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John Seeley: Canada's Pied Piper of Pedophilia

August 8, 2019

(John Seeley, 1913-2007, mentor to Illuminati leaders and their children)

The world is run by the Sabbatean Jewish satanic cult, the Illuminati, who are homosexual pedophiles.
Their goal is to induct humanity into their cult to serve their god Lucifer. That's why they're normalizing homosexuality and pedophilia, (aka "sex education.")

Seeley boasted of being friends with Presidents and Prime Ministers - JFK, LBJ and Pierre Trudeau - who invited him to spend weekends at 24 Sussex Drive. All three leaders have been accused of pedophilia.  (Thanks for the Memories and Tranceformation of America)


from June 28, 2015
by Ann Diamond

In his book The Pedophocracy, Dave McGowan demonstrates how western society has fallen under the control of a cult of elite pedophiles.  It's not just that the elite are inbred, uncontrollably corrupt and prone to perversions. Pedophilia is also a well-established system of vetting, grooming and controlling the men in power.

Organized child abuse is rife in Canada, and much credit is due to John Seeley.

Nobody I know has ever heard of Seeley, but he's revered in academia. He was a founder of Toronto's York University. He is linked to the secret eugenics movement that has shaped Canadian society since the Cold War. 

Seeley died in 2007 but his name has popped up lately in support of the Ontario Liberal regime's radical new "sex ed" curriculum. Seeley's real name was Friedeberg. He was a Sabbatean Jew as are acolytes like  Marxist Toronto journalist  Rick Salutin, left, who recently called his old mentor an important "educational philosopher" and "the smartest, kindest guy I ever knew".

Clayton Ruby, Toronto's beloved civil liberties lawyer, also a Jew, dubbed Seeley "the wisest, kindest man he ever knew." At York University, Seeley was also Ruby's tutor. "He taught me how to think." Did you hear an echo just now? Is this the Toronto Boys' Choir? 

(Clay Ruby and convicted pedophile Levin.)

When Clayton Ruby attended Forest Hill Academy, John Seeley tutored him in weekly private sessions from age ten. Nothing strange about that. Or the fact that Ruby recently defended  Benjamin Levin, Ontario's former deputy education minister, on child pornography and related charges. Levin is now serving a three-year sentence for pedophilia. 

If Dave McGowan's "pedophocracy" really does rule the West,  it would extend to Canada, wouldn't it? It would explain why a dead 'sadist and pedophile' is being dragged from his grave by cheerleaders for expanded mental health and sex education programs in Ontario. 


For Seeley, "mental health" was obviously a way to get close to children. In the 1950s, he had himself analyzed by a sympathetic crony, Toronto psychiatrist Martin Fischer.  Seeley shared his violent pedophile fantasies with Dr. Fischer, who never reported them to authorities. These confessions appear in an early version of Paul Bentley's PhD thesis on Seeley which he posted online on Scribd but has since revised, removing all references to pedophilia. 

A trove of information, it exposes these two influential frauds, both connected to British intelligence and elite Toronto. Martin Fischer fled to Canada as a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany. Known to practice psychoanalysis without a licence, he was accused of abusing students at two of his Art Therapy Institutes in the 1980s and 90s. 

When Paul Bentley interviewed Seeley in Los Angeles in the 1990s, he was shocked to find the great thinker living in a seedy neighbourhood of west L.A. posing as a 'child psychiatrist."
Seeley was eager to talk about the "military agenda" that had recruited him for peacetime projects. Eugenicists planned to use 'mental hygiene' to completely 'reorganize Canada.' 

Who knew, back in the 1950s, Toronto's posh Forest Hills enclave (aka Crestwood Heights) would be the flagship community of a new National Health Project bringing together psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, educators, recreation specialists, sociologists to achieve "gratifying results." 

According to Seeley, "A small cell within the military elite" including himself and Brock Chisholm were "the masterminds behind the whole operation." Social control had a new disguise: "enlightened" therapy involving the entire population.

 Baby Boomers would grow up rejecting parental authority only to become pawns of mass media and the emerging drug culture.
The only thing left was for the media to get involved. By the early 1950s, the National Film Board of Canada, transformed from wartime propaganda agency to become a tool for psychological war in peacetime, was promoting the new eugenics in a series of documentaries which trained Canadian parents to adopt the new, 'permissive' child-raising techniques popularized by Dr. Spock and American television programs like "I Love Lucy" and "Leave it to Beaver."

Take away the family, traditional morality, and God. Introduce psychiatry and drugs - and you have a generation of emotionally-disturbed kids taken from their homes and raised by  childcare workers. they determined that you could mislead young people into rejecting parental discipline, create young "rebels" and end up with confused, isolated, drug-addicted weaklings. 

According to Brian J. Low, it turned out the kids subjected to therapy and psychiatry ended up worse-adjusted not better. They determined that you could mislead young people into rejecting parental discipline, create young "rebels" and end up with confused, isolated, drug-addicted weaklings.  Conceived by pedophiles in the military and mass media, Canada's secret eugenics program was exporting its new culture to the world by the late sixties.  

Why isn't this history taught in schools? Because we're all products of it, and to question it would be like criticizing the very air we breathe.

Thank "Toronto the Good," the CBC and NFB for being vectors of the new world order, and keeping this and the secret of John Seeley under wraps for decades. 

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Brian J. Low, The Hand that Rocked the Cradle: 
A Critical Analysis of Rockefeller Philanthropic Funding, 1920-1960 

Paul Roberts Bentley: Martyr for Mental Health: John R. Seeley and the Forest Hill Village Project, 1948 - 1956

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Comments for "John Seeley: Canada's Pied Piper of Pedophilia"

Catherine said (June 30, 2015):

Beyond Excellent Ann and Henry.

Robert K said (June 29, 2015):

Because the MSM concentrate the public's attention on elected politicians as the architects of policy, few people have a sense of how overriding policy is in fact determined and the influence persons like Seeley and Chisholm exert.

The primary controller is of course the banking system, which from a monopoly position creates and loans monetary "licenses to act". The financiers work both ends of the policy development system by supporting favoured advisers to government, who usually can be found either in high bureaucratic positions or in academia, socializing with each other and often moving back and forth between the two fields and into commercial life.

The system is described in Phillip Knightley and Colin Simpson's book The Secret Lives of Lawrence of Arabia (1969): "[These men] understood historical trends and could interpret intelligence, and from all this form an opinion and, if need be, push that policy through the right channels. ... Although outwardly most of them were scholars, archeologists, consuls or in commerce, they could continue to serve their country [this clearly is a euphemism for a narrower interest--RK] --secretly, in a way that the ordinary citizen would never know and could never understand, by gathering information, observing trends, interpreting intelligence, arranging, fixing, manipulating persons and events, formulating policy...." (p. 21)

This description is of 'how things actually worked' early in the 20th century. It appears as if in the UK the group of insiders, once thought to be the essence of respectability, now includes people like the mob- and serial-killer-connected disc jockey Sir Jimmy Savile, whom the police, after his death, have tagged as the most prolific pedophile in British history, but who was untouchable during his lifetime.

Wade said (June 28, 2015):

As the USA sinks deeper and deeper into the sewer, we must understand that the recent ruling by 5 of the "supremes" has absolutely nothing to do with compassion for gays or any interest in law or fairness.

This ruling is 100% about attacking traditional marriage...The Holy Bible...Christians...
and spitting in the face of the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. And that is the sum total
of all this is about.

Innocent blood has been shed all over the world, we have murdered some 60 million babies
in their mother's wombs. Our political leaders, our spiritual leaders, our government officials,
our prestitutes and media whores, along with a great many of our citizens, are corrupt and
evil beyond belief.

I could care less what the deranged consenting adults do behind closed doors. That is between
them and God. This homosexual debauchery has been used to slap God in the face. The recent ruling of the
supremes could be the last straw for a long suffering and patient God.

ATTENTION people of the USA...Do not be shocked by what may happen over the next 12 months. I am here to tell you that God's judgement is upon this nation. He will not strive with any people forever. The only thing that surprises me is how long God has tolerated the insults heaped upon Him by this once Christian Nation. I sense that His patience has run out. We need to repent and turn from our evil ways, and then pray that He will heal our land, but I do not believe the people will do this.

Dan said (June 28, 2015):

Pedophiles want same rights as homosexuals

The point of getting 'gay marriage' on par with real marriage is that now hard core queers can't be fired from private schools for being hard core queers. They'll flaunt their mockery of the heterosexual institution. Administrators won't dare interfere with them, for fear of being sued. Within a few years hard core queers will be openly running the entire school system - including the private schools. We'll see a wave of well established religious schools shut down.

There will of course be pandemic of pedophilia and statutory rape in the schools, so now all the energy and money that went toward slam dunking 'gay marriage' will be turned to "children's rights".

Planned Pedophilia, UN Style

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