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My "State of The Website" Address

December 5, 2019

(Let this be a sunrise, not a sunset) 

I have accomplished what I set out to do. 
I now understand what is wrong with the world. 
So do many of my readers. 
But understanding an illness is only 
the first step toward a cure.

Updated from March 5, 2018
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I'm 68. When I evaluate my life, I've made many mistakes which I partly blame on societal influence. 

My biggest regret is not recognizing sooner that society has been subverted by Satanists. Like all satanic cults, society has a malign influence on its members. 

Nonetheless, I take consolation in having been true to myself. For that, I give my life a passing grade, a solid "B". 

When I was a child, I was fascinated by history. I could not understand how "adults" had made such a mess of things. Human history was a tragedy for millions. My parents had barely survived World War Two. I resolved to discover the cause of the human malaise

My mission in life was to write the truth. My heroes were investigative reporters. 

When I was 12, I wrote a syndicated "Advice to Parents" column for 40 newspapers and worked as a copyboy and reporter later. I enjoyed the rumble of the printing presses and the smell of ink. The idea that I might reach millions was exhilarating. 

I have accomplished what I set out to do. I now understand what is wrong with the world. So do many of my readers. But understanding an illness is only the first step toward a cure. But at least we know why humanity is being sabotaged. 

So, if I am an example, just being true to yourself will give life meaning. God has a purpose for each of us. We only need to discover it. 


My website is 18-years-old. Having diagnosed the problem, I sometimes think my work is done. I can retire in peace. 

In reality, my work is just beginning. Events are proving my diagnosis correct. (I tip my hat to many courageous teachers.) Things are likely to get worse. Trump is colluding in Obama-era mass shooting hoaxes. He is False Opposition. 

But more people are waking up. My mission now is "to bear witness to the truth." I need to remind oldtimers, inform newbies and post new information.Teaching requires repetition.

I need to show how current events fit into the template: Western society has been subverted by a long-term satanic conspiracy. 

Truth is my religion. The Truth Makes You Free 

because God is Truth. To "bear witness" is a kind of worship. 

As far as humans are concerned, I believe God is a state of consciousness, a dimension in which spiritual absolutes like Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Peace, Justice, and Love are self-evident.  We all crave this state. 

I don't have to wade through religious tracts. I measure everything against these spiritual ideals

I reverse-engineer society to expose the hidden hand. I don't bother with what people say; I look at what they do. For example, if all corporations promote "diversity" it means they are all controlled by the central bankers.  This is de facto Communism.


If you are awake, you can see that liberalism, Freemasonry, and Organized Jewry are turning society into a perverse totalitarian police state comparable to a satanic cult. Lying no longer works. They have to suppress the truth in order enslave the population mentally.  This is evident in the crackdown on free speech online and at universities. Political correctness originated as a Communist Party term in the 1920's. 

This cult is evident in popular cult-ure -- movies, comedy, music - where the stars are Satanists who pump out depravity. US foreign policy seems dedicated to provoking a nuclear war or at least using the threat to beggar the country.

The relentless attack on gender, marriage, family and the white race under the guise of "diversity," "inclusiveness" and "liberation" are organized by the cult.   

The Blue States have declared war on the Red States. Their corporations have seceded and spurned the business of 60 million "deplorables."  They don't want our money. They want our souls. 

The Satanist goal is to supplant God; and deny our soul connection to God, the intended path of human development and growth. They wish to keep us in a state of arrested development akin to a collective adolescence. Society has fallen into a coma from which we may never emerge, a broken record playing for eternity.

God is LOVE. The destiny God has planned for humanity is indescribably wonderful. The Creator has a Plan. We can't just tear it up without suffering the consequences.

We need to feel good about being human again. We need to reject everything that is degrading and focus instead on what is endearing.

The greater part of my life is over. I have enjoyed peace and plenty, and freedom even if I was duped like everyone else. But I despair for the future. The fate of humanity hangs by a thread. A sinister centuries-old conspiracy is nearing fruition. 


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Comments for "My "State of The Website" Address "

Elaine said (March 7, 2018):

It is, but God has a Plan. You do not believe in God as a divine Person, but He is and showed Himself to be just that to the Jewish people as you yourself can know, (Bible).

God has His own Plan which has been set into motion. He will not allow everything He made (including humanity) to be destroyed by satanic evil.

He is in charge of the Universe and all that's in it, and not the evil entity called Satan. Satan call only mimic what God does. He cannot create - period.
He can although, cause a great deal of evil, confusion, violence, and chaos when we buy into his earthly 'utopia.'
God will not allow anything to happen that is not "in His will." God can and does use the natural order of things in the world to bring about His own will, including
people, nations, weather, science, etc.

Ann said (March 7, 2018):

I read your post today, and I recognize in your attachment to the truth the same principle that has driven me along (truth quest). I have one advantage over you: I received in infancy the Catholic faith from my maternal lineage, a line going back to France, then French Canada, to the U.S., a soul-killing country. Almost all of my kinsmen have given up the faith.

So I just want to tell you where to look should you desire everlasting life. To have everlasting life you must believe in the man whom God sent, who said of himself: "I am the way, the truth, and the life."

I thought I'd state this to you clearly because of your excellence.

As you may be well aware, the institutional Catholic Church has been infiltrated and subverted by the ones you call Illuminati. But still there is only one God, one faith, one baptism, one Lord and one true Church. Where to go for information: is a good place to start; and for reading the old classics, TAN Books & Publishers.

I'll redouble my prayers for those who do not believe that they may believe. Faith is a gift given to all who pray to God for it.

Tina said (March 7, 2018):

About your latest article, My "State of The Website" Address. I believe that Satan is going to lose this time around because Satan and his cohorts are not very smart. It is amazing to me that it came this far. Trump is a puppet and the cult will eventually either financially destroy him or else get rid of him completely. He is not one of them. They are using him and doing a damn poor job.

What I enjoy about your articles is that it confirms what I already believe. I am converted when it comes to the truth, but I find my refuge in Jesus. Not as a religious symbol but for everything He stood and stands for. I am the way and the truth and the life.

When some people ask me who you are, I feel proudest to let them know, besides all your other great qualities, that you are Canadian. There is something about us that makes us very unique. Maybe it is the cold climate, I don't know but I have met many truthers from this country and this tells me that there is hope. Please stick around and continue to post your articles on your website and on twitter with good health. You are very valuable to the truth movement.

PS Even if your website should come under direct attack by censorship, my take is, where there is a will there is a way and in God's will, I believe He wants you and every other truther to continue shining the light on all the darkness.

AA said (March 6, 2018):

You are not a grade B, but an A*. I have followed your wonderful website since 2003; I came across it randomly, and all I can say is, thank you Henry, for giving me the means to connect with someone, who's fountain of knowledge is a true blessing, You are 68 Henry-I am 46. Not a day goes by, where I do not ponder about my whole life's existence-my life experiences, family, friends, work. I have been through a lot and it is just so refreshing to have always had that excited feeling of reading the next article by Henry; to be able to identify with the topic of the day-and I always did. I have three children, and I do wonder about their future. But for me, in a way-it has already been told. I'm just seeing it unravel before it ravels itself back again. I do not want to sound pessimistic-but all one can do, is to strive to better themselves, in order to please God-the creator. Henry, you cannot retire! I want you to go on for another 10 years or more. You are truly, the most wonderful, father I never had, and for that, I love you very much.

Keep on writing Henry, for many years to come

Bill said (March 6, 2018):



Doug P said (March 6, 2018):

You deserve better than a B. No one could help being indoctrinated, we only judge by what we see, sometimes something doesn't add up and some of us look further, most do not. You have to see it before you can react. You have done more than anyone I know of. Your site has created others I'm sure. Our numbers are growing.

G said (March 6, 2018):

I very much like your definition of God. And this prophecy here contains great hope and is so comprehensively positive:

"The destiny God has planned for humanity is indescribably wonderful."

Just to read that is a relief.

Thank you for encouraging us to embrace our humanness again, and even to celebrate it. You've helped to rekindle that spark within us which ever seeks to move toward God. Yes, you point the way, and the way out.

Keep going, Henry. Some say 70 is the new middle-age.

KC said (March 6, 2018):

I was listening to American comedian Bill Burr's podcast and he, who used to be really in to these subjects, said, "I kinda tapped out of the conspiracy thing. I got a dog, I watch sports, and I thank God I can only die once."
Point is maybe love and forgiveness and gratitude and letting go are the only things we can do to actually be courageous in these times.

In the Bible, Jesus, when one of his apostles wanted to fight when they came to arrest Him, said something like "don't you know I can call down a shitload of angels down if I want?"

Maybe Romans 13 and Matthew 5:38-40 are the right way to live not just in our time, but all times. Maybe revenge really is His.

Thanks, Henry, your site is one of the few places I can go to not feel so "what the fuck is going on here?"

AkhaldanSolo said (March 6, 2018):

Henry, Hi. I know you'll probably have a ton of replies, just a short blurb just to let you know you're cared about. It might be the hometown photo or the way you write with solemnity but I swear you could fit right into my family as far as the resemblance of that old-timey, good people feeling here in western New York. I've read for many years and contributed to your great website and I think you're an awesome guy and I just wanted you to know that you and your blog have a big place in my heart and with who I am. With bravery and focus you have penetrated deep into the Jewish 'problem' and have held steadfast at the idea that an entire demographic of people cannot ALL be responsible for the illness the world is feeling and that there is MORE to the story. I cannot tell you how much more sense a Luciferian cult embedded within these religions that has persisted throughout time makes and how it all makes everything else make sense too.

There's so much more I could say to you but this isn't about the research it is about you. You, Mr. Makow, are appreciated you are ONE sane voice out of MILLIONS I can count on, and I Love You for that alone. I'm sure you have earned your place among the truly righteous.

God Bless and God Speed Brother

Al Thompson said (March 6, 2018):

I'm three years older than you and I have the same feelings you do when it comes to the future. The way it is going now, there will be a rotten future for the next generation of people. Your website is the first one I read in the morning and I've been happy to send you comments over the years.

After years of studying the religions and the history of government, it is my opinion that these two items are the most destructive forces.on the planet. Their main tool is the lie and they use the lie very effectively. They mix truth with the lie so it is very difficult at times to figure out what is really going on and who is doing it. However, with careful research, one can determine the truth with the facts. The facts don't lie; they are the state of the case.

I think we all should consider abolishing the governments of the world; all of them. I don't see any benefit for the people because the people who operate the governments are extremely immoral, liars, thieves, cheats, murderers, child traffickers, and simple demented men and women with no morals. This shouldn't be tolerated and every government I've seen through history has turned out bad; so why do we keep allowing this to happen?

They have turned our children into order followers so that they will execute immoral orders. I wish I had been taught proper morality when I was a young man. The only way to save society and to have a decent civilization is to raise the level of morality to conform to the natural law. The current religions have failed in this regard and they shouldn't be given any more consideration.

The next few years are going to be challenging. I don't see how any society can survive without the proper moral foundation. I believe that at some point, it will implode on its own corruption. In order to prevent that from happening, the people need to raise their own morality and all of it starts with ourselves. Now that we know the root of the problem, we should be spending more time to learn how to fix it or the consequences of this immorality will be unspeakable in its evil.

Glen said (March 6, 2018):

Sometimes many of our fellow human being's search for the truth is allowed to only go so far. The life long brain washing and constant barrage of propaganda thrown their way will not allow them accept the truth that is located directly under their noses. As long as that is the case, mankind will never truly be free.

You have done much to further the truth, and for this we owe you many thanks. With another President who has turned out to be nothing more than a bag of hot air and millions who still believe his bullshit lies no matter what, It is a sure sign that we need you now more than ever. Please continue to fight the good fight and do what you do best, expose the lies we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

James Perloff said (March 6, 2018):

Your website is probably the best out there, Henry. Something new every day (which isn’t easy to do!). As Forrest Gump’s Mom famously said, “Forrest, Henry Makow’s website is like a box of chocolates—you never know what you’re going to get.” But whatever “chocolate” we get from you, it’s always informative, and you correctly identify the bad guys and their deeds, both contemporary and historical. As to retirement, the truth never retires, so hopefully, you won’t either—although based on the recent censorship crackdown on social media, it looks the Deep State wants the entire alt media to take “early retirement.”

Doc B said (March 6, 2018):

Against all odds you have taught us to question reality, to search for truth, and to stand on our own no matter what. You are a watchman to some, a crusader to others, a martyr for many.


Thanks Doc

Not planning to become a martyr!


Marco A said (March 6, 2018):

Henry, I agree completely with you, even your warning. We are nearing the end. You've done good, and I'm glad to have found you.

I've learned a lot because of you over the years.
I've also suffered a lot because I found you. With this knowledge comes a lot of pain, grief, and even despair.

But despite that, knowing is always a great gift.
We are helpless without knowing the tactics and machinations of our enemies. Now we can fight to save our individuality and whatever/ whoever else we can from the collective nightmare we heading fast towards while staying united with that spiritual truth you write about.

JG said (March 6, 2018):

Americans today might be more socially tolerant and politically passive than they have ever been towards sexual perversion and political lies.The lies of 911 and satanic transgenderism are just two examples of the many forms of DECEIT that are polluting the integrity of mainstream American culture.

What was the truth yesterday is being peddled as a lie today? And, the lie of the day is being peddled as the truth. The fact is that the truth never changes with the times.

Popular music has gone down the drain so bad that it can only appeal to the depraved generation who listen to it. Rap songs about the size of a woman's backside is indicative of a perverted culture. Lust has now replaced love with the mantra 'bigger is better'. What's even worse now is the do it yourself internet porn where no human contact is made with the sexual act itself.Yes, technology is often DEHUMANIZING.

It's sad but America is going down the same slope that the once great world powers went down before they fell.
Material prosperity with the DECEIT of it's riches now rules the American heart and mind because in their new Marxist controlled culture it's "all about the money".
Unfortunately, this all is not going to have a good ending. How can It?

Joanie said (March 6, 2018):

President Trump won by a landslide because he was chosen by God, never mind the military went to and chose him. Word is President Trump is a changed man, because he turned to God and is born again… He truly is sorry for his past and prayer is an everyday event with people, hands on prayer. Our president "sings" with all that he does because he also feels the spirit from within. If it appears Mr T. is a clown, he's a great actor, yet wise and humble.

I had given up on the system and with Donald Trump, everything felt different, so I voted for him.
I am behind him 1000%…. If a man were upon an extension ladder 32' in the air and I was the support, holding the base steadfast, I would be a solid foundation, never wavering, saying nothing stupid like "glad you're up there and not me", or "watch out, don't fall" or is it scary up there?"… Support must be unwavering at this time because if America goes, so does the world. Love is shown not through little jabs here and there, no sir, only building upon and sticking with the can-do attitude because we've a job to do! And, if you can't see it, we have won with Trump. The ship is turning around~!

Henry, I'm sure you've given someone/some project, all of you, because you desired the end goal. The time is now to get behind President Trump 1000% because he is the miracle the world has prayed for and we the people are the cure.

ML said (March 6, 2018):

Your website has given me the framework I needed to understand modern history and the world in which we live. I consider you the greatest modern historian and sociologist alive today. You yourself are a singular gift and your website a rich resource to many people today, the world over, as we seek to understand our world and what it is and has become.

Of the three websites I might trust and consult for news, yours tops that short list. Thank you for sharing your amazingly astute insights over the years and for educating so many of us, free of charge, with a rich, deep and seemingly unending storehouse of truth.
God bless and keep you for many more years of service to His people the world over.



I'm humbled. Thank you, ML


Balkan Guy said (March 6, 2018):

When people say stuff like:
"Trump is colluding in Obama era mass shooting hoaxes."
& ...
"Even with his anti-globalist pretenses, Trump and the West are proxies for the Rothschild NWO."
It is just code 4 "KILLWHITEY!" = 2 pretend that Trump is neither different nor special & therefore disposable & replaceable as if the alternatives R not INFINITELY WORSE! The end game of that illogic is like most (((political))) moves = "KILLWHITEY!"

The reason (((they))) R endlessly attacking Trump in the media & other propaganda harder than N E president in American history is precisely BECAUSE he is NOT on the "KILLWHITEY!" team. Instead, he treats everybody THE SAME. Going along with the LIE that 911 & school shootings R not inside jobs is just 2 keep from stirring things up 2 so much & so fast that they end up offing him 2 protect their criminal gravy train, which would of course B much worse. He is picking his battles & rotting them away slowly from the inside, giving them plenty of room 2 build their own rope 2 hang themselves. 4 instance, by NOT prosecuting 'antifa' & the like he reveals 2 the whole world that the democrat party is in verifiable fact a terrorist organization because they support the riots, etc., & that Trump's behavior is nothing whatsoever like a dictator. It makes the left look even MORE ridiculous. It's a '3D Chess' trick! =))

I can rattle off lots of things he has done that R totally anti-(((globali$t))) that U never bother 2 mention because it goes against your GENETIC disposition 2 always find some "KILLWHITEY!" angle even when U pretend 2 think U R doing 'good', starting with his whole stance on the 'global warming' $CAM! He even uses the word, calling it: "What a $cam", etc. That alone is YUUUGE (has he would say =)) Add 2 this the stuff he signs on 'water rights' so the (((E$tabli$hment Mafia))) can't use it as an excuse 2 rape whites off their land, & on & on... many things U never bother 2 research, 2 busy repeating your 'worship a magical jew in the sky or else' & 'marry some hag so she can divorce U & rob & destroy U so my (((lawyer))) clan can shaft U as well' mantras LOL

Start here, & maybe back off on the bull$hit a little & stop pretending 2 think Trump is like the rest. He clearly isn't. He really is trying 2 help, but nobody is perfect...

Allowing white people control & keep their own land again:

Dumping the carbon tax $cam...

Same way Trump is not some spotless lamb of virtue, so 2 is some of the other 'evil elite' not a fan of exterminating the white race:,_3rd_Viscount_Monckton_of_Brenchley

Just because he is president U pretend 2 think he 'must' B bad, so some turd INFINITELY WORSE can replace him, as if that's 'no big deal'. Consciously or not, this is part of your genetic programming 2: "KILLWHITEY!" Snap out of it =)

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at