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Book Details Satanic Jewish (Cabalist) Subversion of Christianity

October 30, 2019


Christians are starting to wake up!

New book details the Satanic Jewish (Cabalist) subversion of Christianity.

I have not read this important book yet. (Just ordered it.) 
But wanted to alert my readers to it by posting an excerpt from a blog. 

Thanks to Ben for the tip!  He wrote- "Kosher Pig is one helluva read. You won't be able to put it down. And thanks for putting it up on your site. If it helps alert people to what we are facing then maybe in some small way I'm contributing."

 Kabbalah Secrets Christians Need to Know: An In-Depth Study of the Kosher Pig and the Gods of Jewish Mysticism

A top-selling book in Christianity and Ministry on Amazon! by Deanne Loper

We live in a time when false teachings are infiltrating Christian Theology at a rapid rate. This important book exposes one of the greatest threats to pure Biblical Christianity.

Deanne Loper uncovers the deception by giving a detailed description of what Kabbalah is and equips believers to recognize it in its morphed form of Christianity. The evidence shows that the god of today's Babylonian and kabbalistic Judaism is NOT the God of the Bible and that the current convergence of Christians coming under rabbinic authority will bring them, not to the one true God of the Bible, but to the subservience of the god of Kabbalah - Ein Sof - and to its hierarchy of gods.

Growing within the Church is a wide body of rabbis who impress audiences with their extensive knowledge of ancient mysteries that are supposedly hidden in scripture. What is not easily discerned is that these mysteries are rooted in the traditions of Babylonian and Kabbalistic doctrines which arose out of EGYPTIAN and CHALDEAN OCCULTISM. It stands to reason, therefore, that these same teachers illuminated in esoteric Judaism, must also understand the dark sentences of the craft of Kabbalah

YouTube Interviews with DeAnne Loper

Posted by THE WAY OF THE CHRISTIAN WARRIOR at 7:37 PM Reactions:

THE WAY OF THE CHRISTIAN WARRIOR September 29, 2019, at 6:27 PM

Dear Ms. Loper: I am writing to inform you that refused to publish my review of your book. Nevertheless, I will publish my review of your book here on my Blog regardless of how Amazon may feel about my book review. Here it is for our viewers:

Kabbalah Secrets Christians Need to Know: An In-Depth Study of the Kosher Pig and the Gods of Jewish Mysticism 

Christians Beware: Jewish Mysticism is invading the Body of Christ

I first heard about Ms. Deanne Loper on a video interview back in June 2019. I also heard about her testimony on how God delivered her from the occult after being involved for more than a decade. During these interviews, she started to share her book. That is the reason why I decided to purchase a copy.

Ms. Loper quotes extensively directly from Jewish Mystical sources i.e. The Zohar and Babylonian Talmud to unlock the esoteric meanings and mysteries hidden for centuries from the masses of the world. She unravels the dark sayings to her readers to point out how these New Age Rabbinical Sages are planning to introduce the Anti-Christ 666 global government through the Kabbalah to the world. In the appendix section, she shares scriptures proving that Mystery Babylon is none other than the city of Jerusalem! Some bible prophecy pastors have dismissed her claims as rubbish. But they are verifiable. One well known Christian Researcher who can validate her findings is Mr. Theodore Winston Pike author of the book " "Israel Our Duty...Our Dilemma".

In her book, you will also find that what she has written is absolutely true. Her notes of reference are 241 in number. Her book was very instrumental in helping me create a post on my blog.

I strongly advise every Christian to buy her book and read it carefully. Because this form of Jewish Mysticism is taking the Body of Christ by storm and many are being deceived. I know because I was exposed to this myself for many years and I have shared my experience in my blog under the comments section. Therefore I strongly endorse Ms. Loper's book and give it a 5-star rating for her excellent research!

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First Comment by D

Ays!    Christians always think there are demons around every corner but the truth is that Christianity has always been pagan and satanic, and founded upon blood sacrifice. Constantine and Rome were the ones who hijacked YESHUA's name and teachings, not the Jews.

  These people are paranoid.   The only Satan that exists is the one in the mirror.  Christians are leaving their religion in mass today because the mind control programming is not sticking any longer.  Also, YESHUAs gospel was occulted/hidden secret!  Matthew 13:10&11.   He taught the single eye and the kingdom within.

Chris G replies:

@D As for "..The only Satan that exists is the one in the mirror.." - was a well-played out plan to fool people he doesn't exist.  Atheism is a New Age religion, crafted by a council of Satanists.  Most atheists are too arrogant to comprehend they are part of a religion.

Roger Morneau - Evolution Atheism Deception:

The goal is for all religions (atheist religion included) to fight one another to the point of exhaustion until they embrace Lucifer.

("...the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time." - Albert Pike)

As for "Kaballah secrets Christians need to know", most ignore how Yeshua's teachings were subverted by a Talmudic Pharisee named Paul that claimed to meet him on the road to Damascus, interrupted on the way to murder more Christians.  Go to any "supposed" Christian church, and the first thing they will talk about is Paul this, Paul that, and put Paul's teachings far above Christ's no matter how contradictory.

Paul's Contradictions:

Paul studied under, Gamaliel, one of the accusers that said Christ needed to be killed because he does not observe the Sabbath, why? because He healed a blind man that day.

As for Paul meeting Christ as a blinding light (Acts9); Christ (Matt24:23-24) beforehand tells his followers not to believe anyone that says they see him, here or there;  Out of Paul's own mouth he mentions in (2Cor11:14) satan deceives as an angel of light.

Bob Dylan's ghostwriter sums up Paulianity at the end of his poem "Lying Zion" in an older article:

From the get-go, the Bible has been perverted with Hebrew words like "Elohim" which is a plural word meaning "gods".  There are parts of the Bible the Talmud thumpers were not able to change from the original Aramaic/Syriac, such as parts of Ezra 5-7 where the Aramaic words - " 'elah yis?ra'el (god of Israel) " appear a few times.  David and Christ spoke the same language, Aramaic/Syriac and not at all Hebrew.  The Hebrew language spawned out of Babylon;  Before the diaspora, they never spoke that crap.

Deut 6:4 Hear, O Israel: MarYah (is) our Alaha, MarYah (is) one.

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Comments for "Book Details Satanic Jewish (Cabalist) Subversion of Christianity"

Essel said (October 31, 2019):

I am extremely pleased to see the key problem, I say key because the spiritual is above and controls the material, the corruption of the authentic Bible (Old and New Testament) begin to appear in the spotlight. It is the story of the surreptitious replacement of the true God by a false god, who can only be Satan. This clever substitution has occurred in both translations and interpretations.

Do we want an example? Genesis, correctly translated from the Hebrew Bible, begins with "In the beginning, the Gods (plural) created (singular) heaven and earth". Grammar error? No. Announcement of the Trinity, of the God in three Persons, which was perfectly known to the ancient Hebrew doctors. See the first-hand account of the converted former Rabbi of Strasbourg Paul DRACH (1791-1865) in his masterpiece "On the harmony of the Church and the Synagogue[ancient and not yet corrupt]" easily available (in French) on the Internet.

But who knows that the Hebrew word "Cabal" simply means Tradition (oral) and that in the beginning, the Cabal was only the indispensable right-hand and unique interpretation of the sacred texts? Unfortunately, it was deliberately corrupted by its bad guardians to become the fountain of evils that the readers of this site know. Again, even Drach. We could go on for a long time, talking about the so-called "Reform" that split the Church of Jesus Christ in two thanks to the cunning of the "free examination", an elementary logical absurdity (like the "Demo(no)crazy", of the same origin : the cabalistic violation of the principle of non-contradiction). And it works because, in either case, human pride is flattered: "You are well capable of interpreting the Bible yourself !" or "We do you the honor of asking you for your opinion by voting !"...

The eminent doctor of political science Pierre Hillard has just published a landmark book - in French only for the time being - that deals almost exhaustively with the problem of Bible corruption with reproductions of original documents, particularly in Hebrew. This is the "Archives du Globalism" available at Amazon.

Benedicamus Domino
Deo Gratias

VT said (October 31, 2019):

Greetings Henry!

In response to D, blood sacrifice is Satanic when offered to Satan, and very often involves human sacrifice. Blood sacrifice in the Old Testament was offered to God and was NEVER human. Satan apes God hence will use many rituals that appear to be the same as the true religion that Christ established (Catholicism in my humble opinion), but are the complete opposite. Satan is a deceiver and master of chaos. Unfortunately, D cannot distinguish Satanic from Christian, and it only indicates, lamentably, that the Evil One is having a lot of success in turning souls away from Christ.

Satan hates humanity because humans who die in God's grace (saved) will take his place and that of the angels who followed him in rebellion and ultimately, hell.

Abortion has been allowed to become ubiquitous by agents of Satan, and is an ongoing Satanic blood sacrifice. It is no doubt playing an increasing role in delivering up this world to Satan.

Christ will win in the end, have no doubt about it. But His body, the Church, will be called upon to suffer, much the way Christ Himself did 2000 years ago before He puts an end to it all and judges the world.

Tom said (October 31, 2019):

Response to "D"

If you don't like Christianity, then fine, be what you want to be, but don't put out lies like a good little satanist. You said: "Christians are leaving their religion in mass today."

Nope, only in the west is the Church in decline due to being overcome by satan in unbelief. It is growing leaps and bounds in Africa and Asia.

Christianity is the culmination of the original plan of God. Jesus is the word, and the word was with God at the beginning of time, i.e. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Not pagan/satanic, oh, and also football is not baseball. Duh. What's strange is you say Christians are paranoid, and then you say it's all a conspiracy.

Re Matt. 13: 10-11...not only the Jewish doctors, but all the wise men of the East taught by parables. The point is that the things of God were made more plain and easy to those willing to be taught, and at the same time more difficult and obscure to those who were willingly ignorant. The parable of the sower is plain. The seed sown is the word of God.

Matt 13:
10 The disciples came to him and asked, “Why do you speak to the people in parables?”

11 He replied, “Because the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. 12 Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them. 13 This is why I speak to them in parables:

“Though seeing, they do not see;
though hearing, they do not hear or understand.

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