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Chabad Plotted Slav Genocide in 1994

December 31, 2019

This Russian video claims Putin, like Trump, is a puppet of the Cabalist Chabad cult which controls Russian economy. Click the "gears" icon to get an English translation of subtitles. I felt it lacked new facts. However a linked text reposted below is confirmation of the genocidal mentality of the Chabad cult, which is the head of the Illuminati snake. This document is as shocking as the Protocols of Zion. Do you think they'll stop with Slavs? 

They represent a tiny fraction of Jews but jeopardize the security of all Jews who are blamed for their plot against the goyim.  Most Jews are secular and want to assimilate.

(slightly abridged by

In 1992, the Chabad sect recognized Menahem Mendel Schneerson as Moshiach - the messenger of God on Earth. The speech of the Jewish rabbi, leader of the Chabad sect, Schneerson, was made in 1994. The official publication of the text in the newspaper "Slav", N-4 (32), 2001, Volgograd. After being published in Russia, the Jews filed a statement with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and tried to convict the editor of the newspaper V.F. Popov for anti-Semitism (Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).  The court denied the accusation, and the text of Schneerson's speech was recognized as true. Schneerson publicly pronounced the plans of Jews against the Slavs and Russians,


1. Our special tactics of combating red-brown (and all Slavs are red-brown), by virtue of its isolation, is Secret Knowledge. We will direct the main spearhead of the struggle against the Slavs, except for the renegades [Freemasons?] who became related to the Jews by the same interests. True, we will then withdraw these "related" ones after using them for our own purposes from our society. 

Slavs, and among them Russians, are the most rebellious people in the world. He is rebellious by virtue of the warehouse of his psychic and mental abilities, laid down by many generations of ancestors, genes that are not amenable to alteration. Slav, Russian, can be destroyed, but never conquered. That is why this seed is subject to elimination, and at first - to a sharp reduction in its number. [Makow- Gee, 20 million deaths in WW2 was not enough?]

2. Our methods of struggle will not be military, but ideological and economic with the use of power structures equipped with the most modern types of weapons to physically suppress rioters with even greater cruelty than was done in October 1993 during the execution of the Supreme Council of Russia. 

First of all, we will divide all the Slavic peoples (300 million of them, half of them Russians) into small, weakened countries with broken ties. Here we will use our old method: divide and conquer. We will try to pit these countries together. Draw them into internecine wars with the goal of mutual destruction. [Sound familiar?]

The Ukrainian will think that he is fighting against expansionist Russia, is fighting for his independence, he will think that he has finally found his freedom, while he is completely dependent on us. The Russians will consider the same thing, as if they are defending their national interests, returning the lands "illegally" taken from them, and so on. We will do all this under the pretext of various sovereignty, the struggle for our national ideals. At that time, we will not allow any of the parties to determine themselves on the basis of national values ​​and traditions.

(Antisemitic graffiti common in London.) 

In this war of fools, the Slavic cattle will weaken themselves and strengthen us, the main conductors of the trouble, supposedly standing aside and not only not participating in the bloody events, but also not interfering in them. 

Moreover, we will completely protect ourselves. In the consciousness of Slavic-profane (uninitiated) we will put such stereotypes of thinking, in which the most terrible word will be "anti-Semite". The word "Jew" will be pronounced in a whisper. By several processes (such as the trial of Ostashvili's anti-Semite and its subsequent destruction) and other methods (radio, television - frightening films, such as the vengeance of Israeli super-intelligence Mossad for the murders of Jews), we were so intimidating so badly that not one Jew would lose a single hair while the Slavs will be shot in batches, destroyed by thousands - at the borders where Jews do not serve, in peacekeeping forces.

3. The stupid Slavic ethos does not understand that the worst Nazis are those who never, never say anything out loud about it, but organize everything supposedly according to the most democratic norms (like the presidential elections in March). On the contrary, we will make the word "fascist" swear. This label will be afraid of everyone on whom we hang it. We know very well that nationalism strengthens the nation, makes it strong. The slogan of "internationalism" is outdated and no longer works as before, we will replace it with "universal values," which is one and the same. We will not allow any nationalism to rise, and we will destroy those nationalist movements that seek to lead the people out of our dictatorship with fire and sword, as is done in Georgia, Armenia, Serbia. But we will ensure the complete prosperity of our nationalism - Zionism, or rather: Jewish fascism, which in its secrecy and power is super-fascism. It was not for nothing that the UN General Assembly in 1975 adopted a resolution in which Zionism was defined as the most flagrant "form of racism and racial discrimination", but because of our triumphant march on the whole planet, it overturned this decision in 1992. We have made this international body the weapon of our aspirations to seize power over "all kingdoms and peoples."

Continued tomorrow...

First Comment by Susan-

After reading the complete translated Russian document in your post, I see that the year of the speech is supposedly 1994, but no date. After reviewing the glowing Wikipedia summary of Schneerson's life, it states that he had a serious stroke in 1992 and remained paralyzed and couldn't speak until his death.So how did he give this speech, especially expressing beliefs so opposite of everything he had said publicly beforehand? Do his followers know the whole story, and it is just the stupid Goy who are in the dark?

Henry, I hope you agree that there is a big issue here. More clarification/verification is needed on the 1994 speech. Schneerson got way more attention and power than someone from a "harmless little sect" deserved. All that money - All those Jewish children transported to America from Iran, Ukraine, without their parents??? NO mention of Rothschilds, Schiff, and other Jewish Royalty financing all of this in America and around the world. Something is not right with this story as told... even though the proof is in the puddin' I don't like damning the wrong messengers.

Susan, kudos for noticing this inconsistency. The document was published in a Russian newspaper in 2001. Apparently the authenticity of the talk was upheld in court. Either they got the date of the speech wrong or they made it up. It's your decision.  

A Reader writes: 

 "I just viewed the video in Russian about the Chabad and the Russian leaders, political and the Orthodox. I am profoundly shaken by the presentation but not surprised as over the years I had become apprised of this  development, but now this condensed summary from a Russian source is a real wipe-out. Many of your readers had placed placed their hope that maybe Putin would save us from the NWO and the antichrist. Let us not be fools any longer. All should watch this video as the pictures themselves are self explanatory even to non-Russians. 

The gist of the matter is that the turn-over from communism to election-based representation has not changed the power structure at all, as we have over time understood. Their tribe still rules in most spheres, especially in the critical ones.  These tribalists have in code designated Putin as one of theirs, as the have Trump, and other EU leaders.

The arms race, and other efforts with the West are but a distraction to both peoples, as it was in the Communist era. With the economy in their hands, wealth has been draining from Russia where it is critically needed. In the presenters words: in the inevitable future revolt of the Russians will be most bloody, and perhaps futile, as most are not armed, and the armed forces are closely supervised."

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Comments for "Chabad Plotted Slav Genocide in 1994"

Robert said (January 1, 2020):

Henry, as you are learning the Chabad Lubavitch boast they are the “Illuminated Elders” of their Sinai-GOG of Satan…………………………………………………

JG said (December 31, 2019):

You have to remember here that Russia has already been through this ordeal once before and I don't think they'll be successfully destroyed from within once again.
I was surprised to read here that in 1975 the UN General Assembly drafted a resolution declaring Zionism as a form of racism, that seems like ancient history today.
You could say in a sense that Putin and Trump are under the same international rouge influences but Putin has not gone hook, line, and sinker with it. This might be what the divide that is being propagated by the MSM is all about. Russia is not fully on board with the NWO quite yet and I don't think will be fully under Vladimir Putin. He may be a victim of it but not a willing partner in it. However, Putin can't save the world from the NWO by himself.

Vlad said (December 31, 2019):

Your have a unique sense of reality in many aspects and topics of human & non-human beings life & death.

Your material is mainly the very true reality, which I see everyday by my own eyes. I'm the one who is surviving from this bloody mess right now. Yes, this is the genocide of Slavic people right before our eyes. But in more sophisticated, hidden and indirect forms, not like before in 1937
( . It's in Russian, but I sure that you will understand the play).

Russia, as the place for Slavic people, finished to exist. Putin had set up and continue to push this genocide, because he is the real "put in" (spy, as his official legend) for this purpose. We become the two-tier society already. They, who have everything and they who have nothing. Financial genocide is the mostly blatant and his power is much higher than others in the current times. So, we here can declare "MAYDAY" right now. And the situation of modern execution is worsening constantly every day.

I want to correct only a one part in your article. About the climate change. It will be something close to this scenario: .

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