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Sex, Women and the Devil

January 12, 2020

The Satanists (Cabalists) who control Western society
religion, i.e. the way to find unity with God. (Orgasm was sold as a mystical experience.)
This deliberate diversion has degraded male-female relations and ruined countless lives. Men were indoctrinated to see women as Goddesses, and taught to please them because they have the Holy Grail. (Gywneth Paltrow is now selling a candle that smells like her vagina.)  Part of a larger attack on gender, men were emasculated.
Jack Hamilton describes the effect this satanic indoctrination had on his life.

Non vi e' un problema della coppia:  vi e' il problema di un uomo e il problema di una donna.  e non vi 'e che una soluzione:  La morte.  There is no problem with the couple: there is the problem of a man and the problem of a woman. and there is only one solution: death.    From the Italian film Hitch-Hike, 1977

Oh gods, what power you have given beauty!  La clemenza di Tito, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Is that you Bertie? I love you, though you destroy me. The Makropoulos Case, Act II, Leos Janáček

by Jack Hamilton

There once was a young glamour goddess who favored red lipstick and high heels.  She drove her young man around town in a borrowed 1947 convertible.  Life was good. They married, had me, and then she drove him out his mind with a lifetime of contention. 

At 65, my father told me he couldn't take it anymore, he'd give her half the money and leave. Six months later he died, congestive heart failure. He never got out of the house, just too sick, too weak. His will to action was gone; his dream of freedom and dignity went with it. 

My mother broke his heart, literally, over time. Their last great battle was about their daughter, my sister.  My mother hated sister's husband, and my father, peace-loving, wanted to reconcile.  It became academic, later, when my sister divorced him, but not before moving to California to be with her new online boyfriend, himself divorced. 

At 18, I set out to get my very own goddess vis-à-vis this dystopic domestica. But do it right.  I got myself a "good girl" type goddess, no red lipstick though she did wear heels. 

Over time, I came to find out my "good girl" wasn't really. She hid her devious nature, repressed her simmering resentment against her protective father and then eventually transferred the animus to me, expressed in myriad ways. 

"Good girls" don't flaunt their badness like the "bad girls" (you'll recognize these as film noir types), they cover it up, even from themselves.  They believe they are led by God, not Satan. They want you to believe, too. 

This "goodness" is an illusion. For some, takes a lifetime to pierce....

 Humans crave truth; we give and get illusion.  The best male self wants a collaborating female to bind with, to conquer the world with, one who looks to God, then him, versus Satan.

My best male wants to reward her for her partnership. Instead, she foregoes, chooses resentment, "feminism."  She chooses rebellion, which is as the sin of witchcraft.  

We get a secret agent who works for Satan and doesn't even know it. Hollywood facilitates. It is the ultimate illusion manufacturer, the greatest of all time.  Hollywood molds your mind with "story."  

You, me, hopelessly brainwashed by "the story," which we believe, consciously or subconsciously: Women are goddesses, high above men. 

Men can't live without women, i.e., sex. Goddess union through sex/love is the only goal of life.  

The goddess/wife/girlfriend is your rightful object of worship, your one true God, your purpose, your raison d'être, your present, your future, your sole salvation. 

There is only one such goddess, a "soulmate," for you. If you have attained this "love" state with a goddess, with your soulmate, you have succeeded in life.  If you haven't, you failed. 

You must never, ever be without a woman. If you are without "love," through death, divorce, break-up, other, you must immediately embark on a quest to attain or replace same. 

Taken together, this "story" gives the woman license.  Weak male, intoxicated by beauty or sex or Hollywood or perfume or all of the above, and it means Adam is back eating apples. 

So, this sounds very cynical, you say.  Do you, Mr. Author guy, dislike all women? No, emphatically no.  Generally, women are much nicer than males, and often smell better. What I am saying is this:  do not make the male-female relationship your religion.  

And be careful who you pair with. The modern woman seems nice on the outside, but is dangerous on the inside because she has been tricked and trained to resent, oppose and eventually destroy the male, rather than assist, since Eden.  

Indoctrinated by dark forces that say they should lead and instruct men, modern women are incensed! by the prospect of a co-pilot role.  They must be no. 1, you, no. 2 or lower. Some get pegged at 19 on the depth chart. 

​When Adam relinquished his responsibility to follow God to Eve, man, and mankind was lost. 

Men must reclaim responsibility, lead (if opportunity presents) in a loving way, and not submit to a role you weren't intended for. Your purpose is not to worship a woman, but to connect with God, the Creator, and become a functioning follower, and make the trip from here to eternity, and not get off your means of conveyance for any reason. Courtship, romance, marriage and sex are not forever. 

Freely adapted for this page from his new book: Goddesses and Demons: How Women Destroy Men and How to Defend Yourself, by Jack Hamilton. He also wrote False Flags, State Secrets, Government Deceptions:  A Short History of the Modern Era.  Both at Amazon.

------------------  Sex Goddess Programming 

First Comment from Barry-

Male / female relationships are breaking down because the rulers of this planet are making it so.  We have received so many false messages through the education system, the controlled media and so called "entertainment" industry  it has become impossible to makes sense of anything.  Children need to see good working models to copy, but instead they see a tangled mess of dysfunctional relationships.  Is it any wonder that young adults conclude marriage is not for them?  Of course this has been done by design.  The elites have a plan for a future society in which close emotional relationships do not fit. It's called a technocracy or scientific dictatorship.  Agenda 30 on sustainable development is the Trojan Horse disguising this evil plan to enslave humanity. The key word is "sustainable."  This ambiguous word will allow experts to issue diktats on just about anything.  Rule by pure logic may sound appealing to some people, but eventually it will lead to a Soylent Green future in which experts decide that burying the dead is a waste of perfectly good protein.

The following quote has been attributed to George Brock Chisholm:  "To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas." I cannot verify the source, but nevertheless we can see it happening.  Marriage, religion and the nation state are all under attack from the globalists. Recently at the opening of the UK Parliament, the Queen announced that "environmental principles are to be enshrined in law"  If she is referring to Agenda 30 I'm afraid we are in big trouble.  Another danger looming on the horizon is the inevitable financial crash caused by irresponsible quantitative easing, a process that has been going on since 2008.  Predicting the timing of the crash is difficult, but estimates say it could happen following the presidential election in November this year.  So let's connect the dots. This looks like the very same script that played out in the 1930's.  First a huge financial crash throwing millions into poverty and secondly the solution - global technocratic governance.  I wish I had the answer to these problems.  The best I can offer is to repeat the words of the late Jim Tucker, "only an informed public can stop these people"

Diane writes-

Your story today made me angry, though it has some truths, but.... Men no longer respect or value women's as nurturers of children and bringers of life. Women worry about their children 24/7. That's quite a job. 

As Feminism put Christian women into the fantasy of  workplace and achievement empowerment, hence crumbled their societies.  No wonder women resent men, as men place no value on women but as sex objects and financial co contributors. They will never take a stand to defend us. Of course men then become less respected and deeply resented. 

How can families be truly loving and societies cohesive with this resentment brewing, amidst the noise of false beliefs attained from television and social engineering. All women want and need a leading man.

GS replies-

Diane: You are led to believe these things about men through pop culture and popular media, which is the point of Henry's article. You cannot expect men to defend or protect your idea of a relationship (a fantasy engendered by narrative), but rather a commitment to a partnership. Commitment is a two-way street. Partnership is an evolving process. Love, nurturing and unconditional respect are what men need, in addition to what children receive (when they are parented well), in exchange for the security they provide. These days, a lot fewer people understand what commitment means, let alone what it entails in a world of instant gratification and endless virtue signalling.

To give you a good example of what commitment and partnership mean in terms of proper gender roles, this interview with the late Russell Means and his wife Pearl is amazing, and something you won't find amid western cultural memes and ridiculous identity politik. Notice how the best attributes of the strong man and the strong woman complement one another. The man and woman are not in competition, they are in true partnership. This is certainly what I seek - and will find through the Universal Laws of attraction, intention, allowance and balance - as I am now in my late 40s (I am previously married). I simply refuse to subscribe to the nonsense society's so-called "influencers" have foisted upon us. You might consider a similar approach.

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Comments for "Sex, Women and the Devil"

Chris G said (January 14, 2020):

A hundred years ago I supposed it was common knowledge that only chaste women got husbands. Now thanks to communism, women think they can be whores and housewives. Women need to know again, Hymens are for husbands. Women pick and chose, do you want to be a whore or a housewife? because you really can't be both.

Men too are part of the problem as they put these whores on pedestals and are deluded to think that marrying a pretty woman that just slept with the whole navy can make a good wife. Men need to stop pouring perfume on pigs. The prophet Moses gave clear guidelines that I wish I knew about growing up, on what to look for in a wife. A truly consummated marriage is a blood contract between a man and a woman's hymen.

Thanks to communism, women today are deluded to think a career can replace having a family as their ovaries dry up in board rooms and the workplace. Every day you can watch these unhappy busted hymen strumpets replace their maternal instincts to love children by pouring out love on smelly dogs and cats; Many of these abominable women murder their own children in abortion clinics and yet still fantasize about walking down the aisle in a white dress. If I could go back in a time machine I would go back and tell myself to raise the bar and wait for a Muslim woman; They understand whores cannot be housewives.

Tina Z said (January 12, 2020):

Here's a quote from the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen, that sums up the article:

"It takes three to make love, not two: you, your spouse, and God. Without God people only succeed in bringing out the worst in one another. Lovers who have nothing else to do but love each other soon find there is nothing else. Without a central loyalty life is unfinished.”

Bring back tradition!

Jim C said (January 12, 2020):

Once again you have presented your readers the Truth of the Matter.

Since I am a man, I cannot speak for what motivates women. It’s a real mystery to me!!!
I’ve had 2 wives, neither really liked me nor wanted to be my help mate as I pursued my God given purpose in life.

So, who is at fault for the divorces? I am a leader. Always have been. I cannot change my character or purpose.

I was conned into believing that they would follow me on my path. Always providing them the “stuff” but not giving up my role of leader.

So, it is in marriage. Someone must lead and someone must follow. If women want to lead, marry a follower, not a leader.

And when you do girls, you better be prepared for the responsibility that goes along with the job. You can’t have it both ways.

JG said (January 12, 2020):

I can't think of a better fantasy Hollywood type for a female role model than Peggy Singleton and the character she played as Blondie Bumstead in the old 'Blondie and Dagwood' movies from the late 1930s.

Wow! This woman had beauty with innocence like none other back then on the silver screen. You fall in love with her not just because of her physical beauty but also because of her humility. This is a rare combination in woman. She remains a loyal wife to her husband regardless if the world is laughing at him. Even the thought or possibility of her "two timing" on him is unthinkable.
Oh well, a different time and a different world.

Connie said (January 12, 2020):

Right on, Diane! We women marry men only to discover they put career ahead of family in a way we could never rival. They have made themselves slaves to corporations, and thus are spiritually impotent. They buy us houses and trinkets to pacify rather than lead us. Even before the divorce, we are single parents since they are so emasculated, they are afraid to parent their own children!

Essel said (January 12, 2020):

Yes, of course, all this is true and terrible, but it is only a particularly serious form of idolatry, of adoration of a false god (who, in fine, is only oneself). So here we are exactly in paganism, rightly vilified by the ancient synagogue, not yet corrupted, as by its continuation, the authentic Church (today occupied precisely by ... paganism).
All this cannot happen if one knows the (definite article) religion and if one is wholeheartedly committed to following it.

True doctrine foresees the inevitable falls due to man's wounded nature and charitably provides the means to recover from them (especially through the sacrament of confession).

They are in error (voluntarily) those who, usurping the seat of the Supreme Legislator, in reaction to the evil described here, claim that they should not behave in this way but rather, at the same time, "connect with God" in a vague and self-defined sense, for they are thereby again de facto and more or less unconsciously indulging in a form of (self-) idolatry.

No, being an authentic Christian, i.e. Catholic (refers to the catechism of the Council of Trent or of St. Pius X), is enough because it implies everything else.

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