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Nature Doesn't Give Rain Checks to Women

June 29, 2019


I have a lilac bush in front of my house. It looked like this.

For ten days.

Now there is not a single blossom left.

The moral of the story is that, despite our hedonistic proclivities,

sex appeal is tied to fertility and procreation. Women have about ten years

to attract a mate and start a family. 

Women were not intended to be porn queens. They were designed to be mothers
They need a man to support them in this arduous task, which includes character formation. 

Women entice a man to undertake this task by being as pleasing ("feminine") and attractive as possible.
Failure usually means being alone and unloved for the second half of her life. 

Men should not sign on unless prepared to love their wives and children as themselves. 
And a man will only do this if his wife accepts his leadership.

Clearly the nuclear family is the most effective way of ensuring the healthy renewal of individuals and societies
Marriage and family are a social responsibility.  Clearly this is the Path ordained by God for most (but not everyone.) 

Satanists believe they can overrule nature by denying innate gender difference, unless applied to the biologically opposite sex. 

This occult war on heterosexuality is a war against God, nature and mankind.

The Scent of Feminist Desperation   (Feb 17,2017)
Excerpt by Henry Makow PhD

There are three times as many single women in their 30's now than there were in the 1970's. By the time these women have established their careers, many are too threadbare and hard-bitten to marry, and the good men are all gone. 

They are the victims of the evilest, most successful, social engineering program in history. It was designed to give women career instead of family. But until feminists acknowledge that they are victims of a cruel hoax, they won't be able to salvage whatever is left. 

The key thing to realize is that feminism was not spontaneous grassroots social change as portrayed. It was social engineering designed to phase out gender, marriage and the nuclear family. There are half as many nuclear families now than there were in the 1960s. The destruction of the family is part of a larger agenda to destabilize and depopulate society in advance of a thinly veiled totalitarian world government. 

Sexual liberation is part of this agenda. Men see no reason to marry now that unfettered sex is so plentiful. I advise women to consecrate sex for long-term loving relationships and end them in 6-8 mos. if marriage is not imminent. Don't waste time on window shoppers.

Feminists have been neutered by adopting the male role model and eschewing the feminine one. They need to rediscover their natural feminine instincts. This involves finding a man they can believe in, and nurture, and not settling for less. True love stems from the sacrifice that women make for the person they love. Let him lead and keep quiet about all his faults. But don't let him take you for granted and dump him if he doesn't love you back (i.e look after your interests and needs.) 

Generally speaking, the people behind elite social engineering are Satanists in the sense they want to override God (Truth) AND Nature. They deliberately do evil against humanity.

Women were designed to marry and have children in their late teens and early twenties. That's when they are irresistible to young men. They should marry men who have graduated and are starting their careers.

Raising children is not an afterthought. It is what married people do together, what they have in common. It's natural growth, both biological and in terms of our personal development and fulfilment.

Nature doesn't give rain checks, as millions of women are discovering, the hard way.
First Comment from Jennifer:

Social engineering is a two-way street. Simultaneously men were/are taught to devalue and replace marriage, family and children with limited to no self control and no responsibility .  I could not find a man worthy of marriage because they were addicted to porn/fornication/adultery or drugs/alcohol that was/are marketed to boys/young men at the same time feminism and consequence free sex was /are marketed to girls/young women. 

Comment by Dan-

In my youth during the 70's college women did such a good job of showing no interest in marriage or motherhood that neither I, or they, suspected homes, ie husband and family, would ever matter to them. It wasn't till I was over 40 that every woman my age I met had been those women 30 years ago. And every one of them were still single and expressed openly their regrets. Quite bitterly.

I understood then that the sex 'revolution' and feminism had conned them as effectively as 'sex drugs and rock n' roll' had conned me.
I think I see now that the trick is, when you're 21 male or female, a lifetime seems forever, so you can try on a 'lifestyle' and if you don't like it later you can do something else. Women didn't realize things look very different from 40. And 40 creeps up on people in their 20's, before you know it -- you're there.

Another thing I realized, is because women lose the possibility of having children by 40 (if not sooner), they're still in a relatively young mind set when they learn they've missed that possibility - and that's forever. A man may begin feeling a fleeting moment of regret at never raised a family when he's invited to a college buddy's daughter or son's college graduation, or wedding. It's often not till such a happenstance that it occurs to a middle aged man the children he might have had would already be grown. But that's a 'guy' thought that doesn't have the same 'finality' that a woman realizing she's infertile forever can have. As a man, I think childless men think of not having been a father the way they might occasionally regret a profession they wanted to be, but didn't pursue till it was too late. It doesn't seem to have the same impact that a woman feels realizing she'll never be a mother.

And does have. Rather often. I know it does, I've heard it from too many women my age who's photos from the 70's tell me they could have had their pick of men. And they did! They picked ALL of them, one a month. Like shopping. These were the girls who had that bumper sticker, "So many men, too little time" back in '77". Well, time's up.

So my advise to young people whether male or female is, don't let this happen to YOU. Don't be conned.

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Comments for "Nature Doesn't Give Rain Checks to Women"

James C said (June 30, 2019):

As George Carlin so brilliantly observed: "That's why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it."

Back in the 50s, when I was attempting to grow up, my father, who never even finished high school, could support a wife and four children. Nowadays, unless you have a secure six-figure income, don't even think of successfully raising a family because you probably won't be able to do so (it's estimated to take $500,000 to successfully raise even one child today).

The 50s are gone forever. It is also my studied opinion that someone would have to be rather insane to bring children into the world the way the world is now, and the way it is rapidly becoming: every source of life is either poisoned or polluted, air, food, water, soil, etc.

Furthermore, most of our leaders are certifiably insane and are in the ongoing process of bringing about World War III. So unless you can afford to relocate to Patagonia and build a well-stocked fallout shelter, I wouldn't even think of attempting to raise a family.

JG said (June 29, 2019):

It just keeps getting worse. It's now beyond sexual liberation, it's about government mandated recognition of the self declared sexless and the same sex shameful invented roles in their relationships.

If being a man doesn't mean a man and being a woman doesn't mean a woman, then it doesn't mean it and that doesn't mean that. This is NOT progress by any stretch of the imagination. It's the ignorance of sin and the definition of moral decay in action.

It's true that the sexual liberation movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s was a ruse to usher in the period of "free love".

Unfortunately sin often is progressive and free love progressed into all kinds of different perversions like we have today.

Like all prior civilizations who went down this path the result will be no different. God hasn't changed.

JJ said (June 29, 2019):

I hear all the time from women around me that men won't commit (except to a foreign woman). These women are...anyway. No one can go near them. They're like porcupines. They'll call the police if you ask for supper at 6 PM. It doesn't matter if you mow the lawn, change car tires, lift heavy furniture or carry all the groceries in. They still want "equality" because they're deluded. I feel like I'm in a twilight zone when I hear them yap. It's unbelievable.

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