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We are Not Defined by Our Politics

July 11, 2019

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(credit, The NewYorker) 

A female friend dumped a great guy because he
didn't want to hear another word about the 
conspiracy. "My thoughts of a mate died that day."
I told her she made a mistake.

by Henry Makow PhD

A friend, a single woman, wrote:  "My last significant relationship that lasted about 10 years...
Software engineer, making good money, very handsome, Marine. Talk to me please! Any new existential thoughts?

Towards the end of our relationship (and he was a good man, decent, nice to animals, family man, moral, would never beat me or starve me and so on...) I was waking up big time to the Satanic Conspiracy (and he just wanted to stay in his very, little, tiny, box.)

He laughed at me and thought I was a tin hat foil person.  I remember the day he said to me, "I  don't want to hear about anything you have to say or think about what is going on ever again".  My thoughts of a mate died that day.

I don't see myself as the typical female that I meet day-to-day.  Concerned about stupid 3 d things.  Never thinking beyond fashion and the latest fad, how they are aging or what their home décor looks like. I cannot bear it.

A lot of women are really stupid. But there are equally numbed out men. It's a wasteland Henry. --

I replied:

As you know, if I insisted on political sympathy from my wife, I would be divorced. I think you made a mistake dumping that guy. A marine, he was imprinted with a certain set of beliefs and has a right not to be confused or challenged. Marriages must be based on what you agree on, not what you don't. Don't make the conspiracy your obsession.

She responded:

 But...where do you get that feeling that someone "gets you?". Do you ever worry about those who don't get the BIG PICTURE?


Ideas are used to program people. The Illuminati bankers control information and discourse to a large degree. In addition, people have a sixth sense about what beliefs are conducive to material gain, and which are not. This is confirmed by the number of people losing their jobs for expressing the "wrong" beliefs, even outside the workplace. 

Liberals and Lefties have been duped. How many of us haven't been? I used to be one myself. A feminist and a Zionist to boot. It took years of research and effort to deprogram myself. It was like shedding a mental wetsuit when the zipper is stuck. Not everyone is capable of doing this. 

We are not defined by our political views. We are complex creatures with a kaleidoscope of qualities. Compassion, Loyalty, Honesty, 
Devotion, Intelligence, Diligence, Talent, Skill, Charm, Style, Sense of Humour are some examples. 

In general, men tend tend to favor Trump; women tend to oppose him. This is the case in my marriage. My wife thinks I am brainwashed; I know she is. But she is still a sweetheart.

No, she doesn't "get " me on my terms. Do we really need to be "understood?" She "gets" me on her own terms. 

I'm not sure I would want someone who thinks like I do. It would be too depressing. We agree to disagree and focus on the other great things we give each other. 



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Comments for "We are Not Defined by Our Politics "

Peter S said (July 13, 2019):

When you mentioned that the guy was a Marine, I started thinking about the military guys, and drones. Yeah, drones. Those things you send to do whatever you want and they do it like the robots they are.

And I was debating with myself, the difference between a drone, and a soldier. Remember Kissinger Quote; “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

So, for that dude who said that he does not want to hear another word about conspiracy, can you really wonder? That Damsel who kept hyping about conspiracies was telling her man just how stupid he was!

Essel said (July 12, 2019):

Of course, all people are different, have different gifts and different tastes. Spouses do not escape it and fortunately, we are not clones. However, in marriage as in any society, an end unit is required, otherwise it is a community agglomerated by the fragile glue of ephemeral common interests.

For example, in a couple, the question of raising children - and even today the simple fact of knowing if we have one or not, and how many - will arise immediately. How can they be educated, in what principles and religion, etc., if the genitors have opposing views on these vital issues?

Even in the erroneous assumption of a human life lived for itself, the two members of a couple cannot run two different hares without exposing themselves to the "best" of break-up, the worst of cognitive dissonance, or even to multiple personality disorder (MPD) syndrome when trying to bring contradictions together, which is very common today.

This is the "Solve" phase of the Masonic "Solve et coagula" to which we are subject by the occult forces at work since the "Renaissance" (and the "Reformation") : the dislocation of man and societies.

But God did not create the world in a such incoherent and purposeless way.

The absurdities and horrors denounced with courage and relevance on this site are unbearable for a man, a true man, designed to "do good and avoid evil". This is why the purpose of human life cannot in any way be left to everyone's whim. For this to happen, it would have been necessary for men to have created themselves, so as not to owe anything to anyone. But this is not so, since we experience our dependence, our contingency, cruelly every day: we are surrounded and oppressed on all sides by things we do not want: suffering, illness, ugliness,... death.

The best thing is therefore to do what God expects of us and, omniscient and omnipotent, He has of course given us the means to know what He expects from us and the means to achieve it.

Marcio said (July 12, 2019):

So entitled western women think that if a man is not 100% perfect, at least 95% perfect, he deserves to be divorced, don't they? Would she be the perfect, flawless dream wife? Or is she just another feminist hypergamic woman still in her primes who could dump a good guy today to pick up an even better one tomorrow? Is she the boss around, who is in charge of such soviet "thought-police" at home? Does she really want a leading man or just another emasculated source of income?

Of course disagreements are the norm between people. A couple must agree mostly about interpersonal and family affairs. Both "red pilled" and "blue pilled" can live in peace and harmony if that does not interfere in such dynamics. What a foolish reason to get divorced!

It took my wife years to become fully "red pilled" after me. From the time we were red and blue up to now, nothing has changed. Learning how to accept differences, dialogue, desire to live in peace and to play one's role at home rather than waging war against the one who is supposed to be her partner, her most loyal friend in a domestic setting is the forgotten art of having a happy marriage. But western women do not want to live happily - they need reasons to keep destroying society.

Shayne said (July 12, 2019):

Under Putin, Russia has placed restrictions on the Papist & Protestant sects, (which was also done in Soviet times) because these organizations are used by the NWO for cultural warfare, espionage, human trafficking, & other crimes. "Evangelization" is a sectarian code word for proselytism & westernization. Papists & Protestants also support the war & persecution against Russian Orthodox Christians in Novorossiya & Ukraine. **

Putin supports Orthodox Christianity & has defended the persecuted Christians of the Middle East.

Putin is definitely not perfect, nor is Russia under him perfect, but criticism of both should be done honestly.



Jean Pierre said (July 12, 2019):

My politics are the sum of a lifetime of experiences which led me to become the very person that I am today, there is no other way to define myself. Further still, I would never be able to trust and share my bed or any other form of intimacy with a woman that sincerely believes me to be brainwashed. Your friend did the right choice

Jennifer said (July 12, 2019):

I disagree with Henry on this one.

We women need men, who are strong enough to face the truth of the horrific things acknowledging conspiracy insights bring.

Men do not need an awake wife. It is a different dynamic. A man’s role is to protect a woman, so it is almost better for the woman to be asleep.

Aside from G's comment that it is lonely not having some one to talk to about these serious red pill topics, its also frightening for a woman because a man is supposed to have a natural built in sense of protection towards his woman but if he does not understand the enemy —
if he has no inkling of the enemy, then the woman is with a child, not a man. This man, marine or not, can then be blindsided by these evil forces.

Sister, you made the right choice to dump him.

G said (July 12, 2019):

Re: Do both people have to be "red pilled" for a relationship to thrive? I'd say yes, or else be prepared to have a lonely existence. I mean there might be physical affinity, entertaining conversation, but without those things that ignite the soul we're settling for settling.

Some might say, Better than nothing. But I would rather be alone than have a spouse who wasn't willing to awaken to what we're facing with the state of the world and all its threats to our well-being, our very continuance. Slavery is a very scary word. And so is murder. Only the red pill people can help with such intense onslaughts.

And some might assert, Well, it works for me, even though my partner is mulling around in what looks like reality. To such persons I'd recommend reconsidering his or her priorities. A so-so relationship, or someone at your side facing down reality.

I'll end with a quote I came across last week:
"Don't look for a princess who needs saving. Look instead for a queen who will fight at your side."
-- Author Unknown

Free choice. Each decides.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at