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Ortega's Nicaragua is not Venezuela 2.0

October 1, 2019

(Protests in Managua in April 2018)

The Zionist right-wing of the Illuminati want to remove Daniel Ortega
much like Nicholas Maduro in Venezuela. But Gabriel, a longtime
American ex-pat says Ortega has been good for Nicaragua and the US,
as usual, is out of line. 

See Marcos' Rebuttal Below

The Destabilization of Nicaragua
by Gabriel 

Last year there was a revolution that very few people heard about. The powers that be came down hard on Nicaragua, and its President Daniel Ortega.

This story needs sharing. It is a very different story than the propaganda about Nicaragua that's been on display in the mainstream media going on two years.

Daniel Ortega is the former commander of the Nicaraguan Guerrilla Army. His army fought off the Contras and the Somoza dictatorships during the 1980s. Ortega became the President of Nicaragua for the first time in 1985 until 1990. In 2007, he became the president again. Then in 2011, Ortega was again elected, receiving 62% of the votes.

During the time after Ortega took office, the county improved in many areas. Under President Ortega, Nicaragua's infrastructure improved; the poor were better off; Ortega got extra tough on narco-trafficking, and his administration encouraged and attracted tourism. Nicaragua is still one of the top three safest countries in Central America. In Nicaragua, there is considerably less violence than in its neighboring countries.


I have witnessed first hand how President Ortega has improved Nicaragua in a multitude of ways that have benefited the lives of Nicaraguans. Back in 2005, not liking the direction the United States was taking, my wife and I invested in a property in Nicaragua. This was before Ortega was elected. And after Ortega came into office, everything in Nicaragua seemed to improve. I personally enjoyed a successful vacation rental business, and all over the country, tourism boomed.

In April 2018, violence in the streets broke out. Hundreds of people were rioting, looting, and burning. The excuse for these "peaceful protests?" A change in social security requiring larger premiums. Recommended by the World Bank no less...

Ortega listening and respecting the cries of the people, reversed the controversial law. Still, there was a concerted effort to demonize him. It was as if nobody actually really cared about the unfavorable social security law. It was a pretext to overthrow the government. 

During the riots and chaos, Ortega sent in police to keep the order. Seemingly on cue, the Western media reacted by demonizing him. There have been comparisons between Ortega and "bad" leaders like Chavez and Maduro. Comparisons between Nicaragua with China, Venezuela, Russia, and Iran. You know, all the "bad guys".

Then after 2 months of violence, the country pretty much went back to its quiet and peaceful self. Yet, the United States government still warns tourists not to go. Sadly, the US has now put financial sanctions on the already down-and-out Nicaragua.

Ortega might not be a saint; there are accusations of corruption and personal enrichment during his presidency, and also of political favoritism.  But comparing with the Illuminati backed opposition he is an angel.  Most people in Nicaragua are really poor and were really hurting before he came up.  He made education and health care a lot more accessible to them.  He gave roofs and other stuff to help with their decrepit houses; also gave away animals, like pigs and cows, to the farmers.  the country's infrastructure, in general, got much better; I personally noticed the roads getting much better after he took over.  Crime, violence and drug smuggling decreased notoriously.  Tourism boomed, which created a lot of jobs and improved the country's economy in general.  Nicaragua was going well, there was no reason for discontent apart from Ortego possibly enriching himself and his allies, and running up a large debt for Venezuelan oil. 


The Illuminati siege continues to this day. And Nicaragua has now descended into an economic crisis. It seems like the color revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Ukraine, etc.

The attack is comprised of hijacked opposition and infiltrated university professors helping to mold students to be useful revolutionaries. With the American Embassy for coordination! Unleashed mercenaries, and the whole production. And of course, the complicit church playing a role.

James Phillips, a Professor of Anthropology at Southern Oregon University has been spending a lot of time in Nicaragua since the 1980s. This is what he said:

"The police, who were blamed in the international mainstream press for much of the oppression and violence against opposition demonstrators were not on the streets but were themselves the victims of much violence. From Nicaraguans longtime international residents, one hears horror stories detailing the brutality of opposition groups torturing, burning alive, humiliating, and killing Sandinista's or government activists, police and anyone known to be supportive or connected to the Ortega Government during the most intense period of the conflict from May to July of last year."

All this seems to have the support of powerful agents. And Ortega taking power and staying for such a long time, perhaps was just too much for the Illuminati. They had enough. They came down on Nicaragua with all their might and lies.

John Perry of Information Clearinghouse said:

"When the regime change attempt was finally halted in July 2018, the opposition alleged through a triad of "human rights" NGOs that the government had killed anywhere from 325 to 500 "peaceful protesters." This death toll was repeated in practically every international media report, on the floor of the US congress, and in the halls of the Organization of American States, all to drum up support for sanctioning the Nicaraguan government."

"But a year later, the "human rights" outfits whose reports generated these numbers have started to fall apart. And as their US funding dries up, their former staffers have begun to reveal the truth about their dubious data," said Perry.

 "The Grayzone reported last month on the dramatic break up of the Nicaragua Association for Human Rights (ANPDH), an opposition NGO whose board of directors confessed to exaggerating the death toll to rake in more US government money."

In July 2019, ANPDH ex-director Gustavo Bremudeez accused his former boss, Alvaro Leiva, of "having inflated the death toll." 

"We personally asked him where you got that figure; a friend calls me saying to please get his grandmother who died of a heart attack off the list of people who were supposedly victims of the repression. But ANPDH group is only one part of a sizable human rights industry in Nicaragua that has functioned as a weapon of regime change. And now that the coup they participated in has failed, the network is collapsing."

Other international agents that cooperated in the coup were Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW), the UN Commission for Human Rights(UNCHR) and the Interamerican Commission for Human Rights(IACHR).

Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega has stood tall through the destruction and lies that have been unleashed in his country.  Like Augusto César Sandino when he defended Nicaragua against the United States, or when Ortega's army defeated the mercenary Contras in the early 1980s, there seems to be no running away or backing down with Daniel Ortega.

Time will tell how this story ends.


-------------------- Private Sector Critical of Ortega Regime  (Thanks to Anthony Migchels) 

First Comment from Marcos-

Gabriel's piece on the dictatorship of Nicaragua is pure disinformation. Ortega is one of the worst murderers in the history of Latin America. He has been part of the Forum of Sao Paulo group from the start, a Marxist association of leftist politicians that promotes narcotraffic, sabotage and terrorism to implement the "Pátria Grande", a unified communist Latin America. 

What can be more Illuminati than that? At the same time, these communists destroy the concepts of family and Christianity, promote the gay agenda, radical feminism and the police state, while they steal billions from the poor. 

Ortega recently promoted a bloody crackdown on all opposition. While all Latin Americans wish to live in the US, some gringo cry babies who have no idea how good they have like to bash their own country while they vacation abroad, trying to tell people who live there how good a dictatorship is.

I suggest Gabriel (if he is a real American and not a Sandinista troll) goes back to America and vote in Elizabeth Warren, Alexandra Cortez and Bernie Sanders, so he can implement his Marxist paradise at home, sparing us from his lies and vain fantasies. Meanwhile, why not post a story from a real Nicaraguan in this site, Henry?  Or better yet, from a Venezuelan?

Thanks, Marcos

Real Nicaraguans and real Venezuelans are invited to contact me at [email protected]

Gabriel's reply: 

Marcos, it seems like you bought the lame-stream crap.  This is not disinfo, this is simple: Ortega improved the country greatly.  Everything was going good, then the bullshit Illuminati revolution happened and everything went to shits, the country is broke.  Ortega might have some dubious associations, but that's not the point.  It's a case of 2 + 2 Marcos: Nicaragua great+  Illuminati revolution= Nicaragua fucked.  Get it? 

Stephen Coleman writes-  "My best guess based upon personal acquaintances and the Spanish speaking press is that Ortega is not cooperating with the world banking/drug cartel."

I lived for three years in neighboring Honduras, part of that time was during the Sandinista Revolution.

I met quite a few Nicaraguan refugees and all were staunch supporters of Samosa. Most were government workers fleeing, telling me stories of their workmates disappearing.

I had a Nicaraguan roommate and he was a living witness of the carnage of the civil war. Atrocities were committed by both sides. He witnessed uncles and cousins being executed by burning for being supportive of Samosa.

On the other hand, Samosa had created his very own fiefdom in Nicaragua. He virtually owned everything. The CIA was trading arms for cocaine by tons at a time to arm the anti-Sandinistas. Col. Oliver North was made into a hero, even though he was up to his eyeballs in cocaine being shipped into Mena, Arkansas, while Bill Clinton was governor.

Col. North later had the gall to run for US president and was quickly run out of the primaries due to his cocaine connections. He claimed to be following orders, and George Bush Sr. was his boss.

After the fighting was over, Ortega did indeed improve life for most Nicaraguans. He brought schools into the largely illiterate countrysides and has greatly improved infrastructure. Ortega was/ is Marxist, but Samosa was a dictator that was far worse.

As far as crime, currently Honduras, El Salvador and many of the small Caribbean nations most violent nations on earth. This is due mainly to the cocaine trade. I personally know more people that were murdered in Honduras than I know that died of natural causes.

Honduras has 6 times and El Salvador has 10 times the murder rate of Nicaragua. Incredibly it's murder rate is almost half that of peaceful and better developed Costa Rica.

Few people realize that the real reason for the US invading Panama was that Noriega (once a CIA stooge) stopped the drug money laundering in his nation's banks. This angered the Bush clan and they retaliated, firebombing slum areas killing over 5000 innocents, then captured Noriega and had a secret trial, imprisoning him for 20 years. The press was never allowed to say a peep about the real reason for this mini-war.

My best guess based upon personal acquaintances and the Spanish speaking press is that Ortega is not cooperating with the world banking/drug cartel.

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Comments for "Ortega's Nicaragua is not Venezuela 2.0 "

MG said (October 2, 2019):

Anthony Migchels, observations are perfect the only thing I will add is that if any high-level Masons would come upon this article they would read it and smile from ear to ear ...

the 2 points of view that are shown by Gabriel and Marcos are a perfect example of the Occult Luciferian Masonic Hegelian dialectic ... in this situation, Crony Capitalism is one thesis, Socialism/Communism/Marxism is the antithesis and the synthesis is the Chinese model of Market Capitalism and Communist-style political governing. I believe this Chinese joint synthesis model is what the international elite are planning for the entire globe but before that happens both the thesis and antithesis need to be completely shown to be failures ... then the white knight (the Anti-Christ) will come with his synthesis solution.

Anthony Migchels said (October 2, 2019):

They're both right: Ortega probably improved things in some respects, but of course, he's a Marxist,

Key tell -: Nicaragua's private sector is getting gutted, just as Chavez did to Venezuela. And this spells doom in the long term, no doubt about it.

As always: both Capitalism and Communism consolidate wealth into the hands of the financier class. Under Capitalism, the middle-class sides with the idle classes to crush the poor/working class, under Communism, the poor/working class side with the Financiers to gut the middle class.

Capitalism steals with 'making money with money': Usury, rents, speculation, pure parasitism without adding anything to the economy, under State enforcement. The Police never have time to 'fight crime', but when a Landlord needs some muscle to kick a family out of their home because they can't cough up the insane rents, he can always count on the State to send a few State thugs to do his dirty work for him.

Communism is just outright State theft.

ONLY interest-free economics can bring real prosperity and economic and social equity for the masses. ONLY working people and entrepreneurs create wealth, and Capitalism is the economy of parasitism through 'making money with money', under State enforcement, and Communism is just outright theft by the State.

Banking is lending at interest, so quite clearly the solution is interest-free loans.

But it's all just a little too simple for all the smart people, especially the money-loving 'Christians' and their Bible, which vociferously denounces Usury in the strictest terms.

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