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Lipitor & The Trillion Dollar Cholesterol Scam

September 7, 2019

How effective is it? Is high cholesterol really the cause of heart disease? Does high fat / saturated fat diets cause high cholesterol? What are the real side effects of statins? Why does every doctor on the planet put you on statins the first chance they get? Get ready for a long trip down the rabbit hole with this one.


Source  (Reddit Conspiracy, Anonymous) 

"Ask your doctor about Lipitor" Sound familiar? It should. Total sales of that drug since the introduction is expected to top $1 Trillion (that's TRILLION with a T) by the end of 2020. It is the most profitable drug in the entire history of medicine. But what do we really know about that drug?



The story begins in 1956 with a guy named Ansel Benjamin Keys who received a yearly research grant of $200,000 (an astronomical amount in those days) to carry out dietary research that culminated in the publication of The Seven Countries Study which "clearly" showed a high correlation between high fat/saturated fat intake, level of cholesterol in the blood, and heart disease. 

This research finding started the whole "low fat" craze and officially launched the war against cholesterol. The only problem? It was all a big fat steaming pile of BS. 

His famous chart that shows the correlation between high fat intake and heart disease literally threw out any data that did not fit into his curve. Here's a pic of his original chart with the correct chart to the right that plots ALL data from his studies.

Just even glancing at the REAL chart, you can see that it's all over the map. But our guy Ansel just drew a line and said, look, here it is! This isn't even half of what he was and what he did but the video above will explain it FAR better than I could in a post.


Moving on, the war on cholesterol had started and it became the #1 public enemy of the medical industry. All the doctors were taught that high cholesterol = death and that pharmaceutical companies had the answer: Statins! 

Never mind that the brain relies on cholesterol to function. Never mind that there was no evidence that high cholesterol directly causes heart disease. Never mind that cholesterol's real function is to repair inflammation in your arteries which results in plaque buildup which in turn, leads to heart disease. Yes, the reason you have high cholesterol is because you have high inflammation in your arteries which your body is trying to fix.

The real enemy of the people is the American Heart Association. If you think this group has your best interest at heart (no pun intended), think again. They are nothing more than a propaganda machine for the pharmaceutical industry. Despite the harm that statins do, they, along with influential doctors worldwide, want to do the following:

  1. Prescribe statin to EVERY individual over 50. Even those with normal cholesterol.

  2. Make grape-flavored statin to give to kids.

  3. Make statin a condiment at fast-food restaurants to counter fast food effects on the body.

  4. Add statins to public supply of water.

Do all of the above sound far fetched? Well, it isn't. It's all real. Watch this video by Dr. Mayanne Demasi concerning the propaganda marketing of statins. How effective are statins? 

Well, no one really knows because all the research funded by pharmaceutical companies were never released. One thing we do know is that they claim 36%+ effectiveness. 

But is it really? Guess what, in the clinical trial we do know about, which is rare because they keep the data secret, statins prevented death in just over 3% of patients. Patients given a placebo had 2% survival rate. Guess what? Going from 3% to 2% is about a 33% increase. Is this a joke? Nope. No one would take this poison if it were marketed as preventing 3% of deaths in heart diseased patients. But 36%? Wow! This stuff must work! That's how they operate.

Finally, you know what one of the side effects of statins are? Lower testosterone. Lower testosterone means inevitable erectile dysfunction. Do you know what the #2 best selling drug is for Pfizer, the maker of Lipitor? Drum roll, please....


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First Comment from Tony B

Good one, Henry, but it's only an infinitesimal start.  Statins, for instance, can KILL.

If you really want to lower your cholesterol for some unfathomable reason, buy real apple cider vinegar, not the common supermarket junk.  Bragg's for one, which has the "mother" in it, and take a teaspoon a day.  The man who rebuilt the engine in my rig had a cholesterol "problem" but told his doctor he could not handle that "medicine."  His doctor told him to take two teaspoons of the real, natural apple cider vinegar per day.  On his next checkup his doctor, after testing, said, "You'd better cut that down to one teaspoon," as the bottom had dropped out of the "high" cholesterol reading.  Natural apple cider vinegar is both a real food and a real medicine.

Concerning things that do the opposite of what they are sold to do according to the hype you can include Canada's canola oil, which is supposed to prevent those "saturated fat caused heart attacks."  It is totally GMOed canola that causes heart attacks, not animal fat.  Animal fat is the fuel for the human engine in every cell in the body plus under normal circumstances it does not make anyone fat.  GMOs are the cause of 99.9% of today's stomach problems while real food, such as gluten, is forever given the blame instead of the damned Frankenstein foods and farm industry poisons that are created to do exactly what they are doing.  To both insects and people.

If any person was given an honest tour of any plant that creates "vegetable oils" for human consumption, that person would never again in his/her life EVER touch any of that poison or even allow it in their house.  ALL vegetable oils, with the exception of the tree oils that have been stigmatized in the past - olive and coconut oils, which have probably been the healthy mainstay of at least three quarters of all the people who have ever lived on earth.

Then there is soy.  It must be the very cheapest filler in the world because it is in practically everything which has been refined and labeled "food."  You can tell almost instantly because it makes everything pretty much tasteless, including chicken eggs as the hens are fed, like all commercial animals, these days, GMOed soy and/or GMOed corn.  After WW2, long before GMOs, the U.S. was going to "save the starving Africans" with that protein-loaded soy when it was first being ginned up as a money crop.  But the Africans were not as dumb about food as "westerners;" they refused to eat the stuff.  An alert to this poison came from New Zealand from a couple who raised and sold exotic birds.  When their birds suddenly began dying they were mystified until they worked backward to see if they had made any changes at the time the deaths began.  They had not, but their feed supplier had changed the feed, adding the ever more ubiquitous soy to the mix.  With soy gone the birds no longer died.  An elderly neighbor of mine was regularly going to a doctor for goiter problems.  This is one of the major sicknesses soy causes, mostly in women.  She told me her doctor advised her to drink soy "milk" - - - I wanted to kill the idiot.  Soy, especially GMOed soy, the only kind grown in the U.S. these days, should be mandated in every product it is found, including some ice cream, to carry the skull and bones poison label.  It is that bad.  A major reason Americans are becoming the sickest people in the world.  Practically every processed "food" sold in a supermarket is actually poison.  Moreover, all food value in it has been destroyed by such acts as pasteurization to give the stuff shelf life.  Even pickles, I recently discovered, in order to assure that their flavor is always uniform.

This is getting long but it's still only a start.

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Comments for "Lipitor & The Trillion Dollar Cholesterol Scam "

Mike K said (September 8, 2019):

Same thing for diabetes and Cancer

Art said (September 8, 2019):

Side effects of taking statins are Alzheimer's & dementia.

The allopathic doctors here have the same seeming unawareness to the side effects of statins.

Garlic does a better job than statins.

I point blank refuse to take statins. Thanks for making me aware, of the dangers of taking Lipitor.

Its law here (South Africa) that doctors should refer you, to a homeopath, naturopath or chiropractor, if they can do a more effective job.

BR said (September 8, 2019):

L-Arginine is the natural Cardiovascular cleanser

Further to your statins article:
1. Stents are also fraudulent:

Stents & Statins - Do they work? A top cardiologist's view

2. L-Arginine Benefits Human Performance


4. The natural way to reduce blood-pressure is eating Beetroot, rather not taking statins:

"nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system".

6. L-Citrulline is a resilient precursor (source material) for L-Arginine:
"When arginine is taken orally, however, it’s subject to first pass metabolism by the intestines and liver. This means a large percentage (as much as 38 percent) of L-arginine is broken down before it gets a chance to reach the bloodstream.

L-citrulline on the other hand, a precursor of L-arginine, does not undergo metabolism by the intestines and liver and inhibits arginase, the enzyme that breaks down L-arginine.

For this reason, L-citrulline supplementation increases levels of L-arginine in the body more than supplementing with L-arginine itself and why L-citrulline is also a common pre-workout ingredient."

Essel said (September 8, 2019):

As the hunters say, you have "lifted a hare". And big size.
Dr. Jim's answer "Don't blame the doctors, blame the professors in the medical schools" is extremely relevant and potentially contains an explanation of almost all the abominations of the Western medical system.

I do not know the situation in America, but in Europe, and especially in France, the key to the system lies in the very special organization of the first year of medical studies. On the very justified grounds that a drastic selection is necessary, only about 10% of first year students will be admitted to continue. Nothing to say in principle.
However, the selection, in all the Faculties of Medicine, is knowingly organized to ensure that it is the students who are ready to do anything to be in the quota who succeed. Teachings and exams are based on "head stuffing" and dogma: "That's the way it is. No questioning please if you want to be received." We hurry to forget to free the memory before moving on to another subject. Personal reasoning is very controlled and the general scientific method exists only in words. All blows are allowed to eliminate competitors (destroy their courses, never help others, etc.). In forty years of higher education in a true scientific matter, I have never seen such an atmosphere.

A doctor recently told me that the first-year training was more like that of the special forces than that of Hippocrates' disciples.

So the question is: why? Answer: To subject people to trauma in order to obtain practitioners who are totally subservient to the Authority. And I can say that this is the case because the dog does not bite the hand that feeds him: the doctor does not bite the hand of the Authority that gave him a social status acquired through hard struggle.

Of course, now we have to look at what is happening at the level of the Authority, whose medical professors are the transmission belts. Many of them joined the infernal sect out of pride to reach the very flamboyant title of Professor of Medicine. That's the way the world works...

Stephen Coleman said (September 8, 2019):

Excellent and truthful. Cholesterol build-up in the arteries is caused by constant stress. The arteries expand with stress, creating micro-tears. When their stress is reduced the micro-tears heal. Think of cholesterol like scabs over cuts or a scrape.

Imagine going to a stressful job and coming home to a stress-free home, your arteries are expanding and contracting daily.

Saying that high cholesterol causes heart attacks is like saying rain causes rain clouds to appear.

Animals on strict vegan diets also have heart attacks and high cholesterol.

One question I asked a medical student was: How does eating foods with cholesterol not get digested and somehow end up on the interior of arteries? That woke him up pretty quick

Dr. Jim said (September 8, 2019):

Spot one once again with the Truth of the Matter.
For those whose wish to know more, read the real research in
“The Cholesterol Hoax” by Dr. Sherie Rogers.
Organized medicine is a scam. Don’t blame the doctors, blame
The professors in the medical schools. Find out whose hip pocket the’re in.
Thank you so much for being there. Don’t ever give up.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at