conclude by saluting the many very smart, capable and brave women in the Truth Movement, starting with the pioneers, Nesta Webster, Edith Starr Miller, Elizabeth Dilling and L Frye. 


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First Comment from Matt:

In general, women are rarely interested in the things I'm interested in, including philosophical discussions about the meaning of life, the purpose of life here on Earth, reincarnation, the fact that we're all fallen angels who got kicked out of Heaven for rejecting God, political assassinations and other important, life-changing events such as 9-11.

They seem far more interested in superficial topics like money, cars, houses, material possessions, how to get ahead and stuff like that. They don't seem to look at the world around them in an intellectual way, they're basically too selfish for that. If it doesn't help them get ahead in their personal lives, they're just not interested.

Part of it is due to brainwashing, without a doubt, but also they're wired differently than men. They're geared more toward selecting the best mate possible for their offspring, and then later in life, they like to upgrade for their own personal reasons. That's why they leave their husbands after 20 years or whatever. Feminism encourages that sort of behavior.

Of course there are many exceptions, but in general, I would say men are more ethical and loyal than women, and more spiritually advanced.  


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Women are Not Like Men "

Elaine said (May 16, 2019):

Henry, I am a woman, born 1934, but I believe that, even though this country (USA) was slowly degenerating politically for many years, it steadily and very quickly went down faster after women were enfranchised. Most likely that is because women are more emotional than men, plus they seem to be more easily brainwashed and taken advantage of. Men seem to be more interested in politics and able to size up situations and politicians. Plus, men are aggressive and will more
easily go against systems or people that threaten them.

I expressed this opinion to a man who has a political (conservative)
website, but surprisingly he disagreed that women should not have been given the vote. I'm not sure why he believes that.

John H said (May 15, 2019):

'She loves me but she doesn't like me. I say "I am the man she hates to love" because of my website. I'm happy, but as a grizzled veteran of the sex wars, remember, I am a double amputee. '

I love the transparency here, and know something of what you are talking about from direct experience. Possibly 95% of males of a certain age will connect with this, Henry. Log enough air miles and one will experience mechanical failures.

Yes, these things take decades to comprehend as you point out so well, and yes, females are as dangerous as circular saws. They cut off limbs, and sometimes with no more feeling.

Be well. Keep telling the truth. It's a palliative, but if we can stretch for it, truth makes us free.

FS said (May 15, 2019):

It's been my observation during my time in South East Asia -- -- and they're a long way from being exclusively tribal -- -- husbands and wives are nowhere near as focused and neurotically fixated on each other, to the exclusion of the whole constellation and spectrum of family, clan and community relationships as they are here in the West (And it's like the Controllers are saying, "Look guys, if you don't behave yourselves like good geldings and get with the program, you won't even have that much and you'll be totally alone!").

I think that's where a lot of Western men get in to trouble when they choose such a wife from Asia, because they imagine they are getting something in a wife ("Look here bitch. I own you. You are my exclusive property. And you are to have nothing to do with anybody else but me!") they think they could have had from out of the early 1950s or before in the West (a leftover of the old defunct Norman feudal system), never imagining that all the Asians wife's friends, family and extended family would have to go along with the deal too.

Now the Illuminati are demolishing the very nuclear family they forced on us in their quest to destroy clan and tribe; moving from papa bear, mamma bear and baby bear, to single-parent families or same-sex parent families and on through to Brave New World no parent families.

Roman said (May 15, 2019):

Women should do the cooking, even though men are much better at it, because women are meant to serve men. Western Civilization turned natural order upside down.
Women and men today are incapable of love because of rampant whoredom. Legalized fornication is the first step to Sodom.
"...because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."

JJ said (May 15, 2019):

This article is very good. There are many indications all around us that men and women are different. I'm often struck by the fact that many buses in the middle of the day are filled with women (elderly or on welfare) going shopping. Buses in the early morning hours usually are full of men going to outside work on construction jobs.
Coffee shops in the evenings often have many men in them sitting and commiserating about the state of the nation. On jobs one notices that women's bathroom breaks are longer than men's and that women fatigue sooner. It's like there are two different worlds.

In agricultural societies the differences are so obvious that rarely do experienced farm women become feminists. I clearly remember farm women years ago laughing their heads off at feminism because it was so absurd to them. Even the dyke knows life is way too hard for a stand-alone woman. Not once did women take off on their own to the frontier and get a homestead and chop down a section of land and subdue it (something that the feminist overlooks along with women's lack of success in chess).

When we all stand before God, God will say to everyone including the feminist, "You have no excuse. The differences were all there before you, even in the offices." When we ignore the differences we are ignoring God.

JG said (May 14, 2019):

I don't know about Canada but the game of love in America can be pretty brutal these days. The cultural communist revolution of the late 1960s succeeded in causing an epidemic of abortions and sexual lasciviousness. Materialism replaced love with many of the new generations of women. Woodstock was a heathen's feast of drugs, sex, and rock and roll. It helped usher in a dark age of American History that lasted too many years.

Today's women might be smarter, stronger, and more attractive than ever before. However, the game of love has gone backwards. Women are no longer financially dependent on men to survive and that makes it a level playing field that wasn't meant to be.

A lot of love goes when women become competitive with men. Marriage today very often is based on who's got what. And, some couples allow each other to have their private lives while their marriage is still going on. You notice also that music has changed. It seems that love songs are now foolish, sexist, and outdated. They don't sell like they use to and can't compete with narrative rap or pop country. You also notice today they don't quote Shakespeare any more or teaching his works in the schools like they use to either. This is all part of the plan of dehumanization. The end won't be pretty.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at