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January 22, 2020

"The Xtian God is a nasty, vicious tyrant. 
His piss weak son is a Nancy boy who preached servitude 
and dependence to attract the slaves."

by Aloysius Fozdyke 

Sure, if you're dumb enough. Let me concentrate on Xtianity. Xtians believe in a God who sent himself, to sacrifice himself to himself, in order to save humanity from himself. This is the sick Xtian message and you'd have to be brain dead to accept it. At least you can't say that Xtianity isn't God centred, but why he didn't do all of this on the dark side of the Moon is beyond me. That way, all humanity would be saved and we wouldn't have to continually debase ourselves via the obey, pay and pray trinity.

The Xtian God is a nasty, vicious tyrant. His piss weak son is a Nancy boy who preached servitude and dependence to attract the slaves. Shave the beard and add a bit of rouge and Jesus would be a hit in any gay bar. You ever notice how all his apostles were men? And have you wondered why the more people love God the less they love humans, while working their horror completely and cheerfully from their religious conviction? "My enemies are obviously God's enemies!"

Even a casual reading of history proves that Jesus has caused more persecutions, wars and sundry miseries than any other name, but being a vampire entity who instructed his disciples to drink his blood and eat his flesh in return for eternal life, what would you expect? The only thing of any relevance that every altar boys' wet dream ever said is that 'you can judge a tree from its fruits' and using that criteria two thousand years of Xtianity should be more than enough for any healthy stomach!

Finally, 'the lord is my shepherd' and like all good shepherds eventually he'll lead you to the slaughterhouse - because that's what shepherds do; eventually.

Yours with Satan,  Al.


First Comment from Chris G

If anyone are "nancy boys", they are the satanists that have to do ritual sodomy which is part of Diana worship.  Aloysius Fozdyke's pillow must be full of teeth marks from all the times fellow satanists ritually sodomized him, then he ironically accuses Christ of gayness. Yeshua was no "nancy boy" as Constantine removed His childhood from the Bible to warp our perception of Him.   When Yeshua was a child, He killed many people through His words, some of which that struck Him, others that just made Him angry, and made some go blind but in His mercy brought them back to life after He found a wise teacher Zacheus.

Gospel of Thomas (Latin form) 6: "...And Jesus turned to the Jews who were with Zacheus, and said to them: Let all not seeing see, and not understanding understand; let the deaf hear, and let those who are dead through me rise again; and those who are exalted, let me call to still higher things, as He who sent me to you has commanded me. And when Jesus ceased speaking, all who had been affected with any infirmity through His words were made whole. And they did not dare to speak to Him."

Moreover, Yeshua enjoyed the company of woman such as Mary Magdalene; She used to love Him up with her hair.  As for Aloysius Fozdyke, he would prefer Fabio.

Christianity has been subverted by Paul the pharisee that NEVER met Him;  It's really Paulianity.

Satan and his angels are a bunch of angry losers, tormenting us on earth because they got kicked out of heaven.  One day Yeshua will wish all the satanists into the corn field (Twilight zone reference).

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