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Stefan Molyneux is Inspiring!

January 4, 2020

Until now, Stefan Molyneux has flown under my radar. But last night I watched a couple of his videos and was blown away. He is very well informed, persuasive and articulate. More important, he has a wholesome vision of family which is sorely needed in our troubled times. He's definitely an inspiration. 

(Disclaimer- This is not an endorsement of everything Molyneux has said or done. It is based on the three videos I reference.)

By Henry Makow PhD

I wish Stefan Molyneux was around when I was a young man. He makes Jordan "Make your bed" Peterson look like a jerk. 

In a call-in advice show, Molyneux took one young man to task for following his dick and then expecting his relationship to succeed. Then the fellow blamed all women, and adopted MGTOW. "

You need to find a quality woman, not a 'hot mess.'" Molyneux told him. 

This made me realize how demoralized I am. I wasted half my life pursuing women on the basis of sex appeal.  In a video, The Truth about Marriage, Molyneux says marriage is about children. When we choose a mate, we are choosing a father or mother for our children. We are essentially programming the lives of unborn children. A mate chosen by our dicks is  consigning our children to a life of misery.


While I have largely given up on Western society, Molyneux has not. He has an awareness and concern for what is going on around him. This is evident in the video "Sugar Baby Feminism" where he brilliantly dissects the social factors behind 10% of coeds selling their bodies. 

Feminism has tricked them into pursuing careers instead of families and now they're stuck with huge student loans. Men will not marry women with huge debts, he says.

Really jaw dropping: Molyneux cites data that proves men simply are more intelligent than women. This is a hanging offence in our PC era and really brought home the meaning of satanic possession. Reality is whatever our Cabalist banking masters decide it is. The Truth no longer matters. 

It takes rare courage to defy PC-Satanist-Communist Lies.

I hope this breathless endorsement of Molyneux is not unseemly in someone who also has moral-beacon pretensions.

But as Jesus said, "send out more fishers [of men.]" 

We need a thousand Stefan Molyneuxs.

But first we must acknowledge the one we have.
Note--Google/Wikipedia confirm Molyneux is the best!-

"Stefan Basil Molyneux is a far-right, white nationalist Canadian podcaster and YouTuber who is known for his promotion of scientific racism and white supremacist views. Molyneux is described as a leading figure of the alt-right movement by Politico and The Washington Post, and as a far-right activist."

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Comments for " Stefan Molyneux is Inspiring!"

Rick said (January 5, 2020):

I have been a fan of Stefan M for a couple of yrs now. Thanks for spreading the word. The
internet panopticon is really clamping down!!

Check out another fellow Canadian. She goes by Amazing Polly,

Greetings from the deep South...under psychotic liberal occupation--Rick

Connie said (January 5, 2020):


It’s high time the brainiacs go back to the farm!

With Molyneux you phone him up and he’s the answer man!
Gift to mankind! I’ll take Jordan Peterson, thank you!
Molyneux’s therapist wife serves the APA and reads the DSM-5
(they love gays and transgenders).

Henry Makow, sponsor of the legalistic pope-haters, and the pompous Molyneux!
How does this square with Eckardt Tolle?
Where’s the peace, the meditation, the inner wisdom?
(much of which comes from working with the soil - ever meet a pompous farmer? )

I have “the” antidote whose name is Paul Romano!
Best kept secret!
Beats the drum on how popular culure and celebrities brainwash us.
But started on Youtube eleven years, when he moved to a farm.
He counts himself as a post-catholic, but it has clearly influenced him.

Watch his two-part series on MOTHERHOOD.

K said (January 5, 2020):

Ken Adachi

Stefan Molyneux and Paul Joseph Watson Are Controlled Opposition Shills: Latest Proof Found in 'The Truth About London Bridge''The-Truth-About-London-Bridge-17jul17.shtml

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