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December 1, 2019

Jordan Peterson disappoints a reader by pandering to Milo Yiannopoulos 

Peterson and Milo, both sicko gate-keepers, if you ask me, G writes. 

Milo's grown more obnoxious; Jordan wimpier.  That they could spend considerable minutes addressing the plight of dethronement and not highlight how casually Milo's spoke of pedophilia is beyond disgusting, not to mention insulting, to those of us who remember. Regardless of how Milo tries to spin it so he can come out smelling like a rose, those with common sense saw what he was advancing.  That Jordan did not lay into him on this is another indicator of one YouTube star covering for another.

And Milo has lost his physical beauty, as well.  He used to be near-perfect.  Now, his face is betrayed by his soul and its arrogant attitude.  His grab to get back on top is pathetic, mostly because he does not yet understand that he will NEVER climb those heights again.  Too many of us are on watch.  After a few attempts to somehow become retroactively relevant, a pretty face will have to find a day-job, one where I'm sure, he won't have to get his hands dirty or break a fingernail.  As for Jordan...  Well...  Who can forget when he ducked the JQ?

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