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December 2, 2019

Stephane Blet - The Persecution of a Masonic Defector

Above is a 9 minutes video supporting the Yellow Vests by Stephane Blet (born 1969), which has been translated into English. He is a concert pianist and composer. He was also a long time member of the Freemasons, who play a leading political role in France. As he gradually realized what Freemasonry really is and that it does great damage to his country, Stephane Blet left Freemasonry and denounced its actions in public, as far as it had no legal consequences for him. He also wrote a little book about Freemasonry. Stephane Blet has also unmasked Freemasonry in a series of videos.

His life became unbearable the moment he publicly announced that he is a friend and political companion of Alain Soral, a well-known critic of the French political establishment and the Zionist hyperclass. He could not give any more concerts and was tracked. Since he has always had an affection for Turkey and speaks Turkish, he emigrated with his family to Turkey, where he also gives concerts as a pianist, while in France they try to put pressure on the publishers of his CDs and publications. From Turkey, he participates in the tireless street fight of the Yellow Vest movement in France, which despite its many transformations and infiltrations by left-wing hooligans and agents still exists, while the police strikes more and more brutally.

A short accompanying text for the Tweets by @HenryMakow could be:

"While the Zionist mafia in Israel is gradually exterminating the Palestinians in their own country, the Zionist mafia in France is reducing the French to Palestinians in their own homeland. Stephane Blet, a well-known French supporter of the Yellow West movement in a 9-minute video translated into English. As a former Freemason, he denounces in his videos and in his book the ideology of the Freemasons who destroy his country from within and the Zionist hyperclass that stands above Freemasonry".


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