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Like Jeffrey Epstein, NXIVM is Tip of Illuminati Iceberg

November 9, 2019

Patrick Howley Says 'It's Very Clear' That Hillary Clinton Is a Satanist from Right Wing Watch on Vimeo.

There is no doubt that the US is in the malignant grip of a Satanist (Cabalist) Jewish conspiracy. Reporter Patrick Howley has revealed that the NXIVM cult was engaged in 

the sex slavery and trafficking of illegal immigrants. (No wonder they support migrants.)This cult,  led by Keith Raniere was funded by the Jewish Seagram heirs and included NY Senator Kristen Gillibrand and her father Doug. It illegally bundled campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton. 

On June 19, 2019, Raniere was convicted of federal crimes including sex trafficking, conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit forced labor, all related to DOS. Raniere is scheduled to be sentenced in early 2020.

"It was very, very clear to me that [Clinton] was a satanist," he added. "John Podesta is a satanist and I believe George Soros as well is a satanist."

Trump's failure to prosecute these people is a litmus test. He is part of this conspiracy. 

Hillary Clinton is a Satanist

by Kyle Mantyla 

Last night, right-wing journalist Patrick Howley of Big League Politics appeared on "Steel Truth," a program hosted by QAnon-loving conspiracy theorist Ann Vandersteel, to discuss the guilty verdict in the case of NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere.

Howley and Vandersteel seized on reports that members of the cult had allegedly attempted to make illegal contributions to Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, which they presented as proof that Clinton is a satanist.


"There is a religion called satanism and that religion, which practices witchcraft, believes--due to the teaching of Aleister Crowley--that their spells and their summoning of demons from Hell is enhanced by child molestation and child sacrifice," Howley said. "That is a fact. That is a fact of our world and you can call it a conspiracy theory, but it is something that we have to confront.

"Can we extrapolate then that Hillary Clinton, who took illegal campaign finance from the NXIVM sex cult, is a satanist?" asked Vandersteel. 

"Does that make her a satanist because she was taking money illegally from a group that was bundling money illegally and donating to Hillary Clinton?"

"I believe 100 percent that if you look at what the Clinton Foundation was doing in Haiti, if you look at the spirit cooking emails that Hillary Clinton tried to hard to hide from, if you look at various things she has said dating back years, she is part of what--when you start using these terms like the Illuminati or the New World Order, I mean, these are terms that are used in these circles, " Howley replied. "It's very clear to me that she is a satanist. It's obvious."

"It was very, very clear to me that she was a satanist," he added. "John Podesta is a satanist and I believe George Soros as well is a satanist."

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Comments for "Like Jeffrey Epstein, NXIVM is Tip of Illuminati Iceberg"

CP said (November 10, 2019):

Whenever I hear it put forth that Hillary is a Satanist I can’t help but remember reading Kathy O’brien’s book “Trance-Formation of America” where she all but names Hillary as one of her abusers. A very sadistic one at that. Aroused by Kathy’s vaginal “carving” that there used to be a Youtube video of before it got pulled.

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