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White Privilege, California-Style

August 20, 2019



This letter describes the stress felt by average Californians. 

Hello, My name is Chris. I am a heterosexual white male part-Jewish and I am proud of who I am. I have nothing to feel ashamed of as I have never done nor has my family been part of the slave trade, or neo-Nazism.  

I have many health problems and I was going to the doctor to get a health problem looked at, and treated, but along the way, I went to the men's restroom. As I came in, a man went from the only bathroom stall to the faucets to wash his hands of the excrement he came in contact with as I surmise he had had anal sex with a male sex partner and was covered in shit. 

I felt a strange feeling by the looks of this man, to use the word "man" advisedly, so I went to the stall he had just left and there was shit all over the floor, walls, and toilet so I took a pass on going in. 

I then proceeded to one of the many urinals only to have the gay man join me a few urinals down from me. I thought it strange that he washed his hands to only use the urinal. 

As we both stood there me relieving myself, and the gay man masturbating and making sexual sounds of gratifications while looking at me I finished urinating and proceeded out of the restroom, but as I left him beating off and looking at me, I wanted to beat the rest of the shit out of him, but I didn't want to go to jail so I just passed by and thanked our Lord that I wasn't raped by this parasite ass f**ker, dick sucking f*gg*t. 

As I thought about the whole scene I just imagined a mother and her young son using the restroom each going to their respected bathroom, and what this fag pervert might do to a young boy afraid and overpowered by the gay man, and it made me mad that the whole queer lifestyle is being made to look hip. 

Since the San Francisco bay area real estate prices have soared, many gay men from the gay area are moving to my home town nearby which has increased in population ten times or more since when I was a younger lad. It wouldn't be too bad if the people moving here were white, but just the opposite. There are a lot of Mexicans (taking my jobs and business) but Muslims (who destroyed my dad's construction business on 9-11-01 or whoever pulled 9-11 off). 

Russians, Commies, all these people moved in like a forest fire, many receiving multiple welfares, disability checks and other welfare that most never worked a day to put into the system. See because they are all a tuff identity not having fingerprints or birth records they go from state to state, county to county, applying for multiple welfare benefits and getting the red carpet treatment in good socialist welfare government jobs that should be given to me, but I am a heterosexual white male. I am the evil whitey, so I don't get the employment but they do, and I have lived here all my life.

These people get multiple welfare and disability checks, plus take my job so they look like they came here to work but I go to my under minimum wage job with these people who work slower and together against me, and they have money to buy expensive lunches every day, new vehicle, buy houses, and all on the same wage I get which is half of what I need to support me and my family. 

Something is wrong with this picture, and I am on the front line eating the price of the hippy generation's total baby bombing socialist betrayal of my generation while the boomers go travel the world further devaluing the dollar by spending it abroad.

 I used to have a landscaping business but the boomers liked paying half of what it cost to tend their lawns by giving the work to five to ten Mexicans who all are raping the system but looking active and good doing my job which I am not suppose to be able to do. 

I can't walk the streets of my home town without the armor of our Lord or being on guard from male gay bastards who want to rape me, or my kids and the gays, and foreigners are pushing me out of my town making me have to share a one-bedroom apartment with my wife and daughter while I have to work like a slave. And at the end of the day I have to go to the government with hat in hand to just survive, while they all steal me blind.   



-------------- Jasper Sparrow - I Contracted My Third Gastrointestinal Parasite from Rimming and I can't be the Only Gay Man Who Has

-------------- LA and SanFrancisco Suffering Public Defacation Crisis  

First Comment from Ken Adachi: "Anyone who has lived in California for the past 20 or 30 years has witnessed this nearly total replacement of white semi-skilled labor first hand."

A very large percentage of manual labor jobs like landscaping, supermarket stock boys, pool cleaning,  house painters, etc., etc., are almost exclusively performed by Mexican invaders in California, and not by white people anymore, as was the case perhaps 25-30  years ago. It's not that whites don't want the work, as often implied by JWO frontmen like Dubya, but  rather that they are INTENTIONALLY being shut out of these labor markets by cooperative/pressured business owners, while JWO state politicians arrange for millions of illegals to obtain the documentation, driver licenses, welfare and schooling benefits, medical subsidies, and THEN the job - denied to whites - to top off the fleecing and the undermining subversion  

American parents of school-age children, especially, must get involved and campaign long and hard to remove the Marxist school board members, politicians, and cooperative school principals and administrators who allow and institute the promotion of homosexual degeneracy and perversion  - in all of its disgusting perturbations (or is it masturbations?). Remaining Passive, Polite, and Ineffective is the surest route to Defeat. Remember - they're YOUR kids. It's THEIR future, YOUR country and THEIR birthright that's being destroyed  Wake up and get involved while the opportunity for free speech still exists.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for " White Privilege, California-Style "

Alex said (August 22, 2019):

This story doesn't ring true to me either; it seems as if they are using opposite elements in order to create a certain outcome. There is a word for that: Alchemy. In this case, it is homosexuality versus heterosexuality. The desired outcome could be a spiraling vortex of hate
and violence back and forth and then destruction.

Joseph said (August 21, 2019):

just finished reading the story titled: Hello, My name is Chris of ' White Privilege, California-Style. At the beginning I knew that I was going to be taken aback by what was to follow but I never expected such a based, vile experience. When I finished reading I thought that this could not be true. I was convinced that the writer had made it all up. Absolutely nauseating. As we say in Qu├ębec: ├ęcoeurant! I believe that it is high time for the Almighty to interfere and smite these subhumans before the whole of mankind is affected. Joseph P.S. I'll be 80 next April andI I better go and check my blood pressure:-[

Bruce said (August 21, 2019):

Al Thompson is correct: standing up to these evil sexual freaks is the only way to back them down and send them back to the slime hole they crawled out of. If we fight them in the legal system, we have nary a chance of winning because the legal system in all Western societies/countries is locked in and in bed with the queer nation.

It has been proven he is correct; Chic-fil-A is a prime example; the faggots and sexual freaks try to bully them; the CEO thumbed his nose at them and they backed down.

The problem with the approach of confronting these perverts is that our nation has been brainwashed to perceive the LGBT is normal. So how can they stand up against these perverts when they don't better?

Al Thompson said (August 20, 2019):

I will sometimes go out of my way to insult a faggot. The description in this article is similar to my experience as a young man. The Rump Rangers would hassle me until I got so pissed that I threatened them with the use of force, and only then did they back off. The whole country is a big faggot ranch and the people who object to it are too afraid to do anything.

Here in Commiefornication, the state is mandating that children must attend LGBTQ classes on sexual perversion. These schools should be shut down.
Just stand up to the faggots and don't ever let them dominate you. They are weak and ineffective.

Gordon said (August 20, 2019):

This article does not ring true

it's just a litany of complaints presented as a whole piece, for dramatic effect

my intuition tells me it's fakery

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