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November 8, 2019

Letter from Brazil- Glenn Greenwald Deserved it

live-streamed interview by right-wing Brazilian reporter who made disparaging comments about the American's adopted children 
The pair came to blow's during a live stream of a radio show in Brazil 

"Henry, Greenwald used to be a producer of gay pornography (website hairy studs). Talk here is that his interest in Brazil came from the time of his trips to Rio to find porn actors for his movies. That´s how he met his husband. The guy is scum. He´s getting money from the left here and probably from Russia too."

by Marcos 

Sao Paolo- Everybody here is saying that Augusto should have broken Glenn´s nose and hit him harder... Augusto is far from a right-wing radical. Just a journalist in the center who, like 99% of Brazilians, hates the corruption brought by the Workers Party. 

Glenn was recently behind a scandal, where he paid hackers for information stolen from message apps in judges and prosecutors cellphones (a crime). His objective was to demoralize the Car Wash police operation and help Lula and his bunch of thieves. People here think he should be in jail. Augusto was about to crush the guy with facts, and Glenn called him six or seven times a coward in a row. I´m sure he did it on purpose to play the victim and deflect from the facts and accusations.

I also believe he provoked Augusto to create a factoid and take attention away from the disaster that happened yesterday at the Supreme Court.

By a 6-5 score, six gangsters (supreme court judges) changed the law that allowed criminals to be arrested after the sentence in the second-degree tribunals. For example, Lula was convicted by Sergio Moro, a local judge in the city of Curitiba. His case was (a couple of years later) sent to the second-degree tribunal responsible for the South region area, where (after a year or so), a panel of three judges analyzed the decision, agreed on the culpability and revised the sentence time. But now he may go free because the Supreme Court says that he can only be arrested after the last appeals to national courts like the Supreme Court of Justice and his very own Supreme Federal Tribunal. Four levels of tribunals. There are cases of rich criminals who have their lawsuits lagging there for 23 years without resolution, waiting for the statute of limitation.

The Left did a work of genius. It doesn´t matter who is president or what the people want. If you have six guys in the Supreme Court, you have a majority of six dictators who will do whatever you want. These six guys are all corrupt and know they are there because they serve the Left. The president of the Court used to be a low-level lawyer advocating for the Party and flunked the exam to become a judge twice. Yes, the president of the Supreme Court has never been a judge and was Lula´s employee!

Brazil is finished. Thousands of murderers and thieves who can pay expensive lawyers will go free in the next months. I have been telling you, the NWO plan for Latin America is that it stays corrupt, underdeveloped and engulfed in Marxism, while the elite steals away its natural resources and food production.

I forgot to say that the request for the Supreme Court to change the law came from the Communist Part. Also, it was the Communist Party leader (and vice-president candidate teaming with Worker´s Party Fernando Haddad) Manuela Davila who was contacted first by the criminal hackers and who sent them to Greenwald (another crime).

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