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Was Hitler a Rothschild?

July 18, 2019

Anselm_Salomon_Rothschild (1).jpg
(Anselm Solomon Rothschild 1803-1874.) 

The identity of Hitler's paternal grandfather is 
the best kept secret of modern history.

by Clifford Shack 

Adolf Hitler required Nazi party candidates to trace family pedigree back to the year 1800 (1750 for SS officers). Those free of non-Aryan (i.e. Jewish, Gypsy, Slavic) ancestors were considered eligible, and were awarded an Aryan Certificate.

Curiously, Adolf Hitler didn't have an Aryan Certificate. He exempted himself from needing one.

Smart thing.

It would have looked quite  ridiculous when his application was rejected for being the grandson of an international Jewish banker!

AloisHitlerSr_original.jpgAdolf Hitler's father, Alois Hitler,  was born Aloys Schicklgruber on June 7, 1837. He was the illegitimate son of a 42 year old, unwed peasant woman from Lower Austria. Her name was  Maria Anna Schicklgruber.

In an attempt to hurt Hitler's political career, the day before the 1932 German presidential elections, a newspaper article titled, "Heil Schicklgruber!", appeared around the world. It reported that the original surname of Hitler's father was Schicklgruber. 

The article was the brainchild of then soon-to-be Austrian Chancellor, Englebert Dollfuss. Dollfuss happened to also be an illegitimate son of an unwed Austrian peasant woman from Lower Austria. Hitler was, no doubt, furious.

Obviously, the article didn't diminish Hitler political career.

Undaunted, Dollfuss allegedly  persevered and launched a second investigation into Hitler's family origins. This time he discovered that Maria Anna Schicklgruber, (1795-1847) left, was employed at the Vienna mansion of the bankers Salomon and Anselm Rothschild at the time that she conceived Hitler's father.

Hitler ordered a takeover of the Austrian chancellery and Dollfuss was assassinated. According to the British historian, Sir Ian Kershaw, the damning  evidence is said to be in the archives of the British Secret Service.

Though both Salomon and his son, Anselm were frequent business travellers, it would appear that at least one of them was at home when Maria Anna conceived.

According to the historian, R.G.L. Waite, "Hitler thought himself Jewish." Thinking a thick beard to be a Jewish characteristic, Hitler shaved twice a day. Believing Jews to have a distinctive tell-tale body odor, Hitler bathed twice daily.

 Hitler tried desperately to hide his Jewishness and link to the powerful Rothschild banking family. He once ranted to his nephew, William Patrick Hitler:  "People must not know who I am or which family I come from!"

 Hitler's sister Paula referred to the 1935 Nuremberg anti-Jewish racial purity laws thus: 
"Since the race laws, Adolf and I lost our grandfather."


To verify which, if any of the  Rothschilds were home in September of 1836, an online enquiry was initiated with the Rothschild's London Archive.

According to dated business correspondence discovered in the files known as The Moscow Papers, Anselm Salomon von Rothschild was indeed in Vienna during September of 1836 - the month that Hitler's grandmother conceived. 

Anselm's father, Salomon, had not been in Vienna at the time that Hitler's grandmother conceived in September of 1836. He left Vienna in June of that year and didn't return until sometime in 1837. (Salomon maintained a second residence in Paris where his wife's family lived. It was his custom to return to Paris for the Jewish High Holidays. His daughter, Betty, who was married to his brother, James also lived in Paris. By 1836, they had bore Salomon four grandchildren. 

According to reverse ovulation calculations, Maria Anna Schicklgruber conceived on or near Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. The holiday fell that year on September 12th.

Hermann von Goldschmidt, the son of Salomon Mayer's senior clerk, wrote a book, published in 1917, which said of Salomon: " the 1840s he had developed a somewhat reckless enthusiasm for young girls.." and "He had a lecherous passion for very young girls, his adventures with whom had to be hushed up by the police." 


Anselm, a notorious playboy, was in Vienna with his family for the holidays that late summer to cover his father's absence. By that time, he was a full partner in the family banking business. His wife, Charlotte, gave birth in Vienna to "Puggy", the first of their three sons the following month. The resemblance between Alois and his half-brothers was striking.

Hitler appeared in Vienna in 1907, after his mother died. At the time, his cousin Louis Rothschild was running the Vienna bank. It appears that he was Hitler's point man until the annexation of Austria. 

Adolf Hitler lived for several years in the Vienna Men's Hostel built by his uncle, Nathaniel Mayer "Puggy" Rothschild.

220px-Louis_Freiherr_von_Rothschild_(1882-1955)__1930_©_Georg_Fayer_(1892-1950)_OeNB_12995689.jpg(LOUIS ROTHSCHILD, 1882-1955)

When Hitler annexed Austria he arrested his cousin Louis for the sake of appearance. Louis remained arrested for months in comfort until the other Rothschilds provided a donation of 27 million dollars. History called it ransom- the largest in history at that time. Louis moved to Vermont and died swimming in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The Rothschilds have used other illegitimate sons to foster their macroeconomic initiatives. Hitler showed up on their doorstep when they needed a hidden asset to cleanse Europe of what they felt to be human debris (Jews, Gypsies, Slavs) in preparation for the emerging modern continent, designed according to the impeccable standards of those in the business of haute finance. 

By the 20th century, the rulers of finance had thrown off the yoke of the superstitious religion of their forebears and had adopted an end-justifies-the-means, survival of the fittest business strategy. 

In God We Trust was replaced by God Be Damned.


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There is a serving girl (maid) codicil which Hitler insisted on including in the 1935 Nuremberg racial laws, a codicil that not only specifically outlawed intercourse between Jews and Aryans but also explicitly forbade Jews even to employ Aryan women under the age of forty-five in their homes: Article 3 - "Jews cannot employ female  household servants of German or related blood who are under 45 years of age."

Hitler's own grandmother had been no older than 41 when she became pregnant while working, according to Hitler's suspicions, in a Jewish household.

First Comment by Anders Laursen

In fact, Hitler´s security chief, Gen. Reinhold Heydrich, the man behind the Holocaust organisation/Wannsee Conference, launched an intense campaign to obtain Dollfuss´ records on Hitler´s origin because these records could deliver a mortal blow to the Führer cult.

Now Hitler being a Rothschild presupposes that Alois Hitler was Adolf Hitler´s father.

But acc. To the respected Jewish Rabbi and scientist Marvin Antelman that is not the case. In his book "To Eliminate the Opiates" part 2 he writes that Hitler´s mother, Clara, was Jewish.

And furthermore: The Sabbatian ritual which conceived Adolph Hitler on the 9th of Av, fast Day for the destruction of the First and Second Temples on July 20, 1888, Hitler was born 9 months later April 20, 1889. Accordingly his real father was not Alois Shickelgruber and his Sabbatian roots are also maternal stemming from the Strones family. 

Hitler´s official father, Alois Schickelgruber, an illegitimate child of a maid in the house of Rothschild, was forced by his father-in-law to take the Jewish name of Hitler, the maiden name of Hitler´s maternal grandmother.

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Comments for "Was Hitler a Rothschild?"

Chad said (July 29, 2019):

Then we have the other person who hides the identity of his father.

Mario C said (July 19, 2019):

Here in an interview of Otto Strasser in Spanish ( I did not find in english). He knows Hitler in 1920. He was brother of Georg Strasser that was one of the founders of NationalSocialism and was killed in 1934 in Rohem purge.

He said that Hitler was without any doubt Jew. Otto Strasser was friend of Alois Hitler ( half brother of Adolf). Alois was in 1930 a maître of restaurant in a hotel in Berlin. Alois consider himself Jew. He has the letters of the Jewish grandfather to the grandmother (Schickelgruber) . He blackmail Adolf with the letters in 1932. Hans Frank personal lawyer of Adolph ( Frank was half Jewish and future governor of Poland) was the person in charge to negotiate with Alois for the letters.

In the interview Otto Strasser said that he does not understand how the Allies ( Great Britain, USA etc.) that surely know about the Jewishness of Adolph Hitler don’t made public that knowledge. That this information if was made public was enough to destroy the A. Hitler run to power.

Also that Hitler was released quick from prison and was not forbidden to do politics in south Germany even that has has criminal charges.

Otto Strasser said also that Hitler does not write Mein Kampf ( Mi lucha). That Hitler speak to Hess in prison about his life, that Hess write all information and send it to Gottfried Feder that write the book.

Phil said (July 19, 2019):

Your recent article on Hitler reminded me of a paper done a few years ago by Miles Mathis. The maternal side of Hitler is rarely looked at and instead the paternal one is offered. I feel this is another misdirection to keep people focused on other things. According to Mathis’ article, Hitler was even more jewish than we imagined, coming from his mother’s side as much as his father’s. Here is the link to that paper if you are interested. Thank you.

Ann said (July 19, 2019):

Hitler (a satanist, anti-Christ, counterfeit-jew) took the fall so his counterfeit-jew cohorts (Rothschild) could set up Palestine from which to rule the NWO (or as some have called it …. the jew world order).

Knowing that is only the beginning. Actually, it is useless
information if it is not understood what a counterfeit-jew is. What is a counterfeit-jew? Any jew with no ties to the Israelites of the Holy Bible. Such is the case for the majority of jews. Why continue to support a counterfeit State and its people? It was the jewish religion
that killed Jesus and yet the churches and people of the West support Israel. It is total insanity! Palestine belongs at the very least to the Semites of which modern-day jews are not!

Solution: Expose modern-day jews for what they are: mostly secular, atheist, not Semites and not Israelites!

Jesus came to the Holy Land 2000 years ago and then the land is given to the jews who denied Him?! Obviously there has been a longstanding plot to destroy Truth and destroy True Israel and The Torah.

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