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Does Holocaust Denier's Book Have Merit?

November 18, 2019


Wikipedia- "Gerard Menuhin (born 1948 in Scotland) is a Holocaust denier and far-right activist, associated with the neo-Nazi movement in Germany.

His book Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil, published in 2015, argues that the Holocaust is "the biggest lie in history", that Jews are an "alien, demonic force which seeks to dominate the world", that Jews are flooding Europe with non-white races, to create a "society of racial mongrels, under the rule of a "new Jewish nobility", and plan to create a one-world government. Menuhin argues that "the world owes Adolf Hitler an apology".

He is the son of the [Jewish] violinist Yehudi Menuhin and [Gentile] dancer Diana Gould, and brother of pianist Jeremy Menuhin. 

Disclaimer -  I disagree with Gerard Menuhin. The Jewish holocaust was not a hoax. Even David Irving admits two million Jews were gassed. 
Furthermore, unlike Menuhin, I believe Hitler was False Opposition, an Illuminati agent charged with leading Germany to destruction. Nevertheless, this book should be on your radar. I would like your opinion. It is available for free as a pdf.

by Gerard Menuhin

Have you ever asked yourself why the world won't come to rest? 

Why your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents had to die in wars that never should have occurred in the first place?

A book of monumental importance for the people of the world today. Many know that something is not right in the world. Nations engage in perpetual war while bankers and armaments makers line their pockets from the carnage. The average citizen of the world has been cut out of the decision-making process of government, whether he lives in a democracy, republic, theocracy or dictatorship.

All the while, the ruling elite grow stronger and richer as the real producers struggle to survive. Behind the scenes, events are controlled by a coterie of ethnic puppet masters who work their marionettes in high places out of public view. How did this world get to the dark place it is today? Who could have stopped it and what can we do today?

The book consists of three sections. The first section concerns Adolf Hitler, his character and intentions, and the real causes leading up to the outbreak of WWII, including the actions of the real culprits and the rejection of the great lie.

The second section enlarges on the activities of the real culprits, provides a historical overview of their progress, their nature, their power over finance and the media, and the methods by which they achieved it. It includes insights into Freemasonry, the European revolutions, the influence and control of education and foreign policy, the creation of the EU, the New World Order and the evolution of the plan through the same powers and their proxies, since the 17th century up to the present.

(left, Gerard Menuhin)

The third section concerns the First and Second World Wars (what the author refers to as "the Second Thirty Years War"), their conception, funding and inescapable continuity; current laws against freedom of expression, and the evolution of the Orwellian state; the importance of U.S. support for the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War, and Communism's significance in the plan; the true origins of the enemy; Palestine's occupation and its fate as an example of our common fate; plus much more.

The text is interspersed with "Memos from Today," that emphasize its relevance by citing current events. Hundreds of quotes are included from a wide range of authoritative sources, original and translated. The last pages of this manuscript comprise conclusions and predictions.

The narrative is dense and packed with facts, and backed by expert testimony. At times, the style is personal, even casual, and absolutely non-intellectual. It has been assumed that a personal touch makes the contents more accessible.

The author is the son of the great American-born violinist Yehudi Menuhin, who, though from a long line of rabbinical ancestors, fiercely criticized the foreign policy of the state of Israel and its repression of the Palestinians in the Holy Land.

Read it. Think about it. Distribute it to others. This is a book that can make a difference!

Softcover, 6 x 9, 50 illustrations, over 1,000 sources cited, 457 pages

Thanks to Pedro for the tip!
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First Comment from Brabantian:

A salient issue for holocaust denialism is this - what happened to some millions of pre-1939 religious non-Zionist Jews, who seem to have disappeared? - Even with the war events changing the views of surviving Jews, it seems that millions of Jews of a particular type and character and lifestyle simply vanished.

But it is remarkable that in the catalogue of rebel Jewish thinkers, we can point to at least 10 notable Jews who have denied the holocaust, here in order of birth date:

(1) Joseph Ginzburg (1908-90) aka Joseph G. Burg, who personally interviewed Auschwitz survivors & had his books burned by postwar West Germany

(2) Guy Dommergue (1924-2013), full name Roger Guy Dommergue Polacco de Menasce, French anti-circumcision activist

(3) Bobby Fischer (1943-2008), chess master & USA dissident

(4) Jacob Cohen (born 1944), his earliest childhood in Morocco

(5) Robert Litoff (born 1945), Connecticut-born Phi Beta Kappa in psychology

(6) Gerard Menuhin (born 1948), son of the famous violinist

(7) Nathanael Kapner (born 1950), convert to Orthodox Christianity & prominent web dissident

(8) Norman Finkelstein (born 1954), Princeton PhD & author of 'The Holocaust Industry'

(9) Ron Keeva Unz (born 1961), running the successful, California-based, conservative Unz Review

(10) David Christopher Cole (born 1968), who as 'David Stein' made a 1992 video saying Auschwitz was significantly fake

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Comments for "Does Holocaust Denier's Book Have Merit? "

Kurt B said (November 21, 2019):

I know you don’t want your site to become a vehicle of ‘holocaust denial’ but I would like to point out one simple example to explain my cynicism about the ‘6 million’ story.

Ann Frank and her father were interned at Auschwitz in the fall of 1944. In January of 1945 the German army abandoned the camp and gave the roughly 70,000 remaining prisoners the choice of going to Germany with the retreating army or stay and be liberated by the Soviet Army. Less than 7000 elected to stay, the rest, including Ann Frank, departed with the German Army. Ann was sent by her father, Otto, because he was in the Auschwitz hospital being treated for Typhus and could not accompany them. Ann later died at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp from Typhus.

Contrast this uncontested truth with the Hollywood version of Auschwitz, depicting the SS officer on the selection platform choosing the fittest to work in the labor camps and sending the remainder of women, children, sick and elderly directly to the gas chamber.

Gord said (November 20, 2019):

I had the privilege of seeing Doug Collins speak on several occasions. He was a sergeant in the British Army during WW 2. He was captured and escaped 6 times on the front lines of battle. After the war, he went around Germany as an official of the International Military Control Commission during its "de-Nazification" program. Doug Collins was actually at those concentration /work / death camps.
He came to Canada in the early 1950s as a journalist. At that point in time, he was very much a "hard Labor" leftist sympathizer. He worked for the CBC and the Vancouver Sun. Over the years, he realized that much of what was being put out in the mainstream media, about the Holocaust (c) was false. And he wrote about it in his columns in the North Shore News. If anyone was in a position to have a good grasp of the facts on the ground, regarding the number of Jews who had died/ were murdered in Germany during the 3rd Reich, it was Doug Collins. His opinion - which he published back in the day when we had a Free Press in Canada - was : that the figure used by the International Red Cross = approximately one quarter million persons = was accurate. For which organized Jewry pursued him relentlessly through Human Rights complaints.
Rest in Peace 'til the Resurrection, Doug. One of the very best.

Dan said (November 19, 2019):

The logistics of gassing, cremation, etc. preclude a mass holocaust. Red Cross archives in Geneva in 1948 state 848,000 Jews died in WW II, half partisan guerillas and half from typhus, etc. in camps due to Allies' bombing rail supply trains.

The Jewish Encyclopedia for 1938 states Europe had 15 million Jews; the 1948 edition states 15.4 million. Thank you for publishing this article and online link. Leon DeGrelle wrote a 12-volume "The Hitler Century" in French which was translated into English sponsored by friend Bob Chapman (RIP, , but which was savagely attacked and destroyed except for the first still-available volume and fragments of the second online. DeGrelle almost became head of Belgium in 1936 and fought with Hitler's multinational force against communism on the Eastern Front, flying and crashing and living in Spain after the war. His first volume exposes the Jewish takeover of British diplomacy and the Russian-French-Serbian briberies pushing toward WW I. I also had an Estonian friend confirm Degrelle; he escaped Russian prison three times, the last time eastward, crossing the Pacific and became an American citizen.

The psychopaths made normal people on all sides suffer in WW II. Hitler's wrong respect for England comes from the climate of submission to the machinations of Perfidious Albion on the European continent since 1066. (You demonstrated this outside Europe months ago in linking the Hempher Memoir of 1730 to establish Wahabism, etc. by raising culture-specific English spies from childhood in England.)

I hope Western Civilization sparks itself in the hearts of those who know how to deal successfully with evil, or a terrible tyranny will be the result. As the Catalan philosopher, Antonio Gaudi said: "Originality is returning to the origin of things."

David C said (November 19, 2019):

As someone who has a Jewish mother (my father is Scottish/German), I've researched the "Holocaust" extensively during the last 20 years, although I'm not the scholar on the subject you are. Survivors from the Treblinka "death camp" (there was a Treblinka labor camp and death camp) tell first-hand accounts of gassing inmates using tank engine exhaust, after crowding them into a building - no "special" building needed for killing people this way. Supposedly the "National Socialists" (as they called themselves) previously murdered about 500,000 during the 1930's, to clean-up the cities of undesirables (criminals, insane, drug addicts and peddlers, prostitutes, gypsies, etc.), so it seems illogical to believe they switched to using more expensive Zyklon-B later, which was being used to save lives by killing the lice that spread disease.

I don't believe David Irving's "2 million Jewish deaths by gassing", and wonder why he was the apparently the only (or first?) researcher allowed access to the Nazi archives, one of the most important historical resources ever.

Ian said (November 19, 2019):

Hi Henry, Firstly let me say that I like you and follow your work, and I have no axes to grind nor dog in the fight. I believe that what this book claims is true. If the Holocaust is as claimed by the mainstream, then jailing people for disbelieving is ridiculous. Yes, David Irving stated the two million number, but he was being harassed and jailed. 91-year-old Ursula Haverbeck is in jail. The mostly Jewish Bolsheviks killed over 60 million white Christian Russians, it is never mentioned on the MSM, you can, however, question that or anything else but not the precious holocaust. The shrunken heads were fake as were the tattooed lampshade, even the Auschwitz figures have been revised. The truth seems from what I've read, to be, that it would not stand up to scrutiny.

The camps were indeed real and yes, people died in them especially towards the end of the war when the allies shut down transport.

Regarding Hitler, I am not sure. I like the story that he is genuine, but I don't know. The Kalergi plan, Rabbi Rabinovich's speech in 1952, the protocols of the learned elders of Zion, and of course the famous Barbara Lerner Spectre video, are all played down as fakes, yet what they say and keep saying seems to match pretty exactly with what is happening on the ground.

Mario C said (November 19, 2019):

Is very difficult to know what really happen in concentration camps but my opinion is that there where not gas chambers and there where not extermination camps for following reason.

1) If Joseph Berg investigate with Auschwitz survivors and the survivors said that there was not gas chambers is a great indication that there not where this chambers. Is impossible to occult this information to the camp survivors

2) The gas chamber need very special buildings to made the operation with complete hermetic. As I know there where not building with this condition. The building in Auschwitz that theoretically was used to gas the people was not useful for this purpose … Not hermetic at all. Built after the war by soviets?? I read about that soviet build this building but not sure if is true.

3) As I know the Ziklon B was used to kill the lice for the very dangerous typhus that kill many people in the camps. So was to protect not to kill people.

4) Why to use a so complicate method to kill people when you can kill by hungry, just not giving food to people of by thirsty in just 8 days depriving of water ( or poison the water). You can kill millions in this way in few time, without complication. Is a simple and economic method to kill. This system to kill was used by British in Ireland ( two millions) in 1840 in Iran in 1918 ( 8 millions) In Bengala India ( by Churchill) 2millions ( Churchill send the food from Bengala to England during the second war). In Ucrania by communist 1932-33 7-8 millions. After the war with German people. So why to use a very complicate, slow, dangerous inefficient method to kill people as are the gas chamber when there are other more simple and efficient?? Germans are stupids??

5) If the concentration camps where really extermination camps. Why there where so many survivors.?? Also why Hitler does not order to kill all the people that remains in the camp when they understand that the war was lost and the allies are coming. They has all the time and possibility to do it. And they do not do it. All the extermination camps affirmation fall if you realize this idea.

I think that to gassing people in gas chambers is good idea for Hollywood.

I agree with G. Menuhin that the Jews have the tendency to be predators and destroyers. Also the Vikings Normands, the Mongols, old Assyrians, Aztecs, and others.

Tony E said (November 19, 2019):

As a child my next-door neighbor in NYC, a Jewish woman & tattooed Auschwitz participant invited me in her home for borscht, I asked if she spoke Hebrew she appeared uneasy with my question and responded in a most demonstrative tone "No we speak Yiddish", she also confided that the holocaust was not true, I was shocked to say the least, however, with elementary research I agree 100% with my Jewish neighbor & the deniers,

Furthermore, It is a lie that must be upheld by any means necessary, reparations, museums, false education, digging up old dead nazis if necessary and implementing draconian laws incarcerating those who question it.
Without the Holocaust narrative, Jewish power disappears (poof).

Glen said (November 19, 2019):

It doesn't matter what Irving Claims the facts are that Dr Fritz ChekPiper former curator of the Auchwitz museum admitted to Jewish researcher David Cole that more specifically that no one could've been gassed at the Auchwitz camp because the "gassing" room on display there presently didn't exist before the wars end it was constructed after the end of ww2


Thanks, Glen

Wasn't it geat of the Nazis to round up the elderly, sick, women and children who couldn't work, and give them free room and board during wartime?



Milton said (November 19, 2019):

An excellent book full of facts as stated.

The homicidal gas chamber did not exist or any systematic genocide plan.

No doubt there was anti- partisan activities involving Jews in the east but there were also local populations settling old ethnic hatreds against the Jews at the time.

David Irving is a WW2 historian but not a specialist in Holocaust matters, and is a man who has tried to ingratiate himself with the opposition i think after much peresuction.

If the Holocaust was true why would they need such draconian laws to prevent discussion of it? That should tell you all you need to know.

James C said (November 19, 2019):

I have read Gerard Menuhin's book. In my opinion, it is an excellent expose of the World Revolutionary Movement, a centuries-old conspiracy against the whole of Christendom, led primarily by International Jewry. IMO, it should be read together with the excellent book by Archibald Maule Ramsay, The Nameless War. I agree completely with Menuhin's assessment of International Jewry. As far as the Holocaust is concerned, I've never looked into the subject. However, the fact that the Jewish establishment has placed the subject beyond open debate and inquiry raises serious doubts about its validity. I believe in open debate; no subject should be taboo.

As far as Hitler and the German people are concerned, they are undoubtedly the most slandered and libeled victims in all of recorded history. Nearly everything the court historians and media have said about them is false. It's all pretty sickening once you know the truth.

G said (November 19, 2019):

Hi Henry! I agree 100% with Gerard Menuhin. Thank you for featuring his book. He is 100% spot on about Hitler and everything else. You should revisit your theories about Hitler. If anyone showed the way to fight the bankers it was Hitler. He cut them out just like Lincoln did with the greenbacks. Hitler was no "controlled opposition"; he was the real deal. And they had to fight a whole world war against him. The controlled opposition was and still are the communists. The two sides of the same Talmudic false coin were the two "allies" against Hitler, namely the US and the USSR. Hitler's only fault is that he lost the war and with him, the whole of Western civilization lost. But he showed the way. And if western civilization is to rise again it will have to take the same path once more, fighting the same enemy, again. There are no other ways or solutions.

By the way, your web page lately has been better than ever. Great, great stuff. Thank you and God Bless.

JG said (November 18, 2019):

I have much sympathy for the Jewish and German people for what they had to endure during WW2. I once knew a German WW2 veteran who was now a commercial and residential painter and was also an infantry soldier in the Battle of Leningrad. It was a terrible battle he told me, this I believe.

As for Holocaust History, we would have to go to the people who went through it to find the truth about it. There always seems to be a new scenario being told about it so I really don't know if we have a clue.

When I was stationed in Germany almost 40 years ago it was quite a desirable place to live. The fruits of the Marshall Plan had turned West Germany into a prosperous Social Democracy. Unfortunately, the fall of the Berlin Wall was the end of that Social Democracy and a lot of their prosperity as well.

Germany today, along with France, England, and Sweden have lost their countries to the anti-nation-state bankers who now own their politicians and media outlets. If allowed, their efforts will drive Europe into a 3rd world style communist oligarchy state.

As far as all the German WW2 stuff goes I'll continue to let Hollywood draw that scenario. The WW2 movies are far more entertaining than the dull war historians.

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