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Divide and Demoralize -- (((Russia's))) Pre-WW3 Strategy

August 3, 2019


WW3 is the final act in a long-range 
synagogue script to achieve world Jewish domination

Andy and a small group of dogged researchers
believe the fall of Jewish Communism in Russia
was a ploy designed to weaken Western defences.
He believes that Freemasons are setting the stage for WW3.
Here he outlines Russian strategy for weakening the West.

By Andy
(Excerpt by 

Prior to the WW3, there are three key actions designed by the synagogue to weaken and Sovietize the West.

1) A split of the USA and Europe and the dissolution of NATO/establishment of a European military. Alexander Dugin's speech in China in 2018: "We could describe some features of this multipolarity. First of all, the West should be split. The United States of America are one pole of civilization, and there's Europe that is not the same. They have a lot in common, but there are a lot of things that divide USA and Europe, more and more. Now it's time to give a form to these differences." (53)

Again, Petr Cibulka: "Our paper debunked many lies widely believed about the November revolution of 1989 and the fact it was not an anti-communist revolution at all. It was a privatization coup organized by the reform wing of the Russian KGB. It was accomplished in order to install the self-invited 'new administration' turning them into the country's rulers and lawful owners. And that was achieved in full measure by the communists, the STB and KGB structures under the leadership of Vaclav Havel. As a result, there was fraudulent privatization of state wealth that in fact ended up in the hands of communist and STB/KGB structures only."

"Vaclav Havel told them (the US Congress) in 1989: 'If you want to help Czechoslovakia then you must help the Soviet Union!' He was also saying at the time: 'The liquidation of the Warsaw Pact should be followed by the liquidation of NATO!"

"They're (the Soviets) realizing that Western Europe is already under their rule indirectly through communist agents of influence - corrupt and compromised politicians. Western Europe is not a threat to Moscow. Therefore to the communists, America is still the #1 enemy and an obstacle on their way to conquer the World. As I have stated before, Russia is determined to fight America through surrogates. On the one hand, Russia is trying to provoke a split between America and Europe. On the other hand, Russia is trying to strengthen the most fanatical anti-American regimes in the world by supplying them with weapons of mass destruction." (54)

And in Western cooperation, the verified synagogue puppet and freemason Emmanuel Macron: "We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America." (55)

The split will clearly weaken Western military force and although WW3 will be secretly directed by the synagogue in same manner as admitted by Chaim Weizmann above of WW2, it will demoralize the Western military who will be fighting unaware they are performing to a synagogue script. 

2) Civil disturbances/war/revolution.

The tinder for this will be a deliberate economic collapse in the method of the Protocols of Zion: "This hatred will be still further magnified by the effects of an economic crisis, which will stop dealings on the exchanges and bring industry to a standstill. We shall create by all the secret subterranean methods open to us and with the aid of gold, which is all in our hands, a universal economic crisis whereby we shall throw upon the streets whole mobs of workers simultaneously in all the countries of Europe. These mobs will rush delightedly to shed the blood of those whom, in the simplicity of their ignorance, they have envied from their cradles, and whose property they will then be able to loot. Ours, they will not touch, because the moment of attack will be known to us and we shall take measures to protect our own." (56)

This is the reason why world debt has been exploded by the synagogue to three times global GDP of $88 trillion (57). And the notional value of outstanding (over-the-counter) derivatives contracts is $544 trillion. (58) The latter has been set as the gunpowder for the financial collapse.

As Warren Buffett recognized: "The derivatives genie is now well out of the bottle, and these instruments will almost certainly multiply in variety and number until some event makes their toxicity clear. Central banks and governments have so far found no effective way to control, or even monitor, the risks posed by these contracts. In my view, derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction, carrying dangers that, while now latent, are potentially lethal....."

Russia and China, on the other hand, are insulated by their quietly accumulated masses of gold which, in the collapse of the financial system and the US$, they can in pre-plan launch a new currency to displace the dollar and bleed capital from West to East. (59)

Remembering this is a long-range plan, the flames of civil disturbance have been deliberately planted in the West with the pelting of society with vice, most significantly pornography, violence, and murder. The youth have been especially targeted for corruption.

And Petr Cibulka testifies how the Russians are active in promoting civil collapse in the synthesis of the global synagogue plan:

"At this time Russia is not trying to defeat the West by herself in a direct confrontation, but she is using anybody willing to help to destabilize and cause the total breakdown of the West. This method involves subversion from within and also from without, against Western countries. It is the breakdown of Western Civilization by removing its spiritual and moral pillars and replacing them with materialism and socialism. Also its economic, political and power structures, and it is necessary to fundamentally weaken the middle class and limit the bourgeoisie's political role. This strategy has apparently met with success." (68) ...

Immigrants, in particular, Muslims, have been progressively have been brought into Western countries as a powerful incendiary to civil war, in clash with ethnic populations.

3) Finally, Western identity to be broken.

As keenly observed by Mr. Tim Fitzpatrick: "The perception of Russia as the anti-Zionist hero of the Middle East and as an Orthodox Christian ethnostate serves the final goal of hoodwinking the last bastion of opposition to global communism: Western nationalists/conservatives. Win them over and it's game over. This is where we are at today. Putinist Russia and the Trump regime are all about streamlining conservative/nationalist sentiment into communist hands in Russia. The Western Left is already Marxist; all that is left is to honeypot conservatives and anti-communists. This goal is almost a done deal, as most in the alt-media and in the nationalist cause are pro-Russia, pro-Trump. What the Jewry does next remains to be seen." (69)

As Dugin has stated:

"Western Europe is experiencing a sunset, it will lose its identity. I am a follower of René Guenon (a gnostic), who recognized the crisis of Western societies far before the 21st century." (70)

We know from the Protocols of Zion (No. 10) and from Rabbi Schneerson's speech in 1994 how in operation of the synagogue, "The President is a screen, seemingly elected by a popular vote (and we will forge electoral procedures in such a way that they will seem so that everything would seem legitimate), and we are going to do all our necessary business from behind this screen." (71)

Recognizing the synagogue's masterplan is phased, in order to destroy the conservative/nationalist/capitalist identity of the West, such types have been brought to prominence by the synagogue in the current time. In key example President Trump, conservative British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and BREXIT party leader Nigel Farage. 

It is likely that the synagogue will blow the financial system on their watch (possibly in mask of a 'no-deal' BREXIT and perhaps in the mix, the US/China 'trade war') in order to associate the calamity with this identity. Apart from the ensuing financial collapse leading to civil disturbance as described above, the conservatives/nationalists/capitalist constituency will be shepherded towards Putin in search of alternative, in plan as described by Mr. Fitzpatrick. The possible revelations of Jeffrey Epstein (seemingly a long-range Kompromat operation by the Mossad/Soviet nexus) could add to tarnishing this identity and accentuating the narrative of Dugin's Western 'manic satanic elite'.

The synagogue will have prepared leaders in accord with the future phases of the plan. In Macron, we already have the type of a would-be dictator and such must be in place when martial law is to be imposed on the West. This will include an American President who will be scripted as the chief aggressor in cause of WW3.

In all, a fractured West, financial calamity, grave civil disorder/government repression and a new 'aggressor' Western Soviet Union controlled by a 'manic satanic elite/globalists'. The stage is then set for the East to act as 'liberators' in the WW3 script as above.

First Comment from Tony B

I find it ridiculous to write about "weakening the west" when the west has weakened itself to unbelievable proportions.  Could you ever before imagine a United States president ruling by "tweets?"  And without any adult concept of geography nor of proper English?  And millions hanging onto his every word as though from God?  Is ignorance really blessed these days?

As morally collapsed as is the U.S., Europe is light years ahead of us in that category.  Everywhere in the west today it is nothing but the Talmudic Jewish "GET" - or more properly now, "TAKE" - by trickery, bribery, force or whatever works.  From top-down to bottom.

Even if the "east" could take the west today (which it very well could where integrity and personal will power count, even if its overall belief system is still somewhat perverted by over a century of Talmudic slaughter and mind perversion) why would it want the decayed and totally perverted west which has been sucked dry of wealth as well as morality by the City of London Rothschild cabal?

Paying very close attention to both the words and acts of Putin, if he is not a practicing Christian he is a faultless pretender of such.  And with at least as much patience as the proverbial Job.  He not only has the west trying constantly, and very shrilly with never-ending lies, to destroy his credibility plus using sanction warfare attempting to turn the Russian people against him, also the major power in the Russian Federation, which power is WESTERN (Rothschild cabal) oriented, not Eurasian or even Russian - the so-called "Atlanticists" led by Medvedev - doing all it can to sabotage his desire to bring the Russian people out of poverty, even to the point of several attempts to assassinate him.

Putin may seem somewhat foolish in his attempt to get along with all sects and nations, even the UN, which constantly rebuffs anything Russian, but his attitude in that respect is wholly Christian, there is no other description which fits.

Excessive nationalistic thinking is not Christian but just another tool of Satan.  It is the easy manipulation of nations into wars as we now witness daily from every WESTERN "information" outlet.

Has the writer of this article never seen the map of the plethora of U.S. military bases surrounding Russia - even China as much possible?  That gigantic American "embassy" in Iraq is simply the eastern headquarters of Rothschild's armies to concentrate on retaking Russia's natural resources.  Someone has got things backward here.  It is not Russia which is harassing western borders every day, it is the U.S. and other Rothschild prostitutes doing that to Russia, even with the cabal welding over half the power in Russia today.

China?  Harder to tell.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Divide and Demoralize -- (((Russia's))) Pre-WW3 Strategy"

Tim Fitzpatrick said (August 5, 2019):

Shame on Tony B. He should know better, especially as a Catholic. Obviously, he is still using an outdated and defunct geopolitical analysis, thus his complete failure to grasp the reality of the dire situation we are in. I don't blame him, to some degree, as Westerners don't think like Russians do.

It's difficult to grasp day-to-day Russian life, much less Russian strategy. But with the overwhelming amount of evidence available to wake even the simplest mind, Tony B. is running out of excuses for his ignorance on this subject. It doesn't help that he promotes the infatilized KGB narrative of "West bad, East good", as if he has any credible sourcing to back this up. Sorry, Tony. But a thousand articles from RT and Zerohedge won't suffice. And how can a Western Catholic so boldly state that Putin is an Orthodox Christian? What proof do you have of this? What do you know about Russian Orthodoxy? If you bothered to research without your Western blinders, you would have easily discovered that the Moscow Patriarchate is still run by the KGB. Insiders know how akward Putin looks when crossing himself and attempting to participate in the Divine Liturgy. You also would have easily discovered that the Russian Central Bank is a Rothschild bank, via the BIS. So, please, spare us the rhetoric. It's not cutting it any more. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

JG said (August 4, 2019):

As expected the MSM is already holding President Trump responsible for the latest shootings in El Paso, Texas. And, no one I have talked to is blaming President Trump at all other than the overpaid talking heads on the major networks.

Be prepared to hear for the next week or weeks more attacks on President Trump and his support base by the MSM once again.

As Mr. Stone points out here, the Trump supporters are getting use to this barrage of criticism but are not all shook up and on the defensive like the media was hoping they would be.

All the "white bashing" is not solving anything and will only create a divide which will do them no good.

Ricardo said (August 4, 2019):

I completely agree with the article written by Andy as Lenin said: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg is known to the Russians by his KGB code name Steklov

"Butkov learned during the brief time he was able to peruse Steklov’s folder that it had been established in early 1989. He also discovered that the folder was a DOR folder — Delo Operativnoj Razrabotki. These folders were normally reserved for individuals in an advanced stage of the grooming process, or who were already among KGB’s confidential contacts.”

JJ said (August 4, 2019):

I recall one time meeting a white woman who went on a missionary journey and told her pastor father and her mother that they were to go to the government to be taken care of and she was going to go on her way and do her own thing. She also ended up throwing away her European heritage and marrying an Asian man. I meet many around me doing similar things and most/all of the time abrogating family responsibilities is accompanied by a similar abrogation of cultural responsibilities. People are dead to the important issues of life and when socialism/communism come along with the freebies they reach out their hands and even say, "This is God's provision." They see no significance in familial or cultural roles and responsibilities. They don't even know what those roles are.

They also see no beauty or peace in a homogeneous identity. Over and over again I meet schizophrenic people who have to explain that though they look a certain race they are part of another race and they hate it. (The only people who base their identity almost solely on melanin are Blacks.) Descendants of mixed race unions have told me over and over how much they hate it.

If one were to read the Star Wars series seriously they would see the blueprint for our future. The reason the NWO is so anxious to bring in chimeras is to unite the world under a new crisis where we are either human or nonhuman and not only will this be used to unite us but also to create a new setting for more wars and killings.

People are dumb and it is very hard to have patience with them

Ron said (August 3, 2019):

Brilliant Job with Gods grace Fitz did, and by Gods Providence you posted it a Masterpiece of information Lucifer’s plan thru his many minions , I pray the doubters to open up there gray cells Now, for part three approaching will be way too late as foretold by none other then Mary, and it’s upon us soon Our Lord will ask for justice then no more he said she said, In Christo Et Maria RL

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