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A Reader Reviews Recent Trump Rally

December 13, 2019

America finally has a full fledged demagogue as President. His mission is to start World War Three. This should be obvious from his about-face on Russia, his military build-up and his overwhelming devotion to Israel and Jews, demonstrated recently by his ban on criticizing them. 

His willingness to overturn the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech, tells you his true loyalties lie with a fanatical doomsday cult.  

Wesley Everest reviews Trump's speech in Hershey PA last week.

Trump Rally - Hershey PA Dec.10 

by Wesley Everest


I must admit, Trump is funny. It's the life of an actor to have those skills.
I tuned in to see enough of VP Pence's introduction to realize he is one scary man. As far as warming up the crowd and ass-kissing in a most exponential way, touting success in the economy I personally don't see in my town, his wind-up at the end sent shivers down my spine. 

Saying in his best down home Pentecostal preacher voice "I have faith. And I will follow him." I assume he meant Him, but that means DJT, seems the same in his mind. But four stars for presentation and drama in the propaganda sense. 

These rallies do have a Third Reichian quality and I'm the last person that hurls the "just like Hitler' scenario. In the terms of theater and political agitation, they are very effective. Even though I'm one of millions tuning in, it seems I'm on the inside of a very special group. 

When major news ignores a sitting President's address to the people, however partisan it is, it gives a feeling of belonging. This illusion is created, of course. The rulers of the economy are going to give what the populist platitude spewing Judas Goat of actor/leader and his adoring 'common man' want and then pull the rug from under them, crashing the stock market and showing everyone who is Boss. 

The Democrat Party is doing everything in its' power to lose the upcoming election and it's no accident. Using Orange Man's description of his 'opponents' - "Low IQ Maxine Waters", "Sleepy Joe Biden doesn't even know what state he is in", Elizabeth Warren is Pocahontas, has a big mouth and is crazy, Buttigieg "I dream about him at night" and the evergreen Barack HUSSEIN Obama. 

How can you not agree with Trump that, "The Democrats have nothing" and "They are bad people that do not represent you." That is according to script. 

His 80-minute presentation was a tour-de-force of sarcasm and confidence, while yelling "Brooklyn" at all times. I guess that is what a political rally is supposed to be. 

In a society that needs constant entertainment; finally we have a Catskill refugee that can deliver the lines. Maybe it's why the Industry killed stand-up comics to make way for Him. He has some great writers from the Tribe - Shiff, Nadler, Goldman, - to provide material. His Lenny Brucian extended "Lisa, I love you so much..." bit was troubling and made me uneasy, but so did Lenny Bruce - and he was funny. He doesn't take any prisoners, that's for sure, calling Ambassador Sondlund "corrupt", mocking Shifty Schiff's press conference appearance and slamming him with derisive description again and again and saying "there are good people in the FBI, but not in leadership positions." 

Who created this Phantom Menace 'Bag Daddy'. James Brown sang Papa Got A Brand New Bag. The intelligence office that made up that name must laughing their asses off. What was disturbing was both Pence and Trump salivating with delight recreating the hokey scenario that went down. It plays into the worst of the crowd, which, of course, they loved. As expected, a vocal demonstrator on cue interrupted and was escorted out to the congratulation of law enforcement. 

One telling quote - out of context, I concede - was "The Republican Party has never been so united because they understand it's all a hoax." The use of the words 'hoax' and 'fraud' could have been used as a drinking game like when W said 'freedom and 'liberty'. These actors really do tell you what they are doing, but not for those "Who have eyes and do not see and ears that do not hear." That was the real Him that said that. 

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Comments for "A Reader Reviews Recent Trump Rally"

Tony B said (December 14, 2019):

This arrogant nothing ignoramus really thinks he can do away with the U.S. Constitutional free speech amendment via an "executive order." ALL EXECUTIVE ORDERS THAT PRETEND TO MAKE LAW ARE UNLAWFUL. (Which means almost every president in over a century has been a criminal against American citizens.)

The executive branch is to carry out the lawful statutes of the congressional branch, it has ABSOLUTELY NO MANDATE TO MAKE LAW. Plus the congress is just as criminal when it pretends to give some of its powers the executive branch. FROM BOTH SIDES IT IS A SUBVERSION OF THE PEOPLE'S RIGHT TO INFLUENCE THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT, turning that right over to a bogus dictator for the purposes of the 1% who own him.

A proper executive order is an order to supply the white house with food or toilet paper or whatever. No more.

By now ANYONE still promoting Drumpf (German Jew name) is either a subverter of the American nation or an imbecile. There is no such thing as "the lessor of two evils". Evil is evil, period.

CF said (December 14, 2019):

Hi Henry. Again it seems the mantra you are pushing about Trump is Whites have no leaders, never have, they have all been con-men set up by the Jews. Can't think of a more demoralizing narrative. We should just all give up then and hail ZOG. But actually things are quite different. It is the Jew's plot to destroy our nations and peoples through globalism and third world invasion that is falling apart. Yes, they've had quite a run since winning WW2 and they are far from defeated but their plans are faltering and their hold on our psyche is weakening. The tide IS turning and they don't know what to do about it. They are confused. Trump is where he is because he DEALS with Jews. Could he be there otherwise? The US has been in the Jew's pockets for quite a while, just like Britain. But now you got two fellows, Trump and Boris that, as pro-Jews as they both are, are not exactly what the Jews wanted to see. They wanted servants not supporters by this stage of the game. The fact they had to settle for supporters rather than servants is a big set back for the Jews. Make no mistake about what has happened and is happening. The return of populism and nationalism among Whites is the LAST thing Jews wanted to see. But it is exactly what is happening. Trump, and now Boris Johnson, have a lot to do with that. Other leaders will follow and ride the tide of populism and nationalism like Trump and Boris are doing and be sure they won't all be pro-Jews. The glass is not always half-empty, Henry; sometimes it is half-full.


Thanks CF-




Peter W said (December 14, 2019):

This is one of the most retarded articles I have ever read. I watched the entire Rally as did my Sister in London. A work colleague attended and I might have but I had to have surgery yesterday. Trump is the best thing that has happened to America for decades and the criticism is both shallow and unwarranted.
I will attend to it in the next day or so.
Thank God the Brits avoided the insane Marxists in the Labour Party.

JJ said (December 14, 2019):

I would say this reader lives in a bubble (and might be expecting Christ back soon). Most people know that society is falling apart. They know that Trump or no Trump a civil/world war will take place no matter what. I believe that people go to Trump rallies to rally their spirits and find like-minded people.

But many have doubts about Trump. I wouldn't be surprised if there are paid actors at the rally with strategic slogans and cheers and banners. Just my thoughts.

JG said (December 13, 2019):

President Trump's rallies are not an apology tour nor should they be.

President Trump's strongest constituency is in the heartland of America, these are the people who are not suppose to count anymore. If you watch the MSM news you wouldn't think they even existed at all.

He is an admitted Nationalist which the anti patriot left feels threatened by. Their mantra is keep America a mess. The last thing in the world they want is constitutional majority rule. The US Constitution over the last 50 years has been shredded with endless amenments to take away the power of popular vote and will of the majority. The liberal left got way to use to American presidents apologizing for who they were and apologizing for American History going all the way back to the American Revolution.

President Trump is trying but unfortunately the America we once knew will probably never return again. However he has slowed down the NWO time clock and has restored a hope for many.



Trump's first loyalty is to Israel. Isn't that plain to see?

Communism & Zionism are just 2 forms of Cabalist hegemony. Take your choice.


Pedro said (December 13, 2019):

No thanks, I am boycotting any Trump speeches as any criticism of the Jewish President of the USA is a hate crime against Israel, and, as
Israel is now legally a race based state that represents all Jews in the world, it would also be anti-semitic and unlawful to not joining in the
cheer squad, which could make me throw up. I also have a memory of his promises at the last election, which I got caught up in
enthusiastically, even to the extent of wanting Australia to become a part of a Rev2 (that is 2nd Revolution, not Revelation ) USA of people
free of the dominance of the people I cannot criticize without harsh state sanction.

"President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday that
would effectively allow the government to interpret Judaism as both a
race or nationality and a religion under federal law"

People have gone to jail or had their lives ruined, if not taken away, because of the Jewish identity shell game and shifty Talmudic games
about Jewish identity.

I do remember Trump saying at a rally in the last election "some of my
best friends are Jews". I would say ALL of his immediate
influencers(sic), if not handlers, and certainly financiers, are Jews
and Zionists, who purport to represent the Jewish 2% of "we the people"
and by cultural Marxist extension, everybody and everything, always.

Jewish identity can best be defined as "what's good for the Jews". And
]good means power and money and no exposure or accountability in this world or, they think, the next.

Most of my best sources for all In know about all this are Jews, or ex Jews.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at