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Anthony Migchels: Return to Gold Standard Spells Disaster

October 14, 2019


(Left: Mark Carney, top Kingpin of the vipers enslaving and destroying the West and the World.)

"The Bankers have routinely switched between Gold and Credit-based systems, and it's always the same: credit if they want to create debt and inflate, Gold Standards when they want deflation and associated depression."

by Anthony Migchels


There we have it folks. The next round in the Crunch is here, and Central Banks have suddenly started saying that a Gold Standard will be necessary to start anew.

The Gold Standard will force an excruciating deleverage, austerity, deflation, and depression, and bring immense pain to the masses.

The Real Populists have been warning against the coming Gold Standard as the Banker Master Plan to destroy America for decades. The Libertarians in the Truth Movement have a lot of explaining to do, for continuing selling the Banker Plan to the uninitiated.

Consider the events of the last few weeks.

First Mark Carney, boss of the Bank of England makes an incredible speech, simply announcing the end of the US Dollar's reserve currency status, and succession by an IMF generated and controlled World Reserve Currency. He went on to say the coming crises would be used to facilitate the transition.

Then two weeks ago, the FED's repo rate suddenly spiked to 10% (!!). It's supposed to be sitting at about 0%. The Banks weren't lending to each other, that's what caused the crisis. The FED had to dole out $75 Billion to get things under control.

Then over the weekend, the FED suddenly announced it would start Quantitative Easing 4.0, even though they don't want to call it that, as they don't want to admit the gravity of the situation. But it was pretty much an open secret that it would be inevitable.

And now major Central Banks are saying that we will need a Gold Standard after a reset.

Now have a look at this graph, courtesy David Jensen:

This is the trend of M2 growth over the last few decades. As you can see, the money supply has stopped growing, while it needs to grow quite substantially to keep the interest-charges payable. As a result, there is less and less money available in the real economy, and this is hammering economic activity.

It is the result of the FED's tightening policies, raising rates and so-called 'tapering', taking the cash they injected to keep things going after the 2008 crash out of the economy again.

As we can see, the results have been disastrous. We're now at 2008 levels of money growth, and a major crash is all but unavoidable and has already begun.

Of course, this is not caused by 'incompetence'. The FED knows exactly what it has been doing, and many commentators have been pointing it out. Even Trump was on their case about it. 

In fact, it must have been quite unnerving for them, to do it while all the initiated saw it clear as day. On the other hand, the effects of this must not be overstated. It's over for the FED, they will be soon replaced. They will get the blame for everything, and everybody hates their guts, and the FED's owners have had their successor ready for a very long time now. The real managers and owners of the System will, of course, remain the same, they're just conveniently changing their vehicle, as they have so many times, in so many countries throughout Modernity.


The Bankers have routinely switched between Gold and Credit-based systems, and it's always the same: credit if they want to create debt and inflate, Gold Standards when they want deflation and associated depression. 

They went paper-based money in 1914, to finance the War. Their man Winston Churchill reinstated the Gold Standard for the Bankers in 1925. It duly led to a scarcity of money and a terrible crash. Germany left the Gold Standard in 1931, but only under Hitler and Schacht did the economy get reflated, something that only happened in the US and Britain when the War started.

After the War, all currencies were tied to the Dollar, which in turn could be converted into Gold. This was mainly to drain America's Gold Reserves, and this worked like a charm. When America lost most of its Gold, it closed the Gold window, and since then Gold convertibility was over. And now it's back to Gold again.

Of course, the Gold Standards of the 19th Century were all Rothschild controlled: Rothschild controlled the Bank of England, which ruled through the Pound Sterling as World Reserve Currency. The same people are obviously behind the FED and the coming Gold Standard.

The Twenties are going to be terrible. The West's free fall will escalate. America is the main target and will get hit beyond belief. Before the decade is over, the American Empire will be gone: they simply won't be able to afford these 800 foreign bases and $1 Trillion fighter gadgets, and $8 Trillion Middle Eastern extravaganzas anymore.

But rest assured the Pentagon will demand Social Security, State Pensions, and Food Stamps must go first. And that they will get their way.

The Empire's demise will leave a huge power vacuum and will create only vastly more chaos all over the World.


This is the big one. We all know it had been coming. Mark Carney simply spelled it out and was kind enough to give a time table.

The West is facing destruction, it's an all-out war against us by the Money Power.

There will be huge confrontations between the Peoples' of the World and 'elites'. Nobody will be able to deny anymore that we face an existential war against the Plutocracy. We can't afford to be distracted by the losers (migrants, for instance) anymore.

And the truth is that our owners have been preparing for centuries for this. They will have a few tricks up their sleeves, doubt it not.

It is going to be us, the Peoples of the World, the working people, the normal people everywhere, or it's going to be the hyper-rich. There is not a place for both of us. We can have a world where everybody does his bit, and shares in the rewards, or we can have a few parasites marching all of us off into debt slavery and annihilation.

The sooner we make peace with this, the better it is. Because it is the Truth, and things have been out of control for really way too long already.


Anthony Migchels is the founder of De Florijn, the first fully-fledged interest-free, privately operated currency in the World. His website is Real Currencies.   

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First Comment from Chris Pirnak:

I read the article and it really is just another gold shill article. It does a terrible disservice to those who embrace it. I never invest and predict future events based on a remote outlier event. The author takes stuff out of context.

I just ask one question; Why would the globalists move to a gold-backed currency? They would intentionally destroy the economy and world system for decades AND GET THE BLAME. They would create such chaos that they wouldn't be able to control. The NWO is being implemented while the people continue to underestimate it.

They can keep this current system all the way to war. War will provide the force majeure to move to the next step. Based on the status of the ChiCom and Russian military, we are at least several years away.

The elites will never arbitrarily move to another system. There needs to be a catalyst. War always has been that catalyst and war will be once again. The elites are very predictable.

The globalists want to change but need a force majeure. The pain from changing the monetary regime is too great for the world at this point and only an exogenous type of catastrophe (exoplanet crashes and destroys the world, global conflict, etc.) qualifies as the catalyst.

 I wrote an article earlier today that I think may help a few of your readers who are tired of the shilling in the alt-media

Investing based on our beliefs instead of reality; A lethal philosophy - Know Your Adversary

CK writes-

Yes, bankers switch between money (gold) and credit systems periodically to maintain their iron grip on the money system and line their pockets. However, cheating and swindling with an honest gold money system is more difficult to manipulate than is a fake money credit/debt system. All markets are manipulated, that's a truism because when you buy or sell you move the price up or down unless there is a big backstop in the way providing market liquidity.

Gold is what they are after and it's drained out of the system through paper price manipulation using futures contracts, forward sales and rehypothecation, none of which require physical species.  Play the three-card monte long enough and they'll take the gold.

Never forget the William Jennings Bryan "cross of gold" speech. Gold is not perfect, but it remains in people's hands under their control.  This was the reason for the US gold confiscation in 1933.  Gold over 5 ounces in personal possession and all gold certificates were turned in under penalty of 10 years in prison or a $100,000 fine.

Even gold-backed US Treasury notes require honest accounting, or we could see a repeat of what the privately owned Federal Reserve did to gold certificates from 1913-1933 when they issued fractional reserve gold certificates and ended the fiction of gold redemption by going purely fiat.  The gold confiscation was a bailout of the Fed.  They had turned hard money into fake paper, a fractional reserve scheme to defraud the country.  They had printed 5-6x more gold certificates than the gold on hand.  It's only a matter of time before greed and bad luck end a Ponzi scheme.

More here (this article is worth making a copy)

When the decision was made by the Fed to deflate and deflate hard in 1929, people started redeeming their paper gold certificates for real gold.  This run on the bank would have exposed the fractional reserve nature of the gold certificates and exposed this criminal scheme. Fortunately for the Fed, arch-criminal FDR kicked over the moneychanging table and whipped the poor citizens who were getting their savings stolen.

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Comments for "Anthony Migchels: Return to Gold Standard Spells Disaster"

Barry H said (October 16, 2019):

Gold standard or not, the elites want a cashless society to give them ultimate control over every citizen on the planet. This move would really spell disaster. Of course, the bankers have many persuasive arguments to ensnare the public into this trap. Odd jobbers such as window cleaners, gardeners and builders would no longer be able to dodge the taxman. This argument is very appealing to corporate employees whose tax is deducted at source. Drug dealers would also find it difficult to operate in a cashless society. And what about all that loose change-making holes in your pocket? What a nuisance. Despite the obvious attractions of a cashless society, I am not persuaded. If money only exists on the bank's computer screen, withdrawing your cash as a form of protest will no longer be possible.

Swapping banks will make no difference because in reality there is only one bank. The bottom line is that the bankers will have us exactly where they want us - under their complete control. Your implanted RFID chip will be deactivated if you do not behave! If this nightmare scenario becomes reality, it will be because the zombie class, which is in the majority, will accept the new slave system with both hands, just because it is convenient.

Tony E said (October 15, 2019):

The golden rule "Those that own the gold make the rules"

The .0001% own it and exchange it between themselves, their economy differs from that of regular folks. Gold is not freedom from the banker's death grip it is as Anthony illustrates just another tool to maintain control. Look at the new $100 BILL, chock full of gold imagery. Predictive programming for sure.

I don't know the answer but I will say that 1938 Time magazine's "The German Miracle" arresting Victor Rothschild (whether genuine or not) more than likely the bankers engineered the military build-up of Germany only to drag them back into war. Establishing Germany's economy based on production and trade along with the issuance of debt-free money appears to be the best solution, of course, this hinges upon the premise that the executors of this system are uncorrupted, which understanding human nature is only possible for the short term.

Tony B said (October 15, 2019):

Right away I wanted to write a reply to this. Not to Anthony, who is exactly on the dime here, but to those who JUST WILL NOT DO THE HOMEWORK ON MONEY but act as though they have all the answers. Really gulls me. But I also think more often than before - What the hell's the use, few listen anyway.

The Rothschild cabal has been so efficient at confusing people about money that they are like protestants - each is his own pope concerning money while almost none of them ever study the subject, as is evident in their comments.

Or they think they are studying it when they take the college courses that end as a degree "qualifying" them as "economists." They don't even ever learn the true meaning of that word. Nor do they learn the simple fact that no economy can survive using debt as an exchange medium, only the owners of the debt will survive.

Of course, it is always possible that some of the commenters are "speculators" who don't want to lose their easy life connected to the "debt pretending to be money" scam which screws all but the insiders, causing upwards of 90% of all the misery in the world by dint of our bogus "money" while they get super-rich from their outright criminal actions dealing in this debt at usury.

Gold, paper, dog shit, it doesn't make any difference what money is made of, what changes it values is the ratio of it in circulation to exchanges needing to be made. But gold, being scarce no matter what is an easy thing to use to create depressions without accepting the blame for doing it on purpose for gain through the unavoidable failures of those owing the manufactured phony debts.

That is everybody other than the creators of the debt when the money is created as debt at usury. Scarce "money," no real way for most to buy and sell, therefore closures, etc., so the criminal owners of the debt steal all property they can from those who cannot meet loan payback, end of the story.

BTW, don't these gold lovers, who want this "stable" money, ever ask themselves why the hell this "stable" commodity is listed every day on the stock market with its latest price per ounce?

JG said (October 15, 2019):

I read an article a while back that said the reason President Nixon took the America dollar completely off the gold standard in 1971 was because of a large draw on the US Gold Reserves by many of the foreign banks. With all the internal garbage going down in America at that time they believed America might not survive and started demanding gold for their American dollars.
It was then that Henry Kissinger made the US dollar the reserve currency of the world. With the cooperation of the Saudis, only American dollars would be accepted as an international currency for the purchasd of oil.
According to Harold Rosenthal in his interview 'Hidden Tyranny', he said that the Federal Reserve demanded gold as repayment for the money they printed and loaned to the US government.This also was a big draw on the American Gold reserves.
I also read that under President Reagan an attempt was made to audit the gold in Ft. Knox. From what I recall they weren't too pleased. Just like Harold Rosenthal explained, it said that a lot of that gold was now property of the Federal Reserve.
As written in 'Protocols', all economies that were tied to the gold standard eventually failed.

Today debt levels are at an all-time high that will eventually devalue the dollar. I also do believe that there is a good chance that we might have an IMF International Currency based on a gold standard. Even digital money has to be backed by something.

The game of monopoly is almost over with the House of Rothschild victorious once more. However, the next game that will be started will have very few winners and many losers.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at