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Mike Stone - Lament of a Los Angeleno

November 30, 2019

tent-city.jpgLos Angeles
Mike Stone- "Homelessness is an issue I'm well acquainted with. I was kicked out of my house when I was 16 and spent close to a year living on the streets. So I know what it's like to be homeless. Giving people free tents, free condoms, and free needles are the last thing homeless people need. All that does is keep them living on the street."
"It seems like 80% of the homeless in this city are black, and many of them are lazy with little self-respect. Give them a tent and some booze or some drugs and they are content."

"California is like a beautiful wild kid on heroin, high as a kite and thinking she's on top of the world, not knowing she's dying, not believing it even if you show her the marks." -- S.E. Hinton "Rumble Fish"

Q: How do you take the most beautiful and prosperous state in the nation and turn it into a third world shit-hole? A: Put Demoncrats in charge.

by Mike Mains

Since I last reported on the state of Commiefornia, the situation has only gotten worse. Crime has increased, homelessness abounds, and the onslaught of unfettered immigration continues.

In Los Angeles, where I live, it's truly a tale of two cities. There is an enclave of rich liberals in Beverly Hills, the Westside, and Malibu, while the rest of the city is a seething mass of humanity. The Westside neighborhoods are relatively clean and crime-free. Ours are covered in filth, graffiti, and human suffering.

If you're homeless in Beverly Hills, it's only a matter of minutes before the police sweep in and throw your rear in the hoosegow. If you're homeless anywhere else in the city, the police are not allowed to harass or arrest you. In fact, homelessness is encouraged with free tents, free condoms and free needles (only a city run by Demoncrats would do this).

There's a small camp of homeless people living in the alley behind my building. I talk to them occasionally. One in particular, a black guy named Robert, is quite intelligent. I asked him why he didn't just get a job and get off the streets.

"Honestly?" he said, "I just don't want to work."

And that's the difference. When I was homeless, you were forced to work and climb your way up. If not, you withered away and died. Today, anyone in Los Angeles can get a free tent, pitch it anywhere he wants outside of Beverly Hills, and live peacefully, without any interference from the police.

subway.jpegThose without tents, sleep in the subway cars. Early in the morning, almost every subway car in Los Angeles is occupied by homeless people. They're sprawled out, occupying two or three seats, and covered in blankets. The stench is unbearable. The other day, I stepped into one of those subway cars and the smell literally gagged me. I thought I was going to vomit.

In Los Angeles, the homeless piss and defecate wherever they are - on the street, in the elevators at the subway stations, in your front yard - they don't care. When you gotta go, you gotta go.


With homelessness comes panhandling. To live in L.A. is to get hit up by panhandlers on a daily basis. They congregate near the subway entrances, in front of Walgreens, or in front of the 7-11, opening the door for you and expecting a tip. Now I'm all for helping a person in need, but it's gotten to the point where you can't tell a person in need from a con artist.

There's an old black guy who panhandles on the subway. He's so broken and hunched over, he can hardly walk. I give him money because I figure no one will give him a job. On the other hand, there's a black girl who I've seen panhandling on the subway for at least four years. Her line is always the same, "Can anyone spare a dollar? I haven't eaten today." It could be 9:30 PM and she still hasn't eaten for the day, despite the fact that she looks 20 pounds overweight.

panhandler.jpegThere are plenty more besides her, panhandling their way through life, while the rest of us work. When you do give them money, they're ungrateful. The last two people I gave money to didn't even say, "Thank you." I gave a dollar to a black guy. He took it and turned away without a word. I gave a five dollar bill to a black woman who looked either fat or pregnant, I couldn't tell which. She looked at the bill, frowned, and said, "Do you have a twenty?"


Businesses have a tough time surviving in Los Angeles. The customers are there, the business is there, but the business owners are hounded by high taxes and government regulations. I've seen young couples spend their life savings to open a restaurant, a print shop, or another kind of small business, only to go under due to government harassment.

In Los Angeles, businesses are taxed three times - federal, state, and local - and hit with such an onslaught of codes, regulations, and rules that they simply cannot survive. Everyone in government, from the zoning department on up, has their hand out, purposely trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of every business owner who dares to operate in their jurisdiction. They literally treat business owners like enemies.

Politicians couldn't care less about helping the homeless or helping businesses to thrive. Instead, they are working hard at two things: criminalizing guns and de-criminalizing drugs. In fact, they're de-criminalizing all manner of petty crimes, and even felonies. There are repeat offenders, with rap sheets a mile long, running free all over this state. The police risk their lives to arrest them, and the politicians turn them free.


Of course, the underlying problem to all of this; the one topic you are simply not allowed to discuss or even bring up, is immigration. It's destroyed California and it is on its way to destroying the rest of the United States.

la-bus-33.jpgIn Los Angeles, whites are a distinct minority. On a personal level, it doesn't bother me so much. I get along well with immigrants. The women are beautiful, the children are happy and smiling, and most of the men are hard workers. But when I see what it's doing to this city and to the state of California, it breaks my heart.

The simple truth is that when you mix people of different races (and this mixing of races is being done by design) and force them to live together, it creates conflict. Allowing an endless flow of third world immigrants into California has increased crime, poverty and made the state dirtier and more dangerous.

It's a shame that it has to be that way. I wish it was different. I wish we could all just get along, but that's not the way life works. Different races possess different gifts and come from different cultures. Indeed, race determines character more than just about any other factor; certainly more than environment or education. When people immigrate in large numbers to a different country, they bring their character and their inherent gifts with them. We all know this. We all see it. Yet, you can't mention it, without fear of being ostracized.

The problems I've described here - poverty, homelessness, crime, and immigration - are not unique to Los Angeles or California. You'll find the same issues all over the country, from Baltimore to Chicago, from Chicago to Detroit, from Detroit to any city run by Demoncrats. What's it like in your city?
Mike Stone is the author of A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Lament of a Los Angeleno "

JG said (December 1, 2019):

What's happening in Los Angeles is a direct result of de-nationalization. We no longer are concerned with the welfare of all American citizens anymore because we are no longer a 'Great Society'. This is the old social Darwinism scenario once again but with less of a chance to climb up the social latter.

Today it's the man who has the most money is the man who wins.

This is Marxism in action now where "all is money" and the mess in Los Angeles bears that mantra. However, this new game of dominos trickles up and not down as more money is sucked out of the economy by the controlling mega wealth. Poverty will continue to work it's way up the social economic ladder as these dominos continue to fall.

No one is really safe out there anymore. Job security is a thing of the past as corporate bean counters every day are finding a way to eliminate a job either by technology or foreign labor. Wealth in the markets can evaporate fast and without notice at any time.

Even if you have success today what good is it if the world around and its people are suffering and deteriorating. You are always the most happy when the other people around you are happy as well.

Christmas season is upon us and it seems to hurt a little more every year because it reminds us of the holidays of years past when we had a better life and a better world.
We've lost a lot of our innocence and there can be no true joy without innocence.

Marcos said (December 1, 2019):

The situation is a perfect parallel to what happens in Brazil with favelas.

They are celebrated in soap operas, movies, TV, as wonderful places to live, as the only authentic Brazilians with a rich culture. Gringo tourists love to visit.
In truth, people live there with fear, among garbage, noise and violence. Drug lords decide who lives and who dies. Given a chance, all of them would leave immediately.

The objective is to keep people there passive and lacking a desire to improve their conditions. Some favelas have "funk parties" full of drugs and depravity that go until 6 in the morning. It's sad to see hundreds of teenage kids, some even 13 or 14, walking the streets in the morning, girls dressed as sluts and boys like gang members.

In summary, it has become more a problem of (lack of) culture than of poverty.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at