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The Conspiracy Against Women

July 27, 2019


Women are submerged in a toxic online stew 
that fosters feelings of Grievance and Entitlement.
Men confront this resentment everyday as the Illuminati 
seek to cuckold them, destroy marriages
and foster lesbianism. 

by Henry Makow PhD

My wife sent this link to an article and podcast with Caroline Criado Perez, author of "Invisible Women - Data Bias in a World Designed by Men."  The thesis is that women are disadvantaged because everything is designed with men in mind. 

"Males are often the default subjects of design, which can have a huge impact on big and critical aspects of everyday life."

The first proof offered is a "gender study" done by a small town in Sweden that found that snow ploughing favored men by cleaning the main arteries first which men tend to use to get to work. Women on the other hand use side streets to bring children to schools and shop on the way home from their jobs.   

"Is this a joke?"  I asked my wife.

"No," she answered, "It's about how design failed women."

I am the man she hates to love. No wonder. The world is designed solely for people like me.

Rather than aggravate her, I emailed back, "Well you're a (web site) designer, you can fix all that." 

Luckily, she does not read my website. 

The article lists the following examples of how male-oriented design fails women. 

1. The design of crash test dummies don't consider the shape of women. "These tests impact design, and are part of the reason women are far more likely to be injured or die in a car crash. Even in places where "female" dummies are brought in to test cars, these figures are often just scaled-down male dummies with the same basic shape. Sometimes, too, these dummies are only tested in passenger seats."

2. The symptoms of heart attacks are different for men and women. "For women, heart attacks often present as fatigue or what feels like indigestion, with chest pain appearing in just around one out of eight cases. As a result, fewer women seek medical help during heart attacks and even when they do they are often diagnosed poorly by professionals." 

Does this sound a bit paranoid to you? After all, the majority of young doctors today are women.

3. The practice of cooking over a fire in the Third World is harmful to women and men are responsible. "Consider the three-stone stove, a traditional cooking mechanism used by 80% of people in the developing world. It is a simple device consisting of three stones with a fire underneath and a pot above. This stove not terribly efficient and is often placed in poorly ventilated rooms, exposing women in particular to the equivalent of multiple packs of cigarettes per day worth of harmful smoke." 

Are women so feeble-minded that they fall for this nonsense? 

My wife is extremely intelligent in many ways but politics is not one of them.

Women of exceptional talent should pursue challenging careers. But the average woman was designed to nurture husband and children and be loved and cherished in return. My mother was such a woman and I miss her to this day. 

(Jewish CIA asset & feminist agitator Gloria Steinem) 

The Illuminati has convinced impressionable women that loving their husbands and children is exploitation. Promiscuous sex is "empowering." This is how Communists operate.

Deprived of their natural role as wives and mothers, many women are lost. Instead of being a social asset, they have become a social liability.  

Books like "Invisible Women" complete this picture which loving husbands have to confront every day.

There is indeed a conspiracy against women. It's called feminism. 

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------------US Fertility Rate at All Time Low-   "Without strong families no society will survive for long." 

First Comment from Tony B

Of course the world is designed to fit men.  That's called normal and natural.  Just as the home is designed to fit women.  Also normal and natural.  Both are designed to fit those who, under normal and natural conditions and abilities, must use them constantly.

Let's get back to sanity concerning the sexes.  Insanity about sex is making ridiculous fools of millions of people who won't think for themselves.  Even though that is a great tragedy, one cannot help laughing at the plethora of totally nuts anti normal and natural gender concepts, mostly coming out of "palaces of education."  Mis-education by subversives and idiots who should never be paid a penny for their insane comedies.

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Comments for "The Conspiracy Against Women "

Paula said (August 6, 2019):

I am not a feminist, but I have to say that there are a lot of men who should not hold a public office or vote, either!

JJ said (July 28, 2019):

It's endlessly amazing to observe the stupidity of women and Perez is a great example.

For hundreds of years men have chosen a woman as their soulmate and given that woman more than they have ever given a best friend. They have given that woman their bodies, their energies, their money, their time, their bank accounts, their lives. Apparently it's just not enough.

Back to roads - four things:

1) how many women of equality can actually shovel all the snow around just one house like a man can?

2) if a woman can shovel the snow around her house, will she also shovel the snow around the houses of the single women in her community without harshly judging them?

3) when will women acknowledge all of the good husbands and fathers who FREELY take care of their own homes (wives) and many times most of their neighbors?

4) WHAT ABOUT CITY BUDGETS? Sorry for the shouting but do women ever look at the numbers (or even care to look)?

Perez had lousy men in her life (thanks for telling us). Why do we all pay the price?

Wade said (July 28, 2019):

Your article today opens up a pet peeve for me. The obvious and God given differences between men and women should be celebrated. Society should be using those differences to the advantage of our entire culture.

Henry it is amazing to me how even conservative men have been so brainwashed. The sad state of affairs we find ourselves in today can be laid at the feet of white men who were and are Marxist Communists, and the world is infested with them. The so called conservative males we have today have been bullied and shamed into a state of fear where they will no longer embrace facts or common sense where women's issues are discussed.

Our founding fathers got it right the first time. The vast majority of women are not wired in a manner that equips them to be intelligent voters, or judges. Most women are also ill equipped to hold public office. There are exceptions of course, but when approximately 70% of women in general and 90% of young women should not be voting or holding public office or being a judge the only rational option is to not allow any woman to be involved in any of these critically important societal roles.

I believe these are empirical truths that should be faced up to. Our society is so far gone that most conservative men will not agree with this. Giving women the right to vote was one of the most tragic mistakes this Country ever made.

We have taken women...wives and mothers off the pedestal and sent them off to work.

This is, of course, just one area of subversion society has succumbed to, and it is just one piece of the cloth that was knit in order to destroy western borders, culture, and language. If we continue in the same cowardly fashion...refusing to stand up to those that would intimidate us...we stand to lose everything including our personal freedoms.

Actually I believe that conservative males are the canary in the coal mine, and that it is already to late to save this Nation. Thanks for letting me sound off.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at