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Is Chaos the Real Goal of Brexit?

September 12, 2019

There is a war raging for England's soul. 

Parliament is holding the country hostage. 

Parliament vetoes Hard Brexit,  treasonously undermining Johnson's negotiating position while refusing to let him call an election.

SC, a British expat living in Asia, thinks Brexit is really about creating chaos. "The whole "Brexit thing" is one big manipulation swinging in nearly every direction and one does not know what to expect next." I initially rejected this notion thinking BoJo would push through a No-Deal Brexit.  

Then Borris says a "no-deal Brexit would be a failure of statecraft for which I would be partially responsible."   Wednesday he said he would not strike a pact with Nigel Farage whom he branded "unsuitable."  Now the courts are blocking his suspension of Parliament. The publication of "Operation Yellowhammer" a government assessment of chaos following No Deal also bodes ill. 

Maybe SC is right. Maybe chaos is the end game. They are all Freemasons after all. 

"Operation Disunited K"  - aka How to Stop Brexit and Permanently Change the British Isles 


We have been inundated by political commentary on the failed Brexits during 2019. However it must be realized that there is no coincidence in life, everything happens for a reason. 

Brexit was always predestined to fail. Operation Disunited K has been that reason. During the Spring of 2016 David Cameron,  PM of the United Kingdom,  gave the British people a chance to vote. Cameron had no plan whatsoever for whatever way the vote went. However, the dark suits of the European political class (hereinafter referred to as THE EURO DARK SUITS or TEDS ) were not as thoughtless and careless as Cameron. 

During the April May June referendum campaign in UK whilst Cameron, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and other popular politicians and celebrities were traveling around the country on huge buses filling the heads of the population with all sorts of fear and nonsense TEDS were busy planning. 

TEDS were planning for the surprise result of the referendum which would be that British people wanted out of Europe. TEDS has not wanted the United Kingdom to leave the EU. It was a No-No situation. It was that simple.  UK 's leaving simply could not be allowed to happen. It did not fit in with the overall plan for the formation of the One World Government. 

The result of the referendum on 16th June 2016 did surprise everyone.   52 percent of the registered British voters wanted to leave the EU. And a new noun BREXIT was created. TEDS damage control was quickly initiated and the value of the British pound dropped significantly signaling to everyone that BREXIT was not popular with commercial and financial markets in Europe. Operation Disunited K was far more than damage control. 


Operation Disunited K had two parts  - Short term control and Long term establishment. 

Short term control included the following goals. 

Delay implementation of parliamentary procedures Make a review of the British members of parliament and determine their significance with Brexit. 

(Masonic handshake with David Cameron. BoJo is a Freemason like Merkel and Micron) 

Liaise closely with the British political class and select the politicians that will participate in the BREXIT process including determining the length of time that each politician will participate and what contribution he/she will make. 

The British political class will assign all politicians to be active,  non-active, distractor participants and rogue participants. 

The British political class will select a senior government official to be the UK's chief Brexit negotiator but he/she will not have the relevant experience.  

All politicians will receive financial incentives to follow their assignments. 

Politicians that refuse to participate will have their family members threatened with death or injury.

TEDS will instigate their own highly skilled BREXIT negotiating team lead by a high-level EU member. This team will allow access to media at all times and be available to work with visiting British politicians at any time.

 Ultimately the British political class will take whatever steps that will be necessary to stall the whole BREXIT process irrespective of deals or no deals and the squeals of the disgruntled British people.

(Nigel Farage in Masonic handshake) 

Long term establishment included the following goals Destruction of the British political system which consists of the two main parties. Showing the British people that politicians do not work for the people.

 Creating a new parliamentary system of many political parties in a coalition with a leader selected by all parties. 

Destabilizing and dividing British society even further than the division already caused by the influx of Muslim immigrants Encouraging Scotland and Wales to break away from the political control of Westminster.

 Encouraging Northern Ireland to join up with Ireland. Ensure that England remains part of the EU.

First Comment from Peter S

I believe that what is going on with Britons and the European Union  BREXIT,  is the same macabre game that is being played on Hongkongers by  the Chinese government. The ultimate aim is the same. To bring the uppity Britons under the jackboot of the Communist EU, and the tantrum-throwing Hongkongners under the jackboot of Communist China. The only difference is the level of pliability between the two. The technique is the same as the old fable of "Boling Frogs" Bring the heat up, slowly, very slowly!  You can even switch off the heater-for a while- if the frogs appear agitated!!  ( I.e, appear to concede a Brexit)

Alternatively, surround the frogs with a network of pots of boiling water! The probability of the frogs ever jumping to safety is nil. (I.e Order Out Of Chaos).  That is what the TEDS could be aiming for.  There is absolutely no incentive for any national government to appear as effective or successful. The reason for the high turnover of "Prime-Ministers"  

It's not in line with The Protocols! "The recognition of our despot may also come ...when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence - a matter which we shall arrange for - of their rulers, will clamor: "Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders - frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts - who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives." (Protocols of Zion, 10-1)

How I hope I am wrong!

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Is Chaos the Real Goal of Brexit? "

BR said (September 13, 2019):

Since the EU commissions (read: unelected despotic government) are all appointed by the Feudal-cast of Europe's, then true/clean/hard/no-deal/no-negotiation Brexit signals the end not only of the EUSSR but rather also of Feudalism itself, which has always been ruling it and which has been planning it for a century by now:

This is why all the Mice are now smoked out of their Burroughs: most of the hereditary lords,
the civil-service (whose salary is judges by the Lords) and their Vassalisation political parties i.e. Labor & LibDem.

All this happens on the cusp of having ALL British defense (even MI6/GCHQ) confiscated by the EU:

WW3 is about the possibility of a thorough Eurasian Integration, thereafter the end of free-speech and thus of democracy too.

Brexit is how the Anglo-American integration is preferred and preserved instead, and WW3 is thus loudly exposed in public.

Luis said (September 13, 2019):

Indeed it is. For what exact purpose, we will soon find out.

This entire situation was engineered on purpose.
Have you read "The Soviet Art of Brainwashing: A Synthesis of The Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics", by Laurent Pavlovich Beria? It was written by Kenneth Goff, a former communist.

Explains a lot why our world is in such a state and why some many people are talking about 'mental health'....
Matches the blueprints written by Aldous Huxley or Bertrand Russell.

John said (September 13, 2019):

My own “conspiracy theory” over Brexit began when Theresa May succeeded David Cameron as British Prime Minister. I honestly questioned her motivations and doubted she’d negotiate the UK’s exit from the EU successfully. My main concern was she was in the pro-remain camp and I was of the view that a leading Brexiteer, such as Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson, should’ve been handed the reins early on. That the choices she’s made in the three years since the referendum have only brought about greater division and delay only confirmed my suspicions that there is much intrigue afoot and she was part of a wider conspiracy of “fifth columnists” within the UK political establishment to hinder and halt Brexit.

When Johnson succeeded May as PM less than two months ago now I sensed it was a case of too little, too late, and the ongoing obstacles he’s facing with Parliament to avoid a no-deal Brexit, or what amounts to the “apocalypse” to them, leads me asking myself does the UK, or any sovereign nation-state, seriously have to go to war on the domestic and foreign fronts to leave a union it originally voluntarily joined?!

What’s more, it truly beggars all belief that national leaders, such as ex-PM Cameron, can simply leave office clear and scot-free after an unpopular referendum result and hand over the mess they’ve inadvertently engineered to others to sort out should be wholly and absolutely disallowed to me. Truly, as it is at the moment, it’s as if the Brexiteers have won the battle, but lost the war.

Linda said (September 13, 2019):

The BBC series “Yes Minister” answered this question very well. Of course the Beeb isn’t going to tell us why The Crown of the Empire of the City (which owns HM government) is determined to engineer chaos in Europe, but they did reveal the method to the EEC madness back in the day.
Why the UK is in the EU -
3 mins 30 seconds
Sir Humphrey Appleby manages to achieve so many consummate satanic expressions, it is hard to imagine this is just acting. There is a theory that the Beeb managed to conjure up the fallen angel himself for this role.

Why should the politics of the Apocalypse be dull?

LC said (September 13, 2019):

Absolutely spot on with Order Out Of Chaos Brexit! Henry your articles are always a breath of fresh air. Because we both know, that God is in charge. All these Satanic devices and practices are doomed to failure. I am very very excited and heartened by “ the faithful remnant “ in Israel, coming to the true Messiah. It’s really gathering pace. I love the One For Israel website. The testimonies are tear making, but so uplifting. I also love the sermons of Jacob Prasch. His teaching is outstanding, and I truly believe his interpretations of the last days are spot on.

LC said (September 13, 2019):

Absolutely spot on with Order Out Of Chaos Brexit! Henry your articles are always a breath of fresh air. Because we both know, that God is in charge. All these Satanic devices and practices are doomed to failure. I am very very excited and heartened by “ the faithful remnant “ in Israel, coming to the true Messiah. It’s really gathering pace. I love the One For Israel website. The testimonies are tear making, but so uplifting. I also love the sermons of Jacob Prasch. His teaching is outstanding, and I truly believe his interpretations of the last days are spot on.

JG said (September 12, 2019):

I hope I'm wrong on this one but I don't think Prime Minister Johnson will have any more success with the dysfunctional British Parliment than Teresa May did.

The British Parliament knows England can't survive independently without the EU too well. Germany is carrying the EU and not England. England's new multicultural socialist republic isn't faring too well in the world economy either.

The English public once wanted Brexit a year ago but now they realize that a move like this wouldn't help their cause.

rank from Denmark said (September 12, 2019):

Billy Milton Cooper said in his Hour of the time, I Think in 1998, that England Will leave EU once in the future, along with Ireland, in order to create caos and Economic hell.
How could he predict this? Only by information from inside!

Thank you for running a very informative website and all your Work

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