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Brendon O'Connell- Iran-Israel Conflict is a Charade

January 9, 2020


Iran's military mastermind and inspiration is murdered. Iran is outraged but what does it do? Destroy some empty hangers on a US airbase in Iraq. Has Iran folded like a cheap tent? Last April, Brendon O'Connell suggested the mid east conflict is a charade.

above left - Iranian Parliament "It's all theatre" ---

Henry, I wish people would go to Iran. You would feel the charade. Lovely people. I LOVE the way Israel makes out Iranians plot night and day to take Jerusalem. They plot night and day to shaft Saudi. It's like watching someone fall off a bar stool in slow motion.

Latest from Brendon -"Look at these UTTER clowns (above left) Henry. This is why I left. They could destroy Israel in about 5 minutes by focusing on the things I told them too - Talmud, racial and religious supremacism and Israeli high technology domination, spying and stealing off the US. That's not their job.

It's a party! At least they got the flags to burn! Where are the Israeli flags? They must know America is controlled by Israel? They RARELY go after Israel. Ever. They are CLOWNS. 

They don't teach their people English and they keep them as dead bones as ignorant as possible. Its ALL about the Middle East and The Stan's.

It's ALL about "appearances". I've had both anti-government and pro-revolution Iranians contact me, they agree it is a cluster fuck. A joke. Its all chest puffing and carry on like that ninny in North Korea.

When I asked why it was they were not attacking Israel on it's filthy Talmud and Rabbi's calling non-Jews slaves and Palestinian's animals they said that when they did, they lost their satellite for two years - Press TV. I asked how that was? They said it was an Israeli satellite. They added as my face showed disbelief, "They are probably all Israeli!"

Iran threatens to close off the Straights of Homuz? AWESOME! Oil price shoots sky high...US dollar shoots sky high! Yay!

I'm tellin ya Will all the naysayers and doomsayers say sorry when they are wrong...again?

Andy's playbook is good apart from insisting vast nuclear/conventional war will take place. It is not in the plan. And it will not happen.

Small scale skirmishes in Syria and Iraq. Still bad enough for the people living under it.

Iranian generals run things and they all share their Swiss bank account numbers.

Makow -It's all a charade. How can Putin and Netanyahu be buddies when Putin backs Iran and thwarted Israel in Syria? 

There will be no war between Israel and Iran, Brendon says.  Andy replies citing reports that indicate the prospect of war is real. 

New- Iran does mean business

-------Harsher Response Coming

Brendon O'Connell's response to:  Head Fake - Real NWO will be Imposed by the East 

From April 22, 2019

by Brendon O'Connell


Nice one. But one disagreement. There will be no "war" with Iran. Just a skirmish to toss Iran back across the Euphrates and an excuse for Israel to occupy Syria and half of Iraq. How this occupation takes place is up for debate - literal physical occupation by the IDF or most likely through proxies like a re-branded ISIS run by Israeli Military Intelligence and Saudi.

It is clear Russia and China will play "good guys" settling the Mid East. Calling for peace as BiBi and Rouhani "face-off", growling at each other. BiBi can have his "imminent threat" in a well armed, highly organized Iran, just over the border with it's Hezbollah proxies goose-stepping and Hitler saluting. Threatening to rain down 80,000 missiles on Israeli critical infrastructure. 

This is how Netanyahu and his military industrial complex (MIC) network worldwide, won the election in Israel. It is obvious the average Israeli/Palestinian/Jew/Muslim/Christian want peace. They want to go to work. To pay their mortgages. Every time there is a hope for peace...BANG! Or...BOOM! Just like Sri Lanka - Bi Bi's kill squads at work again. "Allah Akbah" optional but preferable. 

Rafi_eitan_big.jpgIt was admitted by Rafe Eitan, left, the famous Mossad case officer that he assisted in both the setting up of Hezbollah with Syrian and Russian help. He also assisted with the setting up of Hamas.

People need to ask simple questions Henry...Ayatollah Khomeini came out of a Paris COMMUNE accompanied by a German intelligence group posing as a film documentary maker. Iran and Switzerland and Germany are SUPER CLOSE. No one talks about this. There are too many Iranian's in Swiss banking to count. Rouhani did six years in Scotland hanging with Jack Straw - friends of Lord Levy - friends with Lord Jacob Rothschild. Then foreign minister Zarif spent twenty years in the US, hanging with John Kerry. Hello? 

The joke in Iran is "Haj" for an Iranian is a trip to Berlin. Not Mecca.

While I was in Iran, they talked openly of taking the holy sites in Saudi and Jerusalem. Hello? They were well-meaning but off the planet. All this does is force Saudi into an Egypt and Jordan type peace deal with Israel - an absolute Holy Grail for Israel. BiBi calls MBS, "Yo bro! Nice bone saw work! Hey! Iran on your borders bruv, can we help? They look pretty fierce and determined to hang you from the neck and take away your coke and French high-class hookers, you want our help?" And so the game continues. The Great Game.

iran_parliament.jpg(left, Iranian parliament is a pyramid. They are all Freemasons) 

Saudi has benefited from ISIS. They (and other Muslim countries) happily sent off their most determined and fierce warriors to die and starve. Better they all get exterminated in Iraq and Syria than have to be dealt with at home. They also identified ALL of their most potentially troublesome zealots if they lived and made it home. Everyone wins - at Davos and Bilderberger. Swiss bank accounts topped up. Troublesome zealots culled. Just wait for the robot armies.

We can debate the details Henry, but I think we can all agree WE are the enemy. The worlds hungry masses. Troublesome. Not bending to the scientific "program". So, they create a Cold War 2.0. They build robot armies because...China has them. Then, when they are ready and the infrastructure is in place, they meet at Davos and Bilderberger. They clink their champagne glasses, switch on the quantum computer machine learning A.I - roll out the robots - and put us all the vast worldwide Smart Gulag Archipelago. Most will happily submit for food, water and shelter - mostly free. This is why they are doing it in Asia and the Middle East first. They will walk straight into them.

It's up to America to say..."N-O" and roll out the United States Marine Corp. Human ones.

I love technology. But it serves me and not the other way around. We don't have to reject it - just get control of it. 

the-bill-of-rights-story-top.jpgThere is only one country with the political document that enshrines the world view that an individual must be able to actualize their God-given potential. To be all they can be. "In the pursuit of happiness". I mean WHERE THE HELL ELSE can you find such a statement? Unbelievable! Not the goals of a morally and ethically depraved elite in love with beautiful sets of numbers and perfect plans for the heavenly digital Jerusalem on earth.

Till then, more division - Jew against Gentile. Gay against Straight. Black against White. Male against Female. Trans against Singular sex Orientated. Emo's against Black Metal. Communist against Religion. Fat against Skinny. And then the robots come, and we can hurl insults at each other from the hallways of our Smart Gulag 100ft2 apartment with Chinese "Dragon Fly." Google social score drone light bulb taking notes. 

After all, tisk tisk...they set us at each other's throats and then tut tut we can't get along.


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First Comment from Chris G-

Since 1776 every major conflict is a charade orchestrated by the worst Jews from 300 families.  Those "Yahoodis" in the Iranian government shedding their crocodile tears in front of the General's family deserve Academy Awards for best actors in a supporting role. How many of you suckers fell for Trump's riveting performance in "Make America Great Again", [email protected]?  My guess is that the crypto-zioinist Yahoodis in the Iranian government were complicit in the General's hit.

["KILL THE BEST GENTILES(CATTLE)!" "Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog!" TALMUD:Sanhedrin59].

Bibi, Putin, Saudi Royals, Trump, Khamenei are all Yahoodi actors working together behind the scenes in Pharisee-wood!

(Zakah1 original videos were removed from youtube.  He came back to youtube with some ridiculous videos about Henry Winkler plus I noticed him wearing a new ring.  Here's an archive of his old videos as I don't trust any of his newer ones):

As for America, just like any other empire, it's going to fall.  The US Constitution is a beautiful prank, "..All men are Created equal..." except for the niggras we own and beat plus the Indians we genocide in their ancestral lands.  The US constitution is a plagiarized document, mixed up from the Scottish Independence, the Iroquois Confederacy and whatever else those Luciferian Freemasonic jokers stole.  I don't know why people can't think for themselves and especially why do people need permission from dead satanists to do what they think is right?

Jules writes-

In response to 'Mohammed M from SA' comment, I don't want to assert outright that Shia's aren't muslims but certainly he's comments regarding Shia is correct, they have been very duped and grossly misguided. The late William Cooper's research into this matter (and secret societies in general) is quite thorough.  This is the puzzle to understanding why the Iran/Israel theatrics may all be a charade (and I am inclined to think so too) especially when you understand that Hezbollah is an Israeli controlled opposition in Lebanon.  Hezbollah seems more interested in the well-being of Iran than the Lebanese, be it Shia or non Shia, only all can see it except the hard core crazed Shia of course!!

In relation to this matter the late William Cooper from his Mystery Babylon series had this to say (see below).  I recommend his work above all else, his research is unmatched and more pertinent than ever.

This is only a small excerpt from the Mystery Babylon series part 10, titled 'The Assassins' ,originally aired March 1st, 1993.

Andy (author of NWO Will be Imposed by the East)

It would be nice to think that there will be no Iran-Syria/Israel war, but the rhetoric says otherwise;

"Iran: We Could 'Destroy All US Bases in Region and Create Hell for Zionist Regime."
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a Christian news channel that it's 'possible' President Donald Trump is a modern-day Queen Esther ― the Biblical figure who saved Jewish people in ancient Persia from a massacre
Mike Pence claims Iran is planning a 'new Holocaust' to destroy Israel

Iran's population is 80 million, so they will need a war to clear the excess population for the Greater Israel Project.
I should also be noted in the context of Brendan's article, that Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khameini is a graduate of Russia's Patrice Lumumba University (and Mahmoud Abbas) even as reported on RT;

As for a World War, it is plain that Russia and China have been heavily militarised to give us a new staged and controlled war which is necessary for the reasons I state in my article;
Senator: Chinese buildup in the South China Sea like 'preparing for World War III'

"On Russian state-controlled television Rossiya-1, where Putin-protegé Dmitry Kiselyov, in his weekly prime-time news show, boasted: 'Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash'"

As we can see in recent weeks, they are really stepping things up. They are clearly intensifying the 'grey terror' or 'overture' that J R Nyquist told us precedes WW3.


First Comment from Linde

I believe O'Connell is correct in his assessment, but his conclusion does not follow.  There will be war if The Owners of both ZOG West and ZOG East need war to establish Khazaria-Israel in the Middle East as the echelon nation and world capital.  I think best to listen to the expert on this one: "If my sons did not want war, there would be none." Gutle Schnaper aka Mrs Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

Andy clearly gets this.

"We are one people despite the ostensible rifts, cracks and differences between the American and Soviet democracies.  We are one people and it is not in our interests that the West should liberate the East , for in doing this and in liberating the enslaved nations, the West would inevitably deprive Jewry of the Eastern half of its world power."  Chaim Weizmann.

The fact that a 'final cataclysm' of this nature would be nuclear, stage managed from the Apex and decisive does not mean that either ZOG West or ZOG East would or could win militarily as a 'power'.    However,  The Owners would win - just as they have won what turned out to be all the other 'no-win' wars of the twentieth century - including the world wars.  War drives the project of their world hegemon forward.

The strength of America and the West in terms of what these nations are in essence, the remnant of the ancient Oikoumene or Nova Roma,  is what continues to stand athwart The Owners and what has always stood athwart them.   And from the European heritage populations of these nations the resistance to them will continue to oppose them in the aftermath of  whatever endgame they choose to play. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Brendon O'Connell- Iran-Israel Conflict is a Charade "

Vincent said (January 11, 2020):

Their are many gems of insight on your website but Brendon O'Connell- Iran-Israel Conflict is a Charade definitely isn't one of them. I think a more accurate assessment of what transpired is in the attachment provided here.

Tina Z said (January 11, 2020):

For what it's worth, I think that Brendon O'Connell is on to them and has been for years.

What sets O'Connell apart from many others on YouTube is his actual life experience and spending time in Iran after he came out of prison. He may be brash and coming off as an idiot, but I think he is very bright. I appreciate his courage. I wish E. Michael Jones would see that Iran may indeed be a strategic ally to Israel. Only time will tell Henry.

Marcos said (January 10, 2020):

I Have to agree with Brendon on this Iran charade.
The US kills an Iranian General and the best Iran can do is Strike back with no Casualties of any sort? Gimme a Break. Iran has been 2 years away from having nukes for 2 decades already. And all of the US intelligence agencies and the Mossad agree that there’s no evidence Iran is building nukes. And even if Iran were building nukes, so what, Iran has the right to defend themselves.

Kevin Barrett said (January 9, 2020):

Brendon is mentally unbalanced and his analysis is always unreliable, and often wrong. As here.

Paul S said (January 9, 2020):

Several months ago Trump made a tweet where he confused Khameini and Khomeini, and Twitter erupted in laughter and tried to burn him for it, but as usual Trump may have the last laugh. I think the two names may actually be of the same family, that being Komnene or Komnenos. Komnene (spellings vary somewhat) was a powerful Slavic/Greek ruling dynasty from about a thousand years ago that produced several Byzantine Emperors and many more numerous aristocrats in Eastern Europe and Greece. I wouldn't be surprised if the Khomeinis are direct descendants of this ruling dynasty, which is to say, they're not Johnny-come-latelys that only just showed up in the 1970s -- I think they're part of a ruling dynasty that's been around for more than 1,000+ years.

Mario C said (April 23, 2019):

Iran Israel conflict does not look as a charade.

Is true Ayatollah Khomeini was helped by USA ( Carter and Brzezinski) to take power in Iran but just because with the Shah Iran was progressing and want to has nuclear power and probably atomic bombs. They believe that with fanatic and primitive Khomeini Iran will not develop . Also because they can made the war helping Saddam Hussein to made a long one against Iran ( 1.000.000 iranians deaths). (with the Shah they cannot do this war.) And USA Saudi Arabia and Israel helped Irak in the war. And later helped both Iran and Irak to kill each other. As a Islamic republic ( that is against USA loved Sion) they can target Iran economically with sanction as are doing now Trump and before other US governments. Iran of course know that USA and Israel are behind Saddam attack so there is real ate. ( same a North Korea and USA, as you know USA kill around 2 millions of Korean civilians in Korea war)

ISIS ( Israel; USA; S.A. ; Qatar, Turkey ) war against Syria and Irak ( 400.000 death) is a charade.?? Russia Iran Hezbolla intervention is also a charade.?? Does not look like. What is the purpose?

There is not war simply because Iran is far from Israel and is not easy to attack. Also for USA is not easy because is ally of Russia and China and there are not reasons acceptable by the world to do this war. So are doing economical war. Waiting the opportunity

Putin I believe is doing a very cold strategic. Being friend of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia made terrorism in Chechenia against Russia) Israel and the enemy Iran and Syria. Also is friend of enemies of Saudi Arabia ; Qatar and Turkey. In Asia is friend of India and with the adversary of India, China and Pakistan. Also Putin talk about USA as a “partner” even is USA is doing all to stop Russia and demonize Putin. Is a strange diplomacy without enemies.He cares about Russia ?? I think so.

If really is a charade as Brendon think are really very , very good actors.

Mohammed M (SA) said (April 23, 2019):

It seems everytime someone(its always a white non muslim) writes about Shias being muslims, i have to correct them.

For a change, Brendan seems to be understanding things as they REALLY are.

Let me say this for the umpteenth time: Shias (Iranians) are NOT muslims. They may claim to be muslims but their fundamental beliefs are totally different from what the rest of the muslims worldwide believe in....

As far as the contents of the article, i agree with it..theres so much thats wrong/off with regard to the background and education(read brainwashing) of Irans leaders.

Apart from them not being Muslims, these imposters are not even the Shia that they say they are...they are there to ensure that the flock of misguided Shias remain misguided.

There are Muslims in Iran, mainly in the Sistan wa Baluchistan province and they are treated like crap by the Shia regime. Theres many muslim scholars who were executed by the Shia regime for educating ordinary Shia about true Islam..what angers the Shia regime is when these ppl convert to Islam.

If the Shia are the same as the rest of the muslims, as they claim, then why such an extreme reaction to coversion to Islam. I just want to also say that the ordinary Shia are good, decent ppl but they have NO idea as to the great deception thats been played on them by their Jewish seniors.

For those who don't know, the Shia sect was started by Abdullah ibn Sabah- a Jew (no surprise) who pretended to accept Islam. His goal was to cause disunity and infighting among Muslims.

James C said (April 23, 2019):

The real master key to the NWO lies in the identity of Gog, Magog, and Israel (Ezekiel 38, Lamsa translation). Gog is China; Magog is the Khazarian Jews presently occupying Palestine; true Israel is the United States, the appointed regathering place of the so-called "lost ten tribes of Israel," who migrated from northwestern Europe and settled the North American continent (see 2 Samuel 7:1, 10).

The Ongoing Unholy Alliance Between Gog (China) And Magog "Israel"

Brendon O'Connell has provided overwhelming documentary evidence that the Khazarian Israelis (Magog) have been working very closely with the Chinese communists (Gog), transferring vital western technology to the Chinese Communists for some time now. This apparent ongoing alliance between China and “Israel” is extremely interesting for several reasons.

First, many sources, both ancient and recent, have identified the so-called Israelis as Khazars, a savage Mongolian people who converted to Talmudic Judaism in the eighth century and later migrated into Eastern Europe. Second, in his translation of the Peshitta, the authorized Bible of the Church of the East, George M. Lamsa translated Ezekiel 38:2 as follows: "Son of man, set your face against China [Gog], and against the land of Mongolia [Khazaria], the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him ...." And third, as Brendon O'connell has proven beyond all refutation, the Chinese Communists (Gog) and the Israeli Khazars (Magog) are allied against us, and always have been. But, with the exception of O'Connell, no one will expose this blatant, ongoing betrayal by one of our most trusted “allies.” Why is that? It can't be because of ignorance because the fact of this ongoing Israeli-Chinese business and technological alliance is all over the internet.

Magog is also the money power that created the so-called "state of Israel" in Palestine, shipped our entire manufacturing base to China and opened up trade relations with China. It has an economic death grip on most of the world. It has destroyed any nation that has ever threatened its economic death grip, like Germany, Japan, Libya, etc. It completely owns and controls the United States; we are totally under its power, as prophesied (Deut. 28:43-44).

Charlie Y said (April 23, 2019):

can only assume you posted this garbage to expose it.
Unfortunately those who cannot think have swallowed it hook line and sinker.
Please print a retraction.

There is a force opposed to evil. Apocalypse makes this clear.
You will know them by their fruits.

This is just another hit piece by the evil cabal, who will stop at nothing to enslave the human mind.

They have to break us down so they can more easily enslave us to 5G and with it the microchip which it will enable

The film of those who have already accepted the chip shows how dead you become when you accept it. It is an evil death.

Robert K said (April 22, 2019):

Till then, more division - Jew against Gentile. Gay against Straight. Black against White. Male against Female. Trans against Singular sex Orientated. Emo's against Black Metal. Communist against Religion."--Brendon O.

In other words, contrived universalization of the Marxist dialectic, based on the belief that strife is the basis of "progress". In the UK so-called Conservatives are openly aligned with the program, orchestrating a future of "creative destruction".

Tony B said (April 22, 2019):

More to it than the same old.

What is showing up on the fringes, no matter how it is poo-pooed, is that those who have been in undisputed control for centuries are growing more and more restive and are thus attempting to turn the screws tighter, but without much success. They apparently see some important things not going in the direction they planned and expected. They have even made admissions, sometimes in "code," that they expected to have full world control by the year 2000 but do not.

It is somewhat amazing that the Rothschild cabal was not in on the creation of China's new international exchange medium but had to force its nose under the tent, so to speak, to try and get a foothold there.

It is also obvious that the Russian Federation has not been pleasing to the cabal and is, in fact, challenging it in certain respects. Moreover, the cabal's world wide U.S. military kneecapper is not having real success anywhere these days and is in fear of Russia's new weapons.

The decay of the "west" is looking, more and more, like a decay of the cabal too, as its source of power, bloodsucking the western nations, is close to drying up, which means it may very well die of the starvation it has created. Related to that, the almost total subversion of Christian culture in the west, atrophying it's real strength for most of twenty centuries, by talmudic/cabala/masonic satanism seems to have backfired in the old soviet where real Christianity is actually re-blooming after, and likely because of, the hell these same satanists have put it through in the last century. Despite the constant attempts to demonize and connect Putin to the cabal and its agents, his every public word, every action, to this point is one of uncompromising attempts to bring peaceful solutions to the cabal generated mayhem of war and destruction. With the patience and determination of a saint. A thing the world has not seen in leadership for a long time.

God works in ways often strange to mere humanity. One tends to expect something unexpected in the not so distant future.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at