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Sleep - Your Body's Ultimate Wonder Drug

August 17, 2019

Mike Stone: "I was born very sickly, and as a child, I was fed a diet of cookies, candy, cornflakes, and canned food which really wrecked my health. As a result, I was forced by necessity to develop a lifelong interest in anything related to health and fitness. 

Today, with chemtrails in the air, 5G technology, GMO and processed foods, vaccines, and dozens of other attacks on our health, it's more important than ever for your readers to do everything they can to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing."

by Mike Stone 

Do you feel tired, weary, and worn out? Is your brain in a fog and your body in a funk? Has your "get-up-and-go" got up and gone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you just might be sleep deprived. That's not good for your health or your appearance.

Before man invented the light bulb and the kerosene lamp, humans went to sleep when the sun went down and woke when the sun came up, averaging around ten hours of sleep a night. And you know what? People were much healthier then. Many of today's modern diseases did not exist. That's because sleep is your body's best medicine and the single most important ingredient to a healthy life; more important than nutrition, exercise, or any drug you can name.

Your body grows, repairs, and regenerates when you sleep. Just about any illness can be healed with enough deep, restful sleep. Throw some juicing and a healthy diet in there and you'll become virtually indestructible.
In the old days, doctors didn't prescribe drugs. They advised their patients to get more rest and often sent them to sanatoriums to recover. Thirty days of bed rest has cured more people than drugs ever will.

Would you like healthier, more vibrant skin? Try sleeping more. The more you sleep, the more collagen your skin produces. Start getting more sleep and your skin will glow with beauty and vitality. As others age, you'll be growing younger. Where do you think the expression "beauty sleep" comes from?

image7.PNGAre you looking to build muscle, lose fat, or improve your physical appearance? More sleep just might be the key to achieving your goals. Sleep is a natural alternative to steroids. As anyone who exercises knows, your muscles don't grow when you're exercising, they grow when you're resting - or more specifically - when you're sleeping. When you sleep, your body produces Growth Hormone and melatonin. Serious strength-training athletes wouldn't think about getting less than nine hours of sleep each night.

Vince Gironda, the legendary "Iron Guru", was one of bodybuilding's most successful trainers. He advised his trainees to take what he called a "muscle nap"; a short, thirty minute nap after each exercise session. His results speak for themselves.

Having trouble getting it up? Drop the viagra and take a nap. Sleep is good for your sex drive. When a man sleeps, his body produces testosterone. Cut down on your sleep and you'll be lowering your testosterone level. Add an unhealthy diet to the mix, and you'll soon be looking, talking, and acting like a leftist soyboy.

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? One of the best solutions that I've ever found is to eliminate all noise 30 minutes before your planned bedtime. No talking, no music, no television or internet, no nothing. Just complete silence. Doing so will quiet your mind and allow you to fall asleep quickly and peacefully. If you have children, this will do wonders for helping to quiet them down and send them to bed.

It also helps to make your bedroom as pleasant as possible. Keep it spotlessly clean and free of clutter. Use cotton sheets and pillowcases. If you can afford mattresses made without synthetic chemicals, even better. If your neighbors are noisy, get yourself a $20 box fan and let it run while you sleep. The sound of the fan will drown out the distracting noise from outside.

If you're on a challenging work schedule, do the best you can. Sleep as much as possible on your off days. Eliminating useless activities from your life will free you up for more time to sleep. Do you really need to stay up late watching unfunny comedians hosting unfunny talk shows? Is Netflix or that latest piece of Hollywood trash really worth your time? Trust me, you won't be missing anything by skipping them. You can dream a better movie than anything that's being put out by Hollywood today.

Don't skimp on your sleep. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture, far more effective than water boarding or pulling out a person's fingernails, so don't deprive yourself.

Pleasant dreams.
Mike Stone is the author of A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon. His book, "It's OK to be White" was banned by Amazon.

First Comment from Tony B

On this subject, I agree with Mike Stone one thousand percent.  As long as I can remember my advice to people feeling sick has been to just go to bed.  Today one has to modify that to: "Don't go to a doctor, who will load you up with drugs that make you sicker, may even kill you, just go to bed."

Although most of my adult life I got between three and five hours of sleep per night (not anymore - too old), still, any time I felt unhealthy I took my own advice and just went to bed.  Always worked.  

In my youth, you only called in a doctor if you cut off an arm or some such.  Sicknesses such as flu, measles, mumps, bad colds, etc. were not considered any sort of real problem, especially among children.  You simply went to bed plus rested from chores when up, until your body got rid of the problem, never more than a few days, usually less.  

Immediately after I first learned to walk, my siblings took me walking through early spring puddles, etc.  The result, which, after getting worse, a house call doctor said was a cold, was actually double pneumonia, me by then, lying in bed.  Finally, my mother got another doctor who got it right, but finished saying I would be dead by morning.  He told Mom that she could rub me down with alcohol to bring down the fever some and make me more comfortable but I would still be dead by morning.  It took a lot of bed rest but I eventually got up and re-learned how to walk.  That was 86 years ago.

The key to this part of health today is that the first thing a doctor wants to do if you are sick is give you some drug that will stop the fever.  This is nothing short of insane or maybe genocide by ignorance.  The fever is the body curing itself.  Stopping the fever ruins the cure and the illness hangs on.  Most people today do not get over their sickness until all the drugs SOLD to them are gone.  Then the body can do its work.

Doctors and drugs NEVER CURED ANYTHING, the body heals itself.  It just has to have a chance to do that.

By the way, it turns out the "Spanish flu" which killed many in the early 1900s, was not the killer.  The killer was the flu vaccination.

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Comments for "Sleep - Your Body's Ultimate Wonder Drug"

Gabriel said (August 20, 2019):

Lifestyle is as important as good sleep for excellent health. Diet, exercise, no stress are as important as good sleep. Also is fundamental to avoid the doctor at all cost. He will kill you slowly with vaccines, drugs and unnecessary procedures. Industrial medicine kills more people than anything else.

Marc said (August 18, 2019):

it’s also interesting to note that our immune system repairs itself from 10-2 at night. So, timing is crucial. Not only the time we begin sleep but the amount of it as well. It’s reported the average American slept 10 hours a night in the 1800’s when physically active for work. The first hour of the workday in the Bible is 6AM!

A candle for a bit after dinner and then up at the crack of dawn was the plan. Captured electricity hasn’t done humanity much good. Praise our Lord Jesus our Creator for His wisdom and love in all this! Blessed sleep...

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