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Bushfire Crisis: The De-Kulakization of Australia (1)

January 2, 2020


"The independent farmer , the small irrigators and farming communities, ... the Boer, the Kulak is always the prime target of the Communist Revolution."

(See note below article for

explanation of ""de-Kulakization")

"In the face of this ecocide, the UN 'climate change' mantra is again invoked by our overseers as the cover story for a tragedy that has nothing to do with carbon emissions and everything to do water rights, sale of water rights by government, frack well drainage, floodplain harvesting and tax-payer subsidized private dams of multi-national agribusiness."

by Linde


The Australian brush fire crisis is Biblical and Apocalyptic. The human impact is heart-rending. The heroic efforts of ordinary Australians to save others, to save property and protect the land is legendary. 

The devastation of the land cannot be put into words. When the fires have swept through all that is left are a few of the healthiest native trees that survive bushfires, the trees that require bushfire to regenerate.

And guess what? After the fire sweeps through, Local Government Authorities (LGA) are on the scene to clear any surviving vegetation as "hazard reduction."

(Max Igan at 6.15 in The Crowhouse video "Australia - Wake Up or Die! - Make This Viral")

Now, before the fires, it was a crime for property owners to clear fireload and engage in hazard reduction. But once they have swept through and the land is down to mineral earth, then the LGA comes and clears what's left?  Am I the only one out there in TV Land who thinks this is completely bizarro mundo?

This is the first of many WTC-7 Effects that should provide the first clue.

Something very Agenda Driven is happening with these bushfires. This is a lot more than not letting a good crisis go to waste.

In this context, only a complete wonk will be wondering about Australian water rights and asking questions like: Have they perhaps been sold to the People's Republic of China by the government of corporate Australia?


I raise this question because these fires have their origin in the Big Six Year Drought - now in its seventh year. This drought has been geo-engineered. It is not due to CO2 emission driven climate change as per UN dicta.

The climate hasn't changed in terms of the amount of water coming down across the North in the annual monsoon. As Max Igan notes in the above video "that happens every year like clockwork".  However, the climate is changing because the Great Artesian Basin , which feeds the aquifers of the entire continent, is being drained of its annual monsoonal waters. As the continent becomes more dry, the temperature rises and entire river / forest ecosystems which depend upon the Great Artesian are dying out.

The floodplains of the Great Artesian are being harvested by the frack wells of mining companies extracting coal seam gas. There are 43,000 frack wells in Australia and most of those wells are in the Great Artesian. From 2 - 8 million gallons of water are required to frack a coal seam gas well in a single operation. And a well may be fracked many times. These are the companies which have frack wells in Australia.

The draining of the Great Artesian is producing climate change, but it is climate change due to geo-engineering by corporate interests. 

Then there are the multi-national agribusinesses of the Murray Darling Basin. The aquifers of this river system draw upon the Great Artesian and so have a lower volume to draw down due to the frackwell drainage in the North. Max Igan continues: "None of the farmlands south of this area [designates the Murrumbidgee] are getting water through their river and creek system because all of the water is being siphoned off to dams that are privately owned by mega agricultural companies and mega mining companies using this water" for private operations.

So, beneath the frack well drainage in the North, we have the floodplain harvesting in the South.

The Darling River is dying.

In the face of this ecocide, the UN 'climate change' mantra is again invoked by our overseers as the cover story for a tragedy that has nothing to do with carbon emissions and everything to do water rights, sale of water rights by government, frack well drainage, floodplain harvesting and tax-payer subsidized private dams of multi-national agribusiness.

Maryanne Slattery, senior water researcher for the Australia Institute states , "This is not an issue of "agriculture vs. the environment". The issue is the public interest vs. entrenched political and bureaucratic interests."

She cites ABC Four Corners : "Cash Splash - Taxpayer Dollars , Secretive Deals and the Lucrative Business of Water" which went to air in Australia July 8, 2019.

'Recovery of environmental water' in the public interest is firmly in place as the cover story for the subsidized irrigation grants and programmes under the Murray Darling Basin Plan, the Plan that has virtually killed the Darling River.

Naturally, the lion's share of these subsidies go to multi-national agribusiness. 

In the interest of the public stake, we are left to ponder that 'recovery of environmental water' from these programmes equals about zero. The creative accounting for the MDB Authority computer model seems to deal only in the evaporation figures.

Also in the Four Corners report we also hear from graziers and small irrigators who have been 'exited' by Murrumbidgee Irrigation ( MI ) from water infrastructure to allow for Webster Ltd expansion. At 32.08 "On the Dry Hay Plains of the Outer reaches of the Murrumbidgee Valley [where the Murrumbidgee River meets the Murray River ] , MI has removed an entire district of 'shareholders' from its network of channels." "Cash Splash : Taxpayer Dollars , Secretive Deals and the Lucrative Business of Water" Uploaded by ABC News in Depth. July 8, 2019.

An entire district! Now we know what is going on here.

As the Big Six Year Drought has morphed into a national bushfire emergency across three states - the Political Theatre will become increasingly important as an arena in the battle for hearts and minds.


The Morrison government clearly has the Doofus script. They are the climate change deniers and they are sticking to the 'Nothing to See Here' story with specific comments which cast them in the role of the Bad Doofus. Belittling volunteer firefighters has to be a new low in any Political Theatre. The Morrison suits are being scripted to make 'climate change denial' as horrible as possible in the eyes of Australians going through terrible ordeals.

Then there are Bolsheviks and Trotsky-ites, together with the NGOs on the Soros Payroll Clearly these actors have the Good Goy script. They are busy cloaking this catastrophe in the 'UN climate change' mantra and they are 'on message' and 'on point' with the NWO solutions to our problems.

So, of course, they are calling for the UN climate change dicta and its proposed legislation that will address the crisis we are having here. That would be the firestorms for which government (all Masonic political parties) in cahoots with international corporations are in large measure directly responsible.

Meanwhile, back on the Money Trail. In the course of the Big Six Year Drought - we have Olam International (a Singapore Company) selling permanent water rights in Australia for $452.7 mil. to Canadian company PSP. And where did they get those rights? Well. The Australian government $89 mil water sale to Olam of Singapore.

And how many other companies are selling permanent water rights and how did they acquire these assets in the first place?

In Australia, there is no Centre or conservative party. In Australian politics, anyone to the right of Chairman Mao is an extremist.

So the public is supposed to listen to the Good Goy script of the Communists and the Soros Payroll and blame the ecocide of the Darling River, the Big Six Year Drought and now the national bushfire emergency on carbon driven climate change, fossil fuels, CO2 respirators, cow farts, Australia's carbon footprint - the size of a Yeti and the Dark Side of the Force.

But the independent farmer , the small irrigators and farming communities , in point those 'exited' from the Murrumbidgee by Murrumbidgee Irrigation, the Boer, the Kulak is always the prime target of the Communist Revolution. And these would be the targets of the MDBA and its MD Basin Plan.

Manifestly and objectively, there is a Plan. In terms of its stated objectives - clearly it is not working. The waters are being harvested and conserved. For Whom? For Whom exactly is the Plan working? It is obviously working for someone because they have gone to a lot of trouble to cloak their interests.


De Kulakization The term is now being used as a term Hybrid Warfare  - usually wars conducted upon populations by their government.  It derives from Stalin's Five Year Plan which was specifically and publicly announced for the 'liquidation' of class enemy.  The military was used against the Ukrainian Kulaks in the Five Year Plan - for example grain raids and executions on the land.  This term is now being used for - the state sponsored terror against the Boer farmers by the Marxist gov't of SA  and  often referred to as De-Kulakization.  Drought, fire and removal of water are being geo-engineered in Australia.  And this is for the removal of people from their properties. The removal of water for an entire district of Australian farmers is, I believe, another example of De-Kulakiztion.  And this policy continues with provisions for military intervention in the planning of Local Government Authorities.


Part Two tomorrow.

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First Comment from WF

Groundwater theft/waste is a critical issue, but the lack of rainfall is the elephant in the room. Chemtrails over Sydney region for example are having an obvious hygroscopic effect: the rain clouds keep trying to form and the high altitude aerosol particulates -- which the Australian military certainly know about -- keep stopping their formation. The best evidence for this is the Bureau of Meteorology itself. Whenever it predicts rain, say in five days time, one can observe a fixed pattern: the precipitation is gradually 'downgraded' as it draws closer to the day. It is never the other way around (unexpected rain), so the counterargument of meteorology being an 'imprecise science' is invalid. We can literally observe in the weather chart a 'contingent factor' skewing the conventional science of meteorology.

Australian's have their faults, like any people, but their balance of head and heart is near perfect. Moneyed-corporate trash (like Fozdyke) don't get it. The world will not be a better place without a strong and free Australia.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Bushfire Crisis: The De-Kulakization of Australia (1)"

JULES said (January 3, 2020):

As stated by many observers the weather has been very very strange. Our windy season is usually the last month of winter, August, sometimes continues through early spring of September. This year the winds began in July and continued unabated till the end of December, very hot days followed by what we now call 'dry storms', just lightening, no rain!! So now when someone says its going to storm, we ask dry or wet storms! Frankly I've never seen anything like it.

I'll leave you with one thought, the only significant and meaningful rain we've had in about a year was Christmas Eve 24th, when most of the Christmas celebrations were taking place, both in Sydney and SE QLD. could be a coincidence, hasn't rained since.

Austin H said (January 3, 2020):

I fully concur with KK's comments re bushfires. Here in Brisbane we've been getting acrid smoke blowing in from northern New South Wales, hanging like a pall over the CBD on and off, for the last month.

Down south, whole communities have been trapped by raging, out of control firefronts, burning over five million hectares of rainforest and farmland, collapsing infrastructure and closing dozens of major roads and highways.

The Navy was sent in to rescue around 2,000 people from eastern Victoria state, while other large groups of frightened holiday makers headed for nearby beaches and lakes.

One of the largest firefronts is headed for Melbourne's eastern suburbs which are already experiencing smoke pollution levels that are keeping many city residents indoors. You can check out the NASA website for the latest satellite pics.

And where was our prime minister when all of this flared up? Holidaying on some South sea island resort. Scott Morrison was literally "fiddling while Rome burnt" while entire communities were burning to the ground. This included ecosystems, farmland, wildlife and valuable, almost irreplaceable forests, which may never recover.

Stories emerged this week, of a Thermite like material which was recently discovered during soil tests on burnt out land. It's composition included radioactive material as well as Aluminium Oxide, which burns like Magnesium - hotter and brighter than any bushfires known of in living memory...

Is this the NWO's way of teaching the world a lesson on climate change? Making Australia an example of what happens when governments ignore "experts"?

Maybe, but we are a tough and resilient people and I'd like to believe that we can rescue and rebuild at least some of our great country over time. In the meantime, corrupt government officials will have to be brought to account and punished for their treasonous actions and negligence before the situation becomes unrecoverable.

JG said (January 3, 2020):

I can't even begin to entertain communist conspiracy theories in relation to the Australian fires.The article here is amusing but it omits the realities of the Earth's Ozone Layer.
Astronomy 101:

The Ozone Layer covers the globe to prevent the Sun's rays from shining directly on the planet. Without this layer of protection the Sun's rays would shine directly and much of the forests would burn. Your trees put out BTUs to help cool the planet. The more forests that our lost the more the Earth's temperature will increase.
I read a book 25 years ago that said during the early 70s when the air pollution problem was a big concern it was actually considered by the UN the idea of blowing a hole in the Earth's Ozone Layer to release the toxins in the atmosphere to solve this problem. He also said they considered it to be done around a remote area near South Pole.

California has the highest rate of smog from carbon emissions in the nation and it's also leading the nation in forests lost due to fire.

The partial depletion of the Earth's Ozone Layer is a reality. Some say it might even be too late for fossil fuels.

KK said (January 3, 2020):

Great article on the OZ bush fires.
In the last 10+ years there has been a massive increase in multi level apartments here. Every town you visit you will see ridiculous multi level apartments, in cities where there is no space for them in the first place. This country is huge and does not need this kind of development. I now clearly see that this is communist planning. I still remember poland back in the 80s and the other eastern countries. What did they all have in common and a mass of? multi level apartments!, just look at china now as well. It follows their agenda very well, centralized cities, removal of private land and push people into these concrete towers. The only thing they need is some kind of "natural disaster " to make this happen right? .

The fires here are not normal , as outlined in your article , also this was all preventable if the fire brigade was allowed to back-burn during winter, but because we have a de facto Marxist/green/left system here , no back burning has beed allowed for several years, to do this is nothing but genocide.

On many occasions the local rural fire brigades have been prevented from acting on fires which they can extinguish , because central command will not allow them. This has been stated by them on social media many times. Then you have the police ,who close roads off everywhere, so no one can enter to see what is happening or to help fight these fires.

Paul F (from Twitter) said (January 2, 2020):

Great piece by Linde. I think the big picture is that the elites want control of farmland in the Southern Hemisphere because of the coming ice age. Hence geoengineering in Oz, white farmer genocide in South Africa and so on.

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