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Springmeier- Illuminati Use Amish as a Resource

August 25, 2019

One of the biggest secrets of the intelligence agencies 
are their use of the Old Order Amish Mennonites as a source of
mind-controlled assassins, mass shooters, & children for sex trafficking 
& Satanic ritual sacrifice.

This is an excerpt from Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler's 
How The Illuminati Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave (2008)
The book is online here. A reader wrote, "This is the most eye-opening book I have ever read. It helps me understand history, politics and the world situation. This book helps me avoid churches and clubs that are satanic."


by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

(excerpt by 

 The Amish are the most pacifistic people, so the Illuminati/intelligence agencies have placed some of their best-programmed assassins behind the front of being Amish. The front is real--they are Amish, well, many of them, some were Illuminati children switched at birth to give the programmers better bloodlines to work from. Some Amish women in cult families have let the Illuminati impregnate them with stronger bloodlines. Many Nazi bloodlines were hidden after WW II under the Mennonite/Amish cover. The Mennonites and some of the more progressive Amish adopt many children.


The Amish in Missouri (Jamestown), Kansas (south of Hutchison), and Oklahoma (Guthrie, OK), Kentucky, Ohio (Holmes Co., OH), and Pennsylvania (Lancaster, PA) have been involved in selling their children to the Illuminati. When the Illuminati would buy a child they would send in one of their own midwives to help with the birth and retrieve the child. Generally, the Amish would sell their children when they realized they were going to have twins. One would be given to the cult, and one would be kept by the Amish parents. Because these children are born outside of the system and have no birth certificates, they made excellent children to use in porn. They also can be used as expendable children to use in porn.

They were often blond-haired and blue-eyed. The Amish women were not allowed to use birth control, it was forbidden by the church, and they were not allowed to have an abortion, and it was their duty to have sex with their husbands. It is possible that some parents sold their children just to get out of the responsibility of having another child. The Amish farms in Kansas and Oklahoma and in the border states like Missouri and Kentucky are mechanized with tractors, and they don't need the large families that the Amish in other places need.

Due to the strong legalism that pervades their church, some have tried to get around the tight spot that the rules place them in by selling a few unnoticed children. However, there is active witchcraft practicing occult group within the Amish which is like a box within a box within a box. It is very secret. There are many ways of describing what is going on with the Amish. Let's describe quickly in half a page (it could be a book in itself) what a deep look at the spiritual dynamics of what is going on with their communities.

The rise of Satanism within their ranks is simply a natural outgrowth of the spiritual dynamics. ...

Conformity prefers robotic obedience over understanding. In fact, one Bishop told Fritz, co-author of this book, "We don't want our young folks to understand why they do what they do, we only want obedience. Understanding is dangerous." Does the reader begin to see how the Amish make both the perfect setting for Monarch Mind-Control and the perfect cover. The Amish are a very secret group. During their early history they suffered severe persecution. Their culture teaches them to suffer in silence, which today helps their Satanic abusers infiltrate their culture. In the past in Europe, when the Catholic or Protestant church caught them they were tortured to death.


They were hunted like animals and treated worse than animals when caught. This was the trauma, that Satan did to them, and the lie that was then handed them was that if they would cloister themselves secretly in the New World away from everyone else, they would be safe. The Amish have shut out from outsiders the true flavor of their culture and beliefs. They are silent about their problems. They tell themselves that outsiders couldn't possibly be interested in their affairs. The Amish themselves are very divided from each other. The divisions between Amish groups is called Zwietract. Zwietract can cover anything from a mild aloofness to a full-fledged shunning (called the Meidung). The Amish aren't in general qualified to tell outsiders much in detail about their own heritage, or religion because they are so isolated from the other Amish settlements and have been raised in such an anti-intellectual culture.

Most Amish are content to know that the way they do things "was always done this way" and that their elders and forefathers were gifted men who examined things very closely. Their social norms are not intellectually questioned by most Amish, but then American society has been very isolationist in the world and few Americans question their society & norms. Americans even rebel in the prescribed fashion, whatever the elite tell society is the "in" "cool" "hot" stylish way to do things. The Amish are similar to the Mid-east culture in that they have a very indirect approach to saying things. They do not consider it proper to speak with a negative connotation about anybody. They also instinctively give pat answers to outsiders to blunt questions.


These pat answers border on being rigid, prejudiced, and simple. They serve the purpose to deter curiosity. The early Amish leaders were ex-Catholic priests, but most of the people were peasants who had little formal schooling, had little Bible knowledge, and came from southern Germany and the Rheinland where witchcraft was practiced by the common people. The Spirit of Witchcraft never left the Amish. It has always been with them. The folk witchcraft is called Brauche, and the craft is kept secret by old men who pass the incantations down in secret. When the Amish moved to Pennsylvania, they moved in next door to Rosicrucians.

When the Rosicrucian settlements fell apart they joined the Mennonites, thus bringing their hermetic magic along with them. Somewhere within the Amish were some families that were undercover for the Jesuits, and were sent in as spies long ago because they were corrupt. These families have been generational satanists, which practice pedophilia and other crimes in the safety of their isolation. They were placed within the Amish to help the Catholic church destroy the Amish. In Europe that happened under Hitler, when all the Old Order Amish were arrested in 1938 and wiped out of Germany. Prior to WW II, the Nazi's part of the Illuminati sent over a number of programmed multiples which set up an unnamed cult in upstate New York. This cult was to help Hitler take power in the U.S. when the Nazi's won the war.

They did not win the war, but 60 years later this Satanic cult still operates. Now 2nd and 3rd generation programmed multiples are now part of this cult. Somehow this Illuminati mission coordinates with the Illuminati project to get Hitler's bloodline hidden among the Amish, although the authors are aware of Hitler's descendants being in Oregon, and Washington as well as Pennsylvania. One of them in Portland, Oregon works for the Federal government. Lancaster County is sometimes referred to as the mother church. This was one of the original counties which the Amish settled in when they first came over to the New World. William Penn invited Rosicrucians, Amish, and other dissident religious groups to Pennsylvania. The Satanic covens in Lancaster County, PA consist of members from Amish, Mennonite and Brethren churches. They are not simply all Amish.


Lancaster County's Amish will fellowship will all the approximately 200 other settlements of Amish around the country. What is a peculiar phenomenon, is that many churches that do not fellowship with one another, will still maintain "communion" with Lancaster out of respect for place in Amish history. However, Lancaster County has some of the most immoral reprobate Amish that there could be. All this is hidden very well from the thousands of tourists, due to the secrecy of the Amish. The Amish do not often pay taxes, do not pay social security because they are exempt from the Social Security program, and send many of their children to Amish schools.

They are truly a separate society which maintains rigid secrecy. If you were the New World Order or the Illuminati where would you want to hide your assassins? The safest place is inside of the most pacifist group in the world, the Amish. Monarch mind-controlled slaves are being created out of Amish children...


Google Amish sex abuse for numerous stories

First Comment from Tony B

The orphanage in which I grew up is in Hershey, PA.  Hershey, of Hershey chocolate, set it up and the orphanage owns over 51% of that business in trust.  Today every criminal politician in PA is trying to get his hands on that last pile of cash in the state, maybe in the nation.  M.S. Hershey, himself, who set me on his knee when I was six years old and asked me if his people were treating me properly, was a Mennonite.  I did not know that until after he died.  He never pushed anything even though almost all his "houseparents" were Lancaster County Amish or Mennonites.

If satanic evil is among these people it is a recent phenomenon as they were extremely strict, true enough, but morally, the salt of the earth.  With children they lived by the biblical admonitions, "spare the rod and spoil the child," "waste not, want not," and "idle hands are the devil's playthings," all of which are solid basic truth that no one with any sense of observance can deny.  Once an orphan boy was in the sixth grade, he lived on a dairy farm with an Amish/Mennonite staff and we did the farm work including hand milking the cows, which was the main source of the milk in Hershey Milk Chocolate.  In those days, it was hand labor with horses and mules, pitchforks, shovels, and wheelbarrows.  Practically every boy who came out of there had an excellent work ethic and found ways to succeed in life.

Hershey, other than much traffic of Lancaster County Amish, et al, was basically populated with Pennsylvania "Dutch" (German) and Italians; the Italians having been brought in to run the chocolate factory and allowed to set up their own businesses in the new town as they are very much geared to creating excellent small businesses through thrift and hard labor, similar to the Amish in their farming.  Some of the best Italian restaurants in the nation were one result, as in those days Chesapeake Bay seafood, within easy shipping distance, was top notch.  The fair sized town had no police - one night watchman - and, as was in Germany (and maybe Italy), there was never a single piece of trash on the well-kept grounds anywhere, just like the Amish farms.

None of this is beside the point, we were given a way of life by these people that insured success for almost all.  "Dirt" as we know it today was almost non-existent.  Any that did exist was quickly outed and the people involved were avoided.  But there has been half a century between that life and today.  Still, I cannot see Amish types selling their children or most of the other accusations here mentioned.  Their communities were so tightly knit that everyone would instantly know.  Morals were high about things I even then considered mundane.  I recall that if you dated one of their girls you knew beforehand that if you could not find a way to get that lace thing off her head you would never even get a goodnight peck of a kiss.  Not even sure about holding hands. They were good people.

Thanks, Tony, for righting a possible wrong-

You make me want to take this article down but it is too late. I apologize if it is entirely untrue and has caused offence. I regarded Sringmeier as credible. What do other people know? 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Springmeier- Illuminati Use Amish as a Resource "

Sue said (August 29, 2019):

Fritz S. always seems to have the "inside" information. I don't trust him. People with an abundance of "insider" information usually are the very insiders they claim to be exposing. And, yes they are exposing things for their own agendas. I don't trust anyone that seems to always have the inside scoop on hidden things, it's just to convenient. Granted much of what they claim may be true, but doubtful all of it. "They" always have an agenda. Many preachers like Tom Horn and his band of evildoers are always "exposing" hidden things, really,,, they are even allowed in parts of the Vatican that aren't open to outsiders. My question is why, unless they are one of them.

FS said (August 28, 2019):

Henry, don't have any regrets about posting, 'Springmeier -- Illuminati Use Amish as a Resource'. The more stories that get posed like that, the better. Tony B. says the same as what is often said about Freemasons by so many poor, trusting souls.

According to Fritz himself, at the very top of all the major, world-class religions is Satanism, and therefore they are all dangerous; they are all about elite mind control over the masses, and so it is no surprise that both the Amish and the Mennonites would produce child Monarch, mind-controlled slaves, using trauma-based (including sexual abuse trauma) mind-control, especially religious cults/secret societies so insular and secretive as those; Fritz himself admits to being an Amish for a time himself, so he must know of what he speaks; Alan Watt minces his words not at all about what a secret, malevolent force with great hidden wealth/treasure/war chest, ala the Knights Templars, the grim Pilgrims and Puritans, which I would certainly lump in with the Amish and the Mennonites, were in covertly shaping early America, commensurate with the Illuminati' hidden agenda. The pious facade which those secret religious orders, along with Freemasonry, put up is for the benefit of their lowly, rank-and-file members and the profane masses on the outside looking in. That's what secret societies are all about

Marcos said (August 27, 2019):

The problem with the Amish is that they follow a kind of pagan witchcraft called Pow-Wow, or Brauche, while pretending to be Christians. They are indeed a cult with an authoritarian control and sexual abuse.
I suggest this excellent book. I can vouch for the credibility of the author:

Deanna said (August 26, 2019):

Please do not take this article down. I just finished reading this book.

This book at the very least enforces the idea that the Amish are a cult. Youtube is rife with stories of people escaping the Amish, incest, child abuse, sexual abuse, Etc.

My experience with them in my life in Wisconsin and Missouri have help me shed my naïve idea they are Godly. And it would also be very naïve to think that the Illuminati have infiltrated every institution on the planet but out of the goodness of their heart have decided to leave the Amish alone. No section of society escapes the problems of this world. There may be good Amish people out there just like any sector of society but of course they are subject to all the problems as well.

Tony B said (August 26, 2019):

Response to Essel's ignorance concerning these people.

For "Essel's" lack of information, the Lancaster Amish, et al, had to fight the state of Pennsylvanian like hell just to get their kids out of public schools long enough to help with their hand harvests. Some of them were jailed in the process. They were NOT allowed to home school them, a major crime against humanity as government schools are the poison of the mind. Their horse-drawn buggies were forced off the roads until they gained enough clout to make the state change its mind. Their "outside the system" on everything was and is constantly war against the state for them to maintain. The state wishes to destroy such a cash-only economy (and even then, cash only used for things they could not make themselves) which was proof positive that Rothschild debt-at-usury pretense of money, was poison to anyone other than the elite "investors" who live off the backs of people who actually work for their living. Those people NEVER borrowed a penny and NEVER bought into the "insurance" racket, taking care of their own in every way. Both considered high crimes in this Rothschild economy in which we have been forced.

JM said (August 26, 2019):

We tried farming organically in southern Indiana in the early ‘70s where there are a lot of Amish. My husband did business

With some of them and admired them greatly. Years later when I moved back there I became friends with a naturopath

Who’d been an osteopath in England. Many of the Amish relied on him for his skill. He said they were “like children”.

Early in the ‘70s a group of Mennonite doctors swooped in and established a monopoly in the area. They were typical

post-Rockefeller’s Flexner Report allopaths. A friend of mine with medical records from floor to ceiling still outlived

Four of them!

Hopefully, they are not involved with what Springmeier describes. I regard him as credible also, have his Bloodlines

Book. I’m not sorry you published the article.

Essel said (August 26, 2019):

Look, I respect Tony's testimony, but he necessarily lacks height.

I believe that there is a judgment criterion that has few exceptions over time. Are these people being persecuted by the totalitarian state, which has every right to wipe them off the map? To my knowledge, no. This is in contrast to ordinary parents who try to go to school at home or spank their children who have done something wrong. I can go on and on and on. Was Springmeyer persecuted? We know the answer.

Let us never forget this principle of the KGB's "vademecum": "Always lie as close as possible to the truth" (Vladimir Volkoff, Le Montage).
Tony talks about their "morality". But what are the sources of this morality, which, in many ways, is not THE morality, just as the Scouts' morality is not, and for good reason: Baden Powell was a high initiate!

Subversion techniques are much more subtle than most people think. This is a billiard game that is played on the fifteenth bounce, while their own observation glasses are limited to the first or second.

Hitler certainly did some good (little) things, which earned him the attachment and praise of a large part of the people. And yet? But it was necessary to wait a little while (hence the need for duration in the criterion set out above) to realize this (which some have still not done).

Bruce said (August 26, 2019):

This article is complete nonsense, period. As John H aptly puts it; Springmeier offers no supporting evidence. I was born and raised in the Southwestern part of Pennsylvania and was acquainted with someone who married into the Mennonite sect of the Amish. Not once did he state anything wrong about these people. He did state they were more modern in their approach to society than the more fundamental Amish i.e, the use of electricity, etc. I have been to Lancaster as well Berlin, Ohio which has a strong Amish present. Those people don't strike me as a group who would resort to or practice such abominable evil. I can usually feel a vibe, good or bad from someone or a group of people. These people give me a sense of duty, family, and religious loyalty.

Mohammed (South Africa) said (August 26, 2019):

Henry, this is the first-ever time im hearing about anything like this with regard to the Amish, Mennonites etc

i find it hard to believe but at the same time, what Fritz says makes sense- esp with regard to the way these Amish etc communities are set up & the way they live etc, it makes the entire scenario wholly possible.

the only part that gives me doubt is where he says these Amish women willingly give up their kids- that doesn't sit right with me.

any normal mother would not do such a thing and when u consider that the Amish are supposed to be even more God-fearing than normal Christians, it makes it harder to believe.

as far as the Illuminati/Satanist elite is concerned, this sort of cunning arrangement is exactly what id expect of them.

Karen said (August 26, 2019):

I grew up among Amish in Ohio. They never caused any problem except with those buggies that occasionally did get hit by a motor vehicle. And in the last 20 years or so, they've purchased a lot of farmland because they have cash to pay for it.

I have noticed this, however, as did a Jewish friend of mine, when I showed him some pics I took while visiting a popular auction yard where there was a lot of Amish, that their garb highly resembles what is seen among members of the strict Jewish communities as in New York City. And here in the capital of my state, I see them in town for whatever lobbying they do at the statehouse. They have a strong lobby to keep from paying those taxes the rest of us pay. When I see them in town it's a shock. They very much resemble Hasidic members of the Jewish community.

John H said (August 26, 2019):

On the Springmeier Amish article, these are brutal accusations by Fritz, but where is any hard evidence of their veracity? This does not ring true. Again, I see zero proof or evidence, Springmeier should apologize and recant this.

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