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Trudeau's Key Adviser is Former WWF CEO

October 13, 2019

(Gerald Butts and Justin Trudeau-Castro, at McGill in the 1990s) 

Like most Illuminati errand boys, Justin Trudeau has a limited resume
No substitute drama teacher could become Prime Minister
of a great country like Canada if he did have an Illuminati bloodline. He
is obviously in over his airhead.
His homeboy Gerald Butts, 49, does the thinking.  According to Wikipedia, "As ... Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Butts was praised as the architect behind the entire Liberal Party of Canada platform that led to their victory in October of 2015 ..."  From 2008 to 2012, Butts was President of the Illuminati World Wildlife Fund. 

by Henry Makow PhD

Justin Trudeau is likely a mind-controlled Illuminati puppet,   His friend Gerald Butts seems to do all his thinking. The proof is that Butts was reappointed as Trudeau's brain in July just four months after he resigned for his role in the SNC Lavalin affair. 

Gerald Butts is a political operative. He has an MA in English. He cut his teeth advising the disastrous Ontario Liberal government of Dalton McGuinty. 

He was appointed Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister on November 4, 2015.

On September 21, 2016, The Globe and Mail reported that Butts charged $126,669.56 in moving expenses to Canadian taxpayers to relocate his residence from Toronto to Ottawa. In the wake of the controversy, he apologized and said he would repay $41,618.62.


On Sept. 2, 2008, Butts became president and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund Canada and resigned in October 2012. For me, this is "the tell."

(left, Prince Philip and the Queen - protecting wildlife.) 

The WWF is one of the organizations behind climate change hysteria. Under the guise of protecting animals, its real function is to "conserve" the planet for the exploitation of the one percent who own it.  This is why the rich love "Conservation" etc. so much.

The WWF was started in 1961 by Prince Philip who wanted to be reincarnated as a virus and "cull the human race"    and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who founded the Bilderberg Conferences where Rothschild Upper Management meets annually to receive instructions. Both these men are avid hunters. 

The other 99% of humanity is expendable. They are useless eaters consuming the world's resources like a plague of locusts. To preserve the planet for the wealthy, the WWF has established huge nature reserves and expelled indigenous populations without compensating them for their homes and lands.  "In the name of conservation, indigenous peoples have been evicted from their land. They are accused of "poaching", even though they are hunting to feed their families. They are even accused of poaching when hunting outside protected areas."

Survival International writes that 'This "green colonialism" is destroying lives and is illegal. It is also harming conservation. Scapegoating tribal people diverts action away from tackling the real causes of environmental destruction in the Congo Basin: logging and corruption.'


Trudeau's re-election problem is that he sold himself as Leftist peoples' champion but was exposed as a servant of the corporations in the SNC Lavelin affair. Similarly, Gerald Butts, as Canadian WWF President, Butts eloquently decried tar sands development. 

Then, without any warning, he pulled the plug on WWF opposition in 2010. 

(left, Gerald Butts)

Climate analysts Keith Stewart and Rob Powell were in charge of the WWF campaign.   "Stewart says he heard that some members of the [WWF] board of directors grew increasingly anxious. The board was populated by CEOs, corporate lawyers, and bankers, as well as future Liberal cabinet minister Seamus O'Regan. It also included Blake Goldring, a member of the Business Council of Canada, who had previously donated $500,000 to WWF-Canada. He was the CEO of investment firm AGF Management, which advised an Oil Sands Sector Fund worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He would not rejoin the board in 2010, for reasons unknown. (He did not respond to questions about this.) All that remained was for Gerald Butts to exercise his widely-praised skills in reading the tea leaves.

Powell says support for his work from his direct superiors at WWF-Canada suddenly vanished. Every new campaign idea was rejected. "It was rather strange, when you have put a lot of effort in, and you have something to show for it," he says. "Wiping it from the map seemed a very odd choice." 

At the same time, in the spring of 2010, Stewart came into the office to discover that all signs of the tar sands campaign had vanished from the WWF-Canada website. Some staff demanded answers. One never came from Butts, Stewart says, but a director quietly told him: "We're not doing that anymore. Priorities have shifted. The focus will now be on corporate engagement."


The Illuminati regard humanity as squatters on their planet...."useless eaters."  Society is under constant assault. We are lied to constantly. Our gender identity is under attack. Public schools groom our children for pedophiles. Our countries are inundated by economic migrants who are totally alien but whom we must support generously while neglecting our own homeless and veterans. Our "leaders" serve the central bankers
not the voters. Their role is to deceive the voters. Have you heard any "leaders" telling the truth about 9-11? 

We should not make the mistake of thinking that scions of the Illuminati and servants of the superrich are going to protect us.  

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First Comment from Frank

Vivian Krause is a researcher and writer who is critical of environmental charities. She writes a blog called fair questions.  She wrote this open letter in 2017 to Gerald Butts, as he refused to answer any of her questions about his shady financial past with the WWF.  Krause backs up her inquires with financial documents and other pertinent information.

She asks why he was paid over $360,000.00 in severance? (when he voluntarily left the WWF)

Why was Butts paid 3 times more during his second year as CEO? (Much more than the previous CEO)

She questions what happened to a 2 Million dollar donation to WWF, just shortly before Butts left to work for the Trudeau campaign?

Krause asks how did some foreign contributions to WWF, which were political in nature, facilitate government commitment to area-based management?

and many other questions...

Krause asks why Trudeau changed charity laws for activists - Calgary Herald

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Comments for " Trudeau's Key Adviser is Former WWF CEO"

George said (October 14, 2019):

Good analysis of WWF. I smelled a rat while I was subscribing to high-end nature conservation magazines and noticed the unmistakable sponsorship by big banks. It was obvious that they wanted the nationalized parks as collateral for loans.

JG said (October 13, 2019):

Like the rest of the countries left in the "free west" Canada is at the crossroads. This upcoming election for PM will be a chance for Canadians to choose the candidate who will best serve their sovereign national identity and preserve what's left of their cultural heritage.

Enough is enough! Canadians and the rest of the citizens in the nations of Western Europe are fed up with the cultural hijacking by NWO order agents and their multiple non-governmental organizations taking over their elected officials and their judicial institutions to subvert the will of the majority.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, "we either hang together or hang separately".

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at