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The Zionist Path to NWO - US Imperialism

November 16, 2019

Humanity has a choice between a Communist (Left, globalism) 
and Zionist (Right, nationalismpath to world government Rothschild tyranny, 
aka "globalism."

The Communist path is epitomized by George Soros and everything 
he epitomizes ( Satanism, EU, gender dysphoria, migration.) 

If Neocon Thomas Barnett's Pentagon's New Path (2004) is any indication, 

US imperialism is the hod carrier for Zionist NWO. 

Ultimately, the goal may be to start a world war between

the Communists (Russia, China, Iran & EU?) and the Zionists (US, UK, & Israel?) 

Irrational people who will fight against this "mingling of races", and put up any resistance against the global world order, should be killed."

Thomas P.M. Barnett, ex-director of the Israeli military consultancy 'Wikistrat' in his book 'The Pentagon's New Map' 2004

The Barnett Plan: The Pentagon's Dead-End Map for Neocon Globalism

by Russ Winter

(abridged by 

The so-called Barnett Plan, described in the book "The Pentagon's New Map" by Thomas Barnett, is a continuation of the New World Order (aka New Underworld Order) plan of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. I will dissect my own reading of this unfortunately influential but God awful book [.pdf is here]. Barnett was asked by the United States Air Force to give the indoctrination presentation to every new officer who attained the rank of general.

Barnett presently is chief analyst for the Israeli geostrategic analysis think tank Wikistrat. Whodathunk -- and another rabbit-hole topic in itself.

Barnett provided a precise strategy for establishing what will appear to the masses as a global socialist "democracy." But in reality, this will be a global kakistocracy that will inevitably evolve into Illuminist global tyranny.


Furthermore, Barnett, left, sees the U.S. military sistema as the linchpin to carry out the New Underworld Order (NUO). Underlying this is drinking the Kool-Aid that the United States in its current, quite Satanic, Disney-like, clown world construct has something to offer to people living in what Barnett calls "the Gap."

Barnett's snake oil and comforting lies are that the U.S. has a sistema to sell to the rest of the world. That would be central bank-enabled runaway debt and usury problems, expanding wars problem, "drone assassination" problems, a vast income/wealth inequality problem (gigantic Gina factors), a Wall Street "looting" problem, a domestic tyranny, an NDAA/FISA spying problem, a satanic entertainment and porno industry problem, etc. ad nauseam.

The NUO seems to be out of ideas. When they're out of ideas, they usually fall back on what they do best: telling lies and manipulating public opinion against some chosen enemy. In other words, military aggression. This is the snake-oil Barnett sells.

To those who might call me an unpatriotic or anti-American person, I can only retort: If your country is treating you like sh*t, and there's been non-stop bombing and regime changes abroad for decades, then look carefully. It may no longer be your country but rather a hijacked kakistocratic Global Empire only posing as your former country.

So Barnett's view of Americanism is the 180-degree opposite of ours (read 1,000 posts on our site), which he illustrated when he declared (page 17) that "the U.S. military is a force for global good that I believe has no equal. " Once you imbibe or accept a dose of that fiction, you can actually accept the twisted mission he has in mind.

He points out (page 16) that since the end of the Cold War, all the wars and civil wars and genocides have occurred within the Gap. His vision for ending war "as we know it" begins with shrinking this Gap, and it ends with making globalization truly global.


The world can be roughly divided into two groups:

  1. Those whose shit doesn't stink, who he calls the "Functioning Core."
  2. The Non-Integrated Gap, characterized by unstable leadership and absence from international trade.

The Core can be subdivided into Old Core (North America, Europe, Japan, Australia) and New Core (China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Russia). The Disconnected Gap includes the Middle East, South Asia (except India), most of Africa, Southeast Asia and northwest South America.

So order out of chaos is the starting point of Barnett's problem and "solution." This begins with what Barnett calls "rule sets" that govern globalization. Indeed, on page 16 he states what he calls the audacious fundamentals.

"This vision propels a strategy for the United States, one that makes the audacious demand that America equate its national security with that of globalization's continued survival and success," he writes.

He argues the BIG LIE that Sept. 11, 2001, Crime Syndicate false flag "proves" that "globalization requires a bodyguard because there are still numerous forces throughout the Gap and even inside the Core working against it."

On page 21, we get the punch line of this scam:

"Thanks to the global war on terrorism, we now understand that it likewise demands the clear enunciation and enforcement of a security rule set as well."

Somehow, all of this fighting-boogeyman terrorism requires "the goal of universal inclusiveness," which sneaks in mass open-border immigration as a New Age "enlightening process for everyone." This is effectively Illuminism.

Barnett claims the Integration of the Gap countries into the global economy will provide opportunities for individuals living in the Gap to improve their lives; thereby, presenting a desirable alternative to violence and terrorism. Naturally, Barnett argues that the U.S. military (as controlled by the NUO Crime Syndicate) is the only force capable of providing the military support to facilitate this integration, by serving as the last-ditch rule-enforcer. Barnett argues that it has been doing so since 9/11 by "exporting" security.

Bottom line: A Brave New World of rule sets designed by greedy globalist American kakistocracy psychopaths somehow reduces violent conflict. Violence magically decreases as rules are established by the NUO for dealing with international conflicts.

How has that been working out for ya so far?

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First Comment (appeared on

"Ultimately, the goal may be to start a world war between the Communists (Russia, China, Iran & EU?) and the Zionists (US, UK, & Israel?)"

Iran is counted among communists!? MEK the terrorist group that US loves is essentially a communist group. They failed to have any share after Iran's Islamic Revolution so they killed 17000 people on the streets of Tehran, any random man with beard and woman with a hijab was a target. They did a bomb attack in which Iran's president along with many key figures was killed. Later they helped Saddam against Iran. In fact, Iran's supreme leader miraculously survived another of their bomb attacks, his right arm is completely disabled from back then. The famous Shiite scholar Motahari who would regularly defeat MEK communists in debates was shot dead on the street by these MEK scumbags. They even helped Saddam commit crazy atrocities in Iraq too. During Mersad operation MEK suffered a heavy defeat from IRGC. They are now led by that old which of a woman who paid John Bolton to attend their event. Only a monster would tolerate and deal with a monster. The lowest of the low have attracted one another and have all teamed up against Khomeini's creation, the seed that he buried in Iran is now grown into a tall tree, no longer easy to chop it down.

Anyways, Iran too contracted the virus of communism, but it was defeated inside Iran, today Iran has almost finished off the other bad disease namely Liberalism. After president Rohani, you can be sure Iran will accelerate in growth in every way. No more Liberalism or Communism, just Nationalism, and Core Shiite belief will remain, both can coexist so Iran's energy will not go to waste dealing with internal friction.

Khomeini's Islamic Revolution had the main slogan: "Neither East nor West, but the Islamic Republic". Iran is a thing of its own, neither of the east nor of the west, if you ask me I would tell you it is the true Islam and the fruit of a long Shiite struggle throughout history, but many would disagree. No one can disagree with the fact that Iran has nothing to do with communism though.

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Comments for "The Zionist Path to NWO - US Imperialism "

Rudy said (November 17, 2019):

An article at global, the hectare production of opium has gone up every year the US military has been in Afghanistan. To the tune of $735 billion tax-free dollars.
There are no seaports or major superhighways in Afghanistan and since the US military controls the airspace, what is a reasonable person to deduct?
Russ Winter is correct, the US military is a tool for the globalist agenda and an enemy to the average American.

Pedro said (November 16, 2019):

The Biggest Gap is not so much between Barnett's ears as it is the hole in his heart.

Let me introduce him to my String Theory.

Look at your hands, feet, and mouth.

See those Strings attached to them.

And follow where they lead.

Ascertain the cause and effect of the movement of the string and see which part moves first (it is a subtle thing at first to detect and strongly shielded in proportion to the number of badges on one's coat).

Does it pull first that closest to you , or farthest away.

And then see that all those strings lead to Israel, which is where your Non Compliant circle on the map should be drawn. Non Compliant as in not subject to the inspection of nuclear facilities like everywhere else in the world that you seek to dominate. As in JFK wanted, JFK dead.

Then for advanced classes, beyond mere D.U.M.B. generals, see where Israel's strings come from.

Today's lecture was brought to you by the letter 'J' which shall not be pronounced by the Compliant Underlings like Barnett.

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