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"David Goldberg" Admitted he was Jewish Agent

September 5, 2019

(Listen on YouTube) 

A March 2019 recording establishes Goldberg's loyalties. He wasn't
trying to save the goyim from Jewish fanatics who have taken control of the White House, as implied in later recordings. 
He was not murdered. He is a psyop.
There is no evidence he is a real person. His purpose was to
warn "antisemites" like Adam Green that they must fall into line. 

by Henry Makow PhD

In March "David Goldberg", a Mossad-ADL psyop demanded Adam Green shut down his website, Know More Jews. Goldberg admitted Green was telling the truth about the Cabalist Jewish agenda and that was the problem. 

"You are making too much sense to white people. You are making valid points. They are starting to put the puzzle pieces together. Shut it down, you cockroach."

The Cabalist Jewish agenda is to enslave the goyim, he says. "We are chosen. We rule over you. Goyim, you are cattle to us. Israel is your authority." 

"We tell you all this in our holy books, but you are too stupid to look it up." 

All criticism of Jews is "hate" and is illegal. "You will go to prison. We are passing laws against resistance." 

Presumably, all opposition to Jewish control will be equated with the Nazis who perpetrated the Holocaust. 

Goldberg says Trump is a Jew. Jared Kushner will be the "Messiah." 

Goldberg is puzzled that he is being watched by the White House. 

("David Goldberg's" only pic) 

"I am still a Jew, a Zionist. They must have their reasons. I have promoted Jewish causes for 25 years, My enemy is the Gentile."

" Green, shut it down! This is your final warning." 

Surprisingly this recording only has 680 views. It is still available on the heavily censored YouTube. The Illuminati want the goyim to get this message. "Resistance is futile. We will take your guns." 

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First Comment from John C:

I've followed the story carefully. Listening to the recording, it reminds me of the Harold Rosenthal, and Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein interviews. 

The voice qualities are identical, all three resonate with demonic energy, very low and dense vibration of extreme hate. All three reveal truths, mixed with disinformation and plausible deniability. Like a snake hisses, before it strikes its prey, we are given a warning of their intentions. They have to reveal their plans in advance. The "warning" is mocking the victim to elicit a knee-jerk response and attempt at provoking a violent reaction. 

I am highly intuitive, the message is hiding behind a veil of hate, it is absolute fear and powerlessness of the tormentors, they are weak and vulnerable and know it. The cabalist, Luciferian, Satanic energies are losing their power, and we are seeing in these days what appears as an increase of power which is the last push of desperation. 

The rising level of consciousness and truth is a tipping point, either humanity loses or they do. The truth does not reside within them, it resides in humanity. Their time is short, they know it and are getting ever more desperate. They are an anti-logos force and can not hold out against the greater logos force of this and many Universes and Multi-verses. 

The trick they play is we need them more than they need us, also that they are more powerful, as servants of iniquity they are weak and they are the lowest life form. Their plans will fail just the same as all the others. The Christ consciousness of humanity is their greatest fear.

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Comments for ""David Goldberg" Admitted he was Jewish Agent "

Gabriel said (September 7, 2019):

John C (below) is talking about triumph against the Illuminati through consciousness and interdimensional crap. It's better to be cautionary pessimistic than naively optimistic. What are you gonna do against them? There is a reason why nobody does anything against them, the field is way too tilted in their favor. Y you get control of the money machines and the world's armies then come talk to me. Otherwise, go get your gun, get out of the cities and prepare. I don't think good angels or aliens are gonna save us. Enjoy it while you have it.

Bruce said (September 6, 2019):

JG hit the proverbial nail on the head: people just don't care even when the evidence is so overwhelming, even the dead get it. The American public is the most illiterate when it comes to politics. I have dealt with this on many occasion with friends, relatives, and even total strangers. It was a psyop to the disenfranchise us, goyim, even more. I'll explain: first it comes across as someone legit, then it is pointed out he does not exist. I really think this was a ruse to give the truth movement and us so-called conspiracy theorists to look silly. Then maybe again it may have awoken a few as to the evil of Zionist Jews and their goy lackeys.

I will say this: it is getting harder to separate fact from fiction; especially at the breakneck speed of events that are happening in society. It will take much more discernment in the days ahead.

JG said (September 6, 2019):

This whole psyop was really unnecessary. For example, even if the whole truth was revealed about 911 to the public there would be no outrage because they just don't care.

The American public has been so "dumbed down" by the MSM on all the issues that they no longer can distinguish fiction from non fiction anyway.

The "powers that be" need not worry, these people have become complicit in their owm demise. And, they'll even give you a standing ovation for it all just for stopping by. Ungrateful fools they are not.

You really can't be dupes like these.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at