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Good Riddance Evo Morales

November 11, 2019

Evo Morales is a typical Communist and NWO shill. He pretends to champion the poor
while robbing the country blind and selling it cheaply to the Chinese. He is part of a plan to remake South America in the image of the USSR. 

Marcos writes: "Instead of crying "the CIA did it", North Americans should start paying attention to people like Alexandra Casio Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Justin Trudeau. Do you think the Marxists will stop in Latin America?"

by Marcos

So Morales, the communist cocalero, is gone. Before your automatic conditioning makes you yell "the CIA did it!", why not pause for a moment and reflect if the Latin American people are not able to make their own decisions and choose the path of freedom and honesty without the help of the US?

Consider that, first and foremost, Morales is a radical Marxist, a union leader who started his career supported by the Communist Party, who considers capitalism the worst enemy of mankind. Not everybody agrees with that. Also, consider that this dictator has been in power since 2006, having changed the constitution to stay in power forever, ignoring the will of the people expressed in a referendum. Finally, he stole the election once again; this time leaving a paper trail of evidence. You also would be upset.


Before anyone says that Morales is a champion of the fight against the bankers, consider the agenda that he supports. 

Global Warming BS:  Since 2009, Morales calls for a financial transaction global tax to fund climate change mitigation.

 In 2010, he oversaw the World's People Conference on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba. He also says he is a devotee of the Pachamama Earth goddess. 

Social Change: Morales created a ridiculous "Unit of Depatriarchilization" for Women's Rights, declared a new Sexual Minority Rights Day in Bolivia and promoted a gay-themed TV show on the state channel. He also promoted racial and cultural hatred between whites and Indians, for example by forcing public servants to learn Indian languages. 

Global Government: Morales has always been involved in the promotion of the Unasur, or Pátria Grande, a plan to institute a Marxist supranational political entity, much like the USSR. 

(left, Hiding in plain sight: Pope accepts a gift from Evo Morales: Christ crucified on Hammer & SIckle, the symbol of Communism.)

Anti-Christianity: When asked if he believed in God, Morales said that he foremost believes in cuchi-cuchi, or sexual activity, in a response typical of a Cabalist occultist who enthrones the sex act above anything else.


Morales is at his core, a corrupt demagogue. His long-term lover Gabriela Zapata got rich because Morales found her a job as a leading manager of the Chinese company CAMC, which has US$ 560 million in contracts with the Bolivian government. 

She has an illegitimate bastard son with the cocalero and was arrested for corruption. 

Even the cats and dogs in Latin America know that Morales (like Maduro) is in cahoots with drug traffickers. He says he supports coca because it is a cultural heritage, but actually he sends cocaine through Brazil and away to Europe and the rest of the world. 

He's also selling Bolivia to China, and in the process amassing a fortune in bribes, and has, like all leftists, divided the government machine among his gang members. Even his own supporters were tired of him, and he has been facing protests for years. It's not something that has just started.


It's impossible to understand Latin America without looking at the big picture. The continent has always been corrupt, and populists from right and left benefit from the fact that the State is huge and dominates the economic structure. 

There has never been, competitive, real free-market capitalism in the region. Everybody depends on the government. 

The US has abandoned the region in the last 20 years, spending its resources on wars in the Middle East. Remember that America has done nothing in 60 years to oppose the dictatorship in Cuba. If the CIA is investing in the region, it must be extremely incompetent.

(Commies - Chavez, Castro, Morales, Lula, Bachelet of Chile. Add Fernandez of Argentina
and Obrador of Mexico.) 

In this power vacuum, Marxism flourished, under the plan devised by Venezuela's Chavez and Brazil's Lula in the '90s. Their Forum of Sao Paulo alliance had as its objective the implementation of the Latin American USSR, where each politician who got into power would steal from his own country in order to help other communists to be elected in the region. 

For example, Maduro sent money to Cristina Kirschner in Argentina, and when Morales invaded and stole a refinery owned by Brazilian company Petrobras worth US$ 1 billion, Lula simply said: "you can have it".

The biggest sugar daddy of all was Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, who send billions of dollars in bribes and free infrastructure projects to the Marxist politicians in all these countries at the orders of the Workers Party (PT) from Brazil. This is no joke. The group comprises Bolivia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Uruguay and Venezuela, and just lost Brazil, Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, and Peru. They almost succeeded. 

Since Bolsonaro's victory, the fountain of money has run dry. The Marxists are desperate because that means less control and money to bribe the population and politicians, leading to a crisis in their power such as seen in Venezuela and now in Bolivia. They are fighting back with "Antifa and black-block" style sabotage and terrorism, as can be seen in Chile. 

The Marxists  (and globalists) main problem is that Brazil, the richest country which was funding the whole plan, speaks a different language and has no cultural ties with Spanish-speaking Hispanic countries. The average Brazilian couldn't care less about his neighbor countries and doesn't even know who Simon Bolivar was. He only sees that he has been robbed, and he resents the whole situation, saying "Brazil first". 

You can bet that this kind of nationalism is hated by the globalists, and that's the reason they have started a worldwide campaign against Bolsonaro, labeling him a fascist right-wing fanatic.


Morales is a small gear in this huge machine. What kind of nationalist is that, who rejects American imperialism but embraces Chinese and Russian control by Cuban proxy?

The NWO plan is to keep Latin America poor and underdeveloped, engulfed in Marxism, so the globalists can steal its natural resources and cheap food. They have used their puppet Fidel Castro for decades, and now they have a new generation of actors on stage. 

For Pete's sake, remember that Che Guevara died in 1967 in Bolivia, trying to take over the country to communism! Nothing really changes.

Unfortunately, Argentina has fallen back to socialism, after the disaster of fake conservative Macri. Obrador, the communist, has taken over Mexico and is already creating chaos in the country by abiding by the drug cartels.

Marcos adds

(Two armored trucks meet Morales' plane in Asuncion)

The rat has fled to Mexico, to enjoy the fortune he has stolen. Meanwhile, his gangster friends are setting fire in Bolivia. I just saw a video where people stop a van with Cuban agents fleeing the country. They said they were Brazilians but couldn't speak Portuguese. Police (Morales people)  were escorting them.
In Chile, the Antifa communists paid by Maduro and Cuba have set several buildings on fire, including a historic university building and desecrated a church. Here in Brazil, convicted criminal Lula said that the Left must stop being defensive and should attack, like in Chile. Of course, pushing violence is a crime itself, and several Congressmen requested his arrest. (Nothing will happen)

In the Ordo ab Chaos motto, the Left is responsible for the chaos role. 


First Comment from Greg -

Yes, good riddance to the man that had the audacity to re-direct much Bolivia's wealth to the indigenous people, instead of letting it flow to Wall Street gangsters.  Like the Lithium used in cell phone and laptop batteries. Morales preferred to deal with China, instead of the treacherous, nation-busting USA. What scum!

Good riddance to the man that has increased the number of physicians in Bolivia, so the poor have a chance of living a longer life. And that housing he got built to replace the ramshackle huts the poor lived in?  Let's tear it down and build Trump-style penthouses.  To hell with affording the poor something so necessary like toilets, let them go back to shitting in bags. And to hell with the kids, who needs education when they're going to work 14 hour days in some hellish factory?

Let's all get behind the OAS, who claimed Morales had stolen the last election, even though the OAS, supposedly dedicated to helping that part of the world, has it's HDQ in the most corrupt city in the world D.C.

Too bad Morales didn't stay in Bolivia and get a well-deserved anal shanking like Libya's Qaddafi got when democracy came to Libyans.

Let's all celebrate the mob of financial sharpies now heading to La Paz, to gang-rape that nation, just like they did to Russia. Maybe there will be some more Jew oligarch billionaires made raping Bolivia, like the ones that stole a huge amount of wealth from the Russians.

After reading this, you might think I'm a Commie or Antifa type. Wrong. But neither am I a fan of unrestricted capitalism, which has most of the flaws of Communism, except we kill people in a kinder, gentler way.
Marcos replies to comments-

Feeling the wave of love from the comments section... It's interesting how Chinese and Russian kids will defend their countries' images with passion, while Americans think it's cool to be anti-American, like a teenager who found some flaw in his father's behavior and now prefers to hang out with the drug dealer instead. It's like they build their identities around this rebel fantasy. It's a big weakness and eventually will lead to the country being undermined like Europe was by guilt from the war. 

I'm sure America will either fall to Marxism or we will see civil unrest and attempts at secession, while the Chinese and Russians will become stronger. 

Henry, your position of exposing both factions of the NWO will cost you a lot of readers! You are causing cognitive dissonance. The world is much more comfortable with only one bad guy.

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Comments for "Good Riddance Evo Morales"

JG said (November 12, 2019):

Excellent comment by Greg. It was precise and to the point.

When a leader of any nation in the world today starts taking care of his own people ahead of the international bankers he's labeled a fascist or a dictator and is pushed out of office one way or the other. And worse, if they can, they bomb those nations into oblivion if they refuse to cooperate.

Wall Street is sucking the money out of the economies of the world and the money of the middle class and poor in America as well. Luxury condos are going up everywhere as the homeless population increases along with an increase in domestic crime.

It's time to remove all the anti-nationalist/ banker stooge leaders of the world

Paul C said (November 12, 2019):

It would appear that the people of Chile will now be subject to another decade of Pinochet like rape and torture of its citizens. I noticed Blackwater / Academie agent provocateurs were in the crowd as well.

As far as Morales leaving to Paraguay and Mexico with armored vehicles at the airport. Look what the neo-liberal Banksters do every time they take over a Country. They steal that Countries Gold. Was Morales looking ahead and taking the Gold out of Chile for safekeeping? Is he just another beard for the elite or the Communists? Time will tell.

B said (November 12, 2019):

As you know I am a huge fan and a staunch supporter of yours, but seeing you publish another article by this obvious anarcho-capitalist neoliberal troll Marcos makes me wanna reconsider. :(

I mean I know you try to make your blog into a truly multipolar, pluralistic platform where a multitude of viewpoints is presented so that your readers can make their own choices and all that, but eventually you have to draw a line in the sand. We have to set the boundaries somewhere, right? I'm sure you realize who is behind all those movements under the umbrella of neoliberal capitalism (libertarians/Chicago school/Austrian school etc.) – judeomasonic elitists like Ayn Rand, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman and so on. Hell, you did publish Anthony Migchels articles on this very issue yourself!

It's not like I'm the only one pointing to this madness. Plenty of people, both before and after, tried to bring this fraudster to your attention. I mean how can you still let this troll publish his BS after he openly dragged late president Chavez through the mud. Like how can this moron delude himself that any of your readers will buy this pro-oligarchy capitalist nonsense when most of us are familiar with the true state of affairs over in Latin America thanks to magnificent people like John Pilger:

It's not like I urge you to ban him altogether. Let him still submit comments if he wants, but by publishing his mumbo-jumbo you actually give him credence. I'm sorry to say this Henry, but if this guy continues to publish, I'm really gonna feel forced to move elsewhere for my daily portion of intellectual anti-JWO stimulus. Can't you see he is clearly on the enemy's side? Peace, Henry.

Mario C said (November 12, 2019):

Contrary to what is telling Mr. Marcos, Evo Morales was doing good government in Bolivia. The economy is growing at a good level promoting the gas and Lithium industry in Bolivia. For example, he has associated with different companies from China and Europe the industrialization of Lithium to made full batteries in Bolivia.

Instead, Argentina under Macri only thinks in export Lithium to other countries. Maybe the USA is not happy because Morales is an ally of Russia and China and want to increase Bolivia gas production with Russian Companies. This is a true military coup with and for the help of the Bolivian oligarchy against the indigenous people that is the majority of the country that support Evo Morales.

To denounce corruption and dictatorship as Marcos do is a good excuse to promote this coup of state. Same as Ukrania, Libya, Syria, etc. Without military support, the oligarchy cannot do anything. This matter will not finish well.

Andrew said (November 12, 2019):

Marco has always been your Dan Butler in South America. He must speak Spanish, Portuguese and English, so he’s a loyal and astute amigo. His observations regarding South America are worth reading and rereading. That being said, he reminds me of my Lebanese and Syrian friends who believe that there is a spontaneous uprising in progress in Beirut and throughout Lebanon, but these protests are neither leaderless nor extemporaneous. Though the grievances are old and genuine, the leadership and sparks (money) originate in Langley, Virginia (CIA).

Let us step back and consider that there are currently serious protests in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Bolivia, Chile, Spain, France, Belgium, Russia and so many other places. The Washington Post agrees with Marco. The numbers that help explain why protests are rocking countries around the world

We are supposed to believe that worldwide chaos is leaderless nor extemporaneous, but that is impossible. Our CIA is just shifting funding to the southern hemisphere because of it too cold to get large numbers of protesters on the streets in the northern hemisphere.

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