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Christians Respond to Eckhart Tolle Challenge

September 28, 2019


I asked Christians to help me understand how Tolle contradicts Christianity. 

Here are their responses and some responses to their responses.

Matt- I believe that most of your "Christian" readers who commented on the Eckhardt Tolle may be egomaniacal narcissists who are unaware of there own shortcomings. This would be anti-Christ in and of itself. The Ten Commandments and Christ's teachings are being completely ignored by this "Christian" snob mob. None of them are humbling themselves before the Lord and are failing miserably at loving thy neighbor. Alas we are all sinners and this is to be expected. This is where mindfulness becomes an awesome tool to help us be in the spirit of the lord. It does not say love thy neighbor only if they believe as you do, it says love thy neighbor as you would love yourself regardless of their beliefs because we were all created in the image of the divine. 

If you hate or disparage another because they practice differently or look differently or even vote differently than you, then you are hating and disparaging the creator, you are hating God. It's very simple, but the propaganda to divide and separate us from one another has created this schism in humanity from the very beginning, good vs. evil. 

I know that the holy books are just that, "books". Eckhardt Tolle explains simply that to be mindful of joy, happiness, righteousness, and staying on the right path of treating yourself and others with respect and loving thyself and thy neighbor is the way to inner peace while on this earth, is not only correct, but it is divine in nature. To deny this, would akin to denying God. How do I know? I have a step-sister who is in her mid-thirties and she was born with a disease called Joubert Syndrome, where her cerebellum was severely underdeveloped, so her motor functions do not work normally, she can't walk, talk, and has difficulty with almost all things that we fully functional human take for granted. She is in a wheelchair, she needs nurses to help her eat, dress, and take basic care of her. She never had the chance to enjoy life like the rest of us, she never had the chance to blow out her own candles on her birthday, have her first kiss, fall in love and live happily ever after, but this young lady is a joy to be around. 

She is as pure as the driven snow and the happiest being I have ever met on this earth in my 45 years of existence. Always smiling, always happy and always inspiring that same joy in every person that comes in contact with her. She has never read the Bible or gone to a church or talked to a preacher, yet she exudes the essence of the divine better than anyone. She knows God because God dwells in her and in her heart. She can never be corrupted and she could never deceive a single soul on this planet, her spirit is in perfect harmony with the divine. This alone has proven to me that, no book or act can get you close to the kingdom of heaven, being mindful of your own actions and loving unconditionally is the only way to dwell in the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is in every living being on this planet from its inception, this is undeniable and proof positive. We have been given a choice and when your ability to choose is not there, God will protect you and dwell within your spirit for the whole world to see.  May you go in peace and love and may God bless you in your journey called life.

David A-

I have made some videos that I consider reflect Echart Tolle's thoughts

The video TwoWorlds

This video, TwoMinds is on the link below.

Peter W-

Until tonight (9/27) I had not heard of Mr. Tolle.   From what I understand of him he comes from a broken home and as all honest people admit; he was broken and lost. He had an inquiring mind and traveled and was interested in ideas.  Deeply troubled by depression he like all men needed to find peace with God. But he was prone to depression and disconnected from God which led him to a type of Nihilism.  His existential angst led him to contemplate suicide and then at some point for reasons unknown he became what one can only describe as self aware, much as a child becomes self aware. My own self awareness came when I was five years old when I understood that I was me and around me was "other". His troubling stream of consciousness is almost as if he were afflicted by demonic activity but his disrupted childhood implies his condition was caused by "nurture over nature".  I suspect he never fully recovered from his parent's divorce.  He makes a number of statements but offers no proof for the veracity of his opinions. He relies on technique to find peace which is similar to Eastern Mysticism. This puts the onus on us to find our peace within. For Christians Jesus is our Peace "that passes all understanding" and I have experienced this peace during very disturbing times in my life as have most Christians with whom I have discussed it.  Does what Tolle says make sense?  To a limited degree yes, the problem is identified but the solution of Mindfulness and technique is not compatible with Christianity as it quite simply excludes Jesus Christ.

He claims to be "guided by an (undefined) Intelligence" which is very similar to New Age gurus teachings of Cosmic Consciousness.  He misunderstands the meaning of the word Metanoia which does mean a change of mind but Christian Metanoia is the exchange of a universe centered on ones self for the mindset of Christ (for we have the mind of Christ 1 Corinthians 2: 16 *). It is about putting God at the center of our world and removing our very unsatisfactory self from the Throne.  Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand is very true but the Kingdom has a King and He has revealed Himself through and as Jesus Christ. Tolle's "consciousness without thought" should be a red flag for any Christian who reads his Bible.  This is Eastern One-ness and is a scourge of western thought today.  Christians have a  two-ness, Creation and The Creator, imminent and transcendent through Christ.  We do not find peace within ourselves we find peace through the reconciliation afforded in the Gospel through the death and resurrection of Christ.

Agape love is not Spiritual Love it is Divine Love - and Sacrificial at the root.  Tolle identifies the cause of our discomfort but he offers the wrong answers claiming we need to honour ourselves. No we need to honour and worship God.  He suggests Yogic breathing which is as far away from the Cross of Calvary as can be.   Tolle's messange is wholly self centered, Jesus doesn't come into it.  There is nothing new in his message it is merely the same old New Age lie - God isn't even considered.  He sees the individual as god which is so sad.   No wonder Oprah likes him - because he extolls man and not God.  As such Tolle preaches another Gospel which is utterly devoid of Christ.  He is a sad man looking for the Kingdom but  not the King.

Robert K- God is Love, yet in the discussion, you have generated only a couple of commenters used the word.

Love is a relationship of persons, not some amorphous cosmic consciousness.  So the promise of Christ's teaching is that persons (presumably cleaned up) will persist beyond this life, which is a school of love--in which at present, absent the historical desire to follow Christ, failing grades seem to be prevalent.  

As for those who counsel incessant reading of the Bible, it should not be forgotten that the letter killeth, but the spirit maketh alive.  Words can never fully express the meaning of love

Art writes- The more I see how today's Christians think, the less I feel that one of them.

These 2 facts impress me:

Psalm 46:10 "Be still & know that I Am God". & Of course there are many misleading interpretations, of this very straightforward verse.

& From the Greek 'Ιησούς Χριστός', Jesus Christ in English, which translated means 'the anointed Son of God'. Anointed? I doubt if Yeshua of Nazareth was the only anointed Son of God, in that case.

God gave only His begotten Son, instead of His only begotten Son?

I have very little time for idiots in Christian garb, or Sadducee & Pharisee goys.

Michael Berg writes- "In summary, Tolle replays the role of Satan in the Garden of Eden" - Marcos

Regarding the above comments of Bob J, Marcos etc. I must say that it is interesting that the "word of God" must come from "Christianity" and that everybody else "Satanic" at worse or  is walking in the dark not knowing their place on Earth at best.....

Pathetic...First of all, I would like to say that I follow NO religion, yet I am NO Atheist! Henry, I knew that some misguided Christians will not like your identification with Mr. Tolles words.

I've watched the interview of Mr. Eckhart Tolle and according to my own experience, the man is 100% correct.

Peace and happiness is not found in dogma - a man-made religion - but in our spirits and souls which are connected to the all-knowing, all-powerful conscious energy that drives the universe and life and which we cannot name but one which humans came to identify as "God".. (People can connect to this energy via Out Of Body practice among other methods.)

I prefer using the term the Universal Consciousness System that drives and creates the universe.

Mr . Eckhart Tolle comes to us not from a religious point of view but rather from a point of view that every person - no matter their religious beliefs or lack of - can identify with. And for that, he can be considered a prophet of EVERYBODY as he does not openly oppose any one of the man-made religions and philosophies that dominate our Planet - from the 1,500-2000-year-old Christian religion (Mid-EastCult)  to the 300-year-old Communist religion (Atheism).

Religion isn't bad if used correctly (Not taken to the point of violence or extremism) but it isn't the ultimate answer. It is just a man-made tool to give people meaning - even if these meanings are not based on anything grounded in reality.

I personally don't believe in believing. For me, something is real ONLY if I can experience it. Every religion is a box that limits us and our spiritual evolution. There's a major difference between spirituality which is experienced first hand to a man-made (Yes, A MAN MADE) religion.

Hence, I follow NO religion. Yet I am NOT an Atheist either.

The following Gentlemen I link will explain that it is possible to experience one's spirit and immortality FIRST HAND rather than following man-made cults and religions.

NASA Scientist and Out Of Body Expert Tom Campbell On Religion and "God":

William Buhlman - Experiencing OBE's :

Dr. Michael Newton - Afterlife Research Via Deep Hypnosis :

Marti writes:

Read what you wrote and watched the video but Eckhart was way off base. His thinking was centered on man`s efforts to find inner peace instead of the Holy Spirit, which by the way he didn`t even touch on. The Holy Spirit is God`s guide to inner peace, guide to repentance, and the way to be closer to God. When Jesus Christ said "Repent for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand He was talking about His messianic kingdom. I watched this video twice and found no connection to true Christianity at all.  

Jim C writes-

Thank you for posting Eckhart Tolle's video. Quite thought-provoking to anyone who believes they have found the Truth of the Matter. If those who responded to your invitation believe they have arrived, I would caution them. They haven't. No one really knows what Yahshua of Nazareth taught to the Galatians who listened to him as depicted in the New Testament of the Bible. If what is close to being accurate as found in the Book of Matthew, his message was rather simple. Obey the rules of the Creator who created Heaven and Earth and be righteous, do the right thing to everyone. Be truthful. Live the truth. It's pretty well summed up in the Ten Commandments. Unfortunately, the Christian religion has thrown these rules "under the bus." Modern men and women who have adopted this pagan religion No longer live their lives by them. For them, anything goes. Jesus will forgive them every day so their conscious is clear to break the rules Anytime and anywhere. Well, this man Yahshua wasn't a God-man, even though the Christian religion says he was. And he didn't die for their sins. For those readers who disagree look it up. Study the history of the Christian church, if you dare. Thanks again for the "hot potato."

MA writes:

I don't know who Eckhart is, but I briefly went through the video. We are all seeking God.

I became a Christian because I was lonely and suffering. I felt rejected by the world and I felt like my entire life was in darkness. But then there was someone who came into my life who didn't reject me, He loved me and was willing to be my friend. More than that, He died for me and consciously thought of me as He was being killed. How can I ever judge another person harshly who is earnestly seeking inner peace and God, even if they don't mention God? "I once was lost, but now am found."

Eat the meat and spit out the bones if you disagree with certain things, but don't slam the door in someone's face who is trying their best.

"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people's faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to." Mathew 23:13

I always feel Christ in my heart. I am not dogmatic or pushy with my faith because I know that Christ wants His people to be humble and even hidden at times. But I am always ready to give my testimony. I did last night to a woman and I saw tears form in her eyes because she KNEW that I was speaking from a pure heart and that I loved God and despite all my faults it was clear that I loved Him. My mind is healthy because I do not follow the ways of the world, but regardless I did not speak from my mind's thoughts -- these don't touch peoples hearts. I spoke from the HEART and my soul where God's grace abounds if He dwells in you.

When I look deep inside myself I find the kingdom of God. Eckhart spoke briefly on this. I don't know who he really is, but we are all seeking God. We all have souls and are created in His image. Our purpose is to be reunited with Him; Christianity is a reunion with God through His son Jesus. He enters our heart and opens up the "vastness of heaven" for us. There is unlimited love, beauty and peace in the heart of someone who lets God dwell there.

I don't care what any theologian says. The scribes and Pharisees can be cruel. God is not bound by dogma. God is love and love is a living fire -- you cannot control it. He speaks to each one of us in different ways. Maybe He is silently helping Eckhart. God's spirit goes throughout the world seeking open hearts to teach and instruct. God loves us each individually as if we were the only person in the world... we need to remember that.

David C writes-

THANKYOU for this recent posting on your site.   I was raised Christian and have also wondered why so many followers of Jesus have not grasped the deeper, spiritual message of his teachings. I suspect it was veiled for only those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Seems Tolle has gleaned the true essence of what Jesus was attempting to reveal to dull ears and blinded eyes, that the kingdom of God...of Love...resides within consciousness, and is not a geographical location awaiting humans when they die.

Jesus' solo time in the desert were his quiet communion times with that Source, where he would gain his inspiration and strength to 'feed the hungry and heal the sick.' He set the example for all to follow and encouraged us all to go and do likewise.

Thanks for this reminder that even amongst all the Babylonian materialists with their hell-bent, destruction agenda, we can still find a sanctuary.  We can still access that "secret place of the Most High" where God reigns and "the kingdom of heaven is at hand."

Tolle has mentioned that Joel Goldsmith was also an inspiration to him, and Goldsmith has mentioned Mary Baker Eddy as being of similar ilk.  All these people have, and will continue to be misunderstood and persecuted by so-called Christians, until those so-called Christians have their own 'road to Damascus' experience as did Saul/Paul.

Until individual gains a glimpse into the true nature of God and themselves as spiritual the veil remains.  That veil must be rent in their own experience before the 'Christ' can come once again to their individual consciousness.

This is the "Comforter" that Jesus left in his place, for all to find.  It is the "Holy Ghost" so to speak, which communicates all things holy and needful to us when we get quiet and receptive.  It happens 'between thoughts' and meets us where we are individually in our growth and understanding.

We can continue to fight it with our conceptual thinking, or we can learn to listen and love it.  It's individual salvation.  Ultimately we have no choice but to yield...but the good news is in man's extremity, is God's (Love's) opportunity.

Thank you once again Henry for your great website with its balance of the intellectual, practical and spiritual. 

Linde writes-

Instead of the "basis of all true religion", I think Christians should agree that Eckhart expounds his teaching upon the moral law which has its foundations in practical reason.  Good for him.  Here on the goy plantation, we are battling sodomy instruction for the kids in the local school and the human body parts Big Abortion business model.

The Mindfulness of which Tolle speaks is practiced universally  through techniques  as diverse as Pranayama Yoga, Zen Buddhism / Noble Eight Fold Path, childbirth, mortal combat,  Wim Hoff breathing, fixing the refrigerator, big wave surfing, Winnie the Pooh's favorite pastime: 'doing nothing', sailing, driving the North Yungas Road in Bolivia, trucking in South Africa and the Hokey Pokey.  The last is probably the most difficult for a grown-up to do, so completely in the Zone do you have to be to do it to the satisfaction of the under-fives. But all of the above will get you into the Centre, into the Zone, into Consciousness that is both focussed and N'Sync, DMT release, and some methods will give you adrenaline as well - especially trucking in South Africa. Hokey Pokey not so much.

The New Testament passages avoided by Tolle are even more revealing than the ones he quotes accurately and understands in the way in which the Church understands them - that would be the Church which the Elders of Zion consider to be their greatest 'enemy' together with the Russian Czar - now eliminated, although, at the time The Protocols were published, Czar and Romanov Dynasty elimination was still on their list of 'things to do'.

Tolle is right.  Metanoia does mean - turn yourself around: consciously, morally, spiritually and probably in terms of life direction as well.  The famous New Testament passage of the woman 'taken' in adultery and about to be stoned shows both metanoia in the Greek sense and repentance in the Latin sense.  She is very, very sorry and she has certainly turned around - about to meet her Maker.  Which she does, so she is totally in the Zone.  In the well-known parable, the prodigal son took himself off to a foreign country and there wasted his father's legacy in parties and prostitutes.  And he literally returns to his father's home rehearsing his 'I'm back and I'm sorry and these are my proposed amendments ' speech. So he wasn't short of metanoia and neither was his elder brother impressed. (Some things never change). We should all get this.

The real clash depicted in the New Testament is not between Jesus and the people ... but with the Bloodline cult of the Pharisees (the Elders of the Protocols of Zion) and the  Sadducees in person and on home turf.  This clash continues into the Book of Acts and the Epistles between the Synagogue and those who were witnesses to the resurrection and ascension of Jesus.  The witnesses were not going to cease and desist with their public testament just because the Synagogue said so, even in the face of the most gruesome, public deaths the Roman Empire could provide for the witnesses.  All nations have now entered the arena of this struggle; it is now our world condition - as there is no separation between Synagogue and state.  Our yogis, zens, warriors, surfers, and truckers are going to need more than just knowledge of how to get into the Zone and ' high on their own supply'.  

Bob J

Not buying a minute of it, Henry.  I'm quite sure that God has no part in this guy's brand of mystical humanism, if I may call it that.  Tolle is just another in a long line of kindly wolves in sheep's clothing that Satan has trotted out to divert earnest, well-meaning folks from the masterfully simple (but oh-so-specific) message of salvation through Christ's death and resurrection for their sins.  The touchy-feely, self-absorbed, we-are-all-God's-children, many-paths, embrace-the-journey religion that goes by the name of "Christianity" today is Satan's crowning accomplishment.  All else is a sideshow.

It's no wonder Oprah likes him.  Two peas in a pod.

James C

How does Eckhart Tolle, or anyone else, know that "our real identity is the soul which experiences thoughts"?  This idea sounds like pure Hinduism.  In Hinduism, that which experiences thoughts is called the Atman.  It is that which sees, not that which is seen.

Likewise, Tolle's idea that the kingdom of heaven is some "inner spaciousness" is based on a common mistranslation of Luke 17:21. The King James Version translates this verse as:  "the kingdom of heaven is within you," with the margin giving a possible alternate translation of "among you."  In Luke 17:21, Christ was speaking directly to the Pharisees (verse 20).  In Luke 17:21, His reference to the kingdom of heaven was a reference to Himself as the future king of a literal earthly government.  He certainly wasn't referring to anything inside the Pharisees.  In Matthew 23:27, He tells us very plainly what was inside the Pharisees.  In this verse, He compares the Pharisees to "whited sepulchers," which were outwardly beautiful but inwardly were full of every filthy rottenness imaginable.

All one need do to verify Christ's estimation of what was truly inside the Pharisees is to consider the contents of the Babylonian Talmud.  The Babylonian Talmud was compiled by the descendants of the ancient Pharisees.  It was completed about 500 A.D.  In her book, The Jewish Religion:  Its Influence Today, Elizabeth Dilling, using actual photocopies from the Soncino English translation of the Talmud, demonstrates how the Pharisaic Talmud justifies such abominations as bestiality, pedophilia, incest, and even necrophilia.

IMO, Eckhart Tolle is merely spouting humanistic nonsense.  Unless there is a very real God who will soon establish a very real kingdom on a very real earth, humanity is absolutely doomed.  It's just a matter of time before we destroy ourselves and every other form of life on the planet:  "If the time [of great tribulation] had not been cut short, no one would live" (Matthew 24:22).


Andrew M-

A true Christian is one that is exactly of the works i.e. Fruits of Jesus Christ. " You are Peter and upon this rock, I will build my Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail. And you will have the keys to the Kingdom whatsoever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven, whatsoever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven.

This is the foundation of the Traditional Apostolic Holy Roman Catholic Church outside of which there is absolutely no salvation. St. Peter is our very first Pope.

Jesus said this we believe this that settles it!

Therefore, a true Christian is one that is a traditional Roman Catholic. NOTE! Vatican II is not Roman Catholic! This sect is the endtimes counter church aka the Whore of Babylon.

The end times are at this point knocking on the door. Once the last Traditionally ordained Priest dies it is the end. Once the last lawfully baptized individual dies then the age is over and judgment of both the living and the dead and the world will occur by fire! A lawfully Baptized individual is one baptized according to the Roman ritual before April 3rd, 1968.

Two things which have occurred relevant to the end times. The September 23rd, 2017 Celestial message given by Arch Angel Saint Gabriel. And a warrant for the arrest of all Criminal Government which I possess since December 10th, 2011 at 10:02 AM by Lord God and issued to me by Arch Angel Saint Michael. Both are real and both can be examined.

All others have only one choice now. According to our Blessed Mother and Her appearance at Fatima. Pray the Rosary and pray even harder for all others consigning themselves to everlasting hell!

Lorraine Day writes-

I happily accept your challenge.  Eckhart Tolle contradicts TRUE Christianity in every way imaginable.  He is totally New Age.  What he is talking about is no different from Eastern Meditation and Self-hypnosis.  What he is talking about has NOTHING to do with Christianity.

The Bible tells us we are NOT to "empty our mind."  Indeed, some relaxation and un-cluttering our mind is a good thing, but NOT the way he is doing it.

"When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, 'I will return to my house from which I came.' And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. So shall it also be with this wicked generation." (Matthew 12: 43-45) God says, "Come now and let us REASON together."  Isaiah 1:18  God wants us to USE our conscious minds to study His Word - the Bible.  God does NOT say, "Come now and let us empty our minds together."

The apostle, Paul tells us to be like the Bereans who, "Searched the Scriptures daily to see if it was so." Acts 17:11 We are to "search the Scriptures" which means we are to study God's Word diligently - not to empty our mind and allow demonic spirits to access our mind and take over. Paul does NOT tell us to "access our inner unconscious self - and listen to the voice within us."  Again, that is NEW AGE.  No wonder Oprah Winfrey likes Tolle.  She is the QUEEN of New Age!

Everyone seems to forget that there are TWO spiritual entities in the world.  When Tolle "accesses" his "inner being" - it is not necessarily " God" - nor even "good."  It can be the WRONG "spirit" - namely, Satan - who often comes as an "angel of light" (2 Cor 11:14) which is exactly what Eckhart Tolle is doing: appearing 'as an angel of light" while teaching Satanic meditation and self-hypnosis.

We are never supposed to "live by our feelings."  ...

The problem is - NOBODY is studying the Bible!  They don't want to do anything hard.  They would much rather sit in the Lotus position, gaze at their navel, and "access their inner self - to obtain peace"  as Eckhart Tolle suggests.

Tolle is talking New Age Hogwash!

I show in my book, "Who Rewrote the Bible?" (which took me 12 years to write) that the translators have changed the Bible dramatically, virtually reversing completely every doctrine that Jesus taught when He was on earth.  I prove that from the original Hebrew and Greek Interlinear Bible (which is available on the internet for about $50.00). 

Here is the link to information on my book, "Who Rewrote the Bible?":

How many times have you read the Bible clear through?

Eckhart Tolle is really no different from the Catholic mystic, Brother Lawrence, in his book, "The Practice of the Presence of God," which is NOT "God" - but the Adversary, Satan: exactly what Tolle is repeating. It sounds like Eckhart Tolle has read Brother Lawrence's book and is just repeating it verbatim.  This information is NOT "new" with Eckhart Tolle, it is just pagan mysticism "dressed up as Eckhart Tolle."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Christians Respond to Eckhart Tolle Challenge "

Lucie said (September 29, 2019):

My opinion is that Eckhart Tolle belongs to the satanic side and is the opposite of real Christianity.

Accessing the inner Self and meditation is one of the portals to the demonic sphere which opens us up to communication with evil spirits.

All pagan religions and philosophies have many things in common but the most important common element is opening of the third eye, the sixth chakra which is caused by the kundalini energy rising in a double spiral upwards around the spine. This reaches the pineal gland and opens the spiritual third eye which lets evil spirits in.
This is the real Mark of the Beast.

There are many ways how to achieve this condition: meditation, anal sex, occult Rituals, etc.
The third eye should remain closed until Jesus comes back.

Marc said (September 29, 2019):

.thx for courageously showing the other side from the perspective of a “little Christ,” a real Christian. Have you ever heard this terrific message from Paris Reidhead? He deals effectively with humanists like Tolle.

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