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November 8, 2019

Source: Wikipedia, Flag and government ensign of the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria (1914-1952) 

Nigerian Colonial Flag Suggests British-Israel Connection

from CK

This was the colonial flag of Nigeria from 1914-1952.

The flag is typical of British colonies of that time period, with the Union Jack in the upper left.

What is not typical is what you see on the right side and it reveals what I believe is the true story of colonialism.

The crown, surrounded by the Magan David,  sits on a red shield.

Red Shield in German is Rothschild.

Nigeria, along with the other colonies, was conquered by this group.  This flag was created in 1914 and they are still in control through trade and banking, is my understanding.

I asked people in Nigeria what this flag meant to them.  Only one person I met was familiar with this flag, the rest of the Nigerians I met had no idea this was their history.   They were shocked to see the Magen David on their flag.

There are other aspects, such as the Nigerian native Igbo (Ibo) tribe following seemingly Jewish rituals like circumcision, but there is no documentation, so they are likely not True Hebrews, according to the Israeli Law of Return.  It is doubtful the Igbo .  I am hoping some of your readers have more information.

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