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What's the Hurry?

August 21, 2019

The tendency
to rush to the next thing
and not experience
the miracle of life
is a form of mental illness. 

Why is this? 

(I describe the New Age 'inner work" my Christian readers hate so much. I believe the soul is our true identity. The purpose of religion is to spiritualize our lives. Religion is not a mental formula or set of beliefs. It needs to be lived. I have recently changed the credo of this site to "An Oasis for the Awake.")

Revised from Nov 14, 2016
by Henry Makow 

Recently, I noticed I am always in a hurry. But I'm not late. There's nowhere I need to be. 

An Internet blogger is not a high-stress occupation. Yet, I always want to get to the "next thing." 

This is sometimes true of highly pleasurable activities.

I just want to "get it over with." 

Obviously, this is a bad mental habit. The mind is restless, always looking for something better.

What's the rush? Where is the mind going? We all know what's at the end. 

Am "I" trying to get life over with? 

What is the mind looking for?  

Illuminati member Harold Rosenthal spelled it out:  "We have converted the people to our philosophy of getting and acquiring so that they will never be satisfied. A dissatisfied people are pawns in our game of world conquest. They are always seeking and never able to find satisfaction. The very moment they seek happiness outside themselves, they become our willing servants."  Harold Rosenthal The Hidden Tyranny 


We are not our thoughts.  Although we tend to identify with the voice in our head, we are not that voice. (That lets us off the hook for all the impure thoughts we may have.) That voice (our thoughts) mostly belong to the monkey we inhabit. God chose to tame and refine this creature above all others. 

"We" are the entity, the soul, that must listen to that voice.

To purify ourselves, we need to detach from the voice and experience ourselves as the soul, not the mind. 

We need to edit our thoughts as if they were someone else's. In a sense they are.

The substratum of soul is our connection to God, the source of all love and truth. This stream flows calmly beneath the surface of thoughts.


Lately, I have felt the tension. I have my foot on the accelerator and my hand on the emergency brake.

The accelerator is the mind which is rushing ahead. The spirit is the brake. It moves at its own speed.

Instead of fast-forwarding my life, to "get it over with," I need to "go with the flow," if you'll excuse the cliche. I need to drill down to the substratum. Everything gets done if I take my cues from this source.

(Most people don't realize that Tolle is 71 years old.)

Eckhard Tolle always talks about "surrendering to the moment." Accepting "what is." He says the present moment is all we really have. Yet we're so busy rushing ahead and planning, we are never able to enjoy the moment.

I couldn't figure out when he meant. Surrender what to the moment?  

He means "Stop rushing." Surrendering the mind is self-mortification. 

He also talks about not judging. That's another form of looking for the next thing. I am always judging. 


(Don't identify with the slide. This the essence of mindfulness.)

As long as I identify with thoughts (pictures) instead of spirit (light), I am asleep. 

That's why I'm in a rush. I want to wake up.  

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First Column from Kevin:
 In the introduction to today's article "Rushing Through Life" you mention that it includes "new age 'inner work'" that your "Christian readers hate so much," and I wanted to say that, speaking as an Eastern Orthodox Christian who reads your column faithfully, I found nothing in the piece with even the faintest trace of "New Age" thinking. Truth be told, I've never read anything of yours that showed anything other than perceptive insights about Man's spiritual nature. The Christians you refer to are specifically Evangelical Protestants, and their aversion to what they call " New Age" is a symptom of their brittle, sterile theological minimalism, one of their inheritances of the Reformation, which was itself a reaction against (among other things) Roman Catholic Scholasticism.

 I wish to point this out only because there is widespread ignorance of Christianity's Eastern origins; people assume that Christianity consists of Catholics and Protestants, and no one else. This ignorance drives well-meaning, spiritually-starved Catholics and Evangelicals to seek genuine, mystical experience of the numinous in places like Buddhism and Transcendental Meditation , not knowing that a "branch" of Christianity already exists that speaks to the very real need for something transcendent, something that is felt first and understood second, not the other way around. All of the "wacky new age stuff" included in your writings integrate harmoniously into the Orthodox Christian understanding of these matters, and your column today is a wonderful example of such; Orthodoxy is endlessly concerned with the individual believer's ability to wrangle unwieldy thoughts, finding instead a quiet, peaceful center in the Eternal Now of God's infinite Love and Mercy. Again, love the column. Keep up the good work, my friend.

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Comments for "What's the Hurry? "

Old Salt said (November 15, 2016):

Well that was interesting.
I live home alone – never married or had any family.
Stayed with Mom until she passed away.
Always in a hurry to do this or that even though I’m the one doing it for me.
I like to check up on my neighbors to see how they are doing.
But they never check to see if I still here or moved out or gone to God’s country.
I grab the wine bottle for a slurp after I finish something.
I stand in front of the mirror and brag to myself.

Then I get into act of the day; Now whut duz I haz ter diddy did fur meself?
I wants tu be gotted so I kan be normals. Udderwize, I ain’t bin haddy-hadded!
See a pretty lady, an’ I sez to meself:
I ain’t az yungers az I dun thunk I uzed ter wuz!

Mike in Maryland said (November 15, 2016):

If you truly believe that God is Omnipresent, then you need to slow life down and heed some simple truths in this article. I find myself also rushing to get through everything when in reality I should be enjoying the journey and listening for God to speak to me. Noise and mental clutter obscure what He may be trying to tell me. If God has appointed a certain day for me to leave here and challenged me with His Word to grow, then why am I rushing through the process?

Greg P said (November 15, 2016):

About rushing through life. As a poorly practicing Catholic I find nothing wrong with this article as God is love and Jesus Christ is the manifestation of that love.

Sif Green said (November 14, 2016):

Very true! Even while doing the utmost acts of leisure, the mind wants to be done with it! The funniest part is when the monkey gets what it most wants (sex) it still wants to be done and move on. It can take pleasure in nothing. What's the next hit after sex? Already in my mind before its over.

The monkey is a pure junkie. It needs a hit every second. It needs to die.

Only pure excess can appease the monkey. The monkey wants to make itself sick.

It's as if the body is sick by its very nature. Going with the flow is hard with a part time job, its hard with a full time job, and it s hard unemployed. You hit the nail on the head. I am tired of this Monkey's cravings and depravity

Annette said (November 14, 2016):

If your other Christian readers really reject this then they don’t know anything about the true depth of Christianity. After all, what do they think all those Christian monks were doing out in the desert and in the monasteries? . The “inner work” that you mention is easily the same thing that Christians call purification, with the difference that it is not turned into a narcissistic navel gazing.
I turned my back on the New Age because it is filled with so many falsehoods like, you can have it all, that everything you experience is your own creation, blah, blah, blah. Tell that to the Ukrainians that died in the Holodomor, the Native Americans who were driven to the point of near extinction, or for that matter the poor child who was injected with a toxic vaccine and is now autistic.

Al Thompson said (November 14, 2016):

You said, "mostly we belong to the monkey we inhabit." I think that if I were a monkey I would be absolutely insulted with being compared with men and women. Have you ever seen a monkey strap explosives on himself and blow up another group of animals? Of course, the answer is no.

Monkeys and animals do not exit the natural order, whereas, men and women do it on a daily basis. People think they live on a higher level than animals when the opposite is true. People start wars, hate each other for no reason, and work likes slaves and then they die.

But animals can be weird too. My dog pukes and then eats it again. I've never seen people do that but my dog is much friendlier than most people. And he doesn't strap bombs on himself and yell Alahu Akbar...or whatever it is. But overall, my dog's behavior is much more in line with the natural order. This is why I think evolution is really stupid. If the theory is true, there would be a much better behavior of men and women than we have now.

As far as rushing through life, try being put in a jail cell for over six months 23 out of 24 hours. This was an experience that I didn't like but it taught me how to think because there was nothing else to do. It was an interesting experience because I didn't have all of the normal distractions.

Roman said (November 14, 2016):

Christian enlightenment is when your mind is possessed by or controlled by or is aware of the Holy Spirit. When you have realize an absolute faith or a knowing that God is real and had a blueprint of you since before creation and created and moved every particle and force in the universe so you would come into being, you experience bliss. Deep repentance, surrender, then a sense of forgiveness and love usually trigger the knowing or vice versa or it happens simultaneously. You become fearless and everything becomes effortless and makes sense. A feeling that everything will go your way, that nothing in the world can touch you, that you don't and can't really own anything, everything is a gift.

You perceive yourself being moved by an organizing power. Like you are not making things happen, they happen automatically through you. Your thoughts become coherent, full of understanding and non repetitive. Mind leaves chaos and becomes ordered. But it's possible to fall from that state if it is not established. Also the state could lead to pride which makes you fall. I think the state is a gift for the ones who are willing and able to receive it, something that cannot be reached by ones own efforts.

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